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I'm from newyork. I got dreadlocks last year and they've been great, but my little sister gave me lice so I have to either cut my hair or comb them out, but it takes weeks. I've missed a lot of school already and my junior year is pretty much down the drain already. would I be able to finish my junior year online and do my senior year in school? Or should I just give up? I've tried everything but life just seems to keep throwing things at me, like somethings trying to tell me something, to give up and start my life. I know how hard it is to live without a highschool diploma but I don't see how to fix my school career, along with dealing with my hair. (link)
I really know nothing about lice but can help with your school problem. Ask yourself honestly why you hate being there and are ducking going? Be brutal with yourself. Are you being bullied, courses too hard, learning disabled etc.?

Next approach the guidance dept. and principal at your school and tell them straight up that you know you have screwed up your entire year and let them know conventional school doesn't work for you and that you absolutely hate being there and feel it has no relevance to what you want to do.

One option may be an alternative high school where you take courses half a day and learn a trade that interests you the rest. There are also adult day schools that perhaps you can get an exemption for and enroll and do courses that way where your classmates are adults.

I wouldn't recommend correspondence courses because you have to be ultra motivated to do them and succeed. If you can't go to school or stand it you won't with these courses. Teaching yourself takes tremendous discipline.

You should sit down with your parents and approach the school and get a solution and stick with it. If you need summer school to fix your year do it. You need a high school education to get anywhere afterwards.

Me and my family are going to a movie today.
Problem: My dad wants to see the new Hunger Games
I want to see Big hero 6. Which movie should i pick to watch? (its my turn to pick)(btw im under 13) (link)
This one is actually pretty easy. See both films. Big Hero 6 has been on DVD/Blu-Ray and On Demand since February 24, 2015.

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay 1 has been on DVD/Blu-Ray and On-Demand since March 6th, 2015. Why not rend, purchase or use an On Demand service and see both so everyone is satisfied? This way you can go to the theater and see a movie you all can agree on.

These films are likely playing at your theater as well because they must also run second run films which means they get some of them several weeks after released and or after Oscar season if nominated. Then they go to DVD etc. It's how that industry is.

Also, if under 13 you can actually see any G-Rated film you want alone in a theater. They'll sell you a ticket. As long as you are street-smart you should be fine to see it alone. You could also bring friends.

As far as a PG film goes and it's likely the same in the U.S. as it is in Canada You have to be 13. You can still buy a ticket but have to find an older sibling or friend and then you're fine to sit and watch the film alone.

You should usually follow rules but if you look 13 you probably could see a movie alone without anyone checking ID or being suspicious of you. It's people sneaking in to R-rated films they usually have the most concern over because they can be fined for that. I used to work in a theater and R-Rated and those you needed to be 14 for were all they cared about busting kids for.

(Not quite sure if i put this in the right category, sorry!)
Okay so this past summer, i became close with an older guy, he was 18 and graduated and i was 14 and getting ready to enter high school. He began asking me inappropriate things, such as if i touch myself, and if i've ever thought about being with a guy sexually, etc. I was (and still am) a very anxious person, and was too afraid to tell him that he was making me uncomfortable, and played along instead. He began getting more and more inappropriate as the weeks went on, admitting to liking me in a more than a friend way (which i usually wouldn't have had a problem with, had he behaved differently) and in the heat of the moment in a conversation about bsdm, he offered that if i was ever curious about that, he'd be glad to try it with me, and even tried to kiss me once (note that since i had a problem with telling him no, he had asked me the day before if i would be okay with it, and i had agreed to it) and said that he wanted to go father than just a kiss, saying things like "If i get to do what i want tomorrow, i bet you won't be able to keep quiet ;)" and "We can start small, and see where that takes us" and also keep in mind that while i was against all of this, he had no idea and thought that i was okay with it. The few people that i've told about this have said that he was still behaving inappropriately, as he is a grown man and i am a minor who is much younger than him, and that he shouldn't have made those sexual advances to begin with, but i still think that it was really my fault for allowing him to keep going, and that it makes what he did okay. What do you guys think? (note that he never touched me, only spoke of it and told me he was going to, but he left for the army before he could do so. He did try to kiss me but stopped when my mom came back inside the house) (link)
There is something very wrong with this guy. The sooner you can get away from him the better. As others have said it's not your fault. You NEED to tell your parents about him and what he has said, done or threatened.

