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I didnt know where to put this question so I just put it here. I have a really bad breathe problem. I brush my teeth CONSTANTLY and am always chewing gum but it really doesnt help. Whats wrong with me? (link)
Maybe it doesn't maybe you just think it does?
Try breathe mints or any sort of mint
& maybe breath spray,try to eat healthy food and drink lots of water aswell.

What is your favourite type of pizza? (link)
Vegeterian [:

ok my boyfriend and i had sex and he never jizzed in me but i am scared i could still be pregnat?? am i? (link)
Yes,there's a chance if you didn't use protection for all you know he could've cummed in you just abit and he thought he didn't you never know,use condoms next time it'll give you a less chance of being scared.


I want to get my girlfriend somthing special I don't have that much money and we live far apart.
I want to be able to surprise her but at the same time say I'll always be there for you.
Im at a loss here and don't have a clue of somthing that will say that. (link)
Make a scrapbook,they're really cute i'd love that and just put pictures and write a few love notes here and there in there.

Okay well I'm 15 and I've been with my boyfriend now for 6 months and he's perfect for me. But I still have strong feelings for my ex boyfriend. When my ex broke up with me i found the guy im with now and then a week before our 5th month i broke up with my boyfriend for my ex and 3 days Later i got back with my boyfriend. My ex still loves me he said and he wants to see me this Sunday to hang out because he misses me, but i promised my boyfriend that I wouldn't talk to him again. Im suppose to be hanging out with my best friend this weekend and i was thinking that me and my friend go to swimming at the swimming center and I invite my ex along, and i don't tell my boyfriend. Do you think its a good idea to do it? because my ex has hurt me alot,he loves me and he knows I fall easily for him but the guy Im with now is perfect for me, and he's trustworthy. my ex is kinda trustworthy but he's sometimes forcefull. I don't know what to do. Do you think its a right idea to invite my ex with me and my friend? (link)
No,it's pretty sad imagine your boyfriend doing that to you,how would you like it? don't hurt someones feelings because of someone else adn your ex needs to learn to leave you alone and not ruin your realtionship and you shouldn't even be letting him ruin it,don't let your current boyfriend go for your ex he'll just hurt you again.

my friend just told me that she has cut her wrist twice in the past week and she has tried to make herself throwup. She keeps telling me how she wants to die, and when I confront her about it she says how she would never do that, but how am I supposed to believe her? I care a lot about her, probably more than my own life, but I don't want anything to happen to her and it be my fault that I didn't tell anyone. I'm the only one she trusted to tell this to, and I really don't know if I can keep my promise not to tell anyone. Shouldn't I keep my promise to her though? We are all going to be juniors in high school, and I thought this was going to be a great year for us, but now I just want my friend to stop hurting herself. Please help me out, I don't know what to do to help her. (link)
Personally i think you should tell someone it's like she's trying to warn you she'll hurt her self think about it this way,what is she commits suicide (hope to god she doesn't ) or she gets her self into trouble wouldn't you feel guilty for not telling someone ? especially when you knew that you could've done something to stop her from hurting someone i think stuff like that should be taken seriously she may not be your friend,but sooner or alter she'll realise why you did it and she'll thank you [:

is this normal? (link)
Yeah,it's actually normal well apparently it goes by time so maybe in time it'll last longer that's what my teacher told me lol but yeah you're really lucky it's really painful [:

I'm stuck home this weekend all alone and I'm so bored. My parents went on a business trip and they let me stay home but there's nothing to do! I really don't feel like going out either because I'm on my period and I'm tired a lot. Is there anything fun to do without leaving the house? I thought maybe some sort of neat free internet game or something? I can't think of anything. I don't know...

ideas? (link)
Aren't you lucky =]
well here are a few options.

-Call a friend
-Rent movies
-Have friends come over ?
few games online


Where can I sign up to be a penpal? I want a penpal from a different country (English speaking though) so we can talk about how the countries and customs are different. I am in the United States. Is there a website for this sort of thing? I don't have access to a bank account or anything either so it would have to be free... (link)
I tried to find a few websites for you.

The one person I have ever loved, who I lost my virginity to (huge mistake), bared my soul to, shared my future goals and dreams with, and who I planned my entire future with, doesn't want me anymore. He broke up with me today after 3 years of dating. I really thought we were going to get married and have a good future life together. This completely came out of the blue. Just yesterday we went out on a little dinner date and he bought me flowers. Today he told me that he's thought about things and just doesn't want me any more. I didn't see this coming. How can I cope? I feel like my entire world has been destroyed.

How can I get through this pain? He told me he doesn't need time to think about it or anything. He is very certain that this is the best decision. I can't stop thinking of what we had together and what we have gone through. I keep thinking about how STUPID I was for losing my virginity to him and trusting him with every ounce of myself. I am so lost. Please help me figure this all out! (link)
Sorry to hear been there though.
Well honestly don't sit around at home and just think about it ? get out there have fun go clubbing (if you're old enough" go out with your friends and all do something fun to get your mind off him,don't listen to depressing songs,delete your meassages and everything got to do with him,try avoiding him it'll be hard but you'll get through it i promise you.

