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my boyfriend and i's one year annivarsary is ina week and im not sure what to get him. i have $70 left to spend. i was thinking about getting him a guitar but i cant find a cheap yet good one. shud i get him that or somethin else? he does concerts and is amazing at many different instruments so i dont wana get him a beginners one. i also wanted to customize it, like write on it or draw since he loves my art but what shud i write? we're both 15 nearly 16 (link)
Aww congrats till then my one year aws on Friday [:
i made me boyfriend a scrapbook he loved it he said its the effort that you put into it that counts you can also mamke him a cd with songs you dedicate to him and i also took him out and i just payed for the entry and all [: maybe you can ask your parents for a little extra cash =]

We are expecting our first child and need baby name help. My husband and I have chosen not to find out the sex of our baby until he/she has been born. We have some names we like, but we aren't 100% sure on any of them. We thought maybe someone could suggest some that they really enjoy and let us know what they thought about some of ours.

Baby names we like so far...

Baby boy names:
Michael David
John Patrick
James Paul
David Austin

Baby girl names:
Grace Anne
Madison Faith
Elisa Grace

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

We like sweet, old-fashioned names, and traditional names mainly.

Thank you. (link)
Well from your options i like
David Austin
Madison Faith

but this what i want to name my kids not sure if you'll like them though


-Mia Rose

though there's this site

basically i have met a guy that i really like, and really likes me, and i am sure that we will be dating soon. thing is i am a virgin and i know he isn't. he doesnt know this, will he care if i am? (link)
He shouldn't if he doesn not worth it.

okay see im 14 and i been hooking up wit this kid whos 18 and we always do things like he fingers me alot and he popped my cherry but i kno that we can neverr really be a couple because of our age difference but i dont really dont care i like doing things with him soo i jus continue to do itt .. is thatt badd??? (link)
Yeah that's pretty bad ? he's only using you i doubt he'd wanna be with you he just enojoys the ride.

i need a boyfriend really badly
but all the guys at my school are supper immature
and no i'm not one of those REALLY ugly people.
You don't need a boyfriend.

my friend thinks she is fat and guys always make comments about her being fat also. what do you think? (link)
She doesn't look fat to me.

Mae (pronounced May, just a cooler spelling), Rena, Lynette, Jesirae, Amira, Kiara, Lena, Kaylee, Amina, Rose, Anissa, Liliana, Arabelle, Lilibeth, Ayla, Nikia, Ciana (link)
Rose & Kaylee

Ok I am having a realy hard time finding a boyfriend and so do I need aboyfriend or not? (link)
You don't need a boyfriend to maek you happy,you'll find one sooner or later.

is 6inches long for a penis (link)
Average,but does it matter.

nice, intelligent, loves sex, and has a good body? (link)
No ones perfect,you ought to find the bad side soon [:

What would you rather have as a kid, a boy or girl? And why? (link)
Girl,because she'd be like my bestfriend and all.

can masterbation get you pregnant (link)

Is age 16, female, 'very beautiful' (what most men call me) normal to STILL be a virgin ? I think something's wrong with me ! I'm starting to feel depressed that all my friends arent. help ! (link)
So ? i'm a virgin and i'm 17 ? doesn't mean i need to have sex just cause my friends have ? besides being a virgin is a good thing you know just comes to show that your not easy to guys that call you pretty ? when you find that guy you'll know when to do it,don't go loosing it anyone.

How do I give good head? (link)
Search google or type in how to give head videos ?

Hey, I need a VERY cute outfit to wear to school what should i wear. Its gonmna be sunny (aka i live in southern cali.) (link)
I love dresses ? try a cute dress [:
Or skinny jeans witha cute top and cardigan and flats and a handbag try to be casual but classy?

what if i never get a peroid? (link)
Be more specific?

When I'm on my computer at night, all I do is msn and facebook. I've been getting quite bored with it. Is there anything else I can do? I've been playing solitaire and stuff like that, but that's about the only game I like. I like playing the sims though (hoping for the sims 3 any time soon!) So has anyone got any suggestions? :/ (link)
well there's

-Habbo hotel?
-Twitter !
-You can always watch Tv
- or go on google type in free online games ?

Much love [:

