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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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I need an essay on "Televisions were said to ead the end of conversations , telephones the end of letter writing.Write about some great impact on family life in your generation..." (link)
I usually don't like to answer homework related questions. However, it's clear you don't understand your assignment. All the teacher seems to be asking for is an essay on why telephones and TV sets were thought to be the end of regular conversations and the need to write letters.

The teacher wants you to find someone from within your own family who grew up during the time the TV was first introduced and prove why or why not the above beliefs held true or not.

Come up with a thesis statement and a good 5-6 graphs that expand on it and tie it all back to the main argument you made in your first line of the essay.

If still having trouble consult your teacher and tell them you don't understand the assignment and what they want you to write. If you don't know anyone from the era where the TV set was introduced tell them that. It's better to approach the teacher if you are unsure about anything.

For the past few weeks I've been finding small white balls in my bed. They do not look organic. They are solid and have nothing in them. I squashed one with a wire cutter. No liquid no contents. What could these be? (link)
If I understand your question correctly it's likely nothing more than what your mattress is stuffed with coming out of it. Look for the source of a leak or tear. It must be coming from somewhere.


Whenever my period rolls around, in the few days before and all during I'm always unbearably aroused, my clit is always throbbing, and I scour the house for anything that might help. There's never anything. It's torture really because masturbation in the days before doesn't help. I've never been able to relieve myself and my house is so overcrowded and privacy so unavailable that those moments are few and very far between. I won't try on my period because even the thought of it disturbs me. I basically shut down all rational thought and become a horny beast, which actually makes me ashamed of myself. And when my period ends nothing can get me aroused. Absolutely nothing. It's as if my body flips a switch and refuses to give me pleasure. What should I do? (link)
The person below me is correct. What I can deal with is the lack of privacy issues. A teenager needs a space for themselves where they can go to study, sleep, create, relax etc. where others cannot barge in.

Most parents hate the idea of locks but one thing you could do is get a simple inexpensive chain lock or a latch so that the door cannot be opened fully until you undo it.

The other thing is you might not be able to enjoy this activity period due to always feeling rushed or worried about it. I'm not sure also what you are ashamed of or why acting on normal urges during this time when possible disturbs you. It may in fact be better to do so and feel relief than as miserable as you described.

I wouldn't worry about you not being able to achieve pleasure later on in life or now. If really concerned talk to a female you can trust or mention to you doctor that you always feel turned out during menstruation and then not at all at any other time.

They can reassure you and trust me they deal with questions like this an things teens find embarrassing frequently. It's better to ask about it and be done with worrying.

Another thing you need to know is that your parents especially your mother knows this is a normal activity and universal with both sexes and especially during puberty so they would be unfazed if they knew.

Perhaps if you spoke to her about hormones, these feelings and worries it may help you better. It might be embarrassing but she likely has gone through similar things herself.

My name is Rachel and I a m 24 years old and my boyfriend is 25 years old and we have been dating 2 weeks today and I just bought him something for Christmas bug Valentine's day is Febuary 14th and then his birthday is Febuary the 22nd and I have no idea what to get him for either one because they are really close together like a week apart and I don't have much money because I don't have a job right now and I am flat broke . I know that be likes Duck Dynasty Grof Georgia Bulldogs and he is a really big christian and so for his birthday I want to get him some thing that has to do with his interests but have no idea exactly what to get him for his birthday and I have no idea what to get him for Valentine's day any ideas are greatly appreciated thanks in advance for any help. (link)
Valentines Day and Feb. 22nd are quite a way off which is good as there's a ton of time to get to know him better and make decisions.

That's a plus so you won't have to make a split second choice and not get it right. I know you're 25 but what I recommend for younger advice seekers still applies. Find someone who knows him quite well be it a friend, his sister if he has one, and especially his mom.

Tell them how much you love him and that you've only been dating for a few weeks but want to really surprise him with a gift he will really remember. Get their ideas as that may lead you to a great choice.

Mention to them that your funds are tight and you are saving for both dates hence the urgency to find the right item and be able to afford it.

The other thing is you may need to keep it simple. Perhaps for valentines day you can make a fancy dinner and romantic evening at home. It's little things like that which may mean more than a store bought gift.

