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"Though its been a while now
I can still feel so much pain
Like a knife that cuts you the wound heals
But the scar, that scar remains..." -Poison, Every Rose Has It's Thorn.

My name's Ammo and I'm here to give any help or advice on anything that I can. :] Firstly, if you were kind enough to come here and read up on me, I thank you.

I've been through a lot when it comes to relationships and life in general. I've seen and heard many things and have always felt it's nice to be able to share my experiences (both good and bad ones) with as many people as I can in the hopes that I can help others not make the mistakes I've made (and sometimes still make). Who knows, maybe there's a lesson or two I can learn from you as well.

I don't really use chat programs much anymore so e-mail would be the best way to get in touch if you wish to chat but if you really need to chat then I am able to do so via Facebook, Yahoo or MSN. I'm a very social person so don't mind anyone wanting to chat. ^_^

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I got the virus saying "all your files have been incrypted" and i am freaking out.ill get a computer specialist but i need to ask you smth.i got all my photos on a hard disc connected to the computer.have those files been encrypted as well? any tips? thank you

I guess this depends on what exactly the issue is, are you able to provide any more specific details?

I may not have the right answer here but try the following link:

If this doesn't work and this is not the error you are experiencing then can you provide more details or describe the error in more details please?


I am scared to report c porn because i am afraid they will blame me. i don't know why. please report these sites for me?

(link removed after being reported)

(link removed after being reported)

(link removed after being reported)

(link removed after being reported)

please help me and report sites above!

all i searched for 2was teen! OMG! i m a girl!


I have contacted the IWF (Internet Watch Foundation) with the information you have provided and am waiting to hear back from them in regards to this to see if they are able to deal with this or if it needs to be passed onto someone else i.e. the police.

Please note that in future if you do come across anything like this don't be afraid to report it. It's not your fault if you went to a web site by accident thinking it would be one thing and it turns out to be another (it's something that has happen to me many times). You can do a Google search for places to report web sites and you will find there are many places that can help. Don't be afraid to help out by reporting - you will be helping preventing the exploitation and abuse of innocent kids. The fact you came forward with this information you have is a very positive thing and hopefully others will also be able to do the same instead of just turning a blind eye.



Hi! I'm a 17 year old healthy female, and my boyfriend and I had sex during my fertile week with out protection multiple times using the "pull out" method. I know that some guys don't always get it right and there Is precum, so I'm a little nervous I could've gotten pregnant. Any advice? Thank you!

There is a very very slight risk that there can be pregnancy from pre-cum but this is something that does not happen very often at all and is only a possibility (a very remote one). I had used the same method in the past as well but since then have always stuck to using condoms simply because getting someone I am with pregnant scares the hell out of me so unless they are on the pill, I will always use protection. I would advise that you possibly look into getting on the pill as a backup. As for whether you might be pregnant there can be a very remote chance of this but I would say get yourself tested (use a home pregnancy kit and do the test twice to be certain) or go and see your GP to have the test done and see how that goes and simply go from there.


I have lied to my boyfriend his car handle fell off so I try to fix it with some super glue he came to my house that evening and asked me if I tried to fix his hand on his car with super glue and I stood in front of him face to face and I said no so he said well I'm going to call my son and see if he done it so you got a hold of his son and his son said no I didn't do it look at the cameras that you have at your house and it will tell who did it. So the next day when he left for work I text him that I did ithe forgive me for that stupid lie but he still broke up with me because I did it face to face if you truly love somebody you shouldn't have to lie to him you should tell them the truth what should I do I asked him for a second chance but he's not listening or even talking to me

Hello. Lying to your other half (or anyone for that matter) can be a bad thing as you have seen first hand and usually it's because its either just not worth it or it will eventually get found out anyway. From my perspective I can sort of understand your boyfriend being a bit upset at the fact you lied (it's not what you lied about its the fact that you did it right to his face that he is upset about) and I think anyone in his place probably would be too. Give him a little time to cool down and then try and see if he will talk to you. Just try explain why you lied and ask for a second chance. I can't say if he will give you this second chance but at this point if you have really learned from this then I think you deserve a second chance to show this but it really will be down to him and what he chooses to do. There may in effect nothing you can really do other than just talk to him to explain your side of things and hope he is willing to put it behind you both and try again. If he is, just don't lie to him. As a couple he needs to know he can trust you just as you need to be able to know you can trust him and a big part of that is being able to be honest with each other.


