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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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i have been single for almost two years not literally single but i haven't had any serious relationship, its either the guy likes me and i don't or i like him and his not ready, or he has a girlfriend... so i would call it two years of being single since my last relationship i work in a company were i was introduced to a guy. His exactly what i want in a guy. he acts really nice to me, for example when i needed a flash to get movies and i asked his colleague who had offered to give me a flash earlier and didn't latter, he offered his own without my asking, and told me that i could use it for as long as i like, whenever he comes to work he smiles at me and sometimes i catch him staring... i like this guy, but i don't know if he feels the same way, his currently out of the country and would be back next week, i recently found out that he is single.How do i initiate something that would lead to what i want, without seeming desperate. we not so much of friends, neither do we talk frequently and his a very busy person. (link)
He likes you as much as you like him. I would put all my poker chips on it. I have a feeling that he's just as interested and as shy and cautious as you are.

He already considers you a friend. That much is so with the smiling, loan of flash drive and going out of his way to be kind to you. That may just be his nature but usually more to it. If you have caught him starring that's a dead giveaway. He wouldn't do it if not interested.

What's a gal to do? I wouldn't stick your neck out there too much. I would put together a small gathering of friends be it at your house, bowling, movie whichever. Ask him to come. If he's interested he'll move mountains to attend. If he's not in to you watch for a bogus excuse.

Once there focus on him and if it goes well ask him if he would like to see a movie sometime in the next week. All he can do is say no and then you know for sure. All signs point to something positive happening.

If you are bold you can just ask him for coffee after work and see if you hit off. You need to know for piece of mind where you both stand or it will drive you nuts. Just make sure he's not the type (doesn't look like it) to cause an issue in the office working with you if he's not in to you. Doubt it's an issue based on what you have written.

I'm 20 and I broke up with my first love a year ago. I loved him with every fibre in my being and did literally everything for him, even if it went against my morals. I spent all the money I had on getting him expensive gifts and I stuck with him, even when he couldn't care less about me. When we broke up because of the fact that he didn't wanna deal with commitment, at this stage in his life, he wasn't upset, not even for a day. It's been over a year and I've been the only one carrying all this pain and I've been holding so much hope that we could get back together, someday. We still see each other and he kisses me and that's what gave me hope that he still likes me. But last night, he told me that he'd never even think of marrying someone like me and that he needs a submissive kind of girl who doesn't pick up on the wrong things he does, like I did.I always picked up on all his lies and everything he hid from me. It hit me all at once, last night that he's been using me this past year and using my vulnerability. I cried in front of him for two hours straight and he kept saying the same things like "You're not my first love so I can't hold that much love for you" and "I told you I didn't want a relationship" "My first made me lose all my emotions" . I don't know why I'm so attached to him or why I'm even this devastated over a jerk like him. I just need someone to talk some sense into me. I worry, that I'll never be good enough for someone. What else can I do for someone to make them appreciate me? I allowed him to cross so many limits of mine and went above and beyond for him, and I get this, in return. How will I expect the next guy in my life to appreciate what I'll do for him and not break my heart again? (link)
Excuse my language and being blunt but the guy's an asshole and you're better off. You don't see it right now but trust me on that.

You tried to keep this thing going but he's taken advantage of the gifts and made you feel unwanted for a long time. Let him find his submissive type--good riddance!

What you really need is a professional therapist to work on yourself and who you are and show you why you select and love people like this. Learn how to move on with this person's help. You will discover your self-worth and eventually figure out how not to settle or be sucked into a relationship with people who don't have the right qualities. Until then don't start a relationship with someone new.

My friend asked me to go to field hockey tryouts with her. Well I figured I needed some Excercise because I've been really unfit lately. But these last three days have been a workout. And today I realized that I'll have to run a mile almost every day and I might get scared playing for a real game. Then they volunteered me to do goalie, well I didn't know that I had to wear a hot black suit. I also realized that with being goalie I will stand out an I really don't like to stand out, and I'm kinda girly(no prissy but I like to look good). And I am SOOOO SORE! I just want to know what I should do, my dad already brought alot of stuff. I also really don't want to play goalie but I already told the coach that I liked it but I don't like it THAT much. I just don't know the only perk of being goalie is not running the mile. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
You won't like what I have to say but it's what you NEED to do. There's no other choice. STICK WITH IT NO MATTER WHAT!