I am a 22 year-old college student, and I live at home with my parents and my grandmother. My 28 year-old older sister lives away from home, and is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend of four years.

Today I went to mass with my mom, and I never noticed how badly my sister's situation affected her. For awhile she told told me that she chose not to get involved in the situation, and that my sister made her choice. In her opinion, she chose her boyfriend over the family.

Before leaving mass she suggested that I light a candle for my paternal grandmother who passed away in February, and since I know the kind of relationship that she holds with members of that side of the family I was kind of puzzled. So I kept on asking her why she was crying over her death, and she told me that it was because my grandmother would have been there to talk to her about this situation when she was alive and healthy.

I am very concerned about my mother because she's not the healthiest person. Yet, admittedly, I'm not the right kind of person to go to about the situation I'm too temperamental, passionate, high-strung, and I hate when certain things like this are out of my control. Also, under certain circumstances in the past, I have not been the best person to go to in drastic situations although I do try to be supportive.

I have no idea what to do, I have tried talking to my sister but this always turns into a fight. As far as she's concerned, regardless of the situation that occurred between them less than two months ago in which her friends and family found out about her situation with her boyfriend, she's happy and safe and he's in love with her. I can't help but think that she's only there because her boyfriend is controlling the situation.

My mom is not the healthiest person in the world. She has diabetes that went untreated for years, this condition left her blind in one eye, unable to wear heels, and with her kidneys unable to function properly making it where she needs to go to dialysis every other day.

The main thing is that unlike most people, she does not have a close group of girl friends who she can hang out with to get her mind off of things. This probably results from the fact that she has never been particularly involved in her community, and she doesn't work.

So, how do I handle this situation? I told her to go to church and ask to speak to a priest (we're Catholic), to talk to a cousin who she grew up with, and to even talk to my sister's friend who has been extremely helpful in this situation, and has definitely shown that if we need to talk to she's there for us. (link)
This is one of those questions that isn't easy to answer. I'm not a doctor and it takes one to diagnose such an illness but your mother does sound depressed.

If she got that looked into and perhaps even counseling to understand what happened with your father, to deal with your sister, and to live her own life that may help. Of course, she has to be willing to do this.

If I were you I would get joint counseling with her to try and deal with what's happening and is happening with life and family that is overwhelming you both.

When it comes down to it you're being a great daughter and wanting to help your mom but you must realize it's all you can do by yourself. You cannot continue to beat yourself up over this or your sister.

As much as you both want your sister to wake-up to the reality of how dangerous her situation is you really cannot do much more than your family has or make her see. You can't ignore her situation but still have to love her.

She does need out though as he sounds like he has a few screws loose if he's choking her etc. It may be fear plus love of someone in play.

Definitely find a professional that you can talk to about how you're dealing with all these issues as that's important you need to take care of yourself as well as this is a heavy burden.

My childhood friend and I are really really close, I always thought that there is a chance that he would like me but I recently asked him if he likes anyone and he does, the person he like have a girlfriend too. I don't know if I should just give up on him... (link)
If you have been friends since childhood you should be able to share anything by now. Get this off your chest. Even if he's not interested in you in that way at least you'll know where things stand so you can move forward. It shouldn't mess anything up or have him think less of you. You need to do it or you'll never know.

Today i came home happy but then when i went to remove my makeup i felt the stress and i started to cry for no reason at all. (link)
Bipolar nope. That's a mental illness where the symptoms are grandiose ideas, feeling omnipotent, God like in some cases, bad decisions, and delusions on-top of rapid cycle mood swings and voices.

19/F So my best friend and I both realized we're attracted to each other about 4 months ago. After some complications, we started 'seeing' each other, and then became official a month ago. We've both said "I love you", and the relationship is going REALLY great. It may or may not be fast for some, but I feel like since we were best friends before, we have more of a head start than other couples. Anyway, I love him so much, and it's obvious to me and other people through his actions that he loves me too.

Thing is, we work together, go to the same college, and most of the time I'm his ride to those places since his car is busted. Not to mention I sleep at his house all the time. So we see each other A LOT. But when we do have a day or two apart, I miss him. A lot. It's not like I feel empty or anything, I just really, really miss him. I don't like being apart from him, and he's said that to me too. We laughed about it.

