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I need thoughts & opinions on why it may Be that I'm having problems urinating. About 5 days ago everything was okay and I was having no issues using the bathtoom. Then the next day (about 4 days ago) I got up and used the bathroom in the morning. I speed and everything felt fine... until the end. When my urine started slowing down as if I was done urinating I felt like I want done though so I pushed (not harsh) but it hurt and I felt a discomfort and pressure. I'm not sure how to explain it very well. When you per you obviously know when you're done pending, but now when I have the urge to pee, I go and the urine does not burn or sting, but when I get 'done' peeing I still feel like I have more in me that should come out but it doesn't and when i push out even slightly my private feels like theres a lot of presure in it. It's very discomforting and it stings a little to push out because of the pressure i feel. I've had the feeling to urinate very often. Like almost a day for the last 4 days. I should go to the doctor because im very curious to know why this is and i want it to go away of course because there Is something wrong. But theres reasons why im not going, yet. I've never had this happen to me (when I was little maybe but I'm 18 now and I've never had problems urinating). This really came up from out the blue. I feel like there's a block age or something in my private so when I pee the pee comes out fine but there's a pressure I feel and it feels like my tank is still full. I came off my period about a week and some days ago or so. Now when I pee though almost every time I wipe I have a Little bit of yellowish-brown gunk come out. It looks slimy, kind of like semen. Also I had a LITTLE bit of blood come out a couple times too. And yesterday, as I was on my way to go someplace, I had an urge to pee n all of a sudden it got worse n I actually had a couple drops of per or something leak. (Just a tad not a lot at all) but that's never happened. Maybe its the pressure that I've been feeling that didn't let me to hold that. By the way I have a boyfriend and we've had intercourse often for the last 8 months. We had intercourse about a day or two days before my problem occurred. My problem has Nothing to do with an STD though. And I don't believe it has to do with a pregnancy. Any ideas? Any advice is appreciated. (link)
I'm not a doctor and none of us are. You really need to see one and have them check you out. I had a similar issue. I'm male but it shouldn't make a difference.

The possibility and the only one the doctor gave me was an infection of sorts that needed medication to resolve. One key thing he asked was about discharge from the penis or in females similar thing with urination and you mentioned that.

I know it may cost you to see a doctor or be embarrassing but you really need it cleared up. Another thing it could be is drinking too much that it creates a constant feeling of having to go or going too much and then straining etc. If you've been drinking more than normal that can occur. I would see a doctor and try to figure out why.

Sometimes I feel like I have the best life. Like I can do anything. I am the person who can look in the mirror and smile because I know I can do anything I put my mind to. Then come the days like today. Filled with watching old television shows and wishing I was someone else. I get fixated on these shows. I don't even know if this all makes sense but it is what happens to me. I have nothing to do during the day I feel completely helpless and am forced to look at my life from a completely different and depressing view. I worry that if I just keep busy all the time I'll be missing on what is really happening but I avoid. (link)
Depressed perhaps but not likely bi-polar. I have that affliction so know the signs. First, are your moods going from normal to depressed, to elated and back in endless fashion?

Secondly, do you have any feelings of omnipotence, in charge of the world, are an important figure be it government etc or grandiose ideas or what others would think are delusions?

Do you hear voices that won't go away? Do you have thoughts as well as speech that is far too rapid and extremely noticeable? There are other signs but those are key with bipolar. Also a big symptom is extremely poor financial decisions, and promiscuity.

If you have a firm grasp on what reality is and what it isn't that's key as those with Bi-Polar Disorder II won't. There is to my knowledge another type of the disease that is all of the above symptoms minus the delusions.

I used to be an artist, back in school. I used to be a musician. That weird kid who knows he's weird and doesn't care, because that's who he is.

So what if many people didn't like me because of who I was? So what if they mocked me and tried to make me feel bad? It never worked, because the friends I had loved me for it.

