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lorelei's Picture Hi, I'm Lorelei. I live with my mother, my older sister and my grandmother.
I travel a lot but I'm never a tourist. ;) My mother owns property all over the country and I'm extremely lucky to feel at home in so many different places. It's a lot of fun and I get to see a lot of things and meet a lot of people.
Shopping always seems to be better away from home too.
I'm very fashion-minded and stylish, spontaneous and energetic, dorky and giggly. I enjoy having a good time. Almost too much. I party every chance I get. I do drink but I do so responsibly and you should too.
I'm very young but the year 2003 caused me to learn more about who I am than some people get to learn about themselves in an entire lifetime. Ever since I've made it a point to share what I've learned with everyone possible. Ask and I'll do my best to answer.

Whether or not you found my advice useful, a rating is appreciated, good or bad. Let me know how I can improve.

im getting my belly button peirced...
wut things can i do to get ready for it..?

On top of the excellent advice rainbowcherrie offered, I'd suggest you relax and remember that it's about a split second of discomfort in return for an awesome new excuse to buy jewelry. ;)
I'm assuming this is your first piercing, so don't be afraid to ask your piercer 100 questions if that's what you need to feel comfortable. A good piercer will be more than happy to do everything it takes to make you comfortable.

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I have an LG phone, its model VX5300. Its a picture phone, and I can take pictures fine and everything...
I want to make my own ringtone, because I want to sing this song that *I* wrote, and make it my ringtone. Is there a way to record it on my phone without having it on your computer??

You can't record it right on your phone, but you can e-mail yourself a ringtone for free.

You need the mp3 on your computer, first of all. I'd recommend converting it to ringtone format with AudioGizmo [].
Then just e-mail the new mp3 file to

Then you should be able to just save it to your phone as a ringtone. That's how I do it on my LG VX8600. ;]

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How much does Facebook Mobile messages cost?
Like, is it 99 cents a message? Also, I have unlimited texts for Verizon, does that mean anything?
What are the incoming/outgoing for texting to fbook?

That's one of the awesome things about Facebook. They don't charge a thing.

If you have unlimited text messages, it won't cost anything extra to use.

However to browse Facebook on your phone with the browser, will incur data charges.

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my sister has a ipod nano.
well her ipod nano has this thing come up when you turn it on it says " Enter Code "
and she doesnt know what the code is.
Any ideas how to get it back to the song part , cuz she cant even listen to her songs or anything

please help

I did the SAME THING. I have a first generation iPod nano (the ones with mirror-back casings).

All I did was plug my iPod in to my computer with iTunes open and when I unplugged it again, it was unlocked. :)

Good luck!

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um, i have a nikon coolpix L11 and when i bought it quite recently, two i think double or triple A batteries were supplied.

now, my camera says that the batteries are exhausted! i admit i've been using it a lot, but i thought that when you connect it to your computer, the batteries get juiced up again? or do i have to keep buying batteries [which is superr retarded]


Look at the batteries. They'll say whether or not they're rechargeable. Odds are, they aren't. You can buy rechargeable ones at any major store for about 20-30 dollars.

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There is one columnist who draws peple like flies.She rarely lists anyone as a favourite columnist but many people list her as a favourite columnist.She rarely answers questions from the pool but she still gets tonnes of inboxes.Once someone told her not to drink snd she told them to mind their own business.She got an apology and even a rating of five for being rude.When I told someone to mind their own business I was yelled at by her and told not to be so rude.Dale Carnegie who said in his book titled "How to make friends and influnce people that people like people who make them fell important and appear to like them.She contradictcts him.Why do people love her so much?How can I be like her and make people like me?This is her advice column-

So, let me just say that I'm really surprised to see this question.

I used to write here a LOT and people seemed to think I was nice and that I gave good advice. Also, I was never rude to anyone who asked me a legitimate question. The question you mentioned was not answered rudely. I was just up front about it. I said I didn't care what people thought, and I don't.

I don't know what else to say.

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well, im sorry to waste your time and everything, but i read your profile and noticed you had a house in greenwich. my aunt and cousin live there, and i thought it was quite the coincidence. i love it up there, it's so beautiful.

haha just had to point that out. great site

hehe very cool. I don't like CT much but it's very pretty in the fall.

