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Q: I am 19 female and i have a boyfriend of a year and 3 months. i have always seemed to mention things like "you wouldnt ever cheat on me right?" and a bunch of other annoying things. he has yet to prove me wrong, so i dont know why i keep on feeling this way. i am constantly worrying and wondering what he is doing when we arent togethor. one of the reasons i think i am like this is because i know he loves to have sex with me a lot and is a very horny kind of guy so it makes me extremely nervous that when we dont see eachother for a couple of days, he will do something behind my back. i know he loves me and truly does care for me and wants to see me happy and cant stand to see me upset. so part of me thinks he wouldnt do such a thing. but the other part of me is so full of anxiety and worries that he is doing stuff behind my back..because i know one of his good friends has had a girlfriend for a year also that he claims to be in love with but then my boyfriend told me that when the girlfriend has her period, he cheats on her. that is extremely messed up and i cant bear the idea of my boyfriend doing that to me. it breaks my heart. i also feel like ive seen and heard of people cheating, friends, etc. so why would it stop him? when i was in 6th grade apparently my dad cheated on my mom and that is why they got a divorce, i didnt find out that reason until 2 years ago. but i wonder if thats also why i am so scared. this is getting overwhelming. i know my boyfriend is getting fed up with me acting this way.
I have gone through this before. Its so easy to look around you and point out all the reasons why you shouldn't trust a guy. With all the unfaithfulness going on around you, its really hard to have hope. I have addressed my issues to numerous amounts of people and they all say the same thing "Do you think *boyfriend* would do that to you?" and I stop and take a look at how my boyfriend treats me compared to the guys that claim they are "in love" with their girlfriends. I think about how often we see each other and his level of commitment to me.

If you can sit here and evaluate all of that in your life and still say that you have a good boyfriend, you have to have faith. Otherwise it won't work... it just won't. Love is such a complicated emotion. Its probably the most complicated I have felt. Its all about taking chances, thats it. And you have to give it your all. That way if it doesn't work out, you can honestly tell yourself "I gave it my best. I gave it my all. It just didn't work out." versus "I wish I could have done X, Y, Z better". Always remember, no relationship is the same but for the most part someone has once been in your shoes--whatever case that may be. Strive to have a good relationship, get to know each other and support each other.

Good luck! If you have any more questions on the topic, feel free to ask. Like I said, I've been there before.

Q: i was texting my boyfriend last night, and he texted me so i texting him back, and after i texted him back...he didnt text me back for an hour...i waited and waited but i fell asleep. he texted my bestfriend shortly after(shes our wingwomen) and told her that i was ignoring him, when really i was just asleep, i woke up with 6 new text messages and 2 missed calls, i told him this morning that i wasnt ignoring him and that i fell asleep...he hasnt texted me back and i'm you think i'm over reacting?
Nope, he is. I'm not sure how old you guys are but he'll get over it. And if he doesn't then he isn't the guy for you, especially if he can't trust you with something this small. Trust is huge for a relationship.

Q: 13/f
hi, okaay so im 13 and a female,im really nice and pretty(not to sound self concieded)and i have exactly what i want all around me. Unfortunatly, kids in my school are all picky about what u wear and how fat you are. i have a boyfriend. and i have over 225 friends. i'm one of the more social (popular) kids in school, but for the first time today i was called fat. it bothers me so much now that, i cant wear anything but yoga pants without feeling fat. i hardly ever eat, but when i do its soup salads chicken and healthy stuff. i'm not anorexic, i eat 3 meals a day, i just dont eat anything in between. it keeps getting to me, and now i wonder alot more often, why i have such a good boyfriend, so many good friends, etc...i dont know what to think of my self anymore. how do i go back to the old me?
Ick. DO NOT listen to whoever said that, trust me. If you are as great as you say you are you do not have anything to worry about. People obviously like you for you, not for what you look like--which I am almost positive cannot be that bad.