So I'm a girl who watches a lot of youtube videos and I decided to start making my own videos, but I don't know which camera is the best and etc. I'm going to do the videos to see if I start feeling well with myself, so I'm a bit nervous to make the first video. Any best camera advices? And any advices for the first and second videos? I'm shy so it's going to be hard for me, 'cause I hate to take photos and etc.This is to help me gain confidence, because I know most of the youtubers story and most of them had a not so good life like me and now they're happy and I'm trying to search for that happyness to. Please help me with those 2 questions. Thanks

Hi. I saw that this was posted absolutely months ago but came across it so decided to answer. The type of camera you need will all depend on the kind of videos you wish to shoot. If you are making videos from your room on a laptop/computer then a simple webcam will do the trick. A half decent webcam will be all you need in addition to some software to edit the recordings. The webcam will need a mic built into it or a separate microphone might be needed, this can be picked up for pretty cheap as well as you don't need a studio quality one. Other than this just make sure your room or the room where you record is well lit.

If you are wanting to make very high quality videos and are wanting to get into the whole making videos on a more serious note and have a pretty good budget you could invest in a DSLR camera (I use a Cannon 700D for my videos) but before going this route I would say pop into a camera store and ask them about the different cameras available and let them know your requirements. From there you can research their suggestions online to see if what you have picked will suit your needs.

When making videos just for you tube though in a blog manner though a half decent quality webcam will usually work perfectly as long as you manage to sort the lighting out and it will pick up sound properly or you have a mic that you can use with it.


so me and my bf are going to camp with the rest of our grade and i dont know what do because i want to try and get my first kiss with him without anyone seeing what to do and if i dont ill be fine but it would be way harder in school you have time i am going april 8 am 2015 please give me advie tell me the instructions for 3 days of the first kiss plan but its the last day the third day so if ya want i have a 2 hour bus drive to the camp maybe that will help and i have one full day with him but around alot of people and teacher so maybe you could help me please please please help!!!!

If this guy is your bf then just do it when the time feels right. Seriously... don't try and plan this out because all that will do is just cause a lot of tension, make you nervous and in all honesty it will just spoil the special moment because you will be more worried about the plan than actually focusing on the moment. When it happens it will just happen. He may even be the one to make the move and kiss you, you never know. I can quite honestly say that I have never taken the charge in kissing someone before and it has always been them who took the charge because I am always too busy planning it and wondering when I should do it (I think they just got fed up on waiting for me to do something).

Don't worry about it. He's your bf so when it feels right just go for it. :)


Hi! I am 5"0 and 135 pounds can I get liposuction would a doctor do it? How much would it cost?

The question on whether a doctor would perform the surgery on you depends entirely on the surgeon in question, many will refuse to perform any kind of cosmetic surgery on minors unless it is medically necessary.

Others who do refuse to go ahead with it do so not because of a persons age. Because of the pressures of society and the obsessions on having the perfect body, this can have a very psychological and emotional effect on young teenagers who then turn to cosmetic surgery as a way to fix what they see as a problem - it is for reasons like this that many surgeons will not be willing to perform the procedures on minors.

As for cost, this will vary greatly between different surgeons so all I can really suggest is looking up a few that are close to you and request a quote from them on what it would cost roughly for a specific procedure.


My fiancé and I are planning on moving in together so, that's plan A. My grandparents say that I need a backup plan in case things don't work out, like if we break up, where would I go? What should I/we do.

