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I want to get my girlfriend somthing special I don't have that much money and we live far apart.
I want to be able to surprise her but at the same time say I'll always be there for you.
Im at a loss here and don't have a clue of somthing that will say that. (link)
Make a scrapbook,they're really cute i'd love that and just put pictures and write a few love notes here and there in there.

Okay well I'm 15 and I've been with my boyfriend now for 6 months and he's perfect for me. But I still have strong feelings for my ex boyfriend. When my ex broke up with me i found the guy im with now and then a week before our 5th month i broke up with my boyfriend for my ex and 3 days Later i got back with my boyfriend. My ex still loves me he said and he wants to see me this Sunday to hang out because he misses me, but i promised my boyfriend that I wouldn't talk to him again. Im suppose to be hanging out with my best friend this weekend and i was thinking that me and my friend go to swimming at the swimming center and I invite my ex along, and i don't tell my boyfriend. Do you think its a good idea to do it? because my ex has hurt me alot,he loves me and he knows I fall easily for him but the guy Im with now is perfect for me, and he's trustworthy. my ex is kinda trustworthy but he's sometimes forcefull. I don't know what to do. Do you think its a right idea to invite my ex with me and my friend? (link)
No,it's pretty sad imagine your boyfriend doing that to you,how would you like it? don't hurt someones feelings because of someone else adn your ex needs to learn to leave you alone and not ruin your realtionship and you shouldn't even be letting him ruin it,don't let your current boyfriend go for your ex he'll just hurt you again.

The one person I have ever loved, who I lost my virginity to (huge mistake), bared my soul to, shared my future goals and dreams with, and who I planned my entire future with, doesn't want me anymore. He broke up with me today after 3 years of dating. I really thought we were going to get married and have a good future life together. This completely came out of the blue. Just yesterday we went out on a little dinner date and he bought me flowers. Today he told me that he's thought about things and just doesn't want me any more. I didn't see this coming. How can I cope? I feel like my entire world has been destroyed.

How can I get through this pain? He told me he doesn't need time to think about it or anything. He is very certain that this is the best decision. I can't stop thinking of what we had together and what we have gone through. I keep thinking about how STUPID I was for losing my virginity to him and trusting him with every ounce of myself. I am so lost. Please help me figure this all out! (link)
Sorry to hear been there though.
Well honestly don't sit around at home and just think about it ? get out there have fun go clubbing (if you're old enough" go out with your friends and all do something fun to get your mind off him,don't listen to depressing songs,delete your meassages and everything got to do with him,try avoiding him it'll be hard but you'll get through it i promise you.

Move on let it go,he obviously wasn't worth it at all and you can do better,sometimes you should write down how you feel and everything it really does help,excerise so you feel happy and healthy maybe,just try to keep yourself busy,you'll make it don't worry [:

20/f So...I am absolutely crazy about my best friend.
we have been best friends for about 6 years and i have had feelings for him off and on throughout that entire time. But right now he has a gf. she is super controlling and hates me cuz we are so close (like, we finish each others sentences and it drives her nuts). he says he wants to dump her, but then chickens out.
I am so crazy about this guy...and even though he has a gf, i think he cares about me too. I want to be with him....what do i do? (link)
Best you can do is tell him how you feel,don't try to break him up with his girl cause then if you tell him you like him after he breaks up with her he'll know what you were trying to do,just try and tell him how you feel he might like you too,you never know.

goo luck.

