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Well some people call me a big mouth. But im just going to tell you the truth. And what i think about your problem that you have come to me with. But if my information can help you then im the one you need to be getting advice from. I'm not going to lie to you. I don't believe in lying becasue doesn't get you anywhere.
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i dont really have close friends and im sick of being alone. In school i walk through the hall ways without someone wanting to tlak to me. (link)
Just walk up to someone and start up a conversation. Join clubs and after school activities. That is a great way to meet new people.

my mother is abussive she curse me and i dont like even comming home becuase she is like that her husband is a crack head and is lways in and out of jail please tell me what to do i just turned 16 and i live in georgia plese help (link)
Hey there!!! I believe that you should go see your school counselor or someone close to you. That can get you help. Do you really want to be in pain all the time. And scars and bad memories in your mind. All I really tell you is to go see someone or stay with a close relative or best friend. My heart goes out to you. And ill pray for you.Another person with the best advice ever is God!!!! His advice will get you out of pain. And in a bettter home. I hope that this will help you!!

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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