I had skills that even I can't imagine(not being cocky, others always thought better of my art and music than I did), and I loved to draw and paint and play guitar and keyboard. I could sit down with nothing but a piece of paper and a box of charcoal and get lost in time for who knows how long, visiting places I'd never been, places no one had ever been, just completely in tune with myself, and for a few hours, nothing else would exist.

I'd go for what felt like 5 minutes and realized the whole day slipped away, and in front of me lay the image I saw in my mind.

I even had people offer $300-$400 for something I drew or painted. So I was going to go to college for 3D animation. I loved art, and I was good with computers, so it seemed like a good idea. The traditional arts don't make much money today, so this was a good compromise I could make. One that I could live with and love every day for the rest of my life, with enough money to afford paints and paper and charcoal and musical instruments on the side.

So I was dead set on going to college, but being a young, healthy, white male with parents who make good money, there was no such thing as grants for me. I didn't get any scholarships. And I certainly couldn't afford any loans - not yet.

And so I looked for a job. I searched and I searched, and the only place hiring was my least favorite fast-food restaurant paying minimum wage, part time. I've worked there over a year and a half now.

I used to be creative, weird, eccentric, making something new and beautiful every day, enjoying life even when it could be rough. People noticed me. People I didn't even know EXISTED knew me better than I thought they possibly could.

But now I'm not creative. I have artist's block. I'm a plain, boring guy working a dead-end job for minimum wage, 15 hours a week, pushing out the same old crap day in and day out. The same worthless crap. Shoveling it into the faces of plain, boring people. And the occasional success, who rubs it in my face with their $100k cars in the drive-through. I blend in. I'm boring, and most of my old friends consider me just a memory. No one knows me anymore.

I'm not me, and I'm trapped by this awful job that makes me hate every minute of this all. I'm trapped because I don't even make enough money to keep my car on the road.

What do I do to get out of this mess? How do I get back to being me? (link)
If there's one thing I know for damn sure it's that people do not ever lose God Given talents. They're your birthright. They may appear hidden at times but they never fade or get taken away.

What is robbing you here is criticism from others and the fact you've accepted negative messages from your head that you can no longer do these things, that you're boring, whatever other lie it tells.
The fact is you are likely and I would bet on it depressed or have some mental-health issue making you think of yourself like this and robbing you of what you enjoy in life and making functioning hard.

What you need to do is get back to making art or whatever else you loved and devoted all your time to again. This time do it for you regardless of whether anyone sees it. The offers in the past from people are validation of a talent that still exists. Trust me you'll see it. Then you'll get confident again. Get back to basics and what you loved about it before and what motivated you then.

Next you should visit your physician and mention everything you told us here and get referred to a psychiatrist (you're not crazy) to figure out where these recent views of your own self stem.

College can still come so don't rule that out as never happening for you. As far as your job goes for now this is where you work and a temporary situation. Keep searching but do get to know your real self as I'm sure you're someone people in your past and present want to know just as much as you do.

Hey everyone! So I'm a f/15:) I like this guy who is also 15 very very much and it has been practically "love at first sight" for us because we never had that friend zone between us; we just skipped to the flirty stage!:) we've been on a date last week to the movies and dinner after wards and all went super well!:) Im so happy when I'm with him because he makes me smile and laugh constantly. Although, he hasnt kissed me yet.. I invited him over to my house for thursday and he said he wants to kiss me then and practically asked for my permission which I thought was super cute:) I have kissed 3 different guys before (many many times each) but I've never been this nervous to kiss anyone before.. What can I do to keep calm because I'm so nervous that I've broke down into tears a few times:/ help? (link)
You need to know he's as scared shitless as you are silly ;) You both feel the same way and it's okay to both admit it to the other. You obviously like eachother and both want this to occur. My advice is to stop thinking and analyzing it and just do it. It will work out fine and you'll know what to do from previous experience.