You will learn a lot about yourself and what you are made of doing this. You will achieve a lot more than you think. Nothing worth attaining comes without effort.

Sure, the workout and game may be kicking your ass now but in a few weeks it will be old hat and the weight you want to lose will start falling off.

They've cast against type by making you the goalie. Obviously, someone knows in the future that you will be able to be an effective one if you stick in there and keep trying. All of this is good for developing into the person you want to be.

If you bail you'll be running away just because of fear and discomfort at first. You will also be letting down your coach, your father, yourself and teammates who have been counting on you.

Believe me half of them probably are as scared as you of challenging themselves or their position on the team. But they've opted to stick in and so should you. Even pro athletes aren't always comfortable but it's their focus and sticking with something that make them who they are.

As far as standing out goes no hockey player or athlete looks like they are ready for the prom. People won't be bothered about what you look like behind the mask. They'll only care about you being able to play a decent game and block shots.

That's the other thing being forced to lead and to standout when you have too is an essential life skill that you need to master. This will teach you that. So, sore or not, discouraged it's all part of this but you must keep going. The lessons it will teach you are invaluable.

Ok so I have became and extremely needy girl towards the guy I love we have only been a thing for like 4 months in the beginning everything was good then i took things way too serious i text him all the time and always ask him if we can hang out... he knows he has me whenever he wants so he takes advantage of it..if i back off and stop texting him and let him make the moves will this keep him more intersted? (link)
I can't tell you and nobody can if he will still be interested in you or not. I do know that a real turn off for most people is someone who never lets them alone. Too many texts, calls and invites gives the impression of a pest. Needy if you will. Overly so.

You need to lay off of him. Let him come to you if he's interested. That's the right way. If he isn't you can then move on. He needs a chance to breathe and to figure out what he wants. I can pretty much guarantee it won't be you if you keep up what you have been doing.

Hi. Ok so this question will have a lot of TMI so just be prepared. Ok so about 2 months ago my periods starting going whacko. It came a week early and then it has been every 2 weeks since. This is by no means normal for me. I started my period way early. I had just turned 10 which I heard can cause problems later on. Well I have a continuous pain in my lower abdomen and have unexplained weight gain. I have been pregnant 3 times and two made it. So I know when something is off. I have taken multiple pregnancy tests they all say negative. I don't feel pregnant I feel sick. Very sick. Like I'm falling apart. All my energy is gone. Every few days I seem to either begin to feel worse or I develop a new symptom. Well a week ago the pain began to get worse. Me and my husband had sex and it was uncomfortable it felt as though there was something inside me he kept bumping. Only on the right side though. And I'd get a small twinge of pain every time. My stomach looks swollen on the right side. 4 days ago I developed diarrhea. And for the people who are gonna scream go to the Dr I have an appointment but it's three days from now. I want an idea of what's going on so I can know what to bring up and ask to be tested for. My family has a history of cancer. Uhm yeah. I guess that's about it in a nutshell. Does anybody have any suggestions on what could be wrong with me?? Thanks in advance. (link)
To be honest with you I wouldn't wait the extra 3 days. at the least I would find a clinic who can see you or at best go to an emergency room. This isn't normal and it appears as though you are having a lot of trouble functioning with the runs on top.

We aren't doctors so I cannot explain issues with periods, weight gain and pain. I hate speculating but one possible thing might be a gastrointestinal issue. I stress *might* With lactose or other issues the pain is continuous sharp and lower abdomen.

How's your diet? Also, with not eating well or having a problem in that area your energy is also not existent. That's one idea to explore.

Another is a gallbladder issue. When you have that problem people get sharp pains in the abdomen much like you described. Apparently, from what I read the sufferer might not even know there is even a problem and have this building up for years. That's not meant to scare you but to illustrate.

If you are having the runs you can become dehydrated and if it's not stopping on top of all these symptoms go to the ER and explain everything you wrote in this note or even hand it to them and ask for them to intervene.

The swelling that is unexplained concerns me and is reason enough to go. If feeling very sick all the time especially go now rather than wait 3 days. I seriously doubt you have cancer and should put that fear aside. Whatever this is does need to be checked sooner rather than later and can be handled.

