hey guys im Laura, um i love music...if it werent for rock n roll i wouldnt be alive right now.Guns n Roses is my all time favorite band,ask me any question about them and i can tell you the answer on the spot,garented. the part of my heart that isnt taken up by rock n roll, all goes to my AMAZING friends.i am single at the moment but if you know me at all, then you know that i wont be for very long.


Hey Columnists,

OK, here's the deal. I am 13, and I am in 7th grade. My best friend,(9th grade) has been my best friend sence we were like 2 years old. When I was in about 2nd grade, my friend(4th grade), her brother(5th grade), played "Truth or Dare." What we did was dare each other to get naked, and then he would touch us. Well I have had a HUGE crush on him sence I was in 1st grade. This guy is in 10th grade, and on the computer he asked me if I wanted to play truth or dare with him again, but this time just me and him and i can't tell my friend. I said I don't know and signed off. I know that was him on his screename becuase he asked me in person, I pretened I did'nt here. I want to do it, but I can't let my friend know and thats very hard for me...becuase she is my BEST FREiND! Should I do it? or not? THANKS!

if your comfortable with having sex or doing sexual things with him...then go for it 'cuz i cant tell you rite now that is whats going to happen. but know that he is just using you and taking advantage of you. he will probably tell you that he really likes you or loves you but its all just bullshit so dont belive it. dont get attached to this guy. but if your ok with him using you then go for it. hope i helped XoXo


what if your boyfriend asks you to have a threesome with him and your best friend what would you do and what advice would you give to others in this situation?

personaly...if my boyfriend asked to have a 3some with ANYONE....i would dump him in mili-second.but thats just my opinion. if you think your ready to have sex and do it with to other people then go for it. just make sure you use protection. if your not ready for that then just tell your boyfriend that and if he doesnt respect your choice then he doesnt deserve you. hope i helped XoXo


do girls boobs hips or anthing in that matter grow when they have sex.

no,having sex doesnt make your body grow any faster. hope i helped XoXo


how long after you're pregnant until you become noticable bigger?
and also, if you buy a pregnancy test, can that test only be used once?

depending on the size of the baby you can start to show anywhere from around 5 months to 7 months. yes pregnancy tests can only be used one time. hope i helped XoXo


lately my gf has been having stomach aches that she has never had b4. we had safe sex and i rarely bust while im in her. i think she might have a strain..wat else could it b?

aw i think its really sweet you care about your gf so much.but anyway its normal for girls to have bad cramps after sex for a couple days.if she keeps having them after a week then i would tell her to go to the docter. it might be something that doesnt have to do with sex at all.hope i helped XoXo


hi,I'm a 15 girl and yesterday i had sex with my boyfriend,well sort of he whent in a little then pulled out then he cumed on my pubic hair could i get pregnate?even if my cherry hasnt been poped?please withe A.S.A.P! i rate very usefull!

i doubt that your pregnant. but next time you need to use a condom. i would suggest getting on birth control to. in a few weeks i would take a pregnancy test just to be sure but i wouldnt worry about it to much. but the pull out method of birth control really doesnt do much at all. so next time DEFINETLY use a condom!!and your cherry has probably already been popped without you knowing it. it can pop from tampons or even just physical sports. hope i helped XoXo

whoops i didnt see the part of your question that says you already have birth control.


so my boyfreind asked me out.
and now basicly all he wants from me is sex.
it makes me really sad and dissapointed...
please help.
and dont say break up with him.
you guys dont know me.
i like him alot..
i rate

talk to him and let him know how you feel. dont let him pressure you into doing anything you dont want to do. make him understand that if you dont start getting more respect it will be over.hope i helped XoXo


if my period wasnt late at all and its only just started and not really really heavy does that mean that im pregnant?

well firs toff, you dont usually get your period at all when your pregnant. and if you havent had sex before then its impossible for you to be pregnant. when you first start your period it will be irregular for a couple months. if you REALLY think you might be pregnant just go to the store and buy a pregnancy test. they cost like $8.hope i helped XoXo


what does gut mean?
like... " gut from the side"

it means to cut or stab. hope i helped XoXo


ok. well im a girl. im 14. and i wanna know how do you know when your bi, because...i think i am. cause i like girls and guys. but i dont know. cause i like guys a lil more. but im craving to make out with a girl. cause i never have. and anyways. please help me!!

your only 14...you might just be wanting to experiment...which is good. i wouldnt worry about it and give it some time...ull figure it out sooner or later.hope i helped XoXo


I have gym and I am 13 and dont know who to ask, anyway gym class you know how girls go through theire monthly surprise and I dont know what to do! and i cant miss a class or I have to make it up and do like 40 laps alone!

what does your period have to do with gym class?? just wear a tampon or pad or watever you normally use and ull be fine. hope i helped XoXo


ok well, i use 2 like this boy. i've liked him 4 8MONTHS. we almost got into a stupid fist fight for no reason. this happened on nov.1,2005 i loved him alot. we weren't boyfriend and gurlfriend. we would flirt around ALOT! after the whole "incident" he's been spreading roomers around saying that he "beat me up." i was mad at 1st. but then realized he waz ashamed that a gurl stood up to him.i need your advice.i'm pretty sure i've moved on because my b.f. asked him 1 time if he liked me, he said no,becausei'm ugly.so did i move on or do i still have feelings for him?
1.do i still like him, or love him?
2.will i be able to move on?
3.if he likes me and asks me out, do i say yes?
please help and answer all parts and just say wat comes on the top of your head. puhleeze!