They will know what to do so that he is dealt with and you are safe. They have to know as do other adults you trust. You have no idea what he is capable with and if he's doing this to others. Telling the truth to family is really your only choice for this to be resolved. He's pretty scary.

Today was the anniversary of John Belushi's death and ever since I saw some Saturday Night Live documentary recently, I haven't been able to get him out of my mind. Him and Phil Hartman both for some reason.

Belushi died in 1982, before I was born, so I never got to watch him before his death. Hartman died in 1998, when I was 10 almost 11 years old, so I'd seen him around a bit before his death. I'm a big Mike Myers fan and the two of them were in a lot of shows together.

I bought one of Hartman's shows online last week and would've bought one of John's too if the one I wanted had been on Amazon Prime and if I'd known which other one would be good. I got Hartman's show on Tuesday and haven't been able to stop watching it because it's so d--- funny. It's Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman BTW and I wanted the Best of John Belushi. It makes me regret not buying John's show as well.

Can somebody recommend a good John Belushi movie to me? (link)
He only made 7 films not counting TV movies. The best in my opinion is Blues Brothers (1980). It's a comedy/musical with Dan Aykroyd. They are brothers who grew up in an orphanage and now as adults must raise money to save it from closure. They do this by putting their old band back together after Belushi's character gets out of prison and start a road trip playing gigs along the way.

So in one of the dreams I had this morning, all I can remember is some girl with short dirty blonde hair in a ponytail saying to me, flustered, "What are you doing here, this isn't your dream, you're not supposed to be here! Your in the wrong dream, this isn't your dream, you can't be here!"

I've never had a dream like that. The dream pretty much was over after she was done shouting at me; like I left because she told me i needed to go. So my question is, is it possible that it was a little more than JUST a dream, maybe something bigger? And what could it possibly mean? Thanks.
Think of it this way dreams are nothing more than thought pictures. When you dream you are seeing your fears, desires, things you struggle with, imagine and believe.

Why? You may be asleep but your brain is still processing this stuff and it manifests itself in dreams. It cannot harm you no matter if it's a nightmare.

Ok, so a little while back I started receiving text messages from a random guy asking for someone named Angie. I said I knew no one of that name and he starts asking me what my name is. My parents have always taughted me to be careful with who I give my name out to, so I said no. After a while he starts asking weird questions like if I like possums and have ever hit one, then started talking about my shoes and wanted me to send pictures. Naturally, I refused. He then started asking for numbers of girls in my contacts and asks a total of three times for my picture. All he knew was that I was sixteen, and kept trying to squeeze out information. Later that week when I was with my friends I told them about that, one said she heard of a lot of girls getting text messages from this guy, and my other friend asked me if he started asking questions about possums before I got to that part and said he's been texting girls the same thing asking for either a Margaret or Angie and then asking for pictures and contacts. My parents worry way too much and they would most likely have a heart attack if I told them, and I can't go to the police without my parents finding out so what should I do? I deleted all the texts and blocked him and also turned my location services off, so is it ok? It's been a while since this happened, and my neighbor is a cop so I'm not worried, but did I do the right thing? I did tell him about my neighbor being a cop when he wouldn't leave me alone. (link)
Your parents would be annoyed if you didn't do the right thing. Remember what you were taught as a kid that if something is creepy or doesn't look or feel right tell an adult. I guarantee you that nobody will be upset with you.

This person has a problem and has been harassing your friends as well. I can't be certain but it has me concerned that it may be someone all of you know but haven't expected as it's too weird that your friends are all getting this simultaneously.