I'm a 14 year old girl and at the beginning of this year my family and I moved about 6 hours away from our hometown for my dad to pursue a job opportunity. The thing is, I want to go back home. He has job offers there, but he wants to stay with this company so he turned them down and transferred here like his current company wants him to. He probably had good reason for doing so, so I tried not to complain. At first I handled the loss of my friends and boyfriend through cutting. No I'm just depressed and cry myself to sleep. If I told my parents this, they wouldn't take me seriously and sure as heck wouldn't get me a therapist. They treat me like my 8 year old brother. I learned about sex and my period from friends because I never got the talk from my mother and they still think that I believe in Santa and all of that magic stuff. They will not take me seriously ever. I need to go back home, I'm falling apart and I'm not myself anymore. I'm beginning to diet in an unhealthy way because I hate my body and I cut again because I hate my mind. I need to go home ASAP. How do I ask them to move back???? (link)
You need to talk to a teacher, counselor, friend's parent or adult you can trust. Outline to them your situation and how you feel depressed and not taken seriously by adults in your life. Mention the cutting.

You need to. You need help. It's not normal and signs that something is going on mental-health wise. Have them advocate for you to your parents as they would trust other adults or those that are their peers.

They can point out you have been miserable and can't fit into your new situation. That doesn't mean you will move back home. If you work with a counselor or medical professional on being depressed over time you might find yourself liking your new situation. At least you will be armed with coping skills.

I know it hurts to lose everything you had though but eventually something positive will unfold for you no matter where you are. The cutting likely doesn't have to do with this move. There's something else that drives it.

Tell someone about your diet too. It needs to be stopped. You have to seek out an adult who can support you and start to make things bearable.

I dont wanna hear about how selfish i am, or how I shouldnt do this bla bla. I dont want to be here anymore. I'm not going anywhere. I have no future. I have been depressed for years. Ive tried everything. The little family that I have hates me, I've been bullied my whole life, I was diagnosed with psychosis a year ago. I'm homeless now. I don't want to be here anymore. I feel like a burden and it would be easier for everyone if I died. Sometimes I wish I could just die in a fast car accident (link)
Suicide is as they say in film, articles, media etc. a permanent way of handling incorrectly a temporary situation. No matter what you are dealing with there is a solution to it even if it doesn't seem readily apparent.

The mental-illness you have simply isn't in check and you haven't monitored it well. I'm being brutally honest. If you go back to the doctor and explain that you have family issues, the drugs aren't working and you are homeless and plagued by these feelings they will help you. They'll make sure you don't act on them.

There is ZERO way of dying that isn't awful or painless no matter what anyone says. This problem you have is temporary and you never know how fast your life could turn around on a dime. Seek out medical help and go to an emergency room and tell them you think you're in crisis. You most likely are if you wish to end your life. You have to hang in there and get help. Life will inevitably improve the moment you take the right step rather than the wrong one. Think about it.

I'm a 14 year old girl and so is my friend. Let's call my friend "Jane". So Jane and I were talking yesterday and she sends me a picture of some cuts on her wrist with the caption "Will these be healed by Thursday? Be honest." She knew that I would know immediately that they were cutting scars because she knows that I struggle with depression, ed, and I use to cut. I told her that they wouldn't be healed by Thursday (there were only three not very deep cuts there, but Thursday is only two days away). Then I said "you really should stop cutting now or it'll turn into a habit. I would know." Then she replied with "this was only my first time and I probably won't do it again because it hurts like hell. And I'll probably just hide my arms under the water at the pool party on Thursday." And then I said "alright, I've gotta go, but be careful and have fun at the party. Oh, and until those cuts heal, wear a bracelet I guess." In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have told her how to hide them but it's over now so nothing I can do but anyway do I still have to tell someone if she doesn't do it again. I'll watch her wrists and thighs and stuff in the locker rooms at school just to be safe, but if no new scars appear and she really is done, do I have to say anything? Btw she struggles with depression occasionally as well. (link)
You aren't doing her and yourself any favors. Remember what you were taught earlier in life about icky situations and telling an adult.

You know that she is NOT in a good place mentally if she's doing this and that he depression is NOT in control. It could be dangerous to hide this information and affect her mental-health.

