i'll answer any questions you ask =)


I had protected sex with a condom on 18th and 19th march and took an ipill on 21st march widin 70 hours to stay on the safe side but its 31st march today and I still havnt got my period and my due date was on 24th march. I had taken ipill earlier 2 tyms in february n had periods 3 tyms in february. but now i'm not getting my period but a lot of liquidy white discharge. am I pregnant?? should I take ne medicine to get my period?

Periods can be late. Pills can also delay them. If you don't get it by the end of the week then take a pregnancy test.


okay the thing is this guy is not my boyfriend. I think he doesn't like me. I haven't seen him in two weeks and I just found out that he lied to me about him working. He told me he couldn't hang out because he was working and he wasn't working..his friend cares about me more. He never wants to see me sad, but jay makes me walk home alone crying in the rain.

Then you should go for the guy that cares about you.


I'm not sure what to do. I've been dating my boyfriend on and off for over 3 years. We've had our fair share of problems in the past. But the thing I need help on now is he has always been jealous and hypocritical about so much and right now he's currently living in my house with my family because he needed help with things. Over the summer we werent dating. We both expirienced with other people. One girl in particular he had a thing with was very obsessive and begged for him back when we got back together. Now they are friends and yes, it bugs me. But she offerred him a job with her at a small store in the mall. And he accepted it. Right when he good me this I was not happy. I told him he would hate it if I did this to him. But he just doesn't care. I know he wouldn't cheat on me and its not that I don't trust him I feel like its just really disrespectful for him to still work there when he knows how much it hurts me. I don't know what to do :(

It is disrespectful. Ask him how he would feel if you accepted a job at your ex boyfriend's store. It's rude. And he's living in your family's house! It's up to you but I'd give him an ultimatum. There's plenty of jobs.


my period date is 1 but not come the period actual date so how to come the period what i do

Are you saying your period is late? If so, a lot of things can cause that. Some examples are poor diet, weight loss, weight gain, stress, and pregnancy. If you think you could be pregnant, take a test. If you completely miss your period, see a doctor.


I am working as an independent recruiter under another recruiter but there is no contract under his firm. There has not been any training yet he would get 20% of what I make. I have met with another recruiting firm and compensation is far less than with the other firm and there is a binding contract for 5 years. If it does not work out with him I would not be able to work with any customers that the firm is currently working with. Now I don't know what to do. I need advice please

You need to weigh your options and choose the job that's best for you. Since you are indecisive, it might be best to work with a recruiter that does not have a binding contract.


I am for sure majoring in Communication and I really want to major in Nursing as well. What kind of jobs could I get using both of those degrees?
Thank you very much!

You can definitely do both but they do not really go together. Finding a job for communications and nursing, you might want to look into social work and education. As in, teaching nurses.


I am a communication major and might get a degree in nursing. If i move to England, can I get a job there, or would it be better to study there?
thanks very much!

Yes, you still can with a US degree. However, if you're absolutely sure you want to move permanently to England, you might as well just study there.


So about a year ago I asked out this guy that I worked with, at the time I was 20 and he was 26. He flirted with me all the time at work so i thought he might have liked me too. So I told him I liked him and asked him if he wanted to go out sometime, but he said no.

I asked him why and he said that he thought I was to young for him. I'm not sure if that was the only reason but that's what he told me.

My friend that worked with us talked to him about it a couple times. The first time she told him I liked him and he said He knew but he thinks I'm to young. Then probably like 6 months after that they talked again. She told him I still liked him, and he said to her I know, I probably should have said yes.

That gave me hope again, now I no longer work with him and I turned 21 so it sounds a little better than 20. It's been a year, do you think I should ask again? And what would I say?

I feel like I have nothing to loose, but on the other hand you would think he would have asked me out if he changed his mind. I miss him and I don't know what to do.

Let me know what you think? Should I go for it and what do I say to him

I'd say go for it. Too many girls wait around for the guy to ask. And guys can be just as shy or embarrassed as girls when asking someone out. If he says no, at least you'll know how he feels about you and can move on. It's better than missing out on opportunities. I would just tell him the truth. Tell him you like him and want to go out to get to know each other.