Its good that you are not anorexic and do not even think about going down that path. You are doing the right thing with eating healthy, you should be doing that anyways. I highly suggest working out on a regular basis and if you play sports, thats great too. If not, either power walking or jogging can only be a good thing for you. Working out helps with the body, mind and spirit. But don't do it because someone called you fat, do it because you know its good for you and you will feel great after. But I will repeat, DO NOT do this for other people or for the person who called you fat. Everyone should do some sort of physical exercise 3 to 5 times a week. I'm in the military so of course I'm going to push some physical fitness on you :P

Q: What is the e-mail or regular mail address for Disney? i want to know this because i have a complaint about a certain Disney Princess. also i was just wondering because it would be sooo cool to know Disney's e-mail/ mail address!!
Are you talking about one of the Disney's princesses in general or you went to Disneyland/Disneyworld and had a bad experience with one of the characters? Either way, you can go to the "Contact Us" portion of either parks' website or and "Contact Us" if it is in regards to just a Disney princess in general. Hope this helps and good luck on getting your issue solved!

Q: So..
Theres a guy in one of my classess I like. We've only spoken twice and the last time was 6 months ago now!
He's shown sign of liking me (looks at me, laughs at things I say) and I overhear him say things to his friends about a girl-the things could easily apply to me I you get what I'm saying.

So, bearing in mind I'm really shy and he's two years older than me, is it abit random to add his as a facebook friend? We have no mutual friends on facebook either :/
Most likely he will totally add you, why wouldn't he? He at least knows who you are in person. Sometimes, thats all it takes for someone to add someone on FB or even accept a friend request. If you like him, this is definitely a way to show him. Good luck!

Q: I'm 11, and I already say I love you to my boyfriend.
We haven't kissed, and we've been close friends for a year before we started dating. We've been dating a month now, and we say 'I love you.' all the time.

Is that bad?
Its not bad. But I bet there is a 95% chance that in about 5 to 10 years you will realize that what you are feeling is a different kind of love than what you will feel later on down the road.

Q: I'm a girl and I like this other girl at my school. She's a senior and I'm a sophomore. 15(almost 16) to be exact. She's 18. I'm not sure if she's too old for me because I've heard that liking her is a lost cause.
The age difference isn't that big of a deal. People could be saying that "liking her is a lost cause" probably because of her personality, her "type" when choosing boys/girls, etc. Don't give up but on the other hand, keep that piece of advice in the back of your head. It will help prevent you from getting crushed later on down the road if things don't work out.

Q: I'm 16 and I'm a female my boyfriend just turned 29 and we have been together almost 7 month on the 18th and we are both Christians so we believe and agree that we shouldnt have sex til we are married but my friends hate him because he is white and is 29 they try to tear us apart and sometimes they tell me that its Either them that I let go of or my boyfriend but I don't know what to do?! By the way my boyfriend promised me and my mother that he isn't in this relationship to get in my pants that he wants to wait until marriage... what do I do? How do I keep them both?!
Its not unusual for one person in a relationship to be a lot older than the other but the fact that you are so young is what people find so shocking. You both are on different levels mentally now than you would be, say 10 years down the road. You both would still be 13 years apart but by then you both will be of legal age, independent, perhaps be a little more stable, etc.

If you think that this relationship is for you and worth losing your friends and family over, then the decision is ultimately up to you and no one else's. However keep in mind, since you are still a minor and your parents have control over you, this could turn into a legal issue if taken that far. You would really need to keep that in mind.

Do not rush anything and keep your relationship as slow as possible, that way you get to know your boyfriend a little better and what his intentions are. Be careful and good luck!

Q: I have a problem! I love to organize, but don't have good ideas- but the big problem is that I hate to clean, and the term 'can't see the floor' REALLY applies to my room- and I can't find anything! I tried the 'put everything in a giant pile and attack the pile' but when I see the pile I get overwhelmed, push it to my floor, and it stays there. I hate it! I love being clean, but I just can't get there! So I need:

A) Organizing Ideas (I enjoy it, remember!)

Thanks, and I KNOW ITS WEIRD!!!
1) For cleaning, start with your bed. Wash the sheets/make it, whatever. Put all your pillows on it and arrange it the way you want it.

2) Then do all your clothes. Whatever clothes are lying out and NOT in the drawers/closet or wherever it needs to be, PUT IT THERE. If the washer is free, start up some laundry.

3) ANYTHING is on your floor, that doesn't need to be, start putting it on your bed (this should clear off your floor and now you have a clear idea of what you need to put away because it is all on your bed).