As hard as it is you need to tell her that you want to help her and that right now you can see she isn't well. Let her know that it may seem hard to tell adults but she needs to and they will help so this never plagues her again. Her psychiatrist must know about this.

It's wrong to let her hide it even if she gets angry. I think you should tell your parents what happened and seek their advice or seek the advice of a teacher or counselor or tell this friend that I "need you to tell someone and I'll go with you but it must be done. You're not well and headed for big trouble by continuing to hide."

Also, you know from experience that this isn't "the first time" she's done this. You can't keep looking in the gym shower for cuts as that's a huge burden and you know that there is secrets you can't keep. This is one of them. Nobody said it was easy but you know the right thing.

There's this girl and I really began to like her. I'm in a messy relationship and stuff keeps going downhill. This girl I met is what seems to be perfect for me in every aspect of the word. We just met but she's beautiful in every sense of the word.we are both in a college group and there's this guy that she also began talking to. They text and are always together and I feel as though I'm pushed off to the side. I know this isn't good for me and I should get the hell out but I don't know what to do. (link)
Deal with the relationship you are in and figure out to move on from it. Secondly, you have no idea who this guy is or his role with the new girl. She may not be with him other than a friend. And if she is with him it's okay.

All you do then is put your desire for her aside and just be a friend like you are to other people. Get to know her and see what life brings. It's better to be a friend than nothing at all. You won't be with her all the time but so far she's done nothing to indicate you are a nuisance or third wheel.

You also have to cool your horses and slow down. You just met her and it's far too early to think possible girlfriend. You have to know her story and be friend's for awhile or she will run or think you creepy despite only having good intentions.

In a nutshell I advise you to WAIT and be a friend and learn more. Back off a bit and let her lead with the friendship. If nothing develops chalk it up as not to be. ABOVE ALL fix or end your current relationship and don't drag out any longer. If it's unhealthy end it.

You could mention to this girl next time you see her that you value her friendship and would like to continue it. However, you weren't sure who this guy was and didn't want any problems if they were together. You want both of them to be okay with your presence tell her.

Hi to everyone who comes across this page. I am a male in my late 20's. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective bipolar type disorder as a teenager. I have seen many psychiatrist's since then and have been put on a variety of drugs. The last prescription I was given was for Abilify. I started taking it about four years ago. Without my current psychiatrist's approval or knowledge I have been off it for about three months now. I don't believe I am insane. At least not yet. The problem I am having is that I can't identify with myself. I hate to do this, I don't like to whine and complain about my life. It makes me think I am ungrateful for what I have. I don't like posting this online where any random creep who feels like spreading negativity can reply to my post but I have no one to talk to in real life. My thoughts are really not making sense to me and can be entirely disturbing at times. I feel out of control, fatigued, and worst of all abnormal. Like I don't fit in with society. I believe I am inferior to most people because most people are self assured and social. I am not self assured and I don't have any friends. Not even one. My purpose for posting this is to ask if anyone has had similar experiences and how did you get past all the negativity and start being more positive and self accepting? (link)
Regardless of whether you like my advice or that of AdviceMan49 we are telling you the truth. I have been a part of the mental-health community for 10 years and dealt with bipolar myself.

I know from talking to psychiatrists over the years that the worst thing you can do is go off any medications on your own. You make things worse for yourself and dangerous that way.

You can relapse and wind up back at square one in a mental health ward or worse in a hurry. You should only go off medication with the assistance of the doctor who prescribed it if you don't want trouble.

Right now I can see from your writing that you aren't well and not thinking right. You can't see that as the illness makes people believe they're fine when they aren't well.

If you feel out of control do yourself a favor and visit an emergency room and tell them you are off your medication and for how long and wait either for your doctor or the on-call psychiatrist to assess you. Let them know all the medications and treatment that never worked and why so they can find the right path for you. Then stick to it for wellness.

You need to get a psychiatrist to train you how to manage your illness or as my own doctor says the illness will master you. If you work with your doctor you'll be well. Tell them that the medication isn't working and you still feel as bad as you did the first time you were diagnosed and have this figured out. That's the best thing you can do for your yourself now and in the future.