Move on let it go,he obviously wasn't worth it at all and you can do better,sometimes you should write down how you feel and everything it really does help,excerise so you feel happy and healthy maybe,just try to keep yourself busy,you'll make it don't worry [:

I am just looking for the most popular baby names of 2008 and 2009. I know that the most popular baby names for 2009 can't be complete yet but I was hoping that the top baby names of 2009 could be found somewhere. Looking for the most popular boy baby names and girl baby names. I haven't been able to find much online so I was hoping somebody here knew them.

Thanks for any help! (link)
Hello [:
i found a few websites for you =]

I am having these feelings about abnging any guy. I want sex but I am waaayyy too young(13) (link)
You're a teenager now,and teenagers want alot of things but here's soemthing i used to always asy [: to people

Wait for sex.
Although it's one more thing to wait for...
It's one less thing to worry about.
It's one less kid you have.
It's one less teen mom.
It's one less teen dad.
It's one less complication in your relationship.
It's one less hospital bill you will have to pay.
It's one less uncomfortable conversation you will have with your parents.
It's one less mistake.
It's one less statistic.
Wait for sex.
It's one more reason why you can be proud of yourself.
It's one more good label you can have [virgin].
It's one more person able to have a white wedding dress.
It's one more planned pregnancy.
It's one more love story.
It's one more good choice.
Wait for sex. There are pros and cons, weigh them.
You have the choice, but you can also have the consequences.

okay im 18 years old and i weight 179. most of the weight is in my stomach & i hate it!!!! its flabby & i have love handles and it makes me feel so insecure. i tried the gym but it doesnt make me smaller jus make muscle where the fat is so its still jus as big. i even asked the pharmacist if any of the weight lost pills work and he basically told me no. idk wat to do please someone help me !!!!
Don't go on tablets it's pretty bad especially for your age and all.
I guess you can do crunches go for a run every day,and try cutting down on fatty food try to eat more vegies and fruits here are a few websites i found for you =]

~ I'm planning on getting a belly button piercing so I've asked my friends for references and have been calling around. Some people had some wierd advice though. One person said you shouldn't use barbels when you're still healing, someone else said you shouldn't use gold, but I'm allergic to most metals especially if they're in a piercing so I want to use gold. So, other than AIDS what are some risks/tips/tricks that I should be aware of? (link)
I got my belly pierced it's not that scary and well it gets infected and all but it does heal and it's not the abnormal infectiong sort of thing,if it does get infected ina bad way you can go to a doctor or use salt water ? if youw ant to know how to use salt water to heal it let me know,well the piercing place should tell you your risks and all and if you're allergic tell them and they'll probably tell you other information or maybe give you a different sory of ring,i think it's best you ask them i think they'd know more about bodies and all,and the jewller told me not to use silver because apparently your belly goes green so it's best you ask them,and you won't regret when you get it done ! [:

Much love & good luck? =]

I have a really wide variety of clothing styles. I have stuff from Abercrombie&Fitch, AE, Delias, Billabong, Roxy, Armani Exchange, Juicy Couture, Urban Outfitters...the list goes on. I'm a jeans and a t-shirt type of girl. My style is a mix of casual, prep, nautical, and a splash of hippie. Lately its either been nautical or hippie. I always have a necklace, rings and at least 2 bracelets which are a peace sign bracelet (the one that everyone else has) and a lanyard bracelet from Columbia. My decision for shoes in the morning are a collection of 2 pairs of limited edition converses, and 3 other one color converses or my flip flops. I'm slowly breaking away from wearing a t-shirt everyday but I need help. I got a plaid button up from delia's but I don't want to go too country. I like not having a label to my clothes so I don't want to go too far in one direction but if anyone has any suggestions for new clothes I'd appreciate it.

I need different shoes too! I like the Blowfish hobo booties but everyone has them so I don't want them, just something like it. Maybe boots?

I don't! (link)
i guess just be yourself
or you can just try different things you seem to be really really simple and very casual that's okay but it's good to dress abit girly sometimes maybe try a cute dress and all dress it up with a cardigan and nice accessories,you can try wearing cute shorts with a nice top.
If you want simple
then there's skinny jeans with a cute top dress it up with accessories and as for shoes maybe flats ? and a nice handbag.
here are a few examples i found i don't whether it's cold or hot there so yeah sorry lol

i know it's not really you,but try something different you never know you'd porbably most likely look good and if those shops aren't around your area shop online or look around to clothing that are similar [:

Hey im 18/f and my boyfriend is 21/m i know christmas is a long time away but i want to start thinking about what to get my boyfriend. A couple days after christmas it will be our one year anniversary. I want to get him something special as a like christmas/anniversary gift but im drawing a blank i have no clue what to get him. He's kinda picky about things. For our 6 months anniversary we both got each other necklaces. Any ideas would be helpful :) thanks. Even if i have to order stuff offline.