Hello :] my hair is very soft and its texture is very smooth,when i was young i had wavy hair and it wasn't frizzy, now im 18 years old, and i stopped taking care of my hair for years, id straighten it all the time, go to the salon and have someone do it and if it got even a bit puffy i would straighten again and again, and i used to hear my hair ripping and it was horrible, i also used to take showers and put my hair up in a bun for days and i never had any hair cuts, and i also used to brush it alot. anyways i am aware that i really messed up my hair but it still happens to be soft so im guessing that my good hair is somewhere in there, ive been taking care of it for 2 weeks now, i shower every other day. i dont use shampoo so much its usually conditioners and hair masks, i comb my hair and dont brush it and as soon as im done doing that i use products such as oil replacement and its been doing wonders so far making my hair alot better. when i stopped taking care of my hair, it got curly and now that im taking care of it i realize that it isnt as curly as it was when i took no care at all, does that mean that my hair is going back to its naturalness? its alot softer and alot less frizzy and the curls arent so much anymore.. like its a bit wavy at the top and then it goes curly at the bottom, is it possible that my hair is becoming the way it used to be ? or does it have to stay curly? cause i want my wavy hair back.
anyways, thanks to whoever took the time to read this and answer. highly appreciated.

Yes. If you stop damaging your hair with heat and go heatless, you'll start to see your natural hair texture. Unless you really fried and damaged your hair. Don't use any heat (hair dryer, flat irons), comb it when wet/brush it when dry, don't use tight hair elastics, and use basic shampoos for your hair type. For example, don't use a straightening shampoo. Just use a daily cleaning shampoo. Dove and Pantene have great ones.


For college, I have to write learning experiences about the placement I am doing and then I have to tie theories in with the learning experience. Last week all I did was repeated presentations on bullying to people aged between 12-17. I am struggling to think of a theory to tie in with this learning experience. Could anyone help please??

You might want to do teenage bullying statistics. For example, young adults between the ages of 12-17 view bullying as a tactic to gain social status. Or young adults between the ages of 12-17 that have been bullied turn to bully others.


Hi all,

Today I bought an "invisible optic" wireless mouse because my old one was having problems. However, as soon as I plugged it in, it does not seem to be working smoothy. (Plug in= bluetooth usb dongle)
It lags and moves very jumpily and whatnot, the same problem that my old mouse had. However, I have a third mouse which is a Logitech M310 and this mouse works perfectly, wherever and whenever.
I checked that there's no bluetooth interference, so why is this brand new mouse having such issues? Any suggestions as to why? Any solutions?

I would say it could be the lack of Bluetooth interference or the mouse itself. However, it is new and you said your old mouse had the same issue. Which leads me to believe that it could be something with your computer or USB. If the Logitech works fine, you should stick with that one or maybe exchange the one you bought with another Logitech model. Does the Logitech mouse have Bluetooth inference? That might be why it works better. If you have a laptop, you should bring it in to the tech department at the store you bought the mouse from and show them.


Hi, I'm a teen from Greece and I'm looking for some advice. I see that most people my age have already chosen the career path they're going to follow in the future, yet I'm having some extreme trouble thinking about it. I particularly like languages and computer stuff, but I don't know if I could make them my job. I used to like writing a lot, but recently I've abandoned it. Could you guys give me any tips on deciding on a career?

Please keep in mind that the situation over here is kind of difficult, so don't propose any "extreme" jobs. Thanks.

Deciding on a career isn't easy. A lot of people end up changing their major. It's not likely that you'll know exactly what you want to do when you're still a teenager. If you like writing, have you looked into Journalism? That might be a nice career path.


Hello, 18 female, freshman in college. Since coming to college at the end of August, I've realized that I've made about 4 friends (not including the friends that have come to the same college that I've known in high school.) So, all in all, I have about 7 good friends. I'm quiet and shy so I'm not one to go and just talk to someone and just become best friends. But as I'm walking around or getting lunch to take back to my room because all of my friends are in class so I eat in my room and study, I see these girls walking around in groups of like, 20 people. That only makes me feel like I'm really weird that I don't have a lot of friends. I find that I'm usually in my dorm studying and not out at parties or doing crazy "normal" college kid things. Sure, I talk to the people in my building but we don't hang out or have dinner together. I just feel like my life is boring and maybe I'm looking for somebody to reassure me that it's better to have a little bit of friends than a whole bunch of fake ones. Just, I guess, do you have a lot of friends at school and how did you make so many new friends? Is it weird that I'm so introverted? Thanks.

