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I aim to give you solid advice on your problems. I don't sugarcoat things and I'm always straight up. Don't come asking for what you want to hear as I always give the truth even if you don't want it because it's what you need and the only way to grow.
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I didn't finish my book club homework and I accidentally left the book “Number the Stars" at school and now it's Saturday,I teared up the questions I didn't do and decided to say my sister did it, but now I'm afraid my teacher will want me to tell her the answers, so please, quickly, tell me if you read the book: How does mamma divert the soldiers from opening the casket? Why do you think the psalms are important? And: How does Peter help the others relax and calm down after the soldiers left? I didn't read chapter 10, didn't know that we had to, help! (link)
This is a homework question. The entire idea of your teacher' assignment is for you to read and find out the answers and write a paper yourself.

You need to visit a bookstore or library. Pick up up the book there or read it in store or library and get the work done. Phone a friend for a list of the questions you need. The teacher won't grade you if you don't hand it in nor will they buy a sibling tore it up either.

I know this is an interesting question, but I was wondering.. should I get up at nighttime to wee? I'm only fourteen and every time I do get up to use the toilet, I end up staying up! So should I go to the toilet, or should I just stay in bed. I don't drink water before bed and.. I just don't know what to do. Help?? (link)
If you have to urinate go. I'm not sure why you would be unable to sleep afterward. What you should do if concerned about this and an increase in frequency you are going is consult a physician.

Thinking about baby names. WDYT of these?

Aaron Bennett
Joseph James "Joe"
Matthew David or Matthew Joseph "Matt"
Wesley Richard "Wes"
Calvin Clayton
Cole Brandon
Nicholas Andrew "Nick"
William Trent "Will"
Jacob Mitchell
Noah Daniel
Richard ? "Ritchie"

Alexia Ann
Addy Teresa (Teresa is after my mom)
Kennedy Rebekah (Rebekah is after my aunt)
Daisy Jane
Emily Gwendolyn
Jessica Elizabeth
Jane Elizabeth
Meagan Ann
Amy Lea (pronounced Lee)
Melissa Lea (pronounced Lee) (link)
It's not what we think of the name. It's what you think of the name and whether you believe decades from now it's not a burden on the child.

You don't want something bland or uncommon but you don't want an exotic name or one that may have an unintended reaction ie: could be mocked or rhymed.

You want something that stands out for a male and is a strong sounding name when spoken. As for a female something feminine. Never chose a name that every kid seems to have these days unless it has special meaning to you and clicks.

I used to be a really nice person but now not so much what are some things I can do to be nice? (link)
Figure out what the behavior is that people aren't responding well to. If you know what you are doing that isn't nice stop doing it.

That's the first step. Next treat people exactly the way you want them to treat you. When you do both these things and are consistent you'll fair better.

Hi, I'm fourteen girl and I'm tired of everyone treating me different. No body will tell me what's wrong with me and I'm tired of it.. everyone treats me like I'm from another planet.. I cry every day about this because I'm so confused. I don't know what to do. I have terrible social skills&&i have no friends. I have no one, no one seems to understands what I'm going thru. I tried talking to my family, and they only made it worse. I've considered harming myself because everyone seems to think different of me. People stare at me, punch&kick me. A girl in my class(she hardly knows anything about me) and she said, it's what I focus on. This may sound stupid, but I feel like everyone knows something about me that I don't even know. Please, please, tell me what's wrong with me? It's driving me nuts!!!!! Advice is much appreciated!! Thanks in advance. (link)
You need to learn who you really are and hold to that as it is what matters. You cannot control what others think. It's irrational and paranoid thinking to believe they all know something untrue about you or are against you.

If you have a lot of anxiety and want to physically harm yourself than that's a red flag. The same goes with no social skills/life. You aren't "nuts" but do need to have mental-health professionals evaluate the situation because you aren't functioning normally and help you overcome this. It's really the only logical step you can take.

I don't know why others have kicked or bullied you but do tell adults about it and defend yourself as that's what's best. If bullies see you aren't someone they can physically or mentally challenge than they move on gradually.

Okay, my name is Allison. I am 15 years old. So, this year I started being friends with a bunch of drugies. &' I really love it. They have gotten me into all of that stuff. My ex-boyfriend is named Sam. He was the reason why that all happened. When he first asked me out I was so excited. We are an on &' off again kinda thing. He was my first that I slept with. &' only so... But, the reason I am Telling you all of this is because my dad doesn't want me to see Sam anymore &' he says my friends are bad influences. What should I do? (link)
It's time to wake up. There is nothing cool about doing drugs. Your friends sooner or later will realize this or suffer life-altering problems later or ones that bring fort death. There is nothing glamorous about that lifestyle.