Thanks a bunch :) (link)
The girl about the key chain i did the same thing but with an id braclet his name on top then our date underneath,for our one year i made him a scrapbook he really loved it he said it all counts on the effort you put it into it besides its not that cheap anyways the crafting equipment isnt that cheap,you can just take him out to dinner maybe and pay for him,or maybe just spend the whole day together =]

Hi guys, my friend (girl) is turning 16, and is having a party. What are some good cheap birthday gifts? We are friends, but not best friends if you know what I mean, so I would like something not pricey at all. Something under 20 dollars...under 15 if possible. 10 dollars would be great haha. Thanks!!! (link)
I don't where bouts you live,though i'm in Australia and we have jewellery shops like goldmark & prouds they always have cheap realy silver jewellery try them [:
or ahhh maybe a
-Make up kit
-Dog tage engrave her name it or something

20/f So...I am absolutely crazy about my best friend.
we have been best friends for about 6 years and i have had feelings for him off and on throughout that entire time. But right now he has a gf. she is super controlling and hates me cuz we are so close (like, we finish each others sentences and it drives her nuts). he says he wants to dump her, but then chickens out.
I am so crazy about this guy...and even though he has a gf, i think he cares about me too. I want to be with him....what do i do? (link)
Best you can do is tell him how you feel,don't try to break him up with his girl cause then if you tell him you like him after he breaks up with her he'll know what you were trying to do,just try and tell him how you feel he might like you too,you never know.

goo luck.

Okay, my boyfriend of almost 3 months, he's kind of my first kiss, but not. because I don't count my first, since it was 2 seconds with my ex, I hated it, and was pretty much forced into kissing him. The first time I kissed my boyfriend, he didn't pressure me, knew about what happened with my ex and like, it was amazing. I was about to leave his house and i asked hi what he was thinking about, he said, "you." and i said, "what about me?" and he replied with, "just you." then i said, "what do you want?" and he said, "I want to kiss you." then he lifted up my chin up and kissed me. it was always how i wanted my first kiss to be :] [technical first kiss haha] then i got up and so did he and i put my arms around his shoulders to hug him and he kissed me again, then he picked me up and kissed me in the air. hahaa, it was amazing :] but anyways so we hung out again and we cuddled on his couch and just layed around. so like he kissed me again and kept kissing me, and like, I couldnt help but smile or laugh/giggle afterwards, he just makes me so happy. so he goes, "you're so weird :]" [when i was laughing after like each kiss] hahaa and i was like, you're weird too, thats why we're compatible with eachother hahaa :] and like.. we dont liek make out with tongue, i know he wants to, but im scared. but we dont just peck either, its like kissing without tongue hahaa. if you get what i mean, and when i turn my head to stop kissing, he always kisses my sheek and forehead a gazillion times :] :] so here are my questions..

1. is it bad that I laugh and smile and giggle after we kiss..?
2. uhm, i dont know what to do about the kissing, because I'm freaked out by the tongue thing, i dont think i'll know what to do, it seems scary and what if i find it gross ? hahaa.
3. when we kiss, i know im breathing, but it feels like im not ? hahaa is that weird too ?
4. how do i know if he liked the kissing ? and how do i know he's thinking about it as much as i am ? haaaha.

okay well thats about it, oh im 16/f by the way, and hes 16/m. thanks so much in advance!! (link)'s cute and all but it can get annoying if you continue.

2.Ahh trying watching youtube and all but it's not hard you just go with the flow you swallow ur saliva and and breathe through your nose its just like kissing but theres tounge there nothing big.

3.You just have to breath through your nose.

4.I guess you don't unless you ask or you can make a comment like "i'm sorry if i'm not good my first time " see what he says [:

Okay so I'm a 16 year old girl, and my boyfriend (17) and I have been going out for like a year now. I'm crazy about him, but theres one problem. He really wants to have sex and I don't. He knows that I want to wait for marriage but he can't understand why... I've tried to explain that its what I believe, and that its what I want, and also that I think I'm too young and not ready, but he just doesn't get it. Its not like hes pressuring me or anything, but I really want to know how I can make him understand how I feel. Thanks! (link)
Put it this way if he doesn't understand your needs and wants and wants it his way,what's the point being with him? not trying to scare you or anything but make sure he doesn't cheat or anything i guess all you can do is honestly talk to him and just explain to him why and just say i believe in sex after marriage and i don't play on loosing it earlier i'm sorry,but i guess you's can do other things to pleasure eachother besides sex but that'll help there's dry sex so you can try that.

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