You should join clubs and talk to people in your class. Even if it's just about assignments, you'll get to know each other and can start becoming friends. You could also go to the gym if there's one on campus. A lot of people go.


I am an 18 year old female. One night, my friends ( Lucy and Karen) and I were getting ready to go out to a party, we had to take shifts because the car we were going in could only hold 5 people and there was 11 of us going. When we finally all got to the party, we all were hanging out and talking. Before the party, I was telling my friends that I never drink to get drunk because I don't like waking up the next day and not remembering what happened the night before. I am a social drinker, I guess you could say. Well, during the party while my friends were drinking more than me, they were off talking to boys and such, I was sitting on the kitchen table talking to Karen's best friend who is a boy that she has a crush on. I could still to this day, two weeks later, recite everything we talked about. We talked about Karen and if he has feelings for her and if he would ever want to be with her. I, then, talked to my guy friend about my previous conversation about Karen to her crush. The music was loud and the appartment was full so as we were talking, my head was on his shoulder so that I could talk in his ear that he'd hear me and he did the same thing when he talked to me. After the party, I left with this kid named Will. He said he would walk me back to my dorm after we walked into town so that he could get cigarettes. So, the whole walk he was calling my Karen and Lucy to see where they were (mind you, Will was drunk) and was getting very angry when they weren't answering their phones, calling them fucking bitches for not picking up and stupid for not leaving with him. Well, as we were walking into the parking lot of the gas station, we found Lucy. She ran up to Will and he hugged her and everything. He went in to get his cigarettes. I stayed outside. When they came out, we walked back to campus. They decided to go one way and check on Karen who was at her dorm with her crush. I was pissed that they just left me so I texted Lucy and told her that I was pissed and that I feel like I don't belong in their little friendship because a friend wouldn't leave me alone on a college campus to walk to my dorm by myself at 2 am. She texted me back freaking out that she is so done with this petty bullshit and that she heard what I said about her and that she is so done being my friend, she did like me but now she doesn't. I know for a fact that I said NOTHING bad about her. Like I said, I don't drink to get drunk so I would not forget that I "talked shit on her" if I didn't even drink to be drunk. The next morning, I texted Karen, she replied with a snarky comment. I asked what was wrong and she said the same thing: that she heard what I said about her. Again, I talked to two people about her; her crush and my friend and both of those conversations were good, how I think they deserve to be with each other to be happy and how they're so adorable together. I know, again, for a fact that I did not talk shit or Karen nor Lucy. I also know, after thinking about it, that Will was the one that told them I was saying bad things about him because he was the last person they talked to. It's funny.. he was talking shit on them calling them fucking bitches and stupid, yet they're still friends with him.

Two weeks later, I am moving on from being friends with them. If they don't believe me then why should I keep trying to convince them that I didn't say anything bad, ya know? Anyways, I was having dinner the other night in the dining hall with my roommate, ten minutes after I sat down, Karen and Lucy and Will and his friend were leaving the dining hall and they all gave me the rudest looks as they were leaving. It's enough to be mad at me for something I didn't do but to give me snarky looks and such crosses the line for me. Like, I'm trying to get over it.. why aren't they?

The whole gist of this is, how do I make myself not care about them anymore? When they give me rude looks, how do I just forget about it and brush it off my shoulders? I just want this whole thing to be over. If they don't want to friends over something stupid, whatever but get on with your life and stop being so rude to be.

I'm sorry this is so long and confusing but any help will do.

Friendships in high school and college change quickly. You live in a dorm and attend school. You should be able to find new friends pretty easily. Join a club or sport team. You'll make new ones and won't care anymore.