Sorry if this is the wrong category... This might be long. xD Please don't give me a hard time about what I'm about to say, and don't tell me to simply "get over it' either." -.- So I pretty much hate my life. I'm 14/f, going to be a freshman in high school soon. I've been feeling this way since 7th grade, but I think it got much much worse in 8th grade, and I think it's even worse now. I'm tired of all this crap and drama, I can't take it anymore. I feel like I'm unworthy of living, I have lots of regrets. I also feel like I'm never good enough, and that I'm a horrible person. I think I'm such a bitchy person, but I can't help it. :\ I know I won't be, nor do i want to be the BEST at EVERYTHING. o.o but it just affects my confidence and self-esteem. I hate that I do this, but I let things get to me A LOT. :| I won't explain EVERYTHING in detail though. I feel like I have nothing to live for, other than friends. I don't look forward to tomorrow. I'm just pessimistic or something. What do I have to live for? My thoughts of life is that you just go to school, then after that you go to work, then retire. It's like the suckish parts of my life seem to overpower the happy moments. On top of all of that, my "best friend" has moved on from our friendship I guess. I don't think she wants to be my best friend anymore. I know I've done some mean and bitchy things towards her, but I always end up apologizing. Except this time, outta nowhere, on Facebook, her status was something like "I don't care anymore, I've had enough. You can run away from my life, I'm not going to beg you to come back. At least treat me as a person, it's not all about you." This time, I HONESTLY don't even know what I did! This all just seemed out of the blue. (this happened maybe 2-3 months ago.) I know I do NOT think it's all about me. I apologized to her and asked if she was mad at me... She said she wasn't. It's like I'm always the one who's apologzing. I know she was lying though, even though she said she wasn't. I mean, what can I do this fix things when she wouldn't tell me what I did wrong? I feel like she completely blew me off for no reason which sucks. We WERE really good friends though. We had plenty of good times. I miss it. I know it's probably bitchy to say, but she got on my nerves from time to time. I thought she was fake and a copier. -.- I know, I'm a bad friend for saying this. You'd probably have to be in my shoes to understand... but really, at that time when she said that on her status, I don't know what I did. Now she's found "new best friends" I guess. Sometimes she hangs out with other people too. The thing is, I just feel like she's intentionally trying to show off to me. That she's hanging out with other people, and that she doesn't need to hang out with me to have a good time. We used to hang out all the time, and we had a bunch of fun. She even hung out with one of our good guy friends today, and with other people.... WITHOUT me. I don't think it bothers me as much, it's just that I have a feeling she's trying to rub it in my face. ;__; It kinda offended me. Everything she does, I just feel like it's so fake, and an attempt to show off to me. It gets to me SO MUCH. She doesn't think it, but I honestly think she's spoiled. It's kinda hard to explain. I don't think this came out right, so I'll probably get some answers I didn't want to hear. Sorry, I'm not good at explaining things. -__- I HAVE thought about suicide before. I don't think I'd actually commit it though. It just sucks when ONE person makes you feel so angry and baffled, to the point where you have thoughts about suicide. I can't stand her. :( I have a hard time getting over things. I'm definitely not jealous of her, though sometimes I am. It just made me mad that she planned a whole hangout thing with one of our good guy friends. And that he attended it. ;__; I think I CAN get over things. It's just that I keep thinking about it, and have doubts, you know? I have this feeling of paranoia that never goes away. D: That my "friend" thinks, "Oh, haha wow. My life is soo better than hers. I have good friends, I don't need her. HAHA I go out of the house and hang out more than her. I hang out with a lot of friends. I wonder how she feels about me hanging out with Chad.".... She's also like "I had a lot of fun today on the go-karts, bumper cars, arcade, etc, etc, at All-Sports today with ___, ____, ____, ___, ___, and others. I begged Chad for money and tokens muahah." Does anyone understand how I would feel about reading that? On Facebook, where when you post your status, EVERYONE can see it? I feel so annoyed and crappy. Do you really need to post all the freakin details? I hope you understand or get how I would feel. ;__; Does anyone have any advice on how I can view my life better? Or how I can get over things, and NOT let things get to me so easily? I seriously need help on not letting things get to me. I don't want to feel better by thinking, "OH PSH, my life is SO better than hers, LOL @ her. She's just kidding herself.".... It's just that feeling of paranoia I can't get rid of. D: I CAN'T STAND the fact that she could possibly think she's better than me, and that her life is better than me. Also that she's having more fun with friends and I'm NOT. I don't mean to be overdramatic. :\ This is just how I feel. So in short, all of the things I feel happen almost everyday. I'm never good enough, I suck and fail at life, I don't deserve to live, I'm a horrible person, so why should I deserve to live? Also that I have nothing to live for, and that my friend gets on my nerves, and that I constantly feel so PARANOID... I'm probably leaving out a bunchh of details, but I don't want to make this even longer. I hope someone understands what I mean and how I feel... Again, please don't give me a hard time. I'm just tired of letting things get to me so easily. D: (link)
Hello [:

Long story LOL [:,well you're still 14? you've got a long way to go, and trust me the friends you have at school you'll forget them because you'll end up going college or university and just make new ones there just concertrate on school and your starting freshman you don't know who you'll meet,life gets better trust me it does,you've only become a teenager if i were you i'd make every minute worthwhile you dont always get to be a teenager,try to have fun you don't need your bestfriend either? let her run back to you she everntually will,she's probably used to you running back all the time that's why she always acts selfish,just try to enjoy life you've got a long way to goo [:

how do you get the breast bigger naturally,food,exercise (link)
You can't really do anything,they just grow until you stop growing.

well im waiting till marriage to have sex with my boyfriend. is there other ways i can please him. BJS is working pretty good but my hand gets tired. (link)
Hello :]

Well i'm not an expert really i haven't done anything =/ much at all

but here are a few pointers [:

- Headjob
- Dry sex ( it'll pleasure you both) you can do it with full clothes on,or some people just do it with their underwear but just make sure he wears underwear incase it goes through.

Much love [:

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