In a way I can see where your grandparents might be coming from but there are a lot of details here that could make all the difference in terms of what kind of advice a person can offer you, for example, are you moving into his place? Or is he moving into your place? Are you both getting a place together and if so who will be the owner of the property or under who's name will the property be rented under? All these are important in terms of where you will stand IF things take a bad turn. If it's your place then you wouldn't need to move anywhere as it's your place. If he owns the place then he could ask you to leave in which case (I am unsure of the legality of this as it varies country to country I imagine) you'd have to leave as he owns the place. If you both have equal ownership or both share the rent and the property is registered under both your names then I imagine there are a lot of added complicated on who it falls to to make sure the rent is paid in time (if you kicked him out do you have to pay your share as well as his?). There's a lot of questions here and to be honest you should find out what the arrangement is going to be and then if need be speak to someone who is familiar with all these details so you know exactly where you stand. You could also discuss this with your other half and just see what he says although it may not be the best of things to ask as it may indicate to him that you seem dubious that things will work out or you are having doubts about the relationship.

Hopefully however, you will never need to consider this as things will all be fine. :)


Hi! I am 13 and my boobs are saggy, my bra size is 36B can a plastic surgeon do it or am I too young? How much would it cost

My guess, since I'm no doctor, would be that you would be too young to undergo such a procedure for two reasons... the first is your obvious age and you being young and the second is, which is actually directly related to the first, is that your body is still in the development stage with you being in your early teens. It has a while to go before it matures and as such, your body will go through some changes up until then and so having a serious procedure like the kind you are looking at would not only be unwise but would also be morally objectionable unless there is a specific medical reason for the surgery/procedure.
If you are concerned about any aspect of your body you should try having a chat with your doctor/GP about this or perhaps even your mom and see what advise they can offer you. But for now I would say not to worry about it at all - you have a while to go yet and your body will go through various changes yet and your boobs may be affected by these changes.


K so im 16. My boyfriend is 17 and his brother is 16. My boyfriends brother wasn't really in his life until this year. Seth was so excited to have drew back in his life. Drew had been into some bad things but he was doing so good and moved into an apartment by where we live and getting a job. Seth, drew and I were always hanging out. So since me and drew were pretty good friends when seth went to new york with his step dad, I helped seth move things into his apartment. We were watching movies later and drinking beers and we both got drunk but he was really drunk. I was really feeling good so I suggested we take a walk on the beach. When we were walking, he started saying things like thanks for giving me a chane and being my friend and noones every been so nice to me, I feel so alive when I'm with you. Then he was like, we have connection and he grabbed my waist and was like, seth doesn't have to know. And I said no drew stop . But he kept trying to grab me and then fell on top off me. He kept kissing my neck and lips and rubbing my waist while holding me down. I was yelling asking him to please stop. Then I punched him in the back of the head and almost got away but he pulled me back by my shirt and scraped my chest with his nails really bad. He was taking off my shirt when I kneed him in the balls and ran away. I know I should tell my boyfriend . But he has andger issues . He was really trusting drew to change . If he found out he'd get really mad at drew and I honestly think if they got into a fight he might kill him . And seth and drew weere becoming so close. Drew keeps calling me and apologizing, saying he's so sorry and didn't know what he was doing and I never had to worry about it again but I get really scared when anyone even seth surprises me and grabs my waist or something now. And I don't fell comfortable making out with seth or something sexual because all I can think about is drew on top of me and I push him off and feel like I wanna cry ! What do I do ?? Don't talk to me about pressing charges, id never do that and I genuinely don't think drew will do anything like that again . But what do I do about seth???

Personally I would say you should have gone to the police with this because this was quite a little more serious than just a drunken mistake where he tried to grab you or kiss you - you told him no repeatedly and he ignored this and if you hadn't actually fought him off it probably would have ended far worse.