I have suffered with acne since I was about 12 (I'm now 18) I have it on my face and back and although it's not quite as bad as it use to be it's still not nice and I am so self conscious about it. I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations of any treatment that actually worked as I've tried every tablet and cream possible and nothing has worked.
Thank you (link)
None of the creams have medication in them if bought without prescription. You need to see a dermatologist who can assess how bad the acne is and give you a prescription medication that eats at what cause the acne and helps to keep it away thereafter.

Here's a picture of me:

I have a stupid haircut and i don't look good.

I have no idea what hairstyle would look good for me, but could someone tell me what hairstyle would look best with my face? Every time I've asked this, people have just made fun for how I look; I know I'm ugly, but I just want legitimate advice as to what would look good for me. (link)
I don't need to look at your picture to know that your self-image is ugly and NOT you. I would get counseling on that. Seriously. You need to see yourself better or no hairstyle on Earth will make you feel better about looks.

That said, visit a hairstylist you like and explain how you feel image wise and ask them what they feel looks good and let them work their magic.

I'm Worried I might be depressed. I have numerous problems in my life and a few people suggested that the level to which I am depressed is not normal.

I have a genetic predisposition to be depressed as both of my parents suffered from it. I also have many symptoms such as difficulty concentrating and making decisions, fatigue and decreased energy, feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness, and pessimism, excessive sleeping, irritability, loss of interest in hobbies, and sad, anxious, and empty feelings.

What really concerns me is how much I didn't know that Robin Williams and I have in common. Someone suggested that he used humor to mask his depression and I've felt many times that I do the same thing. I don't want people to know I'm depressed, so I act silly and make jokes to hide it.

I don't know what I'm gonna do. I'm open to counseling,but I don't want medication and I'm just scared. I dont think I'm the kind of person who would kill myself, but there have been times when I've wished I was dead. What can I do to prevent resorting to something like suicide? (link)
Let's deal with Robin Williams first. Robin had for decades dealt with drugs and alcohol addiction. Next, he has manic depression (bipolar disorder) and moods that rapid cycle with that disease without following proper treatment.

The depression part had become extremely severe lately in him. Add on top of that the fact he was struggling with the on-set of Parkinson's that could now and in the future kill his ability to perform which is the only thing he loved.

Then you add two recent marriages that failed plus a new one and whatever else we just don't know about yet that is being investigated.

Despite all this the fact remains and my own doctor told me is that people who have mental illnesses and kill themselves are incredibly rare. The fact we think it's high is incorrect but the media and society focuses on this too much to make us believe it is.

You may have an illness in common but that's about it. He didn't manage his but you can be on top of yours if you have it.

Also, just because DNA seems to support that you could get a mental illness doesn't mean you will. It's not always hereditary. If concerned see a doctor and go into detail about your family and how you feel right now and that you are scared and need to know if you're okay. That's what I would do and think strongly you should. Go from that.

is there a risk of cancer? (link)
I highly doubt it. It sounds severely bruised and will heal from your accident. If concerned tell your doctor otherwise I wouldn't fear.

I am a girl and I am 13 years young. I want to be a famous singer&actress, and I have a voice coach and I am about to join a community theatre. Most websites say that I need an agent? And move to California? My parents can't just drop everything and move, and my family is not exactly the rich kind to get me a producer. I want to be in movies as a kid still, not as a 16 or 18 year old. Auditioning for movies isn't really going to work either. My parents aren't SO supportive of me. Is there a way I can get discovered without spending TOO much money and not moving anywhere? (link)
While becoming famous may have its perks that shouldn't be your goal. Your goal should be to become the best you can be doing something that you love doing. Respect from others will stem from the work you put in to practicing our craft.

Community theater is the right place to cut your teeth. You can build up credits that way. In fact, you need to because agents aren't likely to take a chance on representing you unless it's for print ads if they aren't sure you can act.

You do not need to live in California o be involved in TV and film. There are a lot of movies, TV shows and commercials shot in big cities.

What you should do right now is go through ACTRA and or SAG if in the U.S. and get a list of reputable background talent agents. Don't sign with any agent not on the list for your city. They will book you on shows and films being shot on location in your city. Although it's not a lead part or a speaking roll you'll at least see how a movie is shot and be on set.

Once you have enough theater credits go back to SAG or ACTRA and look for a principal agent that represents kids in your area and have them find work for you.

