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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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I recently had an interview that I thought went really well, at a smaller division of a company that is very successful. This is a position that I really want.

One of the questions that I was asked involved any projects that I may have worked on. I mentioned two of them, but forgot to mention another one that I think could be really helpful with me getting the job.

They already seem mostly impressed with me, but I am nervous because I am about to graduate college in another year and I have never interned before. It seems like, even if I think the interview goes well, I never get the job. So, who I am to say that they're going to offer the position to me?

All of these people seem very friendly, laidback but still professional. I think that they would be great to work with.

A man who I interviewed with, and who was friendly enough to walk downstairs with me and point out which direction to walk in for the subway train, gave me his business cards so that I could communicate with him if I have any questions.

I would like to inform him of this project, in which I researched the performance of a particular stock, using financial data (it is financial analyst internship, where I would be assisting the team in coming up with plans for successfully budgeting their client's marketing plans), but I am nervous about coming off as irritating.

Of course, he is busy and has tons of other things to do. Should I email him the details of that project?

The opportunity is amazing. I have the option to return for another summer, if it goes well, and possibly relocate to do the rotational program which will expose me to all areas of the business. (link)
Leave things alone. You thanked him and now its in their hands to choose their candadate. Contacting again can be seen as unprofessional or pushing for a decision. It backfired every single time.

Beleive me they know who you are abd what you have done and offer. These people also check every aspect of a person's background and will likely find out about this project in that process. Ask your references kindly if they can highlight that project when people call. That's how to handle your omission.

I work with this lady i am really interested on her but just that one thing thats keeping me away from her is that Facebook status it say in a relationship when i work with her her action doest indicate that she's in a relationship all the go signal that i can think of is there i know when your in a relationship you would know just base on her action i know ladys would mention it you would just know with her none body language everything a go signal one time i showed that one of the parts of my surfboard i surf you know one time i said one of the hostess wants to learn how to surf so then when i said that its like a beam of light came out of nowhere i don't know bc she was jealous or that i didn't ask her first or she just want to learn how to surf i don't know anyways she automaticly ask me to teach her how to surf then when she was walking away she then said your gonna take me how to surf i that point when i was talking to her she was loughing when i know its not even funny the other time is when i showed her a picture of my friends we were having a party she then goes wow!!!that look so fun she then goes why was i not invited!!!!all i buying signal right but that Frekken Facebook status what is that all about (link)
A lot of people keep details of their private life private. They dont necessarily talk about family or people they are with at work. It doesnt pertain to the job. You can tell her that you didnt invite her surfing or to a party before in the event she was with someone. Tell her you didnt want to seem inappropriate.

Her Facebook page is her private space. Unless she invites you to it I wouldnt mention it. It will make her question what you were doing on it and may have her take a negative view. Also, the in a relationship status bar may be true but could be outdated. I know some people msy also use it if they dont want one either or to deal with people who may.

All I would do is mention the surfing and party and tell her you didnt invite her because you werent sure whether her significant other would object. The thing is maybe all she sees you as is a co-worker or nice guy. Pursuing her beyond that would be bad. If there is no signal of her showing interest move on.

Why do I have writers block. Its difficult for me to communicate on line with family and friends. I'm having trouble writing paragraphs, sentences, my vocabulary has disappeared. I've worked on this paragraph for 45-minutes.I'm embarrassed to admit I'm a college graduate.
I've don't have any medical issues that I know of. Why is this happening.

Chalk it up to stress and psychologically doing a number on yourself. You fear failing. Dont. You need to realize writing is a gift that is your birthright and never taken from you. Its still there. You have to relax and remember what you love about it and just write. You will find that spelling and paragraphs will come back. Just write and get ideas out first. In time you will learn to edit for clarity.

You need to go to a bookstore or Amazon and get The Lively Art of Writing by Lucile Vaughan Payne. No other book explains writing essays, paragraphs, thesis or any other document as easily as it does. Read and study it religiously and you will improve and have no need to fear again. There are exercises at the end of every chapter. You need to read about topic sentences and structure.

The other thing is if something doesnt come right away relax. Take a break and approach it again later when your head is clear and you feel calm. Also get a sheet of paper and draw balloons you put ideas or points you want to make and connect it to a main topic. Then start building paragraphs about each. Its called symantec webbing.

