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my name is Irene, i am 16 years old and i live in Florida. I am not a conceided person but i am really good in giving people advise to their problems. I have been through a lot of experiences in my life and i understand how it feels like to be in a situation where you dont know or are not sure of what to do and need someones advise. So for all of you that feel like that right now, i just want you to know that i am here for you! Just ask away!
Gender: Female
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me and my best friend have been friends for about 3 years. We pretty much do everything together and we normally always have a good time. we never even really fight. lately though she has been getting on my last nerve. she just does stupid annoying things all the time like we were at a sleepover with some people and we were all talking and she just started playing music on her phone and singing and it was really annoying. and she always tries to do things for attention and she is a downer. everytime we hang out with a group of people something is wrong with her, i can't stand it anymore. she like changed over the summer, and is more immature and gosh i don't know what to do. i mean if i lose her as a friend, i really wouldn't have anyone else besides my boyfriend because i don't have any other really close friends. i'm not the best at like getting close with people it takes me awhile [there really is no reason behind that its just the way i am]. i don't want to lose her as friend either though ahh. any advice at all on anything in this really long thing [sorry about that btw] would be great. thank s a ton! (link)
Ok...first off do remember you are not that much older either. Why dont you try and be honest with her. Honesty is key. And maybe your friend is acting the way she is acting because when you are with a group she feels left out, invisible,not wanted???
So if you talk to her about your feelings and have a responsible,MATURE conversation. Then resolve things.

my boyfriend and i have been dating for a while and we have sex well a healthy amount...i love being on top, but the when ever my boyfriend is laying flat on his back we always have a problem like...when ever we get going his penis comes if hes sitting up like in a chair or on a couch then we dont have this problem but i wanna do it with him laying down...any suggestions? (link)
this has happened to me...PLENTY of times.What mostly happens is that you could probably be too wet. Or even sometimes positioned somehow wrong. Try,if you havent alredy, while you are on top and he is lying back sit up while he is in you and kinda put your feet on the ground which would make you kinda look like you are scooting down and use your legs to move up and down.Like that it shouldnt slip out because you are straight in there.

hope i could help!

hey Pitsa
how do i tell my guy to finger me? i knw its really strange but i have alot of sexual urges to be with him but yeah im a virgen so i'll perfer oral sex. (link)

Ok...first i want you to know that no guy would ever say no to any sexual pertaining offer.Unless the are abstinent.A good way to get to it without having to ask is if you just start with making out and slowly start wondering with your hands.It will make him wonder with his.Maybe whisper to his ear and confess your urges!
You could also just tell him one day when you guys are alone or talking on the phone so he can know.Let him know that you have urges but want to experiment [hj,oral,fingering] before you have sex.

I hope i helped!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming to me for advice!I really appreciate it!


everytime im close to giving my boyfriend a hj or bj i get really nervous cuz i dont no how or i feel like im gonna go something wrong or stupid...any advice on what to do about this??
thankss! (link)
I'VE BEEN THERE!!! But this is the thing...obviously you haven't done either before...As silly as you may feel,let him know you want directions.And to make it sound sexier say something like "i wanna learn the way you like it"..well it is all in the moment.But,regardless,if it is your first time you will feel as if you do not know if you're doing it right.But no worries!It is only until you try it and learn.It took me some time to do a bj right,but a hj,there's no way you can do that one wrong.

hope i helped!

hi i am a 16 year old girl looking for help to stop cutting myself. the reason i cut myself is b/c im fat,ugley,and i have a broken hart. i need advice on what to do...? (link)
ok...the good thing is that you are admitting your problem..I had a sister that used to cut herself so my advice does not come with no experience...First i need you to realize that NO BOY deserves you disrespecting yourself,because in the longrun that is what you are doing. And honestly,there is no real reason out there for you to ever do something like that....I had a friend that recently killed have no idea how much your own actions can hurt the people around you that actually care and love you.And if you cant respect yourself then...who will???I am just being realistic...but i am not perfect,people walking by are not perfect either...EVERYBODY has their flaws...but you dont see me or anybody else solving our differences like that.Keep yourself away from that dont need it.If you are unhappy with your body,go on a diet,work out,join an activity.NO ONE IS UGLY.You are yourself.Just like i am myself.Now...another thing you can do is talk to an adult so you can get real help before this gets too far...maybe like that you'll have someone to talk to and you wont be bottling up your emotions,which will ultimately lead to something stupid...PLEASE stop...