If you have a voice coach and can act that's a step in the direction you need to go. Your parents realize what your dream is but also want to keep you grounded and realize that becoming an extremely well known actress is a tough thing. Also, you can't blame them f they don't want to move to California as there are obligations and reasons they can't. But as I said there's no reason for you to do that.

A big thing you need to know about is scams. Run screaming your head off from anyone who insists you pay them and their photographer for a portfolio you don't need.

Run from anyone who promises you lots of work. No agent can do that. Unless you join an agency for kids or a background talent agency NEVER pay anyone a dime to represent you. Agents make money only by commission when you get work.

The only exception to this is kids and background agencies. Because kids often bail when they see how tough things are and that it's a job kids agents can charge $100 a year to represent you and it's the same with background talent and being an extra. People tend to bail from both kinds of jobs.

Also it's a flat out scam and could be borderline dangerous to sign with anyone who says they'll ut your photo on the Internet for all the casting directors and big-shots if you pay them. It's a scam and nobody in the film industry consults Internet sites. They only deal with professional agents.

So, stay put and try what I said above with the goal of becoming as good as you can be and then maybe if you are good enough he stars will align on their own without you doing anything.

Your parents also know that for every kid with a dream like yours that there's a thousand more in Hollywood and other areas as good as you are so the emphasis needs to be on being great at what you do now and letting the future unfold however it's going to.

My friends always pick on me because I'm skinny and it is embarrassing because they say it loudly. One time, someone offered me a cookie and I said no because I just finished lunch and they were like super loudly so everyone heard, but your not fat! Look at your wrist your so skinny! Just eat the cookie! I didn't even mention the word big or fat! Another, during a sleep away field-trip they were saying how they gained weight over the trip and when they asked how much weight I gained I said I didn't gain any, they started saying super loudly and saying that's because you didn't eat anything! You skipped all your meals! Which isn't even true. For one, i ate all my meals and ate several pop tarts during the time they served snacks which is twice a day and skipped only once because it was gross food and I went to my cabin and ate popcorn instead! I always tell them to stop because I eat enough and when I don't eat it's because I already ate but they never listen and continuously say it's because I don't eat which I know isn't true because I have been told that I have a big appetite. How do I respond next time they pick on me that isn't too serious that they think I'm mad but they won't brush off? (link)
As log as your doctor says you are within proper weight and not under for your height than that's all that matters.

Some people may eat the same things and amounts and look like they have more weight than you but it's all about your frame and how it distributes the weight on your body.

Your friends care about you but need to understand that they're being obnoxious and that your weight for your height and body is fine and your doctor said it is and that you do in fact eat what you are supposed to. And then kindly tell them never to mention or make this an issue again. That should do it.

You can't control if they think you're mad but they will see clearly you are frustrated. Just say it in a stern tone once what the facts are and it won't be an issue again.

Im Jade and im 14 and ive been dating my boyfriend Nick, 17, for almost more than a year. I feel like he tends to be overprotective and won't ever let me be around other people unless im next to him or whatever and it annoys me.And if we're out in public or with friends he can get a bit touchy feely, and I get embarrassed, and he does this mostly when we're around his friends. He'll grab my butt in front of them or smack it and its just so annoying cuz he thinks its funny and if I try and tell him to stop but he just tells me to shut up or he'll kiss me so I can shut up. I dont know why he does this and it really gets to me. There was an incident where we were at his friends house and he just shoved his hands down my pants without asking or telling me, and I told him to stop because his friend was watching and he gave me this death stare and told me to just go with it and I didn't want to, and he just leaned and kissed me so that I couldn't say anything else. Why does he do these things to me, I feel like he disregards my feelings when it comes to stuff like that. How do I tell him not to do this, I really dont want this to happen anymore. (link)
I know you like this guy but I will be blunt I don't fathom why. He sounds like a control freak, insecure and worst yet doesn't give a shit about your feelings.

What he is doing in public around friends and others is dead wrong. If he ever tries these things again knee him in the groin or slap him. He'll get it then.

I would tell him everything you just told us and that his behavior has crossed the line and if he scoffs at you or doesn't respect that give him the heave ho.