Real friends don't lead people into a world of drugs. If you love this than you really need help. Your father is right about the boyfriend and your choice of friends and activities. If only he knew. You need to obey him and start thinking if these people and drugs is where you see yourself. Are you doing it to fit in? At either rate you aren't seeing how self-destructive any of this is. That startles me.

So i got my 1st period few months ago and i already had it few times, i always tried to tell my mom but i didnt know how to.. And one time i got it , it left red mark on my bed and she saw it and asked me what is this and i said i dont know and i feel horrible for lying to her !! Please help (link)
The more interesting question is why lie? You both know this is normal and expected part of development. There shouldn't be any secrets. She's your mother and has been in your position. If you find it hard to talk about try writing a note explaining it embarrasses you to address it in person.

I have a crush on this guy.He's 19.He likes me but just as a friend , not even a close friend.i always have to knock him and he replies with short answers and sometimes he doesn't even reply.I told him that i like him and all he said was "aww".i also asked him "why don't you feel the way I feel about you?" and he told me that "You're a kid". But guys older then him asked me out , why does he feel that way?I mean I want him very badly.Don't know what to do :( (link)
I hate to confirm bad news but you're wasting your time. He's not into you at all and perhaps not even as a friend. If he's acting weird with you screw it. You tried. There's nothing you can do to change it.

As far as the "kid" remark perhaps in his view you're too young or he means it in terms of intellect or maturity (ouch) in comparison to himself.

Either way as hard as it is to deal with unrequited feelings I would move on. This way you don't get hurt further than you are feeling now. The only person who can tell you why he feels this way is himself.

Unfortunately whether he's sparing your feelings or just isn't forthcoming the reason doesn't matter. It won't change things but only make you miserable. Look for someone worthy of what you have to offer.

Ive had a bad personality for a while.. I cry and look at negatives a lot. Ill cry over the smallest things bc im so hurt inside. How can I stop and learn how to take stuff better? Not cry and not look at things bad.. Everyone says I need to "Glo Up" meaning grow up and stop doing what im doing. I think way to much and idk how to stop (link)
If this is something that just doesn't go away and has been long-lasting see a doctor. You could be depressed and sound it from the symptoms you stated.

If it's a medical thing over time treatment and medication can get you back to your normal self. Mention it to adults who know you best and can take care of it.

My boyfriend keeps insisting on meeting my family. afraid that if I introduce my boyfriend to them they might do something or say something racist. Not all of them are racist, but most are. They say racist stuff all the time. They don't know I have a boyfriend. My boyfriend is an amazing guy around my age and we love each other. He's patient, honest, treats me with the utmost care and respect. He has an accent and his culture is very different from mine.

My family has said racist things about people of his race and some of them think that you shouldn't date out of your race. Even if I tell them not to embarrass me they probably will do it anyway. My grandmother is very outspoken. I know they will all gossip and have something to say. If he finds out they're like that I don't know what he'll do. I don't want to lose him because of my family... What should I do? (link)
Stand your ground. Do what your heart knows is right. Tell your boyfriend that it's not an issue with him that you are worried about.

Inform him that your family especially grandma who doesn't know any better harbor racist viewpoints. Tell him you love him and have been trying to spare him an awful experience with them because of their views of his culture. Continue dating.

What I would do next is as follows have his parents invite you and your family to dinner. Then they can converse about misconceptions about their culture and their son and the truth about the relationship can come out in a positive light.

I have known this boy since I was a little girl. I guess you could say were friends.Now in high school I have got feelings for him. He is kind of popular now and I think he likes one of the perfect girls in my year.

I really like him and want to ask him out but I'm afraid of rejection. (link)
Nobody is perfect. That other girl may be popular but still have bad traits or be someone he isn't interested in. Maybe he is or has been interested in you but can't voice it.

If you have known someone for years and years you should be able to talk to them about anything. They may not like you back in the same manner but would have the maturity to continue on as though this weren't a big issue.

Everyone fears rejection but the fact of the matter is that it inevitably happens to us all. He may be as equally scared of it as you. After all boys usually do all the asking.

All you need to do is talk privately with him and mention that you have known him for a long time and just want to be 100% honest with him on how you feel and not hide it. This way you finally get it out in the open and can move forward or on. Who knows he may feel the same way. You owe it to yourself to try.

I am in a fight with two of my best friends.They judge me a lot.I feel like their dog at times.They don't like the fact that I had 11 boyfriends and they were very harsh on me due to that reason.We are friends for six years and now we don't talk.It's almost a month that we don't talk properly.they are also leaving the country after 2 months and we are broken.I tried apologizing and instead I got harsh behavior from them so I don't apologize anymore.I mean , they are the ones who should apologize to me , right?All these times I was so busy keeping them happy that I forgot my happiness.They are my friends and therefor they are supposed to me supportive , instead they judge me.Now what? (link)
They don't sound like friends now do they? If they judge you and stop talking to you for months than that signifies there's no friendship here and you should move on.

