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hey ppls. Im 13 years old. I have several friends and they say i give good advise.I have several brothers but no sisters. so im kinda uv a tomboy. u can ask me anything. just not any personal or over the edge questions.
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I like to wear band tees but that looks rather plain. Is there any way to spice up an outfit while I'm wearing these tshirts? I really like supporting the bands but I dont want to look plain or boring. (link)
if it says anything on it and it's all fabric ( it doesn't have any jewels or anything) you can put jewels and things like that on the shirt. or you can wear a long sleeve shit underneath that one.


My question is.. does age really matter? like i like this guy.. we'll call him... M. well M is a bit younger then me.. like 6 months or something.. we're in the same grade and everything.. if we were to go out would that be wrong because of the age?

Like i'm gonna be 16 in February but he'll still be 15.. i guess all i'm trying to say is that.. since we're in the same grade.. would age matter?

thank you. any help is appreciated:] (link)
age wouldn't matter. just ask him out or whatever. if he says anything about your age or his age, just say it doesn't matter. hope it works :)

So I saw this magazine and it said
Mary Kate .. anorexic. 80 pounds.

So.. does that make me anorexic too or what?

Is 80 pounds anorexic?

I thought 70 pounds was anorexic.

I eat a lot. I weight around 80 pounds and I'm 5 feet tall. But if 80 pounds is an anorexic number or whatever, would I get the automatic label of anorexic from doctors?

80 pounds isn't anorexic it's just underweight. the doctors will ask you some questions like 'how many times do u eat a day?, do you snack?, do you exercise?' and a few more questions. And NO. you just need to answer the questions the doctors ask you truthfully.

I use Clearasil Ultra the tinted acne cream and yeah, it works.
I had this bad acne. I guess small cysts? They were there for years. (Not joking) in the same spot on my cheek.

That part is so dry right now. it's peeling and I don't see any bumps. Does that mean they are gone?

And how do I clean my face?
I heard scrubing or scratching the dry skin off is bad.

Do I wash it and softly scrub it off OR put more cream on it OR put lotion on it?
well the acne can come back at anytime. just because you don't see any bumbs or spots doesn't mean they won't come back. you get a little washcloth and get it wet with warm water, get your face wet but not drowning in water, put some lotion on it. don't scratch or peel the skin off.

Ok so my cat somehow chewed my ipod headphones. Does anyone know a good replacement because I really dont want to pay 30 bucks to order the same ones through apple. Thanks! (link)
you can go to best buy or anyplace where they sell electronics, and you can get two pairs for like ten dollars. but don't just go to one place and buy some, because you can go to a different store an find some that are cheaper. so go on the internet or just go to three different stores and check the prices and see which ones are the cheapest.

these 2 girls i met this summer went to peurto rico together for december break. all 3 of us are pretty close. but since them 2 are away on that vacation i know that they will become reallllly close. next summer we are going together to the same camp, and im worried that i'll be left out because they became really close.
what can i do to prevent this or not think about it? should i talk to them about it?

p.s i didnt go because that girl could only bring one friend... and chose her (link)
you should talk to the both uf them and ask if they become closer than i am with you two, can/will we still be best friends? you can do whatever you think you should do.

I need a girl to answer this: ok my parents won't let me get rid of my peach fuzz because it'll grow back really fast (my hair tends to grow back really fast when i shave my legs). But it's really starting to be noticeable at school which disturbs me so I'm going to get rid of it myself but should I wax or shave and why? (link)
you should wax. because if you shave it grows back faster than waxing.

what kind of birds make the best pets? im looking at small or medium birds, no large birds like parrots or anything. ive had multiple birds in the past, so i have experiance with brids. (link)
have you tried to get a cockateil? they're easy to take care of, I also have one. they dont make that much noise and you just need to whistle to it in a while and it'll somethimes copy you :)

I can't loose him.
I can't.

He just broke up with me.
I love him.

I can't do this.

I can't give him up this easily.

What do i do? (link)
you should go to him and ask why he broke up with u. If he says 'because i need to move on' or 'you weren't good enough for me' just ask ' what did i do?' If he just stands there and doesn't say anything, then he didn't love you as much as you thought he did.

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