hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


Can I get my doctor to do it and how do i go about asking?

i dont think docters can pierce your belly button. you usually have to go to a store where they do piecings. but if you want to ask your docter still just bring up the subject of where you could get it done. plz rate xoxo


heyy i was just wondering if www.limewire.com and the program is illegal

nope its not illegal.. i have it on my own computer. hope i helped XoXo plz rate.


I'm due my period during exam time which really sucks!!!!!!!! Sorry if this is gross but I have reeeeeally heavy periods so it's gonna be really hard for me (it's very bad when I stand up after sitting down for a long time - like in an exam). Obviously I will take plently of extra pads and use the highest one but has anyone got any other tips to get me through the exams while I am on my period? I mean normally they are so bad I have to take a day or two off school.
P.S. I want to go on the pill to lighten them but my doc said wait a bit and see if they work themselves out. What can I do in the meantime?????

use a tampon and pad at the same time. that way if any leeks out the tampon the pad will catch it. i wouldnt worry about it to much. ull be fine im sure. hope i helped XoXo plz rate


hey peeps i was just wondering what you think... should a girl tell her b/f if she is taking pregnancy pills?? xoxo i'll rate good for good answers! thanx

ummmm if your planning on having sex with him then i would tell him just so he doesnt have to worry about anything, but if your not planning on it then i dont see why it would matter either way. hope i helped XoXo plz rate.


I really want to make out with my boyfriend and I already know that he wants to also, but I am self consious of my braces, and I don't know what to do! I know that that sounds pathetic, but I really don't. All of my friends say that I shouldn't be, but i can't help it! How do I get over it and how do I "start" the making out?

braces dont get in the way of making out. i used to be afraid of that also but once your doing it you wont even think of your braces. if you want to make out with your bf just like...pull him away from everybody so your alone or if you already are alone just go for it. hope i helped XoXo plz rate


is there a way to get rid of sites you've been to on that little bar thingy where you type the web site b/c mines really big like it has a lot of listings. do the oldest sites go away automatically?

go to you history and there will be a button that says delete all history from " " until " " (you put in the dates).hope i helped XoXo plz rate


what is love really about?

you will know what love is, simply when you feel nothing else.
- an AMAZING friend of mine

hope i helped XoXo


so i just took a pregnancy test,guess what?yeah its positive!omg.....ok i wasnt planning to get pregneat yet!i thought the stupid condoms worked!ok i had lots of really big plans ahead of my life!my parents are just going to freak when i tell them.my mom dosent belive in teenage girls getting pregneat,she thinks you should get married and then have cildren.also my parents said if i ever ever get pregneat they will seriously diss own me.ok i really need help!!!

ok well first off, pregnancy tests arent always right. SO go buy like 3 of them and take them all. if they all say positive go to a local health clinic and get a real test from the docter (they wont tell your parents or anything). if your really are pregnant then you need to tell your parents imidiatly even if you think they will flip. they were probably just threatening you so you would think about having sex. they will find out eventually wether you tell them now or they find out later so its definetly better to tell them straight up rite now.or you can get an abortion but im not going to get into that. hope i helped XoXo (sry its long)


im 14f. i started my period last year and i use pads. i tried using a tampon once and it didnt work out. it felt weird. i like to go swimming and im on my period now nad my best friends b-day party is in 2 days at a holiday inn and we will be swimming. what should i do?!?

buy a box of tampons and there will be instructions in the box. try putting them in a couple times while sitting in different positions. make sure you point it towards your but.try putting your foot up on the toliet seat while doing it, or squat on the floor.hope i helped XoXo


lately i've just been hanging out, not really going out of the house or anything. it's kind of like my "me" time, you know, so I can unwind and have some quiet time.
lately though, my parents become so obsessed and think that i have no social life, don't want to do anything with my friends anymore, and am depressed. i try to explain to them that it's just nice to spend some time ALONE sometimes but they just don't get it! how can i convince them that all i want is some time to myself, and for them to get out of my face about it?

sit them down and try to have to tell them that your NOT depressed and you still have lots of friends but you your just going through a phase where you need more alone time than usual.hope i helped XoXo


I've liked my best friend's neightbor for a long time, but the only problem is: she liked him too. I understand because they're neighbors and really good friends, but he's one of my really good friends too. He says he's liked me since around the same time I started liking him. But this summer, my friend said that he started messing around with her. He even kissed her once. But he says he doesn't remember any of that. He even admitted this fall she was just a friend and he really liked me. But a couple months later, things got pretty rocky and he stopped saying I love you and my friend said that he said he didn't like me anymore. A couple weeks ago she came to school crying because she lost her virginity to him. Yeah, that's right. I talked to him about it and he admited it, adding that he wished it was me. Hello? I told him that she said that he didn't like me, and he said he does. Now he's saying I love you again and asking me to come over alone. I secretly want this but I don't want to hurt my best friend. My question is who's lying and what are his motives?

friends always come before guys. i know thats probably not what you want to hear but its the thruth. this guy is most likly just messing around with you because he knows he can.hope i helped XoXo


Ok. Today I got shocked by like a 151 V. It didn't hurt but i was shaken it was my first time getting shocked.. and im still shaking from it.. very lightly. Im not hurt or anything but i still feel wierd..