WOW...ok well...that guy should definetly be ashamed of himself. Fighting a GIRL?!? this kid is crazy!! i cant tell you if you still like him or if you ever loved him...but i can tell you that you need to get over him. any guy that would EVER hit a girl, for any reason, is definetly not worth your time.if he asks you out again say no. it might be hard now...but you will forget about him in time.hope i helped XoXo


Heres my proble im female and im 16 I hope you can help,so to make a long story short i fell for my best guy friend and he lead me on for like 6 months im crazy about him it got to the point where he has become me security blanket. i've been going through a really tough time in my life right now and hes been there for me i'd tell him i loved him and hed say i love too but he wouldnt date me and i asked if him it was okay that im so dependant on him, and he told me yes its fine im here for you etc. and just recently out of the blue he was like you call me too much, I cant be your security balnket anymore plus he met someone and basically he was like here ill give you some space get over me and like now we dont really talk hes ina erlationship with this new girl of his , im so hurt cause he just like left and he promise he'd always be there for me and he promised me alot of things but he did lead me ona nd now hes basically doesnt want anything to do with me and he told me left like he did because he got sick of being my friend and i know that, thats not really the main reason why its because of this new girl and i dont know im still in love with hima nd hes my best guy friend and im so confused and hes said oh im sorry a million times but i just cant forgive him a part of me wants to hate him so much but i jsut cant because i love him and he was the first guy ive ever fallen for and ive cried so much overhim and i just cant let go of him and accpet that he did what he did out of all the people i truey care about he walked out me just like my parents did, How can I get over him i need to so bad all he does is hurt me

well this is something you probably dont want to hear...but really the only thing that can help is time. this guy probably realized how much he cared about you, and got scared. so he stopped interacting with you and is acting like he has moved onto this new girl. give him time and if you mean anything to him he will eventually realize it...it might take awhile, but he will.i would try talking to him and let him know how much it hurt you when he left, and tell him that if its possible for you to be just friends right now, then you wont depend on him so much. alot of guys get scared when they realize how much someone means to them...and they just run. so my advice to you is talk to him, and give him time.hope i helped XoXo (let me know how it works out)


i am 13/f, 8th grade, virgin, flat, has not yet had my period, don't masterbate, etc etc. I havent even had my first kiss yet, which totally sucks. but i always have this gross white goopy stuff in my vagina or my underwear. its really gross. it doesnt smell or anything, its just.. gross. what is it????

i rate 5

thats just discharge...its totally normal...everything else you mentioned is normal also, your just starting puberty later than some other people your age...just wear a panty liner so the discharge doesnt get on your underwear.hope i helped XoXo


Hey what if someone wanted to have sex and u didnt want to and they layed you on his bed should you have sex of call for help?

if your not confortable with something, definetly make sure you get out of there and call help if you need to. but most guys will stop if you tell them to.hope i helped XoXo


does anyone know how to play guitar? if so can someone please tell me somewhere i can go like online to show me what a D chord looks like cuz me and my dad are getting confused!!!! thank you so much!!!!

im not sure exactly a site, but you can probaby google it and get the info really easily.hope i helped XoXo


I'm so itchy, and I mean it's all over! On my arms and my legs and my back. And there isn't a rash or anything as a result! I took a shower because I thought maybe that would wash whatever was hurting me away.. but that didn't work either! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME!?!


try taking some benedryl....it makes you really sleepy but it will stop any itchyness. if that doesnt make it stop then i would call the docter and see what he says. hope i helped XoXo


what is a good age to babysit and like how much should i charge per hour cause i am babysitting with a friend and we are going to split the money. about how long to the parents stay out for. thanks i rate high

12 or 13 is a good age to start babysitting as long as you can be responsible. a good price to charge is about $5 per hour/per kid. make sure you split the money evenly so that doesnt cause any problems between you and your friend. it totally depends on the parents how long there going to stay out. but if you have a curfew that you have to be home by, just let them know in advance that you wont be able to stay out any later than that.hope i helped XoXo


i am babysitting with a friend so we have to split the money and the town isnt very rich about how much should i charge 1 kid per hour 2 kids per hour 3 kids per hour and 3 kids per hour

i rate high

the usual rate is about 5 dollars per hour/per kid. so if its 1 hour and 1 kid then you would get 5 bucks,if its 1 hour 2 kids you get 10 bucks,2 hours 1 kid 10 bucks...and so on.but if the people your babysitting for are dont have alot of money then charge like 4 dollars instead.
Hope i helped XoXo


I'm babysitting my next-foor neighbor's 3 kids. They are 10, 6, and 2. This is my first time babysitting on my own and I`m a little nervous. What should I do to keep them busy? What do I do if they begin to fight with each other, or one starts to cry? Any tips?

put on a movie that they call all watch, make sure it isnt scary or sexual. give them some pop corn or somthing to eat while they watch it and that should keep them busy for awhile. if they start to fight break them up and tell them that YOU are in control and that YOU say fighting is not allowed. if one of them starts to cry, comfort it and say that your parents will be home soon and they wil make it all better. hope i helped XoXo


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