PLEASE HELP!okay how do you know if you're pregnant?
i think im just freaking out. i haven't even been late yet for my period. its supposed to be coming in about a week, or less. I have this little bump like below my belly button, but above my vagina. i think this is just bloating early & i also have this little bump on my right ovary side & that always pops up before i start my period. so should i not be freaked out? i just need reasurrance. (link)
If your period isn't late then you dont necessarily need to be worried...But if it gives you any consolation you can get a pregnancy test done and find out.There are some that let you know weeks/days before your missed period.

=]good luck!

This guy and i have been on and off for a little over a year, and i dont know what to do anymore.
its one of those situations where it doesnt matter how much he ignores me, i still like him. and he knows it.
he has a lot of girls who are friends and constantly takes them before me. i love him a lot though and i don't know what to do to make him realize that i can't take this anymore. he either needs to get his act together and treat me better or get out...
everytime we break up and get back together he always promises things will be different and he'll try harder and for the first month or two, they are. but then things fall apart. the cycle repeats itself. i like him so much that i let it.

please help, i can't cry over this anymore. (link)
indeed you cannot cry about this anymore...I know just the thing you should do...I have been in the situation you are in,and i just got done with it today!!! time you fight or break up,act,and i know it is going to be hard,like you DON'T CARE!I know it sounds mean,and i know it sounds impossible because you love him SO MUCH.BUT,you should always put yourself first.And apparently talking hasn't done anything.If you show him that you have had enough and you are done with crying over this childish behavior of his then he will pursue YOU.NOT the other way around.Because right now,he treats you badly and puts other people before you which results in you crying,showing him how much it affects you and you pursue him.CHANGE THAT!I JUST DID TODAY,trust me,it was hard,i started giving him his stuff back,showing him the door,telling him i am done and i do not care anymore,done with trying and trying,all of this in a calm,non-caring,whatever kind of manner..what happened???well he definitely got scared and begged me all night long.All it takes is for you to show them you are your own and you will do what is best for yourself.

=]Hope i could help!

Well to start off , me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost a year. He always say he loves me more and cares about me more than i do for him. Buy seriously i dont think its truley the way he feels , i think im the one who loves him more like wth all my heart i think that . Id do anything for that boy , he also will to . But i mean i just wish he would show we he loves me more , i just dont want his feelings to go away and i hope there not . What should i do because everytime i tell him the way i feel he gets mad and says whatever i love you more end of story and he is just like mad and stuff. So what do i do ? i want him to appriciate me more ''/

so answer these please
- what do i do to get him to show more love?
- How do you know if a boy's feelings are fading for you ?

thanks (link)
For me to answer your question i need to tell you a little story...I was never good in relationships...My longest one was 3 weeks[pathetic i know].I guess none of them felt like the right one...Well..when i met my boyfriend,i felt it!I just KNEW!We started off amazing..and then things started fading..He didnt SHOW ME that he loved me anymore.It was all just words but all the actions he took were opposite of them.One day i was just tired of crying and worrying,so i let him go...Being without him killed me.I had my friends going on shifts,staying with me so i wont be alone...GUESS WHAT!!2 days later he called me for us to talk...We got back together..He told me when he lost me..the first day he didnt care,but then he woke up the next day and felt...empty!Things have been amazing now and he does something EVERY DAY to show me how much he loves me.
SO,what i am saying is..Just because he doesnt show you,does not mean he doesnt love you.Just let him know you want something more than words.And show him more love,which i am pretty sure you are already doing,but just step it up,MAKE HIM UNDERSTAND what you are asking for.Because sometimes they dont get it.Sorry for it being long,and i am pretty sure you werent looking for another persons story.But i just wanted you to know this happened to me too.I know how you feel!

