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I dont know what to do?

Question Posted Friday August 14 2009, 3:16 am

I am having these feelings about abnging any guy. I want sex but I am waaayyy too young(13)

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Niinakins answered Friday August 14 2009, 9:58 pm:
in the eyes of the community 13 is very young but if you really want to no one can stop you you will do what you want so the best i can do is help you be safe. im not going to say dont do it because society says its bad. its better if you wait to be more emotionaly prepaired but if you want to do it now just be safe. use protection. please pleassseee.. your body is new and young and youve never had sex before so the first time you have sex their is a 98% chance you will get pregnant with out protection. a condom will protect you of getting pregnant but if you want to be extra safe incase it pops or something use birth controle. you can also use a patch. its proven higher than birth controle to give you cancer but some people dont mind. i would recomend birth controle. be safe. let me know if i can help you in anyway. ~nina.

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chinita_95 answered Friday August 14 2009, 11:40 am:
Look your in the stage of becoming a woman. Why do you want to have it already, when you have a whole lot of time, and can enjoy life. Wait till your with the guy you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, instead of with a dude you haven't even know for so long. My suggestion would be for you to wait.

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jm93 answered Friday August 14 2009, 11:28 am:
I agree with everyone else; you're way too young to have sex. But! It's good you realize that. I know so many girls who had sex very young, even at the age of 12. I also know, they regret it all. Why would you want to have your first experience so young? Wait it out a little until you feel you're ready and mature to have sex.

You're having these feelings because you're becoming a teenager (young woman). This is when your body starts changing, your hormones get all crazy, etc. Which would explain why you feel this way. And yes, just like everyone else said, you could masturbate.

I know it can be hard to wait because a lot of people are doing it around you. However, it's all about being yourself and not doing what others are doing. In my opinion, it doesn't matter when you lose your virginity. I'm 16 and still haven't because I'm waiting. But, that's me, doesn't mean you have to wait foreverr. Just remember make sure you lose it to someone you love; not a random guy.

Hope I helped :)

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LOL_x0x answered Friday August 14 2009, 8:18 am:
You're right: you're way too young to be having sex. It's good that you realize that. It's totally normal to start having sexual feelings, because you're going through puberty and your hormones are going crazy.

Obviously, don't have sex. Wait it out.

-Laura (17-f)

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christina answered Friday August 14 2009, 6:45 am:

You're way too young to have sex. It's normal to think about because you're going through puberty & your hormones are raging. Wait though. Sex brings on a lot of adult emotions & consequences that no one your age can handle. It's better to wait because if you have sex now or anytime soon, you will most definitely regret it.

[ christina's advice column | Ask christina A Question

HildaJrCarter answered Friday August 14 2009, 6:41 am:
You're a teenager now,and teenagers want alot of things but here's soemthing i used to always asy [: to people

Wait for sex.
Although it's one more thing to wait for...
It's one less thing to worry about.
It's one less kid you have.
It's one less teen mom.
It's one less teen dad.
It's one less complication in your relationship.
It's one less hospital bill you will have to pay.
It's one less uncomfortable conversation you will have with your parents.
It's one less mistake.
It's one less statistic.
Wait for sex.
It's one more reason why you can be proud of yourself.
It's one more good label you can have [virgin].
It's one more person able to have a white wedding dress.
It's one more planned pregnancy.
It's one more love story.
It's one more good choice.
Wait for sex. There are pros and cons, weigh them.
You have the choice, but you can also have the consequences.

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Unusual answered Friday August 14 2009, 4:30 am:
Well I would say thats normal. Most of us teens have simalar thoughts. Do you think your ready for sex? I think If you go bang some random guy later on you will regret it. Of course its all on you. To relive your self try masterbation, if you do that kind of thing.

[ Unusual's advice column | Ask Unusual A Question

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