Deleting the texts was wrong as you need proof and they may contain information police or others could use to nail the person with and make it stop. I would tel your friends to keep the texts.

The next thing I would do is tell your parents everything. Let them deal with it and consult your neighbor and school admin as it's more than one student affected that you know. Take their advice and follow it. You may not like involving these people but who does? But it's the right and only thing to do.

In the meantime the block feature will help as will not answering texts from anyone you don't know. I would also change your number with your cell service provider (it's easy for a small fee) and only give it out to people you trust not to give out without permission.

So there's this guy at my work that I like, and we've been texting each other back and forth pretty often. Before reading week ended, I gave him this gift card to a sushi restaurant and he said we should go, and asked me to go to dinner! He picked me up and dropped me off home but didn't make any move. All throughout dinner it was really nice, it never felt awkward , but I just couldn't read him. Fast forward a few days, I texted him a "so do you know what I was craving today ?! Crepes ! Haha When are you free ? We should go out sometime !" And he replied "Haha I had some on my birthday! But I'm still down for crepes! We should go after exams are done! We can celebrate all of the A's we got haha" . Does it seem like he's interested in me ?? There were other instances where we were talking about soccer and I said I would watch him play over the summer and he said that he'll score a goal for me, or the time when he said he'll buy me green tea kit kat when he goes to Japan cause it's my favourite, or like how he'll teach me ukulele because I'm teaching him violin .... Like does it seem like he just thinks of me as a friend or more ? (link)
There is an interest there but it may be a friendship thing and not a relationship thing. Right now we don't know even though it would seem he's more interested than a friend would be.

I think what you have to do is hang around him more and go to those dinners or other places and try to figure out where things stand as you get further along with getting to know him. See what moves he makes first before countering.

Does anyone have any methods of getting rid of old acne scars? I've been using dark spot correctors for a long time and it doesn't seem to help. I even use sunscreen whenever I go out to prevent it from darkening. I've tried a lot of home methods like lemon juice, etc. but nothing works. I have brown skin so they're highly noticeable even under my makeup. I try not to use thickening makeup too to prevent new pimples from coming but it seems like such a tight balance that I have to maintain. (link)
You should see a dermatologist. They will know what you can do to take care of this issue for you.

Hey so um, I've been trying to do something special for my girlfriend, and I think I found something good to do. She told me what school she goes to, ( we go to different schools ) so I looked it up and I found the schools number. I know it sounds COMPLETELY stupid, but I think it might be romantic if I made like a little announcement on the speaker phone sayin something sweet or something. I know it's a dumb idea, but you see I really love her, and she knows that, I'm just a dumb guy tryin to do something special for his girlfriend. Honestly, I think it's great but I'm wondering if it's the best thing to do, should I? (link)
That may embarrass her a lot though your intent was good. Also, I don't think a school administration would let a random person call in and use their PA for such purposes anyway. Even if you were a student and tried it in person they wouldn't allow that. It would backfire even if you could.

If I were you I would think long and hard on the kind of things she likes, her interests or something she's been wanting and give her that kind of surprise. This doesn't have to be elaborate she may appreciate flowers, dinner alone together, or a date that revolves around things she likes to do or do do together. That's something she will remember.

If you aren't sure what to do try consulting a sister if she has one, her mom or friends of hers to help you plan something special as they know her well and for the longest. Stay far away from the bullhorn though.

I have one coping skill and that is being on the computer. It is not healthy in other peoples opinion but I don't care. It is the only thing that helps me. I have tried everything else anyone has recommended but people are still telling me that being on the computer is not healthy. What do I do? (link)
The only way it is unhealthy is if you don't balance the rest of your life properly. If it's ALL you are doing and don't do other activities in a day or do different things to cope than it's not healthy.