I was sitting at lunch with 2 of my friends, and they took my pencil, (it wouldn't be that important but, it was my last pencil, and I was 1 warning away from getting detention.) I was trying to get it back so my friend scratched me across my hand. I said please don't do it again, but she just laughted, and punched me in the arm. The other one drove her nail into my arm during social studies and left a scar. I don't want to avoid them, and get a teacher of parent involved. Is there some way I can stop this?! (link)
Ask them what do they think they are pulling? Tell them that friends dont hurt one another and this isnt a joke. See if you get an apology or changes in their conduct. If you dont mention to the teacher what is going on and that you want them spoken to but in a way that it doesnt out you as the complainant.

please tell me how i can make the voices stop! they are scary and say terrible things that i can't blocl out of my mind. how do i make voices in my head go away? (link)
Proceed to an emergency room and tell them what you told us. You may be in crisis and suffering from a mental health issue that is becoming quite severe. You need to be assessed and treated.

This may be a weird place to ask about scholarships but maybe someone can help on this topic. I am student at a community college and I am transferring to a four-year university and I need advice on finding scholarships that pertain to me. Right now, I am applying for $500-1000 scholarship because I think it more practical to go for a lot of small scholarships then 1 big scholarship ($10000). Should I email my representative about scholarship opportunities? (link)
Absolutely! They will know exactly which ones would be suited to what you are trying to study and transfer into. They might even know of scholarships, loans or bursaries you were never aware of. Make it a top priority to see them first.

She started dating this guy a few weeks ago maybe a month. the first day they started dating he sucked her boobs and they have had sex and shes given him blow jobs. I know all of this cause she told me and i saw her text messages. she also started smoking weed which is really easy to get were i live. i feel like i should tell someone but i dot want to get her in trouble whet do i do? (link)
I think some of what she is telling you may be false. She could just want to sound cool to you and others. Almost always adolescents who brag about experiences never had them.

Even if she did she should keep it to herself. You can get a reputation for blabbing about your private life. Politely tell her that its not right to kiss and tell and that while you are a friend you dont want to hear about it. That is a reasonable request.

As far as marijuana goes she will have to learn from mistakes. Unless you see her life completely out of control which you havent telling on her will unfortunately cause you social problems. You can tell her that you dont like what she is doing and think she is in with the wrong crowd but you cant make her see. If she were in danger than tell.

As for sex she could get pregnant or taken advantage of by other people. You should make your parents aware of what she has described to you and her sudden interest in msrijuana. They will know how to guide you and when/if they address her family at some point. Your parents should know about anything or anyone making you uncomfortable.

When I go to the doctor I want to know what they ask because if they are going to tell my mom I play with myself I am not going for any reason until I live on my own. Please help! (link)
Anything told to a doctor is confidential unless you have an illness they need to know about or are harming yourself or endangered.

I know they wont ask. They know that it is normal with both sexes and pretty much universal in teen years. Stats say 80 percent of males and 70 of females engage in it at one point in life. Relax and know there isnt anything to be ashamed of.

Parents also are wise to this and probably suspect you are and it wont phase them. But relax the doctor cant tell nor does he or she have concern. They know teens are embarased about it. There is no way to tell either unless you mention it.
The one thing to remember is that even if they wont admit it the vast majority of friends, peers and others you know are also doing tnis. It is normal.

I'm going to come right out here and say that I do NOT think what she's doing is right, and need some help approaching her.
we got a new Drama teacher training this year, and as this is our GCSE course, it's become much more important than previously. And at first she seemed so sweet to everyone, and I really liked her. She was fun.
We begin our first unit, and we’re doing small pieces. Typically, one person gets the lead 'rrole' in these pieces, more lines... more stage time... etc. And for a long while, I got nothing.
I'm pretty sure everyone got a 'main' as we entered our second unit. There, it wasn't so much 'main' roles as it was presenting your individual work to the class. All of that term, I never got called. Once.
Because, I guess at one point, she'd stopped liking me. Who knows what I did, but she was looking at me funny and ignoring me when I contributed. Soon we could literally list her favourite to least favourite. I was last.
Everyone was getting multiple main roles at this point. And it was becoming obvious. She would be very dismissive with me. She spent five minutes talking to people about their holiday but when it came to me, it was a "cute", and then she moved on. When she calls me sweetie, it seems forced, but with everyone else it's genuine. And my classmates notice.
I want to know how to approach her, because I adore Drama and always wwill. But it’s hindering my progress compared to the rest of my class, whon she loves.
It sounds to me that you may be making a mountain out of absolutely nothing. There probably isn't any malice or favortism here. She has a lot of students and not all of them can have leads. She may be giving leads to people who worked hard to get them or who need a confidence boost.