It will be your call on whether you tell your boyfriend or not but I think given the psychological damage that the event has caused you may need to tell your boyfriend about it and the sooner you tell him the better as it'll just get harder the longer you leave it. Yes he might get angry but in not telling him you are also risking your own relationship with your boyfriend. You said yourself it is already affecting your sexual relationship with your boyfriend and this will be something he will eventually start to notice and may even start jumping to conclusions about. In addition to telling him you also need to seek out some help because you went through a traumatic experience. The fact it has started to affect your relationship is a clear sign of this. See if you are able to seek out counselling, if you don't know who to talk to try speaking to your doctor about this and asking them if they can suggest a therapist you can see about it. I know it sounds quite scary to have to go to a therapist or seek counselling but it will help greatly with what you went through and will hopefully allow you to overcome these problems that are preventing you having a normal relationship with your boyfriend.


My cousin broke up with this guy and he was very controlling and he cheated on her with his ex girlfriend. He didn't like for her to have family over their apartment and he didn't like for her to hang around her very close friends. He has been abusive to her multiple times, one of the times he stalked her to a grocery store and hit her and stole her purse, she had witnesses but she never pressed charges, she got back with him. he choked her & hit her and broke the window out of her apartment and trashed it. She called the police and pressed charges, then dropped them.He has stalked her numerous times and hit her while she was places with friends. He verbally abused her and she already has low self esteem. I'm afraid he wll hurt her badly. He has stolen her phone and he texted my grandmother yesterday, he said : "Where are you? Do be scared." And he told her he would kill her if she had no witnesses and get her fired. He told her he knows where all of her family lives. And yesterday he broke into her apartment for the 50th time. He punched through the glass and came through the window. MY cousin thinks he does drugs cause she said when she was with him, he came home acting different and crazy and his brother does drugs.She put a restraining order on him again and pressed, but he still threatens her. He knows where she lives. I guess he doesn't care about restraining order. What can she do to get him to stop threatening her?

Your cousin needs to go to the police! This guys is a danger to her and quite possibly to himself as well and this is something that needs to be reported. If he has a restraining order against him and is breaking it then the police will hopefully take it to the next step but your cousin needs to go to the police and tell them what's going on - go with her if you have to as she will more than likely need the support and explain to your cousin she can't just brush this off anymore by letting him run riot. It's doing that repeatedly that has given him even more power over her because he knows that no matter what he does she will never really take it far enough for something to be done about it. As I said above, this guy is quite possibly a danger to people around him and certainly a danger to your cousin, she needs to go to the police immediately.


My mom recently got married to a guy who's 15 years younger than her, and lately he's been acting very unfatherly-like towards me. My mom goes out to work and when I get out of school its just me him and my other siblings. At first he wasn't so weird...I mean we'd say good morning, and then pretty much avoid each other all day. Then he started sitting with me at breakfast, trying to converse. After, we started talking more and more and I guess we opened up more to each other. However about a month ago, things started getting really weird. He started asking me really awkward questions like "are you a virgin"and "when are you planning to lose it"...he also kept asking me about my relationship status, and things I just wasn't comfortable discussing with him. And after a while, those kinds of things seemed to be the only things he wanted to discuss. After those conversations, things started getting even more odd and disturbing. He makes comments about my chest or my butt. He started getting really touchy-feely with me. When I'd be in the kitchen he'd like wrap his arm around my waist, and when we'd sit on the couch and watch tv together, he'd get really close to me and sometime he brushes up on me and I just try to avoid him. At first I really tried to convince myself that he was just trying to be fatherly. However, I soon realized this wasn't the case as he started saying really innapropriate things and looking at me in a creepy way. Not that long ago he even tried to slip his hand into my shirt in a "jokey" kind of way if that even makes sense. After I'd asked him why he'd done that he told me he was just playing around and that he wasn't serious. I really doubt that. I really don't know what to do at this point...I'm not 100% sure that he's not playing around...but then again I feel really disgusted and violated by him. I really don't want to start unnecessary drama...and plus my mom would not believe me. My mom has been in & out of me and my siblings lives, other ppl have raised us and then she gets us back and she's barely there, when she doesn't have a job, she's out of town with her friends partying and my step dad helps with the bills. If I told her she would start a huge fight with me and not believe me. I'm really freaked out! I keep thinking about it and He has been looking at me weird

i want to tell my mom. what if she doesnt believe me? And I don't want to be away from my brothers and sisters