Yes, it's unfortunate they are moving away but when you look at it you aren't missing much. They aren't acting as friends should let alone a best friend. There is also nothing for you to apologize over. You're you. Be who you are.

If anyone else dislikes you for it tough shit on their account. The only time their voice counts is if it's one that comes out of concern for you and your well-being or future.

The fact you had 11 boyfriends is only an issue if they feel people are using you and you are letting them. Aside from that it's MYOB when it comes to them butting their noses in. Also, perhaps there's jealousy there especially if they don't have guys interested in them.

I need an essay on "Televisions were said to ead the end of conversations , telephones the end of letter writing.Write about some great impact on family life in your generation..." (link)
I usually don't like to answer homework related questions. However, it's clear you don't understand your assignment. All the teacher seems to be asking for is an essay on why telephones and TV sets were thought to be the end of regular conversations and the need to write letters.

The teacher wants you to find someone from within your own family who grew up during the time the TV was first introduced and prove why or why not the above beliefs held true or not.

Come up with a thesis statement and a good 5-6 graphs that expand on it and tie it all back to the main argument you made in your first line of the essay.

If still having trouble consult your teacher and tell them you don't understand the assignment and what they want you to write. If you don't know anyone from the era where the TV set was introduced tell them that. It's better to approach the teacher if you are unsure about anything.

For the past few weeks I've been finding small white balls in my bed. They do not look organic. They are solid and have nothing in them. I squashed one with a wire cutter. No liquid no contents. What could these be? (link)
If I understand your question correctly it's likely nothing more than what your mattress is stuffed with coming out of it. Look for the source of a leak or tear. It must be coming from somewhere.


Whenever my period rolls around, in the few days before and all during I'm always unbearably aroused, my clit is always throbbing, and I scour the house for anything that might help. There's never anything. It's torture really because masturbation in the days before doesn't help. I've never been able to relieve myself and my house is so overcrowded and privacy so unavailable that those moments are few and very far between. I won't try on my period because even the thought of it disturbs me. I basically shut down all rational thought and become a horny beast, which actually makes me ashamed of myself. And when my period ends nothing can get me aroused. Absolutely nothing. It's as if my body flips a switch and refuses to give me pleasure. What should I do? (link)
The person below me is correct. What I can deal with is the lack of privacy issues. A teenager needs a space for themselves where they can go to study, sleep, create, relax etc. where others cannot barge in.

Most parents hate the idea of locks but one thing you could do is get a simple inexpensive chain lock or a latch so that the door cannot be opened fully until you undo it.

The other thing is you might not be able to enjoy this activity period due to always feeling rushed or worried about it. I'm not sure also what you are ashamed of or why acting on normal urges during this time when possible disturbs you. It may in fact be better to do so and feel relief than as miserable as you described.

I wouldn't worry about you not being able to achieve pleasure later on in life or now. If really concerned talk to a female you can trust or mention to you doctor that you always feel turned out during menstruation and then not at all at any other time.

They can reassure you and trust me they deal with questions like this an things teens find embarrassing frequently. It's better to ask about it and be done with worrying.

Another thing you need to know is that your parents especially your mother knows this is a normal activity and universal with both sexes and especially during puberty so they would be unfazed if they knew.

Perhaps if you spoke to her about hormones, these feelings and worries it may help you better. It might be embarrassing but she likely has gone through similar things herself.

My name is Rachel and I a m 24 years old and my boyfriend is 25 years old and we have been dating 2 weeks today and I just bought him something for Christmas bug Valentine's day is Febuary 14th and then his birthday is Febuary the 22nd and I have no idea what to get him for either one because they are really close together like a week apart and I don't have much money because I don't have a job right now and I am flat broke . I know that be likes Duck Dynasty Grof Georgia Bulldogs and he is a really big christian and so for his birthday I want to get him some thing that has to do with his interests but have no idea exactly what to get him for his birthday and I have no idea what to get him for Valentine's day any ideas are greatly appreciated thanks in advance for any help. (link)
Valentines Day and Feb. 22nd are quite a way off which is good as there's a ton of time to get to know him better and make decisions.

That's a plus so you won't have to make a split second choice and not get it right. I know you're 25 but what I recommend for younger advice seekers still applies. Find someone who knows him quite well be it a friend, his sister if he has one, and especially his mom.

Tell them how much you love him and that you've only been dating for a few weeks but want to really surprise him with a gift he will really remember. Get their ideas as that may lead you to a great choice.

Mention to them that your funds are tight and you are saving for both dates hence the urgency to find the right item and be able to afford it.

The other thing is you may need to keep it simple. Perhaps for valentines day you can make a fancy dinner and romantic evening at home. It's little things like that which may mean more than a store bought gift.