Okay, my boyfriend of almost 3 months, he's kind of my first kiss, but not. because I don't count my first, since it was 2 seconds with my ex, I hated it, and was pretty much forced into kissing him. The first time I kissed my boyfriend, he didn't pressure me, knew about what happened with my ex and like, it was amazing. I was about to leave his house and i asked hi what he was thinking about, he said, "you." and i said, "what about me?" and he replied with, "just you." then i said, "what do you want?" and he said, "I want to kiss you." then he lifted up my chin up and kissed me. it was always how i wanted my first kiss to be :] [technical first kiss haha] then i got up and so did he and i put my arms around his shoulders to hug him and he kissed me again, then he picked me up and kissed me in the air. hahaa, it was amazing :] but anyways so we hung out again and we cuddled on his couch and just layed around. so like he kissed me again and kept kissing me, and like, I couldnt help but smile or laugh/giggle afterwards, he just makes me so happy. so he goes, "you're so weird :]" [when i was laughing after like each kiss] hahaa and i was like, you're weird too, thats why we're compatible with eachother hahaa :] and like.. we dont liek make out with tongue, i know he wants to, but im scared. but we dont just peck either, its like kissing without tongue hahaa. if you get what i mean, and when i turn my head to stop kissing, he always kisses my sheek and forehead a gazillion times :] :] so here are my questions..

1. is it bad that I laugh and smile and giggle after we kiss..?
2. uhm, i dont know what to do about the kissing, because I'm freaked out by the tongue thing, i dont think i'll know what to do, it seems scary and what if i find it gross ? hahaa.
3. when we kiss, i know im breathing, but it feels like im not ? hahaa is that weird too ?
4. how do i know if he liked the kissing ? and how do i know he's thinking about it as much as i am ? haaaha.

okay well thats about it, oh im 16/f by the way, and hes 16/m. thanks so much in advance!! (link)'s cute and all but it can get annoying if you continue.

2.Ahh trying watching youtube and all but it's not hard you just go with the flow you swallow ur saliva and and breathe through your nose its just like kissing but theres tounge there nothing big.

3.You just have to breath through your nose.

4.I guess you don't unless you ask or you can make a comment like "i'm sorry if i'm not good my first time " see what he says [:

Okay so I'm a 16 year old girl, and my boyfriend (17) and I have been going out for like a year now. I'm crazy about him, but theres one problem. He really wants to have sex and I don't. He knows that I want to wait for marriage but he can't understand why... I've tried to explain that its what I believe, and that its what I want, and also that I think I'm too young and not ready, but he just doesn't get it. Its not like hes pressuring me or anything, but I really want to know how I can make him understand how I feel. Thanks! (link)
Put it this way if he doesn't understand your needs and wants and wants it his way,what's the point being with him? not trying to scare you or anything but make sure he doesn't cheat or anything i guess all you can do is honestly talk to him and just explain to him why and just say i believe in sex after marriage and i don't play on loosing it earlier i'm sorry,but i guess you's can do other things to pleasure eachother besides sex but that'll help there's dry sex so you can try that.

my boyfriend and i's one year annivarsary is ina week and im not sure what to get him. i have $70 left to spend. i was thinking about getting him a guitar but i cant find a cheap yet good one. shud i get him that or somethin else? he does concerts and is amazing at many different instruments so i dont wana get him a beginners one. i also wanted to customize it, like write on it or draw since he loves my art but what shud i write? we're both 15 nearly 16 (link)
Aww congrats till then my one year aws on Friday [:
i made me boyfriend a scrapbook he loved it he said its the effort that you put into it that counts you can also mamke him a cd with songs you dedicate to him and i also took him out and i just payed for the entry and all [: maybe you can ask your parents for a little extra cash =]

basically i have met a guy that i really like, and really likes me, and i am sure that we will be dating soon. thing is i am a virgin and i know he isn't. he doesnt know this, will he care if i am? (link)
He shouldn't if he doesn not worth it.

i need a boyfriend really badly
but all the guys at my school are supper immature
and no i'm not one of those REALLY ugly people.
You don't need a boyfriend.