Should I just let this pass overnight?

you will probably be fine. stay home tonight and relax and if your still shaking or not feeling good in the morning then call your docter or local hospital.hope i helped XoXo


Okay, well let me first describe the boy I think I like. Lets call him Z. Alright, well Z is a really nice and all around cool kid! But, he likes me and evrything, it's just he also thinks other girls are also hot. He has gone out with other girls and when he was going out with them, he would call me sexy and stuff, so when he was going out with other girls, he was also flirting with other girls too. He's nice to me and I go a lot of places with him. I'm not even sure if I really like Z a whole lot.

Well my question is, should I go out with him? Or do you think he would flirt with other girls, too?

sorry if its long = )!
thank you.

he will probably always flirt with other girls no matter what. but if you really like him, ask him out and just see how it works out. if it doesnt work out, then just forget about him.hope i helped XoXo


ok well every January our home school group has a talent show. We have bout 130 people in the group and thier are alot of families that particapate in it. see, i dont really have a talent?!?!? i mean i play piano but so does everybody else! and my family AND my friends all same i am really funny so i thought, stand up comedy? no, what if nobody laughs?!?!? so...singing? (I am a good singer.) but wait, no, what if i hit the wrong note or something? well u get the point, what should i do? anybody got any ideas??? i have no clue so tips would be great...please dont say anything sarcastic like farting through your under arm, i am seriously in need of advice. Merry Christmas

if you can sing then you should go for that. dont be afraid of what other people think.just find an easy song and practice it alot. go out there and do your best, there not going to expect you to be perfect.personally i love to sing on stage and i know how nervous you can get but you just gotta face your fears. this also goes for stand up comedy or anything else...just go for it.hope i helped XoXo


Whats the song titly and artist for this song:

I THINK the lyrics go:
" Here without you baby. _____________ I know your still with you in my dream. Tonight girl, its only you and me"
hah I don't remember lyrics well * as you can see* but I believe it goes something like that.
Thanks guys =]

lol you got the lyrics kinda wrong but i think you mean the song "here without you" by 3 doors down. i love that song.


ok does this sound cute to everyone? for christmas sunday just for church im wearing this black blouse with a red skirt it goes sort of to my ankles. (its one of those ruffly ones) it has silver horizontal lines of silver sequins throughout it. then im wearing black heels. does that sound cute? also how should i wear my hair with this? wavy down or straight down? or up? thank you ill rate high.

the outfit sounds fine, for your hair i would leave it down, wavy. but it really all depends on YOUR look. but this just sound sliek it would look good to me.hope i helped XoXo


I know this might sound nasty but it burns down below when i go to the bathroom. and this morning on the way to school it still kinda burned and it felt weird, not normal. i dont know if i have something wrong with me and if its because of sexual activity? does anyone know what this might be? please dont tell me to go to the doctor because i dont want to do it right now. just tell me what you might think it could be! im so scared. please dont leave ride comments im just worried about my health! anything will help!

i rate good! for good answers

&&heaRts; scArEd anD WorrieD!

you might have a bladder infection...or something else.im not a docter so i cant help you out much here....hope i helped XoXo


i have ugly white heads, black heads and these white bump thingies all over my face. theyre digusting. without them id actually be pretty but when they finally go away they come right back! ugh its so annoying and disgusting. i feel like no one can look at me without think 'ewww' please help

go to a dermatologist and he will prescribe you some meds that make acne go away fast and make it stay gone. also practive really does work very well. hope i helped XoXo


My boyfriend and I have been dating for one and a half years. He still has his exgirlfriend's engagement ring in his drawer. When I ask him what he is going to do with it he just tells me he don't know. He says, "what should I do with it?" I am sick of looking at it. She has caused so many problems for us. I just want the ring to be gone. He says he doesn't want to just give it away because it cost too much money. At this point I am ready to throw the piece of metal in the dump. What would you suggest to do with it.

i wouldnt worry about it, but if it really does bother you just talk to him causally and be like "you should get a box for it so you can keep it safe" act like your worried about it and you want it to stay safe. or you could sell it back to the store he got it from. hope i helped XoXo


Is it normal to have the feeling like your going to pee during masturbation? even when my boyfriend fingers me i feel like i have to pee even if i pee before. Is this normal?

ist totally normal..most girls get that feeling. dont worry about it.hope i helped XoXo


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