hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


I am almost 16 and I have never kissed a guy. I've had the chance many times,meen I want to but every time I get nervice and tell the guy no. What should I do?

ok well theres relly nothing to be nervous about. the first time is always kinda scary but just think of how happy you will be once you do it!you just have to go for it! hope i helped IM me if u need more advice my screenname is shutupnkissme98


ok im going to be having my brithday party at my house this year im gonna have like 12-15 girls. I have a trampoline but thats it... what are some fun cute things to do at a party...

well it depends on your age but some fun things to do could b bring the radio outside and play some good music that most everyone there will like. also have some food and drinks that always makes everyone happy!


hi i really like this guy and i don't no if i should tell him because i think he hates me what should i do?

wow well if he hates you then you should jus talk to him like normal and try to find out why he hates you. work up the relationship until your pretty good friends again. you can do this by simply talking to him. once your friends again give hints to him that u want more. you can do this by flirting alot or mayb having a friend "let a secret slip" to him. hope i helped XoXo


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