Also, if anyone be it a boyfriend or anyone else touches you in a sexually inappropriate way and you said STOP or NO than that's an assault regardless of relationship.

As embarrassed as you may feel about the whole thing tell your parents. Let them know he touched you twice and once he tried to force his hand where you didn't want it in front of others. Believe me they'll handle this and him for you. They need to know this guy is making you uncomfortable and you have no way of handling what he's doing as he doesn't understand NO.

He needs help to see that his actions aren't right. You also have to get assertive and if he assaults you fight him off. I think as much as you like him that it's not a healthy place for you.

I was re-admitted into a masters program after being dismissed for academic reasons. I needed to be cleared to register for classes, and my advisor cleared me, however she mentioned that I may have a Dean's Hold from previous semesters (since I was dismissed).

I went ahead and emailed the dean and vice dean, as well as the admissions office, to see how I could resolve this issue. I let my advisor know that I did so, and a few minutes later, she emailed me the following:

" I can assist you with hold. It is not a matter for the deans of the school to address. Please email them immediately and let them know the matter is being addressed. Next time, just check with me first. If further action is required, I'll let you know. "

My first impression was that she sounded annoyed with me-- that I contacted the deans first without consulting with her first. I did not mean any harm, I simply thought I was doing the best thing (since it was a DEAN'S hold, after all). Hopefully I am overanalyzing this, because I really don't want to return back to the program with an awkward or tense relationship with my advisor over this. Any thoughts? (link)
She's not annoyed at you and it's not a personal
thing. She assumed you were going to let her
Handle it and know it was being resolved.

All she has done is pointed out that there is a
Protocol for this and that talking to these people on your
Own can louse it up.

You need to stop worrying. Don't email a soul, dont
Apologize anymore and just know it's resolved
And she knows what she is doing.

This is good it happened for it will teach you that you
Need to be patient and trust others to do what
They said they could. Everything is fine as long
As you contact nobody else and only get in touch
With herif she reaches out to you first.

A few days ago I realized I like a guy from college. Who happens to be one of my best friends. Today we had an awkward situation where I nearly toppled over him. I was extremely embarrased and I realized I am like that because I like him. I don't get embarrased easily unless it's a crush. The thing is,I had a bad break up recently and I don't want a rejection to make it any worse. Any ideas to get my mind off of him? I wanna stay his friend,I just don't wanna like him anymore. (link)
Why deny yourself something that in your gut feels incredibly right? Yes, you were hurt recently and before but this guy ain't like the last guy. Do yourself a favor if you like him go for it otherwise you'll be miserable for not taking the chance.

It seems you are really close and he wouldn't say no but if he did... If you have been friends for a long time it wouldn't affect anything. If you like someone so bad you can't get your mind off that person and shouldn't. I wouldn't deny how you feel or try to hide it. That's not healthy. Best to get it out there and try.

Rejection may sting but what's worse the not knowing and the intense feelings being hidden or taking a gamble that could pay off into a really solid foundation for a relationship that could really blossom?

I am a 14 year old girl and I have recently made friends with a guy who I thought was really cute and have a crush on. When we talk I can hear him growling. He doesn't open his mouth, it's just like this deep throaty sound coming from his throat. The first time he did it I went "what was that?!" And laughed, thinking that it was a joke but he just says nothing and walked away. I can hear him doing it in class (it's a very quiet sound but I sit right next to him). And it's not me that's causing it, I hear him do it around his friends too. Could it be some kind if habit or tick? His friends never mention it, maybe they know what it is because he only talks about it with close friends? What could this be???? (link)
I'm no medical expert but I think you're on the right track with thinking it's a tick or habit that isn't able to be controlled.

Thing is others may notice it but he may be unaware (believe me that can happen) or perhaps he knows and your noticing it and saying something embarrassed him. I'm not an expert on Tourette Syndrome but it could be a mild case with a few uncontrollable motor movements or sounds.

His friends probably know that this sound exists and either know the reason or aren't phased by it. If it's something he's talking openly to them about than the likelihood of it being medical and not something they're worried about is the thing.

What do you do? You have to either not be bothered about it or approach him nicely. Point out that you don't mean to embarrass him or make him uncomfortable but notice he does X,Y, Z a lot and wondered if he was consciously aware of it. See what he says.

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