She might also know what your ability is and may want you to play a variety of smaller roles for now so others can shine and rotate you in later. Then again perhaps she feels you cant handle certain parts or arent at the level of peers who may be better actors.

You could tell her that you like the class but feel ignored and passed over for lead roles you feel you would be good for. However, that might piss her off. If I were you I would realize that there is no such thing as a small part. Its all important. Make yourself shine and no doubt the better roles will materialize.

ive been pretty depressed for a while... i got my first bf in feb. 2014 and we broke up last week. also my frinds started fighting and hating eachother. i lost my only 5 frinds that i had made since 1rst grade. i started getting bad grades on my report cards and im getting made fun of for it. im just 10 years old but i cut myself and hav suicidal thoughts... please give me advice. (link)
Please tell your parents or an adult you trust about the negative thoughts and those of hurting or killing yourself. You might have a mental health problem that needs medical intervention. Dont keep any of this secret. It will get worse if you do.

I was just emancipated and just diagnosed with diabetes, I really would like a grant to help out with medical expenses. Does anyone know anywhere I could apply for a medical grant? I live in Muskegon, Michigan. (link)
The best thing to do is consult the doctor or specialist who diagnosed you. Explain your situation and ask about assistance and bursaries. They will know them inside out and can help you apply for and receive them.

I'm from newyork. I got dreadlocks last year and they've been great, but my little sister gave me lice so I have to either cut my hair or comb them out, but it takes weeks. I've missed a lot of school already and my junior year is pretty much down the drain already. would I be able to finish my junior year online and do my senior year in school? Or should I just give up? I've tried everything but life just seems to keep throwing things at me, like somethings trying to tell me something, to give up and start my life. I know how hard it is to live without a highschool diploma but I don't see how to fix my school career, along with dealing with my hair. (link)
I really know nothing about lice but can help with your school problem. Ask yourself honestly why you hate being there and are ducking going? Be brutal with yourself. Are you being bullied, courses too hard, learning disabled etc.?

Next approach the guidance dept. and principal at your school and tell them straight up that you know you have screwed up your entire year and let them know conventional school doesn't work for you and that you absolutely hate being there and feel it has no relevance to what you want to do.

One option may be an alternative high school where you take courses half a day and learn a trade that interests you the rest. There are also adult day schools that perhaps you can get an exemption for and enroll and do courses that way where your classmates are adults.

I wouldn't recommend correspondence courses because you have to be ultra motivated to do them and succeed. If you can't go to school or stand it you won't with these courses. Teaching yourself takes tremendous discipline.

You should sit down with your parents and approach the school and get a solution and stick with it. If you need summer school to fix your year do it. You need a high school education to get anywhere afterwards.

Me and my family are going to a movie today.
Problem: My dad wants to see the new Hunger Games
I want to see Big hero 6. Which movie should i pick to watch? (its my turn to pick)(btw im under 13) (link)
This one is actually pretty easy. See both films. Big Hero 6 has been on DVD/Blu-Ray and On Demand since February 24, 2015.

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 1 has been on DVD/Blu-Ray and On-Demand since March 6th, 2015. Why not rend, purchase or use an On Demand service and see both so everyone is satisfied? This way you can go to the theater and see a movie you all can agree on.

These films are likely playing at your theater as well because they must also run second run films which means they get some of them several weeks after released and or after Oscar season if nominated. Then they go to DVD etc. It's how that industry is.

Also, if under 13 you can actually see any G-Rated film you want alone in a theater. They'll sell you a ticket. As long as you are street-smart you should be fine to see it alone. You could also bring friends.

As far as a PG film goes and it's likely the same in the U.S. as it is in Canada You have to be 13. You can still buy a ticket but have to find an older sibling or friend and then you're fine to sit and watch the film alone.

You should usually follow rules but if you look 13 you probably could see a movie alone without anyone checking ID or being suspicious of you. It's people sneaking in to R-rated films they usually have the most concern over because they can be fined for that. I used to work in a theater and R-Rated and those you needed to be 14 for were all they cared about busting kids for.