Kay well theres this girl and I've known her since I moved to my town when i was like 6. and she's always been annoying and really bossy and controling and thought she was always right. she still is that way, 7 years later (we're in 8th grade). it was only once in 2nd grade where she realized to not be so mean and she could actually make friends. well theres this younger girl in our neighborhood.. and she always follows what that annoying girl says or tells her to do. like when we were younger and even now she'd like make her and some other young kids like follow her lead.. like she'd give them spelling homework and stuff.. and im like. your not their teacher. and she'd MAKE them do it. and whenever we played games outside, like her, me, and 3 other girls in our grade, she'd make these gay cames like basketball-baseball that we didnt really wanna play which she'd alter so that all the rules apply to her so she can always win. its so stupid and like i used to get into fights with her a little bit sometimes cause she'd argue with me about stupid stuff. like im one who barely gets into fights with people but shes so friggin annoying but i have to see her every freaking day cause she hangs out with my friends so she's just there. i wish she could move. like my mom says to just ignore her but its not easy all the time. like 2 days ago she went over the edge. like im in this club at school and we're planning a couple of fancy schoold dances and the annoying girl had never been to a dance before. so i told her that there would be other fun things to do besides dancing and stuff and if she may consider it cause we're putting a lot of effort into it. and shes like no. i asked if it was cause of her parents and she says no, cause some of my friends cant go cause they dont want them to dance with guys or something. so i ask then why and she gets all in my face about it and it ends up with yelling and now we're pissed at each other. and sometimes she tries to make me embarassed but i dont get embarrased and not by pathetic people like her who like to put people down. like its a struggle living with her. like me and the 3 other girls along with her walk home from school together cause we all live around the same area so its like the same route. and like once she lost her cellphone and she made a huge deal about it. i mean honestly not everyone cared to look for it and i had other things on my mind but when i talked about something else she yelled at me. i mean im sure if the same thing happened to me she wouldnt be looking everywhere. i even asked her where she last put it and she yelled at me then that was another retarded pointless fight. i was trying to help her goddamit. and the other girls say they dont like her sometimes too but im like wtf.. why dont they do anything about it! i like having friends who i can have a fun time with and that i dont always have to fake it cause sometimes i did just to keep things cool between us (tho we were never friends. ew.) for the sake of my friends who still liked her. but now im just fed up with it and i dont really want to make up with her until she apologizes first. i mean why waste my time to try and apologize with her? when she'll just make things worst, that bitch. like today she said that i didnt care about anybody but myself because i came early on the bus and sat in a seat that this girl wanted to sit in and i'd been sitting there for like a week now so its pretty much my spot. and im like what the fudge? who is she to say that? and right before i was actually thinking of trying to fix things up between us cause drama is dumb but that totally changed my mind again. and im going trick o treating tomorrow with my friend and other people in my hood and that girl said that trick o treating was soo immature but all of a sudden she thinks its okay and is gonna go with us! and im so pissed and i wanted her to not be with us. i want her to stay home or like her parents to freaking move cause i've never thought that way about a person before. its just her whos just so inconsiderate and ignorant. and shes like that everyday. so how can i deal with her? and on halloween my mom said to just ignore her again so should I? like how? make it easier. and what are some things i should say back to her if something happens cause im not good on thinking on the spot and i'd say something stupid. i dont want to go to guidance at school cause its not worth the time so.. yeah. im not saying im picture perfect either and neither is she though she thinks it is, but lots of people at school think shes prissy and bossy and stuff but i dont get why she cant just change her ways and actually be a nice caring person. ughh why did her parents have to move to my neighborhood. cause if she moves out id never hear from her again thank god. like on thursday i have this club in school and im just gonna avoid her cause i can see my other friends in it and not talk to her at all. i hate like being all snippy and mean to people. i dont get why it comes natural for some but not for me. i like hanging with nice fun people unlike this annoying girl. and yeah random but she IS a priss cause like shes always saying things how like we shouldnt shout cause it disrupts the neighborhors, or says that things are really immature (she thinks im immature when she gave my gym bag to this guy in the front so he could see whats inside. she also thought that was embarrasing. it was just retarded and some girl in the front that was my friend gave it back. yeah real mature of her right. but if i talk to her about that she'd just change the subject and act like I was the criminal.) like sometimes i shouldnt forgive when i do but this time i think im gonna put my foot down.

damn sorry this was soo long but well its a long story. any help and i'll be really grateful. like please no like 1 sentence answers please think seriously about this and it'll really affect me. thanks. :) (link)
This is my advice, from what you have told me,you are both not real friends for each other..If she is not a person you can have fun with then why waste your time? If you actually sit there and wish she moved then why even fuss about her? Yes,indeed your other friends are her friends but that doesnt mean you HAVE to be as well...You need to stick to your own beliefs and not go with what everybody else is doing. If she is bossy then just ignore her, as in dont speak to her.Nobody wants a "friend" that tells them when to breathe and when to speak. But i must as well are not a friend to her,you apparently dont want her to be your friend,she is just an annoyance to you.Another advice,just because a person wouldnt do something for you doesnt mean you couldnt do that something for them.That just makes you as equal to them.

I hope i helped

Is it weird that I masterbate atleast once or twice a day? why do yu think that i do this?