Just let it happen. If you want to kiss him nothing says you can't first. He's asked permission which means he's unsure of himself and wants to make sure you're down with the idea. Take the pressure off and initiate the kiss and let it unfold. One of you has to do this or nothing will happen.

It's unfortunate you were in tears over this with anxiety I sure he'd be heartbroken to know that. However, once you lean in and go for broke as they say it'll pan out with what you hoped for.

I accidentally hit the back of my head on a corner (not sharp) of my cabinet. It isn't bleeding or anything (It didn't bleed at all), but I'm kind of scared I might have a concussion or something... I remember who I am and where I am, obviously, haha. I can't go to the doctor.

Also, if age matters, I'm 13. (link)
I would have to think you're fine. However, if you start feeling dizzy, light-headed, vision issues or something really weird that you wouldn't normally after awhile I would see a doctor then. For now, show an adult if concerned any bump etc. and get their take.

I come from a fat family (not to be mean or anything lol). And my brother is 4 and has because over weight :( he's going to school in about a week and I don't want him to gow to kindergarten and be picked on especially because I'm in middle school and I can't protect him. I try to tell him no even when my parent say it ok to have extra because I know he doesnt need it. But they give in so easily, and I'm just a kid so it's not like their going to listen to me so what do I do?? (link)
The problem is your whole family eats this way and your parents don't seem to care about the end result but merely the food in front of them. That may sound too blunt but you illustrated above that it's 100% true.

Rather than deal with this head-on they dodge it continually. I think what you have to do is take a stance. Go to the doctor alone about your own weight, tell him your family eats the same way and doesn't listen to reality. Have him/her put you on a plan you stick to for your own diet. Then lead by example.

Point out to your parents that you are concerned about him being picked on for his weight which they can control and the family's eating habits and soaring weight and that you want them to follow your lead and do something about it.

You should talk to relatives, teachers, any adults your parents trust and value opinions from and have them confront them about this issue. In the meantime keep watch over your sibling and teach him how to stand up to any taunting or even tell his teacher what you are worried about. That may cause her to approach your parents about him needing to control out of control weight.

I am casually talking and getting to know this guy at my college named Anthony. He's older, works at the bookstore, and very cute. We text back and forth and I see him Monday and Wednesday around noon and he usually gets off at two, so we hang out until my ride comes.

This Sunday, he agreed to go to the movies with me at 1:50. My phone was out of service so I wasn't able to contact him. He seemed like he'd for sure be there. It hits two o'clock and he's not there, so I wait a little longer. At 2:15, I call him on the cinema phone over and over, but he doesn't answer. At this point I am very upset and don't even see the movie. I decide to call my ride, and as I'm walking away in tears, a cinema employee says that Anthony is on the line. I ask what happened, and he said he crashed at his grandparents and they left early. He didn't get a chance to go home and shower or anything, and his parents aren't answering the phone for him to get a ride. He has no car because his got wrecked, and he's paying off a lot of loans. I offered to give him a ride home, but he said his morals were against it. I begged him, but he still refused and told me to go home. He kept saying "I'm sorry sweetheart." and he seemed genuinely sorry. We stayed on that dang cinema phone for about 40 minutes.

The next day, after feeling hurt, I went by the bookstore to pick up an order. I said hi to him, and he was very friendly, but I was so upset. I think I am just overthinking that he's not interested. He was at work, and I just had lunch with him a few minutes ago, but of course he was rushing. He's still flirty and sweet, but there's this feeling that I am just a bother. He didn't offer for me to sit with him even though he saw me in the lounge, and I sat with him once I saw him. I just feel like I'm annoying, but he insists he's not. Is this just a weird feeling and I'm overthinking it, or does he seem not interested? Am I just being a worry wort?! (link)
First of all get yourself a reliable cell-phone at the next possible opportunity. You need it for emergencies. Hell, even a pay-as-you-go is a better option than none.