(Not quite sure if i put this in the right category, sorry!)
Okay so this past summer, i became close with an older guy, he was 18 and graduated and i was 14 and getting ready to enter high school. He began asking me inappropriate things, such as if i touch myself, and if i've ever thought about being with a guy sexually, etc. I was (and still am) a very anxious person, and was too afraid to tell him that he was making me uncomfortable, and played along instead. He began getting more and more inappropriate as the weeks went on, admitting to liking me in a more than a friend way (which i usually wouldn't have had a problem with, had he behaved differently) and in the heat of the moment in a conversation about bsdm, he offered that if i was ever curious about that, he'd be glad to try it with me, and even tried to kiss me once (note that since i had a problem with telling him no, he had asked me the day before if i would be okay with it, and i had agreed to it) and said that he wanted to go father than just a kiss, saying things like "If i get to do what i want tomorrow, i bet you won't be able to keep quiet ;)" and "We can start small, and see where that takes us" and also keep in mind that while i was against all of this, he had no idea and thought that i was okay with it. The few people that i've told about this have said that he was still behaving inappropriately, as he is a grown man and i am a minor who is much younger than him, and that he shouldn't have made those sexual advances to begin with, but i still think that it was really my fault for allowing him to keep going, and that it makes what he did okay. What do you guys think? (note that he never touched me, only spoke of it and told me he was going to, but he left for the army before he could do so. He did try to kiss me but stopped when my mom came back inside the house) (link)
There is something very wrong with this guy. The sooner you can get away from him the better. As others have said it's not your fault. You NEED to tell your parents about him and what he has said, done or threatened.

They will know what to do so that he is dealt with and you are safe. They have to know as do other adults you trust. You have no idea what he is capable with and if he's doing this to others. Telling the truth to family is really your only choice for this to be resolved. He's pretty scary.

Today was the anniversary of John Belushi's death and ever since I saw some Saturday Night Live documentary recently, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind. Him and Phil Hartman both for some reason.

Belushi died in 1982, before I was born, so I never got to watch him before his death. Hartman died in 1998, when I was 10 almost 11 years old, so I'd seen him around a bit before his death. I'm a big Mike Myers fan and the two of them were in a lot of shows together.

I bought one of Hartman's shows online last week and would've bought one of John's too if the one I wanted had been on Amazon Prime and if I'd known which other one would be good. I got Hartman's show on Tuesday and haven't been able to stop watching it because it's so d--- funny. It's Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman BTW and I wanted the Best of John Belushi. It makes me regret not buying John's show as well.

Can somebody recommend a good John Belushi movie to me? (link)
He only made 7 films not counting TV movies. The best in my opinion is Blues Brothers (1980). It's a comedy/musical with Dan Aykroyd. They are brothers who grew up in an orphanage and now as adults must raise money to save it from closure. They do this by putting their old band back together after Belushi's character gets out of prison and start a road trip playing gigs along the way.

So in one of the dreams I had this morning, all I can remember is some girl with short dirty blonde hair in a ponytail saying to me, flustered, "What are you doing here, this isn't your dream, you're not supposed to be here! Your in the wrong dream, this isn't your dream, you can't be here!"

I've never had a dream like that. The dream pretty much was over after she was done shouting at me; like I left because she told me i needed to go. So my question is, is it possible that it was a little more than JUST a dream, maybe something bigger? And what could it possibly mean? Thanks.
Think of it this way dreams are nothing more than thought pictures. When you dream you are seeing your fears, desires, things you struggle with, imagine and believe.

Why? You may be asleep but your brain is still processing this stuff and it manifests itself in dreams. It cannot harm you no matter if it's a nightmare.

