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I am 16 and a junior in High School... but I have wonderful friends who always come to me to ask for advice... everyone says I give great adive so why not make it useful to others... I love helping others and I will do anything I possible can to help you! Dont be affraid to ask... Everyone need help and advice at one point in time in their life... I ask my friends for advice all the time!
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me and my boyfriend have been dating for about a year. I love him with all my heart. and i am 15. Do you personally think that i should? i mean i dont know if im to young and will be considered a slut. and i dont want him to dump me after we do something that serious, if i do that, i want to be with him forever. so please be honest and tell me what you think. (link)
Well to be honest I know how you feel... and knowing that yall have been together for a year means he must really care about you! And if he really loves you then he will wait until you are good in ready... if he tries to push you into it then... well there you have to use your own judgement... but follow your heart and really give it alot of thought before you do anything because remember once you do that you cant take it back! If you need anything else or have anymore questions let me know...

Umm I really like this guy and he seems to like me but we've already dated before and we broke up! We have been thinking about getting back together and Im not sure if we should and he keeps giving me mixed signals... Im really confued and Im not sure what I should do... got any tips....?

Thanks Me (link)
Well if yall really like each other and want to get back together then go for it but be careful! I know mixed singals can be very confusing but just take things day by day and be yourself and he will come to you if he really wants to be with you! You would probably much rather have someone love you for who are than for someone your not at all! sometimes You have to really think about what you want and go from there... hope everything works out... best wishes

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