Is that normal? For me to miss him that much even though we see each other all the time? It's like, I'll go home after hanging out at his place or something, and an hour later I miss him. I haven't been in many relationships, and I want to make sure I'm not making the relationship unhealthy or anything. It seems to be going great and I want to make sure the relationship's not doomed. Input would be appreciated. Thanks!! :)) (link)
Seems like you found your soul-mate. Stop complaining ;) Most people would kill for what you both have. All this amounts to is an indication of an extremely strong bond. Enjoy it. You're fine.

So I'm in high school and I have not been in school for a week and, right now im not at school but today is the school music concert. I'm so post to be in the concert, the insturment i play as a solo and everything, i sure they found someone else to play now. But i want to go to the concert and watch. Im not sure if i should like, I'm sick and have an infection that can get spread, i don't want to spread it to the student. And if i do go to the concert i will be in the back, i really want to go to the concert, but is it a good idea? i mean like dont say dont go because im sick, Im scared that if i go to the concert a srudent or teacher will see me (btw anyone relate to the town can go to concert) and when they see me they will ask me to play ? idk i just neet help! (link)
If your physician states that you have something you can spread by all means stay home. If you have also been sick to spend an entire week off than don't go. You probably won't enjoy it anyways if ill.

Nobody would expect you to play if you showed up either but would wonder why you went if you were that sick. I know you want to go but common sense would dictate otherwise.

I have a friend with a very difficult family and personal situation. His mother has cancer, his little brother has heart problems, his relatives are cruel (possibly abusive), and his father walked out among other things. I am a female in the same year of school (high-school) as him. We're friends, but not terribly close. Today he was in a hallway crying after school (never seen him show any emotion beyond mild anger before), I approached and asked if he was alright, but he told me to go away so I left, and when I came back later, he was gone. I'm not sure if he's suicidal or not, and something in my gut tells me I shouldn't have left. I do have both his phone number and his email address, but I doubt he'd respond to either. I don't really know what to do at this point, but I care about him quite a lot and am rather concerned. Suggestions? (link)
Your heart is in the right place as many people would turn away and in fact leave him alone. The fact is although you don't know why he was upset that you know it's unlike him.

I'm definitely sure that e-mail is the last place to bring this up with him. You should find a way to get him alone and tell him that no matter what was upsetting him that you will always be around to help him and listen and that you know the situation at home is troubling.

If he pushes you away at least you did what was right. As far as him being suicidal it's something you don't know as fact. What you could do if concerned he may be that way is to talk on condition of anonymity to a teacher you both trust and tell them what you know and what you saw and have them approach him.

Either way if your gut is telling you that something is really wrong and alarms are going off and red flags up say something to an adult that can intervene.

That's being responsible and nobody said that would be easy. Sometimes situations are icky and we have to tell people what we know. As this could be a life-altering one for him get that info out to people you can trust to act.

I did not read it but my English teacher who was gushing about it and how excited he was for the movie said it was much better than youth targeted books today like those two and also I have read that the reason the movie is not doing good is because Lions Gate films targeted their marketing towards the Twilight/Hunger Games type audiences but they were not the right audiences to market it towards (link)
One thing people NEED to do is separate the art from the person and judge this film solely on that. Yes, what Orson Scott Card has said and done when it comes to anti-gay beliefs isn't right.

However, nobody making the film had anything to do with that and are using a book and a script that doesn't contain any of his views. People should see it first and then if they don't like him or it get the word out.

It's an excellent film and far better than the poorly written and constantly rushed into production Twilight films. As far as Hunger Games goes you can't compare them in my opinion to each other. If you meant will I enjoy this because I like Hunger Games? than the answer is you'll have to see both for yourself as they are quite different.

As far as Lions Gate goes they don't know how to promote a damn thing unless its a horror movie like SAW or the films you mentioned above. There wasn't heavy marketing done for Enders Game beyond the trailers it seems. Unfortunate as it's one of the best sci-fi films I have seen in quite some time.