Im a girl by the way (link)
I really dont believe it is weird at all. U r going through hormones and it is perfectly normal! If it makes you feel better u are NOT the only one![cough cough],HAHA! But sooner or later you will calm down, trust me, i speak with experience.
Hope i helped!

im 16.f and i had a dance yesterday
the girls were supposed to bring a rose for their date and the guys brought a flowers for their date. and yeah i didn't know that
and the went i was liek Oh Shit,im sorry. i felt really bad cause he brought me flowers and i forgot his rose. Well i didnt forget, i didn't really know

Do you think he cares a lot about it? i told him sorry but I might send a email saying that too. i dont know but i felt bad :[

Thanks (link)
Well what you can do instead of sending him an e-mail, which really shows no emotions, is buy a rose,even if it is late, and a card saying something like "Even if it is too late, it is with the same care" or something as sweet and give it to him. Then tell him you didnt know and i believe everything will be ok!
Hope i helped!

Ok my brother 17 has a gf. (going to be 17 real soon) well ok. My brother is sso wipped its not even funny. I'm 14 and my brother and I have never really gotten along. At first i relaly liked him gf, but now shes just getting really annoying. If my brother and I ever even argue (which we do a lot) she'll be like STOP IT. and hit my brother. And like i said i relaly don't like my brother, but i think its stupid what she does. They think there in love with eachother. But i relaly don't think that shes right for him. He has changed soo much. but i could never tell my brother that, b.c there sooo in love. but i'm getting sick of it, and her (link)
i know it is hard for you but there is nothing you can really do. It is your brothers decision and he wants to be with her. Think about it this way, you say you and your brother argue a lot, has it ever occured to you that you guys argue because your opposites? If you are then that means you like opposite things.And either way, i know you might not believe me now but sooner or later you will get wipped with your own g/f. How would you like it if someone kept telling you who to choose as a g/f? If i was you i would be happy that your brother is happy and just be patient.
I hope i helped.

theres a guy who sits next to me in class. and okay i dont know whats wrong with him.
One day he took my stuff and put it in his little pockets on his hoodie, and moved it close to his "area". and he made me dig in his hoodie (and area) so I could get my stuff back.
He randomly grabs my hand or punches me a lot for fun. last time he grabbed my hand and like shoved it on his lower stomach. since i was like "what the hell" he let go.

Does he want me to give him a handjob or what??

Well ur problem isnt unusual. I think he likes you and that is just his way of showing it.[being annoying].haha. That is the way guys in our century show affection,i know weird. But, it could also mean that he is "physically" attracted to you. So be very careful! If i was you i would ask him. As embarassing as it is, be like " what do you want?" or "why do you keep acting like that" OR "why do you keep trying to find ways for me to put my hands near there?". If you dont like the way he is acting you have to let him know so he can stop.
I hope i helped!

Just Wondering.. About how many percent of guys masturbate around the age of like 15-17? (link)
um,haha, i would say about 100%. It's they age of exploring being older and having hormones. Guys start masturbating from a younger age than 15 though. I would say 13-17. They all masturbate at that age. And it's not only the guys that do, although their percentage is higher than girls. It is perfectly normal though!
Hope i've helped!

I know this is long but please read it and answer honestly. So I rented a car to go somewhere and out of the goodness of her heart my friend agreed to take me to where i wanted to go she even had to miss a day of work and i said i would repay her for missing that day. So i put down the 100 dollar deposit needed to pay for the car and i also paid the 33 dollars to rent it as well as an extra day so her boyfriend could go to court.I owed her 24 dollars anyway for the day of work she missed so i said fine i'l pay the ectra 12 dollars because you are doing me a favor. So i did but then the guy didn't ever think me and although he treats me okay he is not really or was not disrespectful to me he didn't aknowledge me in the friendliest of ways his personality is eccentric he is a grown man 20 years old and has no money, no car he is broke and claims he doesn't work because his mama won't let him. Now i kind of went on a rant today about how he was in so much trtouble because he is doing something wrong in his life and how our frined should not have been the person to bail him out of jail for 300 dollars he should have called his family and that she shouldn't be so stressed out about all of this stuf because she is not his keeper. Was i wrong for saying whta i said and do i really talk to much to have friends not tomind you she is not perfect either she is very sarcastic in the "homney you know what sort of way." (link)
first of all i think you are a very good friend and no matter what he should have aknowledged that. As a friend you are supposed to keep your friends out of harms way, your supposed to warn them and be honest with them. You told her EXACTLY what you believe about him and you shouldnt regret it at all. Some people prefer thinking before they talk so that they wont say anything mean but everything you WANT to say consist of the TRUTH. I just read what you said about him, i dont know him, but my honest opinion about him is that he is a lazy bum and he is taking advantage of your friend. You shouldnt regret a single thing you said because its not like you were lying about him, it was all the TRUTH, and she likes it or not, it was. Even if you might have overreacted,which i think you didnt, you did what was best to try and help your friend realize what situation she was in.
I hope i have helped!