For all you know this guy probably dialed your broken number expecting to confirm things or remind you why he wouldn't be there at 2. Then because of this your phoning over and over when you didn't see him on the cinema's phone came across as needy.

That's how I think he sees you now. Doesn't matter about your phone being out. Also, nice of the cinema to allow you to use their line for that long.

I think what you need to do is realize that he's no longer interest and or if you think he could still be WAIT. Don't text, call, or go to where he works and now let him do the initiating.

The fact he had a date with you that he suddenly forgot the morning of and had an excuse about grandparents and not getting up on time is BOGUS. You're not dumb and he should know that. If he cared he'd remember. This is his way of brushing you off, standing you up and trying to look good afterwards.

He ain't worthy of you and just isn't in to you and that's okay. You deserve much better but yes, when it comes guys or vice-versa guys with gals don't overdo texting, phoning or anything that can be taken as needy even if not intended as such. It's all about his perception and not the facts you laid out about the phones.

I'm planning on getting a new number (Because I've had the same one for SO long, and I've gave that number to people I don't talk to anymore), but I'm kind of afraid of something happening...

The service recycles the number after 30 days of non-use, so I'm scared that my one friend that has my number (I only like to give my number to family) will text it. I don't want to be associated with her anymore. She's "bad news", if you know what I mean... That being said, I won't give her my new number.

Should I be scared? Or is it just me? Also, we don't really text anymore. (link)
I'm not American so I don't know whether it costs you to receive a text or not. If you don't like someone, think they are bad news, than why care if they can't reach you?

I would get a new number and make sure you don't give it out except to family. Don't take the phone out at school and only use for emergencies. If anyone asks if you changed your number tell them your parents put you on a new plan for emergencies only and leave it at that.

The moment you give the # to anyone at school they'll all have it. Stick to Facebook and have your phone for family either that or see if you can block texts and calls from certain people now.

Ok so my first day of eighth grade is coming up, (August 21) and I'm super nervous!!! At least 15 kids (out of 60 in 8th grade) left last year, so a lot more are coming in. Basicaly, I need advice on how to get people to like me on the first day (how to leave an impression). I have short blond hair, I'm white, I get strait A's, I'm 5'2, and 89 lbs, (I have health issues so I need to eat or I'll get really sick, but I just end up losing weight) and I'm 13. Ps: I reallly want a boyfriend this year ! I've had one before, but we broke up like 2 years ago. And it's really hard to get one because I 'hang out with a slut', and they notice her and not me :× ---Thank you! (link)
It's cliched as hell but the old "be yourself" slogan is true. If you want people to like you the best way to do that is to treat EVERYONE the way you want to be treated no matter how different they may be or annoying befriend anyone lacking one for whatever reason.

Be who you KNOW you already are and don't compromise for anyone no matter what. If people don't like you for you so be it. Hang with whomever you want. What people think of your friend really shouldn't reflect on you any. Trust me, the guys who she attracts aren't the ones you want as they likely don't like her for her but rather for physical appearance and bad choices she makes with guys.

Also-unless she's sleeping around with guys don't call her a slut or treat her like it. She will make her own mistakes and learn from them. The right guy for you is out there but stop trying so hard and let him come on his own. People can see you trying and it looks bad.

What you should do is if you like a guy ask if he can use a friend and then try inviting him to a group event ie bowling etc. and see if you hit it off. If he doesn't want to go it means he doesn't have interest. You want to hang with the right not the wrong type of guy.

If I eat healthy, drink water and work out an hour everyday can I lose 80 pounds by December/January? (link)
NEVER go on any diet without consulting your physician first and especially for safety. 80 lbs is a lot in a short time. A doctor will tell you what is safe and realistic and determine if you are obese enough to even need to lose that much. They can get you a nutritionist and a plan to follow for success.


Okay, so I already take medications from to dr. to ease period pains,
Every time I have a period though I throw up. Alot. I don't want any girls that answer to think its an over-reaction, trust me, I do try to cope, but I just can't.
Its known that sickness will ease as a girl gets older-mine hasn't changed for years now.