Ok, so a little while back I started receiving text messages from a random guy asking for someone named Angie. I said I knew no one of that name and he starts asking me what my name is. My parents have always taughted me to be careful with who I give my name out to, so I said no. After a while he starts asking weird questions like if I like possums and have ever hit one, then started talking about my shoes and wanted me to send pictures. Naturally, I refused. He then started asking for numbers of girls in my contacts and asks a total of three times for my picture. All he knew was that I was sixteen, and kept trying to squeeze out information. Later that week when I was with my friends I told them about that, one said she heard of a lot of girls getting text messages from this guy, and my other friend asked me if he started asking questions about possums before I got to that part and said he's been texting girls the same thing asking for either a Margaret or Angie and then asking for pictures and contacts. My parents worry way too much and they would most likely have a heart attack if I told them, and I can't go to the police without my parents finding out so what should I do? I deleted all the texts and blocked him and also turned my location services off, so is it ok? It's been a while since this happened, and my neighbor is a cop so I'm not worried, but did I do the right thing? I did tell him about my neighbor being a cop when he wouldn't leave me alone. (link)
Your parents would be annoyed if you didn't do the right thing. Remember what you were taught as a kid that if something is creepy or doesn't look or feel right tell an adult. I guarantee you that nobody will be upset with you.

This person has a problem and has been harassing your friends as well. I can't be certain but it has me concerned that it may be someone all of you know but haven't expected as it's too weird that your friends are all getting this simultaneously.

Deleting the texts was wrong as you need proof and they may contain information police or others could use to nail the person with and make it stop. I would tel your friends to keep the texts.

The next thing I would do is tell your parents everything. Let them deal with it and consult your neighbor and school admin as it's more than one student affected that you know. Take their advice and follow it. You may not like involving these people but who does? But it's the right and only thing to do.

In the meantime the block feature will help as will not answering texts from anyone you don't know. I would also change your number with your cell service provider (it's easy for a small fee) and only give it out to people you trust not to give out without permission.

So there's this guy at my work that I like, and we've been texting each other back and forth pretty often. Before reading week ended, I gave him this gift card to a sushi restaurant and he said we should go, and asked me to go to dinner! He picked me up and dropped me off home but didn't make any move. All throughout dinner it was really nice, it never felt awkward , but I just couldn't read him. Fast forward a few days, I texted him a "so do you know what I was craving today ?! Crepes ! Haha When are you free ? We should go out sometime !" And he replied "Haha I had some on my birthday! But I'm still down for crepes! We should go after exams are done! We can celebrate all of the A's we got haha" . Does it seem like he's interested in me ?? There were other instances where we were talking about soccer and I said I would watch him play over the summer and he said that he'll score a goal for me, or the time when he said he'll buy me green tea kit kat when he goes to Japan cause it's my favourite, or like how he'll teach me ukulele because I'm teaching him violin .... Like does it seem like he just thinks of me as a friend or more ? (link)
There is an interest there but it may be a friendship thing and not a relationship thing. Right now we don't know even though it would seem he's more interested than a friend would be.

I think what you have to do is hang around him more and go to those dinners or other places and try to figure out where things stand as you get further along with getting to know him. See what moves he makes first before countering.

Does anyone have any methods of getting rid of old acne scars? I've been using dark spot correctors for a long time and it doesn't seem to help. I even use sunscreen whenever I go out to prevent it from darkening. I've tried a lot of home methods like lemon juice, etc. but nothing works. I have brown skin so they're highly noticeable even under my makeup. I try not to use thickening makeup too to prevent new pimples from coming but it seems like such a tight balance that I have to maintain. (link)
You should see a dermatologist. They will know what you can do to take care of this issue for you.

Hey so um, I've been trying to do something special for my girlfriend, and I think I found something good to do. She told me what school she goes to, ( we go to different schools ) so I looked it up and I found the schools number. I know it sounds COMPLETELY stupid, but I think it might be romantic if I made like a little announcement on the speaker phone sayin something sweet or something. I know it's a dumb idea, but you see I really love her, and she knows that, I'm just a dumb guy tryin to do something special for his girlfriend. Honestly, I think it's great but I'm wondering if it's the best thing to do, should I? (link)
That may embarrass her a lot though your intent was good. Also, I don't think a school administration would let a random person call in and use their PA for such purposes anyway. Even if you were a student and tried it in person they wouldn't allow that. It would backfire even if you could.

If I were you I would think long and hard on the kind of things she likes, her interests or something she's been wanting and give her that kind of surprise. This doesn't have to be elaborate she may appreciate flowers, dinner alone together, or a date that revolves around things she likes to do or do do together. That's something she will remember.

If you aren't sure what to do try consulting a sister if she has one, her mom or friends of hers to help you plan something special as they know her well and for the longest. Stay far away from the bullhorn though.

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