He may well be trying to just be fatherly but from everything you have said it does sound very suspicious but the thing that is the most important here is that YOU feel you have been violated or he has crossed the line with you and this is all that is important at this point. It could have just been him joking around it might not have been unfortunately there is no way to tell and in a situation like this it is a really difficult thing. All I can suggest is you talk to your mom and just explain to her what has happened and how you are finding it creepy or inappropriate and see what she has to say.
I have no idea how she will react but I think it would be in your best interest to tell her that this is going on. If it is all just a misunderstanding then she can talk to him and just tell him there is a line and he needs to be careful about crossing it because not everyone will see it as innocent as he sees it. If this happens then see how things go from there and see what he is like with you and with your siblings. If he says or comments about something you find inappropriate then tell him so he knows this.

It may well be nothing but I think bringing this to your moms attention will be the best thing to do but also note that yes it might be nothing and yes your mom may ignore it but if it continues then I suggest you speak to someone else who will be able to look into it such as a counsellor at your school/college or even the parents of a close friend. I would like to think this is nothing more than a misunderstanding but at the same time you just never know what a persons true intentions are so you need to be sure that you are protecting yourself and your siblings.

Speak to your mom, give her just the facts (what happen and how it make you feel uncomfortable) and go from there.

Good luck.


I'm 19 years old, and i live in Quebec
and I what to now what you can do if a Boy is touching and starring at my boobs.

Anyone starring at your boobs would be just plain rude and there's not really much you could do but touching is where it is crossing the line. I am not familiar with the laws of where are but one law that is not different, as far as I know, is that if someone touches you in an inappropriate way on your body then it would be classed as sexual harassment or sexual assault (am not sure which it would be but either way they are doing something illegal).

If a boy does it, you have the right in my opinion to protect yourself and defend yourself (a sharp slap to the face should do it) and if the guy has a problem with this explain you can take it up with the police instead if he would prefer that and see what they have to say about him touching you in a way that is inappropriate. I suggest you speak to the police where you are (just go to the police station and have chat with them about it - they will be more than happy to help) and ask them to explain exactly what the laws are on what this guy did/does and where you stand from a legal point of view.


I've been with this man, since March 2013. We're getting married next year, he proposed to me and I'm so excited...but, there are things that I never told him...about myself. I was raped in 2006 by a guy I knew...somewhat. I mean I've known him for a long time, I hadn't talked to him though...I don't know, if I can bring this up to him... He gets...really protective and that's really good in a man. But he STILL calls, and texts...he won't leave me alone. I tell him not to talk to me, to leave me alone. He just won't stop. But my fiancé knows nothing about this. I'm scared to let him know. My fiancé works at night...and I'm here alone with our two kids. I keep the door double locked ALWAYS. But he's come over and waited outside for me to come out and talk to him/see him. I never do. But he does it all the time. I'd mostly like guys to answer...but girls are okay too. What if you're girlfriend/fiancé/wife had a stalker, how would you feel/react/handle the situation.

Why are you keeping this to yourself?! If this person has been following you to another state this is a serious problem and one you need to address immediately. You need to go to the police right away and have a talk with them about this and explain and tell them all of this. If he was willing to follow you all the way there and has still not left you alone you have no idea just how far this guy would be willing to go or what could spark him off to push him over the edge. Not only do you need to make sure you are protected but also need to make sure your family are protected.

Speak to your partner about this and just explain to him about it. I'm sure he will understand and he may even want to go talk to him or tell him to leave you all alone but this is NOT a good idea and will more than likely only make things worse. Explain to him you have decided to go to the police about it and you'd like him to come with you then go to the police and tell them everything. every guys instinct will be to step up and protect his family and loved ones and be the one who saves the day as such but unfortunately sometimes actions like these will just make things a lot worse or dangerous so do the best thing for yourself and your family and go to the police immediately.


We live in the USA and are going to be Juniors in High School next year.

My childhood friend, Lily, was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Bryan, for over a year.