Okay I am 18 year old female. Please read this all I promise it is interesting. So there is this guy I have been kinda seeing for the past month. His name is Jay. So when i first met jay he showed complete interest in me. I would see him almost everyday. He would text me to meet up with him and have lunch. We were usually hanging around the same spot on campus on tuesdays and thursdays so it was easy to find one another. He invited me over to hang out with his whole group of friends. They are like one big family. It is crazy how close everyone is. I really like the group of friends they are very welcoming and they invite me to all the events they have. Every tuesday night they have a night where everyone just hangs out together. I usually go there every night. But there has been a change in jay. he has become more distant. less invites for lunch. i haven't seen him on tuesdays and thursdays. I still hang out with his friends though because i kinda feel included in the group in a way..so anyways i am invited by jays friend to this party that is going on. I haven't seen jay all week. The night of the party is here. I expect to get a text by jay asking if i would like to meet up with him before going to the party. but no. I don't think he'd care if i went to the party or not. If it wasn't for his friend who invited me to the party I don't think jay would have told me about it. Anyways, there is jay's roommate/friend named chris. Let me tell you a funny story about chris. He is actually friends with one of my girlfriends who i just started getting close with and her name is chloe. When i told her about jay and chris she is like oh i know chris! What a small world huh? anyways this ties in to the story later. So the night of the party I get a text from chris saying "i hope you are coming to the party tonight"..I found that strange but really nice because at least someone cared if i was coming. Jay never asks me if i am coming or not. Whenever I am at school and i bump into chris, he is always asking me if I am going to poetry night or paint night. He seems to care if i am coming or not. Another thing i noticed is that once i was introduced to poetry night i wanted to go there every week. Jay doesnt write poetry but he did come one time i went but ever since i started going chris started going to poetry night. I find it strange that i see chris more often than i see jay...So at the party I see jay and i refuse to go up to him first. Finally, he comes up to me but he is never next to me. I am not needy at all. Well i can be, but i know when to give people space. I think i am giving jay too much space considering at the party this girl was all over him and getting really close to his face. she layed her head on him and was trying to hold his hand. He didnt flirt back but he didn't really stop it. He was just talking to her back and smiling. So jay tells me he is going to the basement to go see the band play. i follow him and i almost fall down the stairs. jay didn't notice a thing but chris comes up behind me and helps me up and asks me if i am okay. That stuck to me because here i am following this guy around who seems to not care while this other guy does. It is almost 3 am and i want to go home. it is raining and campus is not always safe. i decide to leave and jay doesn't even offer to walk me home, he doesn't care what happens to me. I bet chris would have cared but he was passed out on the couch. lol. So anyways days pass by i see chris and he asks me if i want to trip on mescaline with him. I say sure. We meet up later that day at 8 pm and we stayed up until 5 am and we passed out in the recording studio at the arts center in school. The whole time we were together he would always be staring at me. He had this weird stare that i couldn't describe, like he was amused! But when i asked him "why are you looking at me like that!" he says "i look at everyone like that"..and he had to draw a portrait for homework so he drew one of me and i decided to draw one of him. We couldn't stop laughing. I know we were under the influence but boy he made me laugh so much. We talked so much. We listened to music and sang the lyrics together, he'd get so into it. He made me feel like a little child it was magical. I was getting sick and i had the sniffles he'd say to me "aw you look so sad, it looks like you are crying when you are looking down and sniffling, it makes me sad" and then we ended up bumping into this guy who is crushing on me and chris was like "that guy is creepy, i don't trust him" and im like "but i made dinner plans with him" and he is like "well cancel those plans i don't trust him." He kept teasing me about the creepy dude and he couldn't stop bringing him up...then 5 am rolled around and we passed out in the recording studio. We didn't touch or anything. we were seperate but i feel like there has to be that distance since i am supposedly dating his friend jay..but there is one thing he said that makes me think i am looking too deep into this and maybe he does only see me as a friend..i was asking him if i was being annoying because i was talking a lot and he says "no if you were annoying i'd tell you"and i say "really, i could never just tell someone straight up that they are annoying" and he says "well i already like you as a friend,so i could tell you."..and also sometimes he'll bring up our friend chloe like when we were tripping he said "if chloe was here she'd laugh hysterically at us."..so who knows. oh yeah and one more thing. Me and chloe end up going to this party and we invite chris to come,at first he wasn't going to come but once he realizes we were in the ghetto he text me asking me the address and told me to not go outside until he gets there. i though that was sweet since that showed he cared about our safety.
there are plenty of other things that shows he cares but i'll leave it at that! Thank you for reading!