How can I cope? What is it? (link)
Do you get headaches particularly migraines before you vomit? If that's the case what you may want to do is ask your pharmacist about Advil Liquid Gels. If you take them right when a headache hits especially a migraine it usually thwarts vomiting.

Another thing you may want on hand is Gravol so you can end nausea and feeling like you are going to vomit by taking a pill before you do. Next time you see your doctor talk to him/her about the vomiting as they will have more ideas.

im going back school shopping this year (10th grade) and id like to save some money wile getting something thats not complete crap as far as quality. i need the normal stuff pencils note books etc, also i really like to buy pencils in bulk (like 25 to 100 pencils per pack lol). so what store is best to shop at? target or walmart and why? (link)
If looking for things in bulk you should have your parents look into COSTCO for you. They will have all the pencils, pens, Sharpies, paper, white-out, latest books you need and perhaps clothes too. Try there for deals. I'm in Canada but they have them in U.S. Try Sam's Club too. I've found that Target is of better quality than Walmart here with clothes so far. They get discounted lines from major labels with Target only collections.

Should I do this.I feel it would just be for me wheather acting,or modeling to tryout for?I want to get famous and i'm 14 year old girl' going in to 8th grade this August.I'mma tried to do and see if it will help out for tryouts the next summer.Do you think it would help me out for acting.I'mma kind of a shy girl I will call the number when I grad 8th grade to see how much it costs.I really want to try it this summer,but didn't do it. (link)
Avoid Barbizon. Never pay for a portfolio or classes. You don't need any of that nor to pay people to put resume and photos online. Casting directors don't work that way.

Your goal shouldn't be to become famous but rather to do this because you love it. Fame is a by-product of this that happens on its own if you are really good at your craft and people recognize it.

I'm not sure what major city is near you. However, what you should do is call SAG (Screen Actor's Guild of America) or ACTRA in Canada which are the unions and ask for a list of reputable agents. Don't sign with anyone who isn't on that list. There's bad reasons that they didn't make it.

Under no circumstances whatsoever should you pay a cent to have someone rep you. The ONLY exception to this rule is when you hire a Background Talent Agent or someone specializing in kids/teens only. This is the route you need to go. You pay them a yearly $100 and they are allowed to charge because most new people bail on them when they see all the work involved. One 18 hr film shoot will test you.

The Background Talent Agent will put you in crowd scenes in film and TV movies shooting in a large city near you. The agents that deal with kids/teens can find you print work and try to get you parts.

You also should take improv courses and get into community theater. There has to be a youth group doing plays. That's excellent experience and leads places.

Also, all you need are snapshots to give to your agent when you start as that's all they need in terms of photos to send casting directors.

So, the Samsung brightside I have had for about 6 months is really glitched out right now. I turn it on and it spazzes out and opens up applications I didn't hit. The back button shuts th Phone off and changes the master volume (wtf) whenever I send a text it types in 4678 and sends it to the person. It won't let me type, and when I try to view pictures it immediately goes to camera mode and freezes until I try to remove the battery. Any help or explanation to this would be great! Thanks in advance! (link)
Take it back to where you bought it or if your provider has a store (Verizon etc) go there and give them your account information, the receipt and tell them you had it for 6 months and didn't do anything to make it foul up. They should hand you a replacement or possibly do a swap for a phone of equal value so you don't have an issue with Samsung again. However, they do make some quality items this is probably just one of those things.

My friend and I is 13, and we girls. She once got sexually abused by her brother in law, but eventually it got sorted out, he then started again, and then it got sorted out, but now I have a feeling he's started. She used to tell me everything but now she's become so quiet and doesn't want to tell anyone what's wrong. I know that if I ask her she'll say no so I just wanted to ask what are some signs that a 13 year old girl is getting sexually abused?