That's the issue and concern people have about it. I think what you need to do is find a few things in addition to using computers that you enjoy and helps you cope with what troubles you. Once you have a mix of things in addition to the computer than it's considered normal to be on there.

The big problem is what the computer is standing in for and not doing for you. You could benefit from counseling, hanging with friends, going out on your own places. It's not helping the problem whatever it may be from being healed or dealt with really.

I think that's the issue people expect you to deal with head on and see you buried in the computer and draw conclusions. As long as you talk about the issue and get support than be on the computer but limit your time. Try different things to cope that doesn't always involve the computer as the only choice.

You should also tell people what being on the computer does to help you and why you turn to it above their techniques and that constant negative remarks about it aren't helpful either even if they have a point that it shouldn't be the only way to deal with feelings. It's easier to bottle them up this way.

Balance things out as I stated by going to a movie, exercising, therapy, find a hobby or passion, try drama classes, art, sports and other ideas when down and pick the computer last for awhile. See if you feel healthier and better. Talk about what bothers you when you are gripped by it and hang with friends more. As long as you do all those things your computer habits if cut down aren't going to enter the unhealthy range or cause people concern for you.

how much holes does she got there? (link)
Less holes than a golf course. Joking aside while the other counselors have correctly told you three they didn't use the proper technical names for those parts.

I think it's important that you know them. the urethra is the opening males and females urinate from. The anus is where a bowel movement comes from and of course females have a vulva (outer genitals) and and vaginal opening.

It may be a good idea to Google the human reproductive system so that you know where everything is on the body and where there are cavities.

i know a girl at my school who is also at my basketball team. I want to get close to her and she barely knows me. what should i do ??? (link)
Introduce yourself. Tell her you have a group of friends going bowling, to a movie or a gathering and see if she is open to going. If she is in to you even as a friend she'll move mountains to go. If she hesitates or isn't interested it's a signal that she's not in to you. This way you don't directly ask her out and get rejected. It's a less messy approach. Just remember girls are as scared as guys are of this process.

(Sorry this is long, I'm in desperate need of help)
I'm 15 with very severe anxiety. Well, straight to the point, I feel like I'm being watched. I saw my dad looking at pornographic photos a few days ago (And a few times before that months apart), and ever since, I've felt weird. I felt like this before that, but now it's worse I think. I feel like my dad is a pedophile for some reason, but I think it's just my bad anxiety. For example, I don't want to go to a male therapist because I'm afraid of being molested. I have crazily bad anxiety, so..

Also, I haven't been raped before or anything nor touched by my dad. But I just feel like there are cameras in my room or something and I get scared. Also in the bathroom when I take a shower, I'm scared of a camera being in the mirror or somewhere. I also lock my door everytime I go somewhere, shower, etc. What do I do about this? Is it just my anxiety? I feel unsafe everywhere. Whenever I see my dad or come out of my room, I feel so weird and I avoid him or don't talk to him. Please don't tell me to discuss this with him or seek professional help, I'm just hoping someone can help me. (link)
In all honesty if I told you that you didn't need professional help I would be misleading you. There's no shame in having a therapist or psychiatrist either or asking family to take you to one.

I'm sure in the case of a therapist you can find a female one if non-trusting of males. The thing is you sound like you have an anxiety issue undiagnosed and untreated that has intensified and you need help and sooner the better rather than suffer in silence and have it take over your life. Right now it's controlling you and not you controlling it.

Secondly, you are definitely paranoid and NOBODY is watching you, nobody is molesting you nor will a male therapist. If you think you are being watched, filmed etc. or afraid someone you know will assault you sexually than you do indeed have problems and likely a mental health issue that needs to be dealt with as the paranoid beliefs aren't real.

Do the right thing be brave and explain what is going on to an adult and get help. Nobody will blame you but if you wait it's to your detriment as this can turn into a real crisis and seems headed in that direction. Something is WAY off here and not normal behavior but it can be dealt with. You just need to take that step.