4) At the same time you're doing that, start throwing away trash/shred papers (if you have a shredder, its good to shred old documents that have any important info on you--I don't like throwing away old mail, etc. I always shred it).

5) Don't limit it to just trash. Anything else you don't want/need. Find a place for it, make a pile in the living room (its better to keep it out of the space you're trying to clean) and decide what you want to do with it. If its old pieces of furniture, give it to the goodwill, etc. If its something a sibling may want, give it to them, etc.

6) Now go back to the pile of stuff on your bed and start putting things away.

As for organizing your room, I always concentrate on the secret spots: under my bed and in my closet. I'm a big fan of plastic drawers, baskets on my shelves. If you have shelves, try to use those too and buy cute basket/drawers and organize them accordingly. Under my bed, I keep things I don't usually want or need access to on a daily basis. Also, if you have a top shelf of your closet and have room, you can probably buy and put together a mini shelf and stick it up there to help you organize.

Remember your door too: its good for a shoe organizer hanger.

Organization consists of "storage". So next time you go to Wal-Mart, Ikea, etc. Take a look at the storage section and you'll find tons of organizers and nifty things such as the shoe organizer that utilizes the back of your bedroom door as storage; as well as closet organizers, etc.

I hope this helps. My room is pretty clean/clutter free and I love to organize as well and these are just tips on how I clean my room and organize it. Any other questions, feel free to ask.

Q: okay i need advice to give to my best guy friend.
He likes this girl A and loves this girl B. well A likes him back and B loves him to. Me and Him are so confused because he doesnt know what to do. Weather to be with A or B. B told him that shes loved him and would b there when he was done with A. I told him if B really meant what she said then go with A. But then he said that he really loved B and then i said it sounded like hed rather b with B. then he said he didnt know because he really like A too. so i dont know what to do im stuck, hes stuck. Hes is also wanting to lose his virginity to one of these girls. please help and im sorry if its long. thanks
It sounds like he likes B better. Go with B.

Q: sometimes when we're making out he'll pick me up off the couch and put me on his lap and i was just kinda wondering is he getting hard? do all guys get boners? how will i know if hes getting one? thanks
If he's getting hard, you'll know it. Or you'll feel it if you're in his lap.

Q: Very long story, but here's the extremely short version. Well, I was going to break up with my boyfriend last monday. But apparently he was suspended until friday. I didn't have his number, so I couldn't do it over the weekend. Now he's back and completely ignoring me. I think someone told him we were over or that I was planning to end it, but I have no idea. He is completely ignoring me. Should I talk to him about it to make it "official" or just leave it? Thanks!
If he is ignoring you as in, you go up to him he walks away, then I would probably just find another way of telling him. I'm not a big fan of messengers but maybe tell one of his friends to tell him, or maybe e-mail/instant message him.
The reason I think you should do it is to save yourself completely. If you started seeing someone else, you don't want him getting in the way of him thinking you two are together, you don't want to be labeled a cheater, etc. So yes, I think you should make it official.

♥ steph.

Q: do you put eyelinear on your top eye and mascara on your bottom eye lash? does it look good? or is it too much?
I put eyeliner more on my top and then just a little on the bottom. Then I put mascara on top and bottom. You can do different things, it all depends on what looks good on you.

♥ steph.

Q: Im a 16/m. Today my kinda girlfriend told me that she started talking to her ex and her feelings came back for him. I say kinda because i never asked her to be my girlfriend because her parents didn't want her to be in a relationship. I told her that if im keeping them apart then i would stop talking to her. She said she cant be with him right now but she didn't say why i think it was a distance thing. Then she told me that she still wants to talk as friends but i cant do that she already hurt me before i don't think i could take it again. So i said goodbye and i asked her if she could stop talking to me completely so i could get over it faster. I don't know what to do i feel sick ive been crying for the past 4 hours and i have to see her tomorrow at school i have her for my last class of the day. And i see her in the halls.
Can someone help me.Tell me about your experiences, or how to get over this, something to look forward to; should i try to get back with her or let her go?
Because of the fact that you two aren't in an official relationship, its hard to give advice. If you guys were really together, my advice would be to break up with her. When did she start talking to her ex? When did she get those feelings for him again? Honesty and communication is essential in a relationship and something that is lacking on her part.
In your case, I also think you did the right thing. If she wants to talk to her ex, those feelings are NEVER going to go away. So even if you stayed "kinda boyfriend/girlfriend", you'd have to deal with him always being in the picture. And if you guys were talking as friends, your feelings for her will NEVER go away.
Its hard right now, trying to get over her and it might take awhile. It took me about 6 months to get over my ex...6 MONTHS! of crying and depression. But I'm just a complete wierdo so I'm sure that won't happen to you. My point is, it won't be easy at first but you just have to stay strong. Take this time to find out more about yourself. A very important thing is, don't try to find another girl to replace her/to make you happy again. From experience, I've learned that the best thing to do is to get over that person completely. Get over them to the point where you're happy again, just being single and loving yourself. You don't want another girl to be the rebound and you don't want to still have feelings for this other girl.
I hope all this helps.