He could but it seems like he might just be super nice because you're his best friends girlfriend. If you care about your boyfriend, you should be putting space between you and Chris. You wouldn't like it if he was interested or flirting with one of your friends.


Here is the thing. I'm currently pregnant and can't really lift any heavy stuff. I still need to care for my cats though!!! My husband is going on a business trip soon and a friend suggested me to get one of these automatic poop boxes for my kitten, so i do not have to do so much work. I'm a bit sceptical though....can anyone help me with this please??

Yes. Also, pregnant women shouldn't handle cat litter. There's bacteria in it that can cause miscarriages and birth defects. Ask your doctor.


I,m 20 year old guy, I have experienced many things in life, right now i am a college student and I think i m a failure in everything I have done. I,m really smart in sciences and can get information quickly. everybody says i am smart but i have never achieved anything in my life.I lack hard work and consistency, my family, teachers and classmates are disappointed to see my results. I don,t have any high academic achievement in my whole life, no physical or social achievement. I have only one or two friends, no girl friend ever. why am I spoiling myself rather then utilizing my mind and talent. it hurts me i am disappointing by myself, what is the benefit of such a useless life ? i am a vegetable my existence or not does,t matter to the world because i have nothing to my credit. why do I have this sharp brain when i am not using it ?? why ? one thing i am proud about is that i help others in studies and other things. other then that i am disappointed why should I even live? i want some social life too. may be you can help.

You aren't a failure at all. Everyone goes through different things. I'm in tons of student loan debt. I don't have my degree yet. I'm working part time jobs. I live with my parents. But I wouldn't say I'm a failure. Everyone has meaning and importance. You're still young.


We'll it's day 2 or 2 1/2 - 5 years max that my boyfriend will be in jail/prison. I am 18 years old turning 19 in 2 months my boyfriend is 19 turning 20 in 3-4 months. We're young and have so much ahead of us and some may think we're too young to think about being in love, but I fall for him more everyday. No we haven't been together long. Your probably thinking I'm silly to wait or even say I'm in love. Being so hardheaded in the past making bad relationship choices. I taught my self how to grow up and take care of myself. After dating many bad guys that treated me like their bitch and hitting me all I ever wanted was to find a man to call mine that treats me right. I found that in my boyfriend. A year ago he did something that he shouldn't of done. He's changed greatly since that bad choice. He has started to take care of his mom and become a sweet Youngman. Everyday we spent together he would always try to prove that he's not a silly boy no more. He tried as hard as he could to show he cared and wanted to be my prince and treat my like I the most beautiful girl on earth and that I deserve the best.

I a more then willing to wait for him, but I don't have money to accept his phone calls or a car to go see him all I can do is wait for him to write me, And in 45 days they are moving him across state. I honestly don't know how i'ma be okay. I don't wanna become depressed any one know how I can get threw this without breaking down?

Having a boyfriend in jail will not be easy. But if you really do love him then I guess that's your answer. You need to realize that even if he's a great guy, he did do something wrong in order to be in there. You need to talk to your parents or friends about the situation and consider their advice. Would he wait for you?


I started talking talking to this guy I always liked after recently learning that he feels the same. I ask him about his first time and he says he lost it at 12 to some 20 yr old friend of the family, and he talked about it like it was the greatest moments of his childhood, as if that's not considered rape at all. He kept going into detail, all hype about it, remeniscing and stuff. It creeped me out but I didnt say how I really felt. He "wanted" a relationship but I wasnt very sure. He would say stuff like "im gonna kidnap you and marry you" Then he kept asking me if I loved him, which is equally creepy but I just told him what he wanted to hear. Then he accused me of lying and only wanting him for sex. Then he just stopped talking to me. I'm so confused. Do you think I should reach out to him? do you think i should steer clear? Do you think its because of the story he told me? How much of an impact is a guy's first time? Am I just over reacting and he is just a jerk?

Since you're asking this question, it's obvious you have hesitation. If you ever feel hesitant, don't do it. You need to talk with your parents, a friend, anyone, and tell them what's going on. It's for your safety and you are not overreacting about protecting yourself.


There is this girl that I like..and I said that i would go to her volleyball state championship game. I promised her that i would go, but i still did not go. Now she is not happy with me. What do I do to get us back on the same page???

Just apologize and tell her that you'll make the next one.


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