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lorelei's Picture Hi, I'm Lorelei. I live with my mother, my older sister and my grandmother.
I travel a lot but I'm never a tourist. ;) My mother owns property all over the country and I'm extremely lucky to feel at home in so many different places. It's a lot of fun and I get to see a lot of things and meet a lot of people.
Shopping always seems to be better away from home too.
I'm very fashion-minded and stylish, spontaneous and energetic, dorky and giggly. I enjoy having a good time. Almost too much. I party every chance I get. I do drink but I do so responsibly and you should too.
I'm very young but the year 2003 caused me to learn more about who I am than some people get to learn about themselves in an entire lifetime. Ever since I've made it a point to share what I've learned with everyone possible. Ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Whether or not you found my advice useful, a rating is appreciated, good or bad. Let me know how I can improve.

This guy I'd been dating had a birthday party on Saturday. I got wasted and made out with his roommate for 3 hours. My best friend had a crush on his roommate. Now pretty much everyone hates me. Any ideas for damage control on this one?

Your best bet is to own up to your poor judgment and apologize.

That is a pretty crappy thing to do and there's really no excuse for it.

I'd try to make it up your friend and boyfriend and simply hope they forgive you.

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My best friend and I want to apply to college together. She wants to go to school for art, and I want to go for writing.

Any recommended colleges supporting both these as majors?

I don't know where you are from but Columbia College of Chicago is an awesome place. It's pricey but you're very likely to meet lots of like-minded students and the faculty and staff are great.

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im getting my belly button peirced...
wut things can i do to get ready for it..?

On top of the excellent advice rainbowcherrie offered, I'd suggest you relax and remember that it's about a split second of discomfort in return for an awesome new excuse to buy jewelry. ;)
I'm assuming this is your first piercing, so don't be afraid to ask your piercer 100 questions if that's what you need to feel comfortable. A good piercer will be more than happy to do everything it takes to make you comfortable.

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I have a sansa e50 mp3 player, it says i need to synchronize it so I have to delete all the songs. I use Rhapsody, is there any way that I can delete them all at once, and not one by one. I have almost 500 tracks...

Synchronizing doesn't involve deleting your tracks.
All you have to do is open rhapsody and plug your player in. When it shows up on the left side panel, right click and choose to Update your Track Licenses. Rhapsody will synchronize for you. No need to delete anything.

For future reference though, the easiest way to delete all of your songs is view your MP3 player with Windows Explorer and simply delete everything in the Music folder.

Hope that helps.

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I have an LG phone, its model VX5300. Its a picture phone, and I can take pictures fine and everything...
I want to make my own ringtone, because I want to sing this song that *I* wrote, and make it my ringtone. Is there a way to record it on my phone without having it on your computer??

You can't record it right on your phone, but you can e-mail yourself a ringtone for free.

You need the mp3 on your computer, first of all. I'd recommend converting it to ringtone format with AudioGizmo [].
Then just e-mail the new mp3 file to

Then you should be able to just save it to your phone as a ringtone. That's how I do it on my LG VX8600. ;]

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How much does Facebook Mobile messages cost?
Like, is it 99 cents a message? Also, I have unlimited texts for Verizon, does that mean anything?
What are the incoming/outgoing for texting to fbook?

That's one of the awesome things about Facebook. They don't charge a thing.

If you have unlimited text messages, it won't cost anything extra to use.

However to browse Facebook on your phone with the browser, will incur data charges.

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my sister has a ipod nano.
well her ipod nano has this thing come up when you turn it on it says " Enter Code "
and she doesnt know what the code is.
Any ideas how to get it back to the song part , cuz she cant even listen to her songs or anything

please help

I did the SAME THING. I have a first generation iPod nano (the ones with mirror-back casings).

All I did was plug my iPod in to my computer with iTunes open and when I unplugged it again, it was unlocked. :)

Good luck!

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What are good [romantic/comedy] books to read over the summer?

Sloppy Firsts
Second Helpings
Charmed Thirds
Fourth Comings

...all by Megan McCafferty. All awesome. :)

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um, i have a nikon coolpix L11 and when i bought it quite recently, two i think double or triple A batteries were supplied.

now, my camera says that the batteries are exhausted! i admit i've been using it a lot, but i thought that when you connect it to your computer, the batteries get juiced up again? or do i have to keep buying batteries [which is superr retarded]


Look at the batteries. They'll say whether or not they're rechargeable. Odds are, they aren't. You can buy rechargeable ones at any major store for about 20-30 dollars.

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I love her eye make up- how does she do that?& how does she get her eyelashes to look so long?

The eyelashes are definitely fake. But a good mascara can make your natural lashes look fabulous. I've been using Maybelline Define-a-Lash and it's wonderful.