my friend has a girlfriend he admitted to me he had feelings for me for a long time i told him i had feelings for him to so i thought we were gonna get together or something but he never broke up with her and they're still dating! i am absolutely in love with this boy. Hes all i think about all the time. I thought being honest and saying how i felt would make a difference..? what do i do? (link)
I believe you are right. Being honest with your feelings should make everything right. Try telling him how you feel right now about the whole situation. Tell him that if he has feelings for you and you have feelings for him he is with the wrong person. You have the right to know what is going on, if he was just leading you on or not. I hope you happy a happy ending and i hope i helped!

I’m sure you would agree with me in me saying drugs are bad, but I’ve made some pretty bad mistakes and I think I may be addicted. For a few months, I’ll say about 7; I’ve been using prescription drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone. Sometimes I eat them, sometimes I snort them. A friend of mine warned me about addiction, and I’m a little worried that I could be. I’m pretty much an everyday user, and even in school, friends and even teachers tell me I should cool it. I take more and more each time, and when I didn’t have my “fix” I felt horribly sick…I didn’t even wanna go to school. [Usually, I’m pretty good about school, since I got caught skipping it.] I’ve noticed odd symptoms like nausea, headaches, nosebleeds, dizziness, blurred vision, irritability, irrational thoughts, stomach pain…and a lot more. I just don’t want to tell my mom about it, because I told her I’ve been sober since summer. And my brother knows about it, because he uses too, but since I’m younger than him, I’m afraid he’d nark on me or something. My mom doesn’t care when he comes home high, only because he’s an adult. I’m 16 and a girl, so she doesn’t like me doing it, also because of my little sister. I’ve tried to stop, and I did for a long time, but I always get back into it. A friend of mine also told me I was going through withdrawal [when I mentioned sickness]…could I possibly be addicted to opiates? (link)
I've done things before so it's not like i am talking without any experience. I trully think that you are addicted and you might not like this but i believe the right thing to do is tell your mom and get help. I know that telling your mom isnt what you want to do but either way the outcome of this event cant be any better. Once you get help everything will clear out and everything will be ok again. But remember, if you dont get help things will only get worse and your symptoms will be more painful until you reach rock bottom. If you dont wanna quit you wont be able to even if you try. You have to want to quit. Just know this, i might not know you but i support you %100! I am with you!
Hope i helped!

ima girl
i wanna get horny
what should i do?
how do i "masterbate" and\or pleasure myself
and lastly
what is an orgasm? (link)
Ok, you can get horny by thinking about something that turns you on, or you can watch porn. There is a lot of ways to masturbate. You can finger yourself or just rub yourself. An organism is basically a very very good feeling you get while having sex or while masturbating. You get an organism when you get to the climax of it all.
I hope i helped!

What is the one type of violence you can't unlearn? According to my health teacher there is a violence that if you learn it, you can't stop doing it. I've tried to search for it but I cant find it. (link)
i believe that the type of violence is child abuse or something close to that. If you think about it, if a child gets raised in an abusive family, when it is an adult it will also be abusive. There is help for that though, but it really doesnt go away, it remains in the person emotionally.
I hope i've helped!

i told my cousin about something that happened when i was young (another cousin hitting me) and HE TOLD MY BROTHER! my brother just asked me about it, and then told me "dont tell him i said anything" BUT I WANT TO CONFRONT HIM, i mean i truested him, i have a right to know why he went and told my YOUNGER brother. But I don't want to do anything to get my brother upset or him upset with my brother since my brother already feels pretty "left out" of the family.. and this is the first time he's trusted me with anything..

So what do i do? just pretend like nothing??

I should also add that the cousin that told me brother is currently mad at me for something silly and has me blocked and wont talk to me so th eonly way to ask him anything would be to email him.

What do you think?? (link)
this is a very tough situation because you dont want to upset your brother. But, you trusted your cousin with something personal and he told him, he had no right to. I think you should confront your cousin in any way possible. Your brother might get upset but if you explain to him that you had the right to know why you couldnt trust your cousin with a simple secret, your brother can understand. And also inform your cousin that it is very selfish of him to be mad at you for something period, no matter how big or small it is, after he betrayed your trust and told your secret to someone.
I hope i helped! Good luck with everything!

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