Thanks for the advice! I probably will tell someone if she does try and fight again, but then I will get teased for backing out of a fight and being afraid of a girl. But I guess that would be better than getting beat up, because I did fight back my hardest but she was able to still get the best of me, that's why I'm scared of her! That's why I was freaking out once I was able to get away from her, because I never thought a girl could be that tough! It seems to be blowing over, and one of her friends told me she's just messing with because she knows im afraid oh her, and that she wouldn't beat me up Becauese she would get suspended and could get kicked off her gymnastics team. (link)
Don't let what anyone else has to say about this bother you. Who are they and why does it matter what they think when you know what is right? The fact of the matter is that males cannot and should not physically fight a female. Backing away is best. Pushing her back would be wrong too.

Hi im a boy in the 7th grade and I recently went to a playground over the weekend thats just outside the county where i live and witnessed a girl who goes to my school beating up a boy really bad for whatever reason I don't know. He wasn't anyone I knew he probably went to the school in that area. Anyway she finally let him go and he was limping and crying as he went by me and the girl and her friend were laughing at him and saw me standing there in shock and her friend said something"Tina kick his ass too" so she came at me I pushed her away but she was able to punch me in the face and take me down and started To get me in a headlock and punch me some more. Well I was able to get away and on my bike. Now after that I was so scared out of my mind of her and I knew I would see her in school. so today she's been hassling me intimidating me, by coming up behind me at lunch and said "I love making boys cry" and "I won't let u get away next time"
I don't know what to do! I never been afraid of a girl before and im scared and nervous as hell! Im to nervous to tell anybody esp my dad! Not sure how he would react and I don't want to admit to anybody that I'm scared of her, but im definitely scared of her after what I seen her do to the other kid and what she did to me! and another girl who's on her gymnastics team told me she knows im afraid of her now and said she overheard her saying she plans on beating me up after school to get out of practice! Any advice please! (link)
If you saw what happened to this kid do him a favor and tell a teacher or principal in confidence. They can deal with it. It's the right thing to do here as it protects someone who may be equally as scared as you are.

This bully thrives off of this and the idea her victim won't talk. Also, at this age she can be charged with assault for kicking, punching or beating someone up. You could go to the principal and have him get her charged for attacking you and the other kid could do that too and should. That would end the problem and she would learn that you can't do this without penalty.

As far as your father or anyone else is concerned I doubt the fact she is a girl would matter. They would know that you can't fight a girl etc. They also need to know what she did to the other kid and that she's intimidating you for having seen it happen. They can deal with adults involved and have her swiftly handled.

There's no embarrassment in being assaulted by anyone regardless of their sex. They should be the one's embarrassed and afraid not you of someone finally taking them to task for their actions.

Also, this is a form of harassment and intimidation that is constant. That and assault are two things police can charge her with. Tell your folks and the school and if she approaches you tell her your parents will have her charged. That should get her to leave you alone.

I'm 14 and I've been cutting for a few years. I really want to stop but I keep failing. Does anyone have some good advice? (link)
I would consult your doctor about it as the desire to harm yourself in this manner is mental which doesn't mean you are crazy but means you need help in silencing the desire and what drives the cutting. You need to find the underlying problem depression for example and deal with the broader picture and what leads to it.

My wife and I have been married for 47 years. Admittedly shew has made some good financial decisions over the years but now I am concerned about something very serious. We have approximately 95,000.00 in nth stock amrket. ait goes up and down, most.y down lately. I want it all sold and the money put into the bank where it never goes down. She refuses and I hate confrontation. She will simply not talk about it. I asked her one question that I thought would seal the sell it all deal. "Is there more of a chance of it getting to 100,000 or going to 80,000.00"? we've all seen the crashes and we're to old to go through another one. What do you suggest? (link)
I am NOT a financial adviser nor are other respondents here. Nothing we say would be as sound as advice you would get from one. I suggest you consult a bank together or a firm that could give you all the figures and information.