♥ steph.

Q: so i was with my friends at the mall like 2-3 weeks ago. we were just following people around for the fun of it. so we saw these two hot guys who looked about our age and we followed them into this store. they were like playing with these things and i just go up to them and start playing with them too.( we decided to make ourselves look kinda creepy. haha) and like everytime the hotter one would turn around i'd be in his face. haha
but like i asked for his number and he gave it to me. and like 2 hours late (i had been texting him)
he called me to make sure it was me and was like i think your hott. when are we gonna make love (i know he was kidding. haha)
and we texted like the rest of that night.
i was like i'm gonna fail this paper. he was like i think you deserve a 100 for whatever you do.
and little things like that.
so we texted each other for a week. then he just kinda stopped texting me. but then when it came around to the weekends he would text me being like you wanna hang out? and coincidentally i had already made plans. for like 2 weeks in a row.
but he texts me and stuff saying things like:
hey babe.
yeah babe only for you.
and he even asked me if i was prude and i was like kinda. and he was like well maybe as i get to know you better we can change that.
i know you already hun.
and we talk on myspace and stuff and he is like babe and honay. and stuff like that.
i don't know. and he started not to really reply to me. and i kinda like him...i don't know. hes in highschool and i'm in eighth grade. but hes a freshman.
but like he wouldn't reply so i was like do you wanna hang out this weekend. and he was like yes. that would be cool.
so now we're gonna like hang out.
but do you think he likes me?
i don't know. i mean he doesn't have to text me like all the time but it seems he only talks to me if i talk to him first. i DON'T like making all the moves. i don't even know. i've never been in a relationship before. i have no idea what i'm even doing. i just want advice. haha
Its kind of hard to say. Freshman are a different type of breed haha. But from what it sounds like, he probably does like you. But don't rush into things and don't let yourself fall too hard (I found this out the hard way). Perhaps he's busy or that maybe he's talking to other girls (and there's nothing wrong with that, both of you are technically single)...this is why I say don't fall too hard. There's nothing wrong about hanging out with him (with friends or one on one).
If I were in your shoes, I would hang out with him. This gives you the chance to get to know him better in person, what he's like as a date, etc.
If there is one piece of advice you take from me, please let it be this: do not move too fast. The part where you said you're a prude, you're not a prude. Hopefully you just have morals and don't do anything you'd regret if say, the two of you didn't work out. But you can still have fun and hang out.

Q: I always wake up once I have about 5 hours of sleep.
I've tried to sleep more because I heard you needed it for teens.

I was really tired so I went to bed at 10 and I woke up around 2-3. I couldn't go back to sleep. It's already 7 now.

So what's wrong with me?
Well, its good for teens to get about 7 hours of sleep each night. But if you're waking up after about 5 hours and going on with the day and not getting tired, then I don't think its that big of a deal.
If you want to get more sleep, after you wake up, just kind of concentrate on nothing. Don't think too much about whatever.
First concentrate on your toes and think about them getting stiff...then think of your legs...then think of your stomache...chest, arms fingers etc. and only focus on your body parts. We learned that in psychology and its supposed to help you fall asleep. It def works for me, you should go ahead and try it.