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl and I have been struggling with anxiety for over a year now and I'm really getting sick of it. I've had nearly 11 or 12 panc attacks within the last two months. I find myself worrying about my breathing, I have pressure in my head and I always focus on my heartbeat. I have no history of any medical problems so I'm clueless as to why I'm so concerned, other than the fact that about two months ago, I drank a glass of Mountain Dew (and see I began working at a McDonald's and started drink coffee and tea and side ALL the time.) and I guess my body reacted to the caffeine and my heart sped up and I panicked. Since then I've started doing breathing exersises, but sometimes I just have this "unreal" feeling. Like, I feel spaced out? Is this a normal thing with bad anxiety? I'm really looking for an answer. (Also I have totally stopped the caffeine and excess sugar intake) any advice is helpful, thank you. (link)
It's not a caffeine thing. You could drink an ocean's worth of those drinks a day and it would not make you have intense anxiety. There is ZERO correlation.

It's a mental-health issue which doesn't mean you are crazy. It hits randomly and like a hurricane becoming progressively worse the longer it isn't treated.

What you need is to see your GP immediately and get referred to a psychiatrist who can give you the right treatment and medication to keep it in check.

In the event you can't even function normally in a day due to it skip the above and visit a hospital ER and explain that you can't function due to paralyzing anxiety. They will have a psychiatrist on call you can assess it and start treatment if needed.

I'm failing math for the year with about a 50 average. Its about a third into the marking period. Our grading system is 64=fail. Only me and a couple of other kids are doing this bad. The other kids don't care if they fail. I'm in 7th grade and CAN NOT go to summer school. I feel really stupid asking for help with something so simple. I don't think its fair that they put me in a smart class when I cant keep up. If I switch classes then do you think I could pass? I always do the homework I just fail the tests. (link)
It seems as though you answered your own question but need confirmation. If you are in an accelerated class that you weren't in before and cannot keep up it's not your fault. You tried! If you failed wear it as a bag of honor.

Summer school isn't the end of the world even if it did occur. What you need to do is talk to your parents now and the school admin about being over your head in math and stressed. See if they can't help figure out options such as giving you an incomplete rather than fail and continue in other courses.

Have you always been bad at math or in need of a lot of help? If so and this seems lie a long-term issue with math look into whether or not it's a learning related issue. There's lots they can do if it is.

Hi, I'm a freshman girl and I am inlove with boxing. Anyways, I've been practicing on my heavy bag and this would be my second day on the heavy bag but yesterday after I got done hitting my heavy bag I noticed two knuckle blisters and they were sore all day long. Today, I went out there and I started hitting my heavy bag again and it wasn't too long until I found blood on my heavy bag so I took my gloves(they are leather btw) off and my knuckles were bleeding. I washed my hands with soap and put band aides on them, my mom helped me wrap my right hand but I started hitting my heavy bag again and I took my right glove off and it was bleeding again!! Could I be doing something wrong? If so, what is it? (link)
You need to wrap your hands from the sounds of it with MMA/Boxing hand wraps to avoid wrist, knuckle and other hand injuries. Then put your bag gloves on.

I don't know if you have an instructor or not. If you do make sure you discuss this with them and get shown the proper way to wrap your hands. There are tutorials on the Internet but improper wrapping is as bad as no wrapping and can cause injury.

Hi. I am 26 and I have a 26 year old Muslim boyfriend. When I first met my boyfriend, he wasn't a muslim yet. Last year he decided to become a Muslim, and he became really devoted to his religion. I'm a Christian. At first he told me he wouldn't push me to convert as a muslim. But these past few months, we are always arguing about our faith. He doesn't respect my faith and being so discriminating towards other religion. I told him I respect his faith but I don't want to talk about it anymore cause I don't want to argue. But he wouldn't stop. And tonight he told me that he will give me time to think about converting. I told him not to expect cause I'm really not going to change my religion. He said it will not work abd broke up with me.