What I can tell you is that there's nothing you can do to change the mind of anyone else. However, find out why she doesn't want to even talk about it and ask her to consult an independent party with you to at least know all sides.

Back to grade 7, (I'm now grade 8) My classmates tease or bully me because my lips are big and pout.Now i'm grade 8, they don't care about my pout lips. Is my lips nice being pouty or do i should make exercise to make my big lips smaller? (link)
Kids are jerks to each other and prey on something a potential victim sees as a flaw. Consider the source and if these people really are friends or people who matter to you. Often bullies pick on someone whom they secretly want to be like or has attributes (talents) they haven't.

Your job right now is to acknowledge that yes, I have bigger lips. They're beautiful and the right person as well as people will appreciate that. You also have to accept you can't change them. There's NOTHING wrong with you physically or them.

I think you have a few options here 1) Outright ignore it and they'll stop 2)Address it by consulting a teacher and have it pointed out when you aren't there that it's insulting and does hurt and won't be tolerated anymore. That option does make you vulnerable as now everyone knows and not just select people being idiots to you now. 3) Tell your tormenters "so what? Screw it I like my lips just fine and they can't be changed. If you have an issue with that maybe you shouldn't be here. That will end it but if they ever mention it joke about it and start busting their chops about something they don't like about their own selves and then it will dawn on them that it sucks to feel that.

I Got A Random Message On Kik From A Girl. It Said "21/F from Vegas, I found your name in the online member directory, just looking for someone to chat with"... Um? I Told Her I Didn't Know Her Or Whatever And She Asked If We Knew Eachother. I Said No And She Said That My Username Seemed Familiar Or Something. Pleeeease Help, I Know It May Just Seem Like Someone With The Wrong Kik But I'm Scared. I Don't know What Directory Or Anything She's Talking About. Please Help, I Deleted My Account And Everything. She Said "Hmm okay, mind talking to a 24 y/o lonely single female?" Or Whatever. Ah I'm So Creeped Out (link)
Treat this like spam. A lot of people have received the same kind of letter over e-mail, Facebook, social media for years. If it's not addressed to you and you know nothing about it or it sounds creepy don't worry it's not your fault. Tell your parents and delete it when they tell you to.

Don't respond either as the person on the other end may be trying to lure people. That was a mistake. Instead show your parents to see if the sender ca be identified, block this person on your account and find a way to report the message and person. Let the social media site or ISP deal with the complaint. You did nothing wrong and have nothing to be scared about as whomever wrote it or responded to it cannot hurt you. Make sure adults know about it and let them intervene.

Hi I met this new person at my school and we are cool and we say hi to each other. I had problems with previous friendships that I followed and bugged them to much. my teacher found out that I met this new friend and she asked my friend if he had any problems with me hanging with him. and he said no. now the teacher told him that I need help with personal space and things. then she talks to me and she says he has some problems too ,like me. but she is making us both only allowing us to sit together once before school starts and we cannot sit together at lunch anymore and I can only talk to him in the halls at school. I am a little stress out about this and I am not sure if its unfair or fair. I kind of miss the old ways.
also on the first day this started at lunch he look over at me. I think he misses it too.
what should I do?

sorry for my poor wording
Talk to your parents about it and the friendship. Ge them to talk to your teacher and ask why he/she is constantly separating you. Unless you both are being disruptive together or the friend is a complete bad influence than he/she should MYOB and focus on teaching their students.

If you and your friend feel singled out unfairly speak up about it even if the person is in a position of authority. You have the right to play with or be friends with whomever you please. Unless you've left something out here the teacher is out of bounds for doing this.

Then again, you mention that you have trouble with being seen as too needy, bugging people, following them and losing friends like this. If for any reason the teacher senses this with this friend of yours and is trying to keep you away than perhaps they are acting out of concern. If that's what is going on than I can see why he/she is doing this. Ask yourself honestly if you think that's the reason. If it is stay away from the friend for awhile.

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