Q: 16/f
I've been in girlscouts for about 10 years. I've been with the same girls in my troop for that long. We are down to about 10 of us. We are all working toward our Gold Award, which is the last award. Then, we complete girlscouts.
This summer, we are going on a cruise. I want to do something really special for all of them. Maybe buy them each a little something, or make a toast at one of the dinners on the cruise.
Its just .. these girls and i have been through soo much and I just want to show them that I appreciate all the itme we've spent together.
Ideas for something special wanted!
Its good to see someone going towards their Gold Award! I was in Girl Scouts for 8 years. I started when I was in 5th grade and I went all the way to the end of my Senior year & I had my ceremony in June-ish of 2006. I worked on my Gold Award from sophmore year until Senior year of high school. Its a challenging thing but it feels good to be able to say that you've earned it. And even though you haven't finished yet, I still give you major props and want to say Congratulations!

Thats awesome that you're going on a cruise, it'll be a lot of fun to go with them together (my troop went to Orlando, FL back when we were sophmores with our Cookie $$) especially since you guys have known eachother forever. You should definately do something special for them. If you have a lot of pictures from over the years I would try and either do a slide show on the computer (if you have a scanner, scan the old "pre-digital camera era" pictures) & add music to it. Make each girl a copy of the DVD. Thats an inexpensive almost no cost gift, just a tad bit time consuming if anything so if you still want to buy them a little something that would be awesome. You can even get individual pictures of each of the girls (maybe even a baby picture as well) and like introduce each girl in the very beginning and then have like a group photo introducting "Troop ###". If you're not good with the computer gather all the pictures and get copys of them and create an actual photo album for each of them. Those would be awesome. You can ask each of the girls to give you the pictures that they have as well so you can get copys of everyones.

Hope this helps. You're not spending too much money plus its one of those gifts that come from the heart :)

Q: i like acoustic things, or really pretty, beautiful songs like Sia, Breathe Me but i don't know of many artists with songs like these :/
I've never listened to that song :(
Buuut you can always check on myspace like look in the acoustic category. Or; if you search for that artist, it'll give you a bio and a list of their CD's plus influences & similar artists.
Hope this helps. Please rate.

Q: I want a purpose in life. I don't think I have one. I'm lonely all the time. My friends don't come and see me anymore. I go to school once a week and do a packet to earn credits.. while they have school. I guess Juniors have more work to do.. but just one day to hang out would be nice. I feel lonely and a last resort. All i do is spend my days with my boyfriend. It's nice BELIEVE ME. but i haven't seen my friends in like 6-7 months..

and no one will hire 16 year olds.. so what am i supposed to do? i'm home all week except for one day..
Since a lot of places won't hire 16 year olds, you can try doing some volunteer work somewhere.

Before I had my first job I was a Candy Striper at a local hospital. I worked in the Adminstration Department and that helped me gain experience a bit.

Theres many different places that you can volunteer at. Church, helping with kids, schools, hospitals, animal shelters, etc.

Q: I been crushing on my best friend for 8 years now. and i finally told her about my feelings. she said she doesnt feel the same way, but she ask me why i like her. just stop me from my tracks. i stood there realzing that i dont know why i like her like that. all i know she is my very first long trem crush and first girl crush. i couldnt belive that i like her and now i dont know why. she is so annoying and so passvie and it drives me up the wall. she doesnt care too much of her self and she doesnt think for her self. when i first met her she looked very sad and unhappy. then i help her from her famliy and health issuess. so why do i like her???? i told her (lara) that the reason why i like her. this is what i said "i dont know, you just attract me in some way and its hard to put into words". she said "oh". and the odd thing is i told her three times that i like her. every night and day i think about her but i shouldnt. i need to get over her and i cant. because she is my best friend and i hang out with her every other week with our friends too. but how can i get over her? yes they say look for some one eles, or be very busy. but let me tell you this:
1.i am very busy
2.i cant look for someone else when i might move out of town next year.

that is my plan to move on is to move away but it is a maybe and my friends dont like it even lara.But they cant stop me. for now i just cant get her off my mind.
but i dont know why im in love with her?
is that love????

Its okay that you don't understand why you like her. I don't know why I'm in love with who I'm in love with... its an unexplainable feeling & thats okay.

I'm sorry that she doesn't feel the same way about you and thats very difficult I'm sure. This might not be the answer that you're looking for but you pretty much have it down. Just stay busy and keep your options open. Don't just shut everyone else out because you have your mind set on this one girl.




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