I tried to understand this guy so much but I feel disrespected. Please help. I don't want our daughter to grow up without a father. Am I still going to accept him when he comes back to me? I'm sick of tired of arguing about our faith. I accepted him the day he told me he wants to be a Muslim but why can't he respect my faith? I was born as a Christian and I want to stay as a Christian forever. He told me too that he's not going to marry me if it's not in an Islamic way. Don't know what to do. :'(

Thank you for all your answers (link)
Cut him loose and fast! Nobody has a right to demand this of you or force their way regardless of the religion. If you don't want to convert than don't. You're better off without this person or you'll forever be miserable. You don't need this.

hello. i am to go to high school by november end. my parents are poor and deficit of financing my school supplies as my grandmother was sick and had to undergo an intensive treatment. i do work part time but i can't buy anything for all the cash is used up as tuition fees. i love going to school and don't want to drop out. i registered for many back to school giveaways but in vain.i also do not have any computer and walk miles to a cyber cafe for my school work. i was hoping if any kind person here can help me financially. i just need my school supplies . please help. if you are ready then comment your email where i can contact you. thanks in advance. i am really grateful. (link)
Tell your teachers and guidance people at school the truth and let them help you. There's no way they will let you fall through the cracks over not having the finances for supplies you need. They will have a solution.

hi there, 13/m. I am having auditions soon and i would like someone to help me find a short 1minute monologue, it can talk about anything as long as its appropriate for school. thank-you! (link)
Look at what Jay Leno, Conan et all do. Take an item from pop-culture or the news that people your age will care about and write one joke and a punchline. That will fill your requirement. Make people think though with what you choose as well as laugh. I know you can do this.

My favorite grandmother passed away last week on my birthday and wheni found out I was upset and cried a lot. but it still doesn't feel to me like she is really gone. Why don't I feel sad or why aren't I crying? could it possibly be that she is at peace now so I feel so too? I don't know but I feel bad because I should be super upset (link)
Actually people experience grief in different ways and there is NO set way to be feeling. This is natural for you and fine. As time goes on you will become better able to handle the fact she is gone but your reaction is typical. No hard and fast rules on how to process grief.

My boyfriend bought us tickets for general admission to see Paramore.

What should I be prepared for, what do I wear, and how early do I get there? (link)
It sounds as though you have floors which are considered General Admission because you will be standing. Floors are ice level in an arena for a show that has west end stage set up. Essentially, they cover the ice and that's what makes the floor.

In this case you need to know two things. Number 1 it's going to be very hot and people packed in like sardines. You need to buy lots of water, wear lose clothing and comfortable shoes as you will be there for hours.

Secondly, you want to get there early even during the opening act because the minute your headliner is on there will be a surge to the front and you don't want to be behind people you can't see over.

Call the arena's fan services hotline and ask them for the set times which is when each act is scheduled to go on and figure out when to be there. Typically if it's a 7:30 show expect a 6:00 or 6:30 entry. The biggest pain in the rear is security checks so I recommend standing in line earlier than that to go in first. They always take the longest time checking women FYI.

Next go and visit and type in Paramore. Select the last date before your concert and copy the list of songs down in that order as that's the same list you'll get. That's because all the songs are lined up to lighting cues.

This is a good thing to have so you know when to bail and miss thousands of people pouring out when it's over. Always head for the exit when it's 2-3 songs from the end and watch/listen from the entry way of your section if desired. Bring money and secure it and your phone.

I've already reported your site to Google and other search engines. I hope they kick your sad sorry butts off the net, or that Obama does something about sites like this, where any idiot can answer a question like "What's the fastest way to commit suicide?" I'm a reporter doing an expose, and believe me I will expose your site and others who are allowing this type of thing to occur! God help you if a parent finds the site up on their child's computer after such a suggestion is made and the teen carries out their suicide attempt in the exact manner as a teenager told them to do.

Isn't the world cruel enough? Where do you people get your values from? Or do you have any at all?

Pull out a bible and try reading it sometime!

A concerned mom (link)
To add to what Dangernerd said when people on here see those kind of questions they NEVER give anyone advice on doing what they are seeking. Instead we try to address the real problem behind their feelings, present other options and show them that they can regain the life they seek if they get professional help.

Ignoring the question outright does nothing at all to help that person. I can certainly see as can anyone who reads this where your concern stems from as I've often questioned whether teen-to-teen advice on the subject is a good idea. But I think what the seeker is really looking for is someone level-headed to show them another way and steer them away from suicide that they aren't getting in the real-world.

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