Ok I am having a realy hard time finding a boyfriend and so do I need aboyfriend or not? (link)
You don't need a boyfriend to maek you happy,you'll find one sooner or later.

nice, intelligent, loves sex, and has a good body? (link)
No ones perfect,you ought to find the bad side soon [:


So i like this guy and yes we do talk online sometimes. but at school we never talk coz i think were both too shy. he`s one year younger than me but were both in the same grade. My friend (who is friends with him) told me that he only goes out with girls because theyre "HOT". [and i also think that too sometimes]i really like him and all but i dont want to be with him. It seems like i dont know what that means but i also fantasize of being with him. I wonder if he asks me out, .. should i say yes or no? I think about him everyday and night. But im not obsessed. i Hope this doesnt sound confusing and i hope you can help. please&thank you. [: (link)
Hello [:

Haha cute lol,well maybe you should talk to him abit more ? like maybe he doesn't only go out with girls if they're only hot try to get to know him better,try to approach him at school don't be shy nothing bad about it,just go up to him and say hi and how was school and all it won't hurt and you won't regret it and i'm sure he would want you too anyways,if you really like him than say yes [:

Good luck...Much love [:

Do guys like it when girls play hard yo get or a chick thats shy or a chick that is straight up with her feelings for you??

im so damn confussed... cause i like guys and im always looking for someone to be with...most of them have been jerks...
im asking this question cause theres this guy i really like and i dont know what to do any more...


im so confused.............. (link)
Girls think if they play hard to get the boy won't notice and will like them more,but truth is they do notice and it pushes them away,and the whole shy chick meh,i think you should just be your self instead of being someone else,he should like you for you and if doesn't he's not worth it all,look at it this way if you pretend to be someone else for him and you's start dating you'd have to be someone else around him all the time and not you.

Much love [:

I've been looking at different websites to see if it's good for you. And all of them say it's healthy and good for you. But my question is for girls. One of my ex's didn't like that I did it and was hurt when she found out I would watch porn. I just want to know how other girls feel about it? Do you think it's harmless to your relationship and good for your boyfriend, or do you think it's bad and means he doesn't love or care about you? (link)
I don't see anything wrong with it? it's normal tell your ex too build a bridge and get over it it's not like you're cheating on her you're just pleasuring yourself,it's normal.

I have been dating a girl for around a year and a half now and both of us want to get married and live together. I have known her for over 5 years and we have spent just about every day, all day, together in the past two years including work the past 8 months. Throughout this time we have gotten along great and only had minor problems that we easily talked through and never fought over. We know each others life styles and how we live since we spend all our time at each others houses so I don't believe there will be any surprises after marriage. The question I have is is it a good idea to propose since we are only 19 years old? If I did we would be engaged for about a year and a half to 2 years. (link)
Most likely people will think your too young,but love is love,i think you's are clearly in love and set out your life and you's both know exactly what you's want so go for it? if you honestly think you're ready and have everything set out and if you can support her financially then what's stopping you.

Good luck [:

So lately my friends are telling me I'm flirting, but I'm thinking their meaning of flirting is different than mine. Plus I have a boyfriend, so I have no intention of actually flirting or taking anything anywhere. Anyways, do you think having a conversation with someone and laughing and what not is flirting. Maybe I'm just blindsided and don't realize I'm doing it or something but yeah. Also, if I AM flirting and have a boyfriend, is there anything wrong with innocent flirting, either knowing you are or not? (link)
Sometimes people flirt without realising it and others see it but you don't,maybe your friends are just MEH if you don't believe your flirting than don't worry about them i have a boyfriend doesn't mean i can't laugh and talk to other guys?,if you want maybe just watch the way you act towards abother guy.

So me and this guy met and had a thing for about 1-2 monthes,we didn't date but we "talked" and he said he liked me and i liked him.after a while,he told me he loves me "as a friend" since we started hanging out alot.he knew i still liked him,so he stopped talking to me for like a week .then i had a talk with him and told him "i only liked him as a friend too now".things went back to normal and we started talking alot again ,but as "best friends".
I still like him ! I don't know what to do!
If I hang around him alot ,maybe I'll end up liking him as a friend? I don't know what to do! (link)
Ahhh,pretty tough lol
Ahh,maybe like you said if you keep hanging around him you'll like him as a friend ?

Well i guess just don't make your self too obivous that you like him it might push him away,maybe start talking to other people you cant ry moving on and maybe if you think about it like this "if we end up dating eachother,what if we break up,it'll ruin our whole relationship and friendship we had" i think you should stay as bestfriends i;d love to have a guy as a bestfriend so much easier too talk to when it comes to other guys they understand ! [:

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