I am a 22 year-old college student, and I live at home with my parents and my grandmother. My 28 year-old older sister lives away from home, and is in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend of four years.

Today I went to mass with my mom, and I never noticed how badly my sister's situation affected her. For awhile she told told me that she chose not to get involved in the situation, and that my sister made her choice. In her opinion, she chose her boyfriend over the family.

Before leaving mass she suggested that I light a candle for my paternal grandmother who passed away in February, and since I know the kind of relationship that she holds with members of that side of the family I was kind of puzzled. So I kept on asking her why she was crying over her death, and she told me that it was because my grandmother would have been there to talk to her about this situation when she was alive and healthy.

I am very concerned about my mother because she's not the healthiest person. Yet, admittedly, I'm not the right kind of person to go to about the situation I'm too temperamental, passionate, high-strung, and I hate when certain things like this are out of my control. Also, under certain circumstances in the past, I have not been the best person to go to in drastic situations although I do try to be supportive.

I have no idea what to do, I have tried talking to my sister but this always turns into a fight. As far as she's concerned, regardless of the situation that occurred between them less than two months ago in which her friends and family found out about her situation with her boyfriend, she's happy and safe and he's in love with her. I can't help but think that she's only there because her boyfriend is controlling the situation.

My mom is not the healthiest person in the world. She has diabetes that went untreated for years, this condition left her blind in one eye, unable to wear heels, and with her kidneys unable to function properly making it where she needs to go to dialysis every other day.

The main thing is that unlike most people, she does not have a close group of girl friends who she can hang out with to get her mind off of things. This probably results from the fact that she has never been particularly involved in her community, and she doesn't work.

So, how do I handle this situation? I told her to go to church and ask to speak to a priest (we're Catholic), to talk to a cousin who she grew up with, and to even talk to my sister's friend who has been extremely helpful in this situation, and has definitely shown that if we need to talk to she's there for us. (link)
This is one of those questions that isn't easy to answer. I'm not a doctor and it takes one to diagnose such an illness but your mother does sound depressed.

If she got that looked into and perhaps even counseling to understand what happened with your father, to deal with your sister, and to live her own life that may help. Of course, she has to be willing to do this.

If I were you I would get joint counseling with her to try and deal with what's happening and is happening with life and family that is overwhelming you both.

When it comes down to it you're being a great daughter and wanting to help your mom but you must realize it's all you can do by yourself. You cannot continue to beat yourself up over this or your sister.

As much as you both want your sister to wake-up to the reality of how dangerous her situation is you really cannot do much more than your family has or make her see. You can't ignore her situation but still have to love her.

She does need out though as he sounds like he has a few screws loose if he's choking her etc. It may be fear plus love of someone in play.

Definitely find a professional that you can talk to about how you're dealing with all these issues as that's important you need to take care of yourself as well as this is a heavy burden.

My childhood friend and I are really really close, I always thought that there is a chance that he would like me but I recently asked him if he likes anyone and he does, the person he like have a girlfriend too. I don't know if I should just give up on him... (link)
If you have been friends since childhood you should be able to share anything by now. Get this off your chest. Even if he's not interested in you in that way at least you'll know where things stand so you can move forward. It shouldn't mess anything up or have him think less of you. You need to do it or you'll never know.

Today i came home happy but then when i went to remove my makeup i felt the stress and i started to cry for no reason at all. (link)
Bipolar nope. That's a mental illness where the symptoms are grandiose ideas, feeling omnipotent, God like in some cases, bad decisions, and delusions on-top of rapid cycle mood swings and voices.

19/F So my best friend and I both realized we're attracted to each other about 4 months ago. After some complications, we started 'seeing' each other, and then became official a month ago. We've both said "I love you", and the relationship is going REALLY great. It may or may not be fast for some, but I feel like since we were best friends before, we have more of a head start than other couples. Anyway, I love him so much, and it's obvious to me and other people through his actions that he loves me too.

Thing is, we work together, go to the same college, and most of the time I'm his ride to those places since his car is busted. Not to mention I sleep at his house all the time. So we see each other A LOT. But when we do have a day or two apart, I miss him. A lot. It's not like I feel empty or anything, I just really, really miss him. I don't like being apart from him, and he's said that to me too. We laughed about it.

Is that normal? For me to miss him that much even though we see each other all the time? It's like, I'll go home after hanging out at his place or something, and an hour later I miss him. I haven't been in many relationships, and I want to make sure I'm not making the relationship unhealthy or anything. It seems to be going great and I want to make sure the relationship's not doomed. Input would be appreciated. Thanks!! :)) (link)
Seems like you found your soul-mate. Stop complaining ;) Most people would kill for what you both have. All this amounts to is an indication of an extremely strong bond. Enjoy it. You're fine.

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