I met him when they first started going out. Most of last summer and every Wednesday since last fall(for church activity's)they were at my house. He seemed really nice and you could tell they were perfect for each other. They both liked a lot of the same things, their personality's were similar, and they had a lot of chemistry.

But as the months went on, especially since I was with them a lot, there was more and more tension. Until they were eventually having arguments literally every time they were at my house. I was wondering when they were going to break up for months before they actually did.

When this happened, I would basically just leave the room and get food, or start doing the chores or something to give them a little privacy when they'd argue. Because I didn't want to get involved or over step my boundaries as a friend in their relationship.

But one day, Bryan was being mean to her and told me to leave so they could talk, Lily asked me not to.

So I didn't.

He started yelling at her, calling her a bitch and telling her she was immature among other things, because she 'broke a promise' or something,(I can't remember much as this was around 6 months ago) Then he took a knife and started cutting himself, in front of her.

And what makes this even worse is the fact that a year before Lily attempted suicide and cut herself often. And he knew this.

I just sat there in my phone playing games. I was so angry, but I kept telling myself that it was between them, and not to get involved.

The after he cut himself twice, she started crying and sat by me, I hugged her and I couldn't hold it back anymore and I yelled at him saying he was the immature one. He looked at me, made Lily sit up and whispered something in her ear. She then looked at me and asked me politely to leave, which I did.

I wanted to punch him so bad, but my cowardice at wanting not to interfere won out. It's one of my biggest regrets.

A few days later she came alone and told me things about him. That he was abusive and controlling. She told me how he tried to choke her on multiple occasions, among other horrible things.

I remember one time he started yelling and getting mad because she put on mascara(she usually doesn't wear make up). And another time because she asked to dye her hair.

It continued on like that until about 3 months ago, when he accused her of lying and cheating because she and I where at another friends house watching a movie and while Lily was asleep 3 guys came over for 45 minutes and left.

They got in a huge fight, and we were fishing and he was calling every 5 seconds in both Lily's and my phones. Until he came and yelled at her crying saying that she took it way to far.

Then her mom came to pick us up and we went with us to her house, and when I left an hour or two later they looked like they were fine again.

Then I think a day later she came to my house and wasn't sure if she should forgive him or not. I remembered some advice I found on this website and asked her: "Could you stay with him for another week?", she said yes. "Another month?", she said yes, and I kept going up to a year, 2 years and so on. Until she couldn't say yes anymore.

And at that point, she decided to tell him they should take a break.

But he kept calling again, for days non stop. She had to change her number because of it. The he would message her on Facebook, she would block him, he would somehow become friends with her again.

Then shortly after they broke up rumors started spreading, that she was having drunken hookups, paying people to have sex with her and that she was a huge slut. (I know for a fact none of these are true. Plus we live in a small town where everyone's a backstabbing gossip)

He'd message her asking if they were true, asking if she was talking to guys, when she'd say no, he accuse her of lying.

Over the 3 months since they broke up, he's ruined a lot of things in her life. He started telling people he'd kill himself if they talked to her and stuff. Basically he crossed lines should never be crossed.

I could tell he was manipulating her, but I don't know what for.

She told her mom a lot of what he did(I'm not sure if she knows everything, considering Lily told me I don't even know it all) and a few weeks ago, her Dad. Who called Bryan and told him if he ever talked to Lily again he'd beat him up and call the police.

But yesterday, he started telling Lily more rumors and asking if they were true and she said no, and he accused her of lying again, so she got mad and we went to his house to get him to tell her who's saying the rumors. (I knew it was a bad idea, but I didn't try to stop her because I knew she wouldn't listen)
And I sat in the car while she talked/yelled at him. They went into his back yard where I couldn't hear them, and when she came back she was crying a little, and we went to another friend of ours to tell her what was going on. Lily went outside to call her mom, while we(Me and our other friend, Megan)stayed inside. She called Megan, with out coming back inside, and said she was going home and would be back in a little while.

Megan and me waited, until about 45 minutes later, Lily's mom called and asked if Lily was there, saying she left to come here 20 minutes earlier. We said she wasn't then called Lily.
She didn't answer.