♥ Lorelei

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heyy lorelei.. it michelle ipiiiniki my anti drug
i was reading your info a long time ago and you said you dropped out of school.. that is odd because you seem very educated and like a a student.. hmm wierd.. lol
keep up the good work ;)

I'm in school again. I only dropped out for about 6 months before going back.
And not to sound conceited but I've always been well-spoken and well-read. I read a lot and always have. My mom took me to a lot of museums and plays in Chicago when I was too little to care and I think all of that left its mark on me. :)

♥ Lorelei

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Just wanted to say first off, i

Why thank you. :) I've heard so many people talk about the Gilmore girls in reference to my name. I've never seen the show before, heh. Almost makes me want to watch it.
Ok, makeup. Lately, I've been using Liquid Eyeliner by The Body Shop. I LOOOVE the applicator. It's almost impossible to mess up. I use brown for the daytime with clear mascara by Max Factor. Usually, I only line my upper eye during the day as well. At night, I use the same eyeliner in black with MAC Pro Longlash in Burnt Umber (it's like a dark brown). Experiment with different colors though, depending your own outfit and hair color. :)

On my hair, I've been using Frederic Fekkai Baby Blonde Shampoo and Fredetic Fekkai Glossing Conditioner. I used to swear by John Freida products, but experimenting never hurts. :) They are working wonderfully.

About our vacay homes, my mother is a HUGE real estate buff and she never likes to stay in one place, lol. She works really hard for everything she wants. She's so smart and dedicated. Ahhh, I love my mommy! lol

♥ Lorelei

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you look like jenifer lopez

Wow, that's a first. I definitely look nothing like her, heh.

♥ Lorelei

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Hey, I was wondering.. do you do peoples columns? Like make them pretty like yours :). I would like to know if you could to mine = br0ken_x_smile.. it's kind of.. boring. YOURS IS AWESOME! I'll promote for you or something! ♥ It's ok if you don't do them.. Ill understand :)♥

Thank you very much! :) I'm not really up for doing other people's columns. I am considering making a public style though which, hopefully, will get approved by advicenators for everyone to use.

♥ Lorelei

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hey i just wanted you to say congrats on making front page! you're site is awesome! mine is calirae010
xx♥ cali rae

Thank you! :)
♥ Lorelei

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i cant stop bitting my nails and my mom wont let me get acurlic is there anthing that will make them grow ffaster or make me stop bitting thx bunches!

Hard As Nails by Sally Hansen will help your nails grow longer and stronger. Orly No-Bite is a polish you put on your nails that tastes extremely bitter and it will help discourage the biting. :)
♥ Lorelei

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you must get this a lot, but you're really pretty :)

Thank you! :D
♥ Lorelei

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My girlfriend broke up with me, but it wasn't because anything i did. She said she was being a bad girlfriend because she was always gone but i didn't care. I really want to be with her and before we went out we were like BEST friends, now, she's just like another friend except i really like her. I know she still likes me at least some. What can i do to make understand i don't care how much she is gone i really want to go out with her. I would do almost anything to ask her back out.

I'm going to be 100% honest here.
It doesn't sound like she wants to be with you.

I was in a similar situation not that long ago. I told him, "it's not you, it's me," in the hopes that he'd just accept it. He didn't.
She probably just didn't know how to tell you. Or maybe she's got some issues of her own to take care of. Either way, that sounds like an excuse.

I'd start trying to get over her and move on.
♥ Lorelei

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hey! how do you get little cute hearts on your site?! also how do you get a different cursor like you have? thanks!!


& hearts ; makes the little heart. and here's a page that shows you how to change the cursor on your page:

♥ Lorelei

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Hey! How did you get your picture like that? like with your name and

I edited it using Adobe Photoshop. :)
♥ Lorelei

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I'm going to be applying for a job soon, and on my I put on there that I do a lot of community service hours or does that not matter?

That absolutely counts! Especially if you have no paid work experience. List ALL of your volunteer experience and make sure to list the supervisor's name and number.
It shows that you were able to dedicate yourself to a position that didn't involve pay...and how can that not look good? :)
♥ Lorelei

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I just got my period again today (not the first time) But I have a wicked bad cramp. Like I came home from school because it was way too unbearable. Any ways on how to make it less painful other than take advil or w/e cuz i already did.

This is just what I do.
First, nothing sugary for a day or two...nothing super cold either. And stay away from grease. If your cramps are really bad, they can lead to nausea and vomiting.

I take two Aleve (or some other naproxen sodium tablets) and lay down in a comfortable position for a nap.

When I wake up, my cramps are usually gone completely and I can last for the rest of the day.

♥ Lorelei

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when someone calls you on your cell phone and it says "ID restricted" is there any way to find out who it is? cause sometimes i get prank calls. Like if you called the operator would they tell you.

Call your telephone company and tell them. They can tell you who's calling you privately.

♥ Lorelei

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