She cuts herself, has tried killing herself and is bulimic If that helps. (link)
Pass the info along confidentially or anonymously in the form of a note even to a teacher or counselor or approach an adult who can be trusted with what you know. Let them then tackle it. The right thing to do is alert someone to the concern as icky info like this is not meant to be kept. Your friend may be upset at first however in the end you may be saving her.

ive been with my boyfriend for 10 months now and he isn't a virgin but i am. and i wanted to know that he really loves me and he didn't just want to get in my pants so i decided not to give it up to him in the beginning. now we're at 10 months and i feel like sometimes i wanna give it up to him and sometimes i don't because im scared that im gonna regret it. my real problem is that im scared that he's gonna leave me or have sex with someone else because hes waited so long without having sex (link)
Key word is: SCARED. If you are scared about regretting this later than DON'T act. You will soon learn by waiting if he genuinely cares about you or is in it for just instant gratification.

Your best to wait and be sure you are with the right person. I know you don't want to lose him but if he's in it for one thing he's not the right guy. If all sins point to him being genuine he wouldn't dream of pressuring you about it. Tell him you aren't ready yet and gauge his reaction. Most guys will care if someone isn't ready and it's okay not to be.

so dont judge me please because I just want to break my wrist so that hopefully that pain will stop me from cutting for a while. 14/ f by the way.. and so i want to know some ways that i can break my wrist! Please help!! (link)
We can't and wouldn't tell anyone how to harm themselves. Hon, if your problem with cutting is taking over to the point you want to break your bones to stop you NEED to tell someone, write it down, do what you have to and get adult support.

Your parents will support you believe me and want you well. It's a mental-health issue. If you get medical attention for it you can get well and it in control. It takes a lot of guts to say something but you need to. Look at what it's making you consider doing to try and stop.

15/f almost 16 and im moving and their is a 5 year old girl as my new neighbor I've never babysat as a job before although im good with kids. what are some do's and dont's of being a babysitter? also how do I bring up to the parent that it needs to be a paying job and how much will I make I don't want to sound too much but I for sure need to get payed I need to pay for all of my stuff (link)
The first thing you need to do is ask them their rules and once you find them out stick to them no matter what the kids try. Find out the 5-year-old's interests and plan things around that to keep her happy. A Big must these days is finding out about food restrictions and reactions.

Show them you are responsible and plan to adhere to all rules and do a great job when you meet them ahead of doing the gig. When it comes to payment you have to worry about coming off as rude if you come out saying "I need this much" statement or expect X amount. Instead, it's fine to ask them what rate do they usually offer and let them work it out from there. This way they aren't on the spot and will compensate you for your time. It shows maturity.

Well im thirteen and ive lived in fayetteville my whole life but know im moving to not sad abot moving but i am worried about what people are gona be like there....ive never had problems with making new friends but theres a first for everything :( (link)
If you are good at making friends I would bet money that this will continue. Don't think any differently. As long as you are kind, helpful and treat people well you'll flourish.

It's normal to be apprehensive in this situation but these people will want to get to know you. As cliche as it sounds just be who you are and let everything else fall naturally into place.

so ive just been in the hosptal for my secent time im 20 f and they never did any tests and i kicked a neuce in her stumic cuz she tryed to give me a needle and they restraned me and then they brang me down stares and asked me if you think if anything is wrong with you i said i think im bypoler but they never did any test and they trying to make me take pills (link)
A psychiatrist at a hospital is supposed to hold you 72 hours to evaluate and diagnose. The thing is that he/she already did by observing you closely as did the nurses and coming up with diagnosis and treatment.

The thing is you were likely not together when they did. The medication is what you are supposed to be on and while in hospital they can administer it by having you take it or they can inject it. This medication is meant to make you well and nothing else.

What you must do is call the doctor and explain although you were in the hospital twice you have no idea why and or what for. You need to know this as it's critical to you moving forward and being 100% well. Definitely learn from them what's going on.

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