So we called her off and on for 2 hours, before she finally answered, saying she was in a car driving to a town almost an hour or so away and that she went fishing with Bryan and her mom knows where she is.

Basically what I'm asking for advice for is, I'm really worried she might get back together with him. She loved him, still loves him. A lot. She even gave him her virginity, which she broke up with most of her previous boyfriends for tying to have sex with her. When she was explaining what happened to Megan, she was saying how much she loves him and that she knows he messed up but also thinks she did too(for breaking up with him, or telling her parents, not sure which. Maybe both).

She spend her 16th birthday crying over that asshole. I couldn't bare watching that again.

I know I'm her friend, I also know I can't make up her mind for her, and if she does get back together with him I have no say in it.

But I can't just watch her go through all of that again... I just need some advice that maybe I could tell her, or some advice on what I should do..

From everything you have said if there's one thing that has remained constant it is this guy and his behavior. It has only gotten worse if anything at all and certainly not any better and I can say with a lot of confidence at this point that it will continue to get worse.

The guy is manipulative as well as a control freak. The whole cutting himself and threatening to do something to himself are all ways for him to maintain control over Lily because he knows that all these things will bring her back to him. I mean the amount of times she's walked away from him only to go running back to him because he has said something, this is him manipulating and playing with her emotions to get what he wants. He is so untrusting of her that he is willing to believe all these rumors even after asking her about them and her saying they are not true. And I would go as far as saying that it would not surprise me at all if he was the one who spread all those rumors about her in the first place.

You are her friend and so if anyone is going to step in and do something about it then I would say you have every right to especially since this guy is a danger to your friend. He has just gotten worse and worse and he clearly seems to have some kind of an obsession with her which is why he can't just leave her be too and this is a dangerous thing. You need to try talk to your friend and explain all this to her. If he is abusing her physically and mentally then this is not something that will stop, the only way to stop it is her getting away from him and if he won't stop calling her or contacting her she needs to go to the police and gain their help because what he is doing is crossing the line some. Her parents are involved in this whole thing now too so go to them and speak to them as well and tell them about your concerns and see what they say. It might help if you all talk and then maybe all go to Lily together to try and talk to her to make her see what is going on.

She deserves a guy who will not just love her but also respect her because love alone is not something that will just make things work. At the moment yes he loves her which is bordering in my opinion on an obsession but I question whether he respects her.

Good luck, I hope you all manage to get her away from this guy.


Hello forum,

I always lock the closet door, when I leave the room where I live. One day I locked the door and then when I came back the closet door was wide open. How can I find out if someone opened this closet door? like tape or paper, or hairs? thanks

Try a small piece of either black or white string (the colour to use depends on the colour of the closet and the door). Stick one end to the closet door and the other to the side of the closet very close to the bottom. If the closet has double doors then stick near the bottom so that each end is stuck to one door so when the doors are opened the string will either break (unlikely) or become free from where you stuck it in place. Stick the string using a very small piece of tape or double sided tape.


This big girl in my school who used to be my friend but she all of a sudden started hating me Wich mainly revolved around my weight because whenever we got into an argument it somehow went to how small or skinny I am (small really doesn't make sense she's a fucking INCH taller than me) and it's ridiculous to end a friendship on that and you should see comments online, I wish I could show you the links but I'm anonymous and I don't wanna be banned but one article said skinny girls aren't people and they starve themselves. All about Dat bass doesn't say all body types are buteafull it says skinny girls are ugly and guys only like girls with big butts. And anaconda is worse. You'd know if it was reverse (ex. Fucking dem fat bitches) world war 3 would be declared. I'm skinny. I'm naturally skinny. Nicki Minaj used to be like me until she got surgery on her ass. I'm not anorexic. I like big macs. I'm not skin and bones or a twig. I would die if I were that thin.