As for the smoky purple/black eyes, try applying purple shadow to your lid and blending outward. MAC and L'Oreal make high pigment shadows that will really pop on your eyes. Then line your eyes with a black creme liner and use a q-tip to smudge it.

I agree with the columnist before me, though. Practice definitely makes perfect.

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okay well me and this guy have been together for almost 10 months. kind of off and on. but when we were not together we were just kind of "talking".. you get the picture. well he is in NY right now and he will be home in a little over a week. well i will be able to see him for the first time on the 4th of july and we are going to go see fireworks together. i am wanting to do something really cute for him for when he comes back. maybe at the fireworks? any advice???

How about preparing a picnic for him? That'd be really sweet.

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There is one columnist who draws peple like flies.She rarely lists anyone as a favourite columnist but many people list her as a favourite columnist.She rarely answers questions from the pool but she still gets tonnes of inboxes.Once someone told her not to drink snd she told them to mind their own business.She got an apology and even a rating of five for being rude.When I told someone to mind their own business I was yelled at by her and told not to be so rude.Dale Carnegie who said in his book titled "How to make friends and influnce people that people like people who make them fell important and appear to like them.She contradictcts him.Why do people love her so much?How can I be like her and make people like me?This is her advice column-

So, let me just say that I'm really surprised to see this question.

I used to write here a LOT and people seemed to think I was nice and that I gave good advice. Also, I was never rude to anyone who asked me a legitimate question. The question you mentioned was not answered rudely. I was just up front about it. I said I didn't care what people thought, and I don't.

I don't know what else to say.

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I have a huge problem.
Last night, I went over my boyfriend's house.
While I was there .. I ended up giving him a hickie.
His parents saw it but they dont care. But how can I make it so noone else notices it?
How long does it take for them to go away?

The trick is to use a toothbrush. Just brush over it and eventually it will lighten. Toothpaste can help but I don't think it'll do the trick on its own.
After you brush it, it'll be red (obviously) but you can use ice on that for comfort and to kill the redness.

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I have always loved the name Lorelei, and I'm seriously considering using the name for my daughter. A couple of questions for you - Do you like your name or does the whole "siren" association get tiring? Also, what would be a good middle name to go with Lorelei? Your suggestions would be appreciated.

I actually like my name a lot. It's very different. I don't know anyone else with the name.
And how could I ever tire of being considered a "siren"? ;)

As far as middle names, I think the best ones have familial ties or some sort of deeper meaning. Mine's Dolores because not only is my mom a big Nabokov fan, but my great-grandmother Dolores shares my birthday.

You can really go wild with long names because then you can shorten them to cute nicknames! lol. Mine are Lo Lo, Lorie Dot, Lolly and Lorie. =)

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well with ftj you have to report to the the fakers forum...which i saw you didnt and u have to salute which you havent and there is a girl on myspace named hillarie which has all NEW pics of "you" and she has tons of her REAL LIFE friends comment to her page and shit so therefore i think your fake..


Go crazy. Of course someone on myspace is going to have more pictures than me. We only have one picture slot on here.

And will I have my IRL friends leaving me messages here? No, probably not. Because there are no comment pages on advicenators.

And it's you're*

As in, "you're quite the psycho".

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What does the line in 'Sugar We're Going Down' by Falloutboy "Wishing to be the friction in your jeans" mean?

the friction in your jeans, to me, seems to be a euphemism for what "turns you on." you're probably better off asking pete wentz, though. ;)

♥ Lorelei

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i have a mole under my arm like right where u shave and everytime i shave it bleeds what can i do i want it off but with out surgury

You need to see a doctor right away if a mole is bleeding, it could be cancerous. :\ If it is not cancerous, a dermatologist can remove it but I don't think there is any other way to get rid of it.

♥ Lorelei

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ok, i know that if you have an old account, like from july, 2004 or sooner, you can make changes to your column for free that you'd normally have to have a paid account to do. I know someone else who has an account that she got like a week before mine, and she can do this stuff, but i don't think i can. mine is from july, 2004. what is like the cut-off date? when did they make it so that you have to have a paid account? Ha, i probably got my account the next day or something..

I opened my account in August 2004. I'm not sure what the cut-off date was but if you don't already have layouts created, you can't create new ones. The thing was, if you had styles you created before paid accounts started, you can still use and edit them.

♥ Lorelei

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It does so work on advicenators.

You have to type in "& hearts;" (no spaces or quotes) and the heart will appear.

♥ Lorelei

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what stores said liz claiborne. i have a wallet and key chain i'd like to return.

Almost ANY department store. You can try Carson Pirie Scott, Macy's and Marshall Field's.

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