Larger women being teased about being larger is something that has always been a problem and is down mostly to just how society as a whole functions and how you get a cascade effect from it. It's common knowledge that being obese or large can be bad for the health and with this fact being hammered into everyone no matter where you look does it really surprise you that larger people get teased a lot more? The amount of ridicule larger people suffer is pretty bad but that's not to say skinny people do not get it as well because they do. I mean a lot of times I have heard silenced comments about how some girl must be on drugs or is making herself sick to look that skinny. Some people just have a far more active metabolism than some. Some people suffer from the opposite and so no matter how much they try and diet or eat healthy they will find they lose nothing.
Everyone gets teased about something or another nowadays - if it's not about their weight it'll be about one of another million other things but people will always find something or another to ridicule about someone else to make themselves feel better about themselves.


Hi, I'm the one who asked the question about being scared from my teacher because I thought she may try something. Well, it turn out he's a man. Which makes it so much worse. There won't be any other teachers in there; Only a few that are just passing through the classroom. I don't know if I'm able to stay there for an hour at the minimum without having a panic attack. What should I do? It also turns out, that my father is not going with me because he doesn't want to just sit there for an hour and a half.

Hiya. Ah, I think that may change things very slightly and the fact that your dad can't be there with you is understandable that it makes you even more nervous. Is there not a friend that you can take with you who is willing to go along? You should see if your parents can speak to the teacher that will be there to let the teacher know that you suffer from panic attacks as well as having paranoia disorder so being alone with him could make you nervous. I think if your parents let him know this he may try and see if there's an alternative way to do the lesson to try and make you feel that little bit more comfortable or at the very least be a little more understanding. I know it's easy for anyone to say that you should try and just do it but in this case this may well be something you may have to try. I know you're very scared but in doing this you will be overcoming a very strong fear that you have. Also remember that IF anything does happen that you are not happy about you should speak to your parents about it right away but I believe you may be worrying about what you have heard or read and being paranoid will not help with this. All I can really say is that not everyone you will meet who are strangers will not be bad people but yes there are some who are, it's all just a matter of being careful and looking out for yourself. If you can take a friend with you who is willing to wait for you then that may help just until you get to know your teacher. Have you spoken to your parents about this and about how worried you are about it all? What have they said to you about it?



Every time I broke up with a guy he would date a girl who is much uglier than me,who he spoke ill of and never even paid attention to until after I broke up with them. It happened 3 times already. I'm not conceited or anything but I am good looking and smart and have many qualities,and those girls aren't half the woman I am. But they go for them very shortly after the break up. Like,the last guy I broke up with started dating this girl after barely 3 months since break up. And like I already mentioned,he spoke no nice things of her and barely paid her any heed. To clear things up,I have no feelings for him or any of my exes anymore,it's just that I'm curious about this thing that keeps happening every time I end a relationship.

I can't comment on these other girls being ugly because I personally do not believe there to be such a thing - everyone has their own opinion of what's attractive and what isn't however this sounds like nothing more than your ex's running to someone else on a rebound and this usually happens with the person going to whoever shows them some interest. The fact they might have been more ugly than you is simply a matter of opinion - to you they may have been not as pretty as you but to your ex's (and to others) it may well be the other way around.


Okay im a 13/f and in a current relationship. Okay this relationship is different from the others cause he is short and i never went out with a short person so its different. But i been thinking about breaking up with him cause we dont act like a couple. We still seem like the friends when he had ask me. But now a good friend of mines told me that he go with another girl. So this giving me a stronger feeling to break up. So my questions are.
Should i break up with him or talk to him about it.

A bit confused but did you mean that a friend of yours told you that your boyfriend went off with another girl? If that is the case then clearly this guy has no idea what being with someone and being in a relationship is about (given he is probably the same age as you this does not surprise me - girls are generally a lot more mature than guys regardless how old the guys are). I would say talk to him about your relationship to find out what's going on and about how you both don't act like a couple. It might be the reason he went off with someone else but I am not saying he was okay in doing this, if he is with you he shouldn't be going off with someone else. Talk to him to find out where you stand and if he has been off with someone else then tell him to take a hike and find a guy who will not only act like a boyfriend to you but will also be faithful to you.


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