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words........ spell check, HELP!

Question Posted Sunday February 26 2006, 1:08 pm

Ok. So when I write

And I spell check the things I wrote. The spell check says it’s

Now I was wondering, what’s up with that?! Cause- according to my dictionary, my way is the good way,


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number1dorkette answered Monday February 27 2006, 9:28 pm:
when it hits spell check you should see a button somewhere on the pop-up box that say s 'ADD TO DICTIONARY' if you hit that button for the words you do not want it to correct you will never be spell checked on those words again... i also use it for my name since it always says it is spelled wrong.

[ number1dorkette's advice column | Ask number1dorkette A Question

MummuM answered Monday February 27 2006, 2:29 pm:
Favorite and color are the American way of spelling those words. In Canada, it's favourite
and colour. Even though I'm Canadian, I always go with the American way of spelling it. So, either way is good. ♥

[ MummuM's advice column | Ask MummuM A Question

ShYbl0nD3 answered Monday February 27 2006, 12:36 pm:
the way you spell it is how the english (british) spell it and the americans spell it as color and favorite. so its not technecly wrong.

[ ShYbl0nD3's advice column | Ask ShYbl0nD3 A Question

x0brittany0x answered Sunday February 26 2006, 7:49 pm:
They're British Spellings of the words.

[ x0brittany0x's advice column | Ask x0brittany0x A Question

pequenoalmoco answered Sunday February 26 2006, 6:22 pm:
Be careful - the words on the site given below are not entirely correct:
- in British English, we spell it argument too, not arguement.
- I have never spelt bank as banque, but this may be a different meaning.
- 'cheque' is the way of paying for something, otherwise the word is 'check', as in 'to check the answers'.
- when talking about a computer program, we tend to spell it the American way, it's only programme when talking about a TV show, or the booklet you get at the theatre when you go to see a play
- 'tyre' is the thing on a wheel of a car, otherwise the word is 'tire', as in 'to tire someone out'
- the past tense form of 'to light' is 'lit', just like in American English. We use 'lighted' when it is adjectival, e.g. the 'a lighted candle'.

It's a good site though - check this page out too: [Link](Mouse over link to see full location)
(again, some of the words listed on the American side are used in English, e.g. argument, can, cookie, corn, guy, napkin, nothing, overpass, pharmacist, rent, sausage (hardly anyone says banger!), sweater, truck.

Ah, linguistics...

[ pequenoalmoco's advice column | Ask pequenoalmoco A Question

caden answered Sunday February 26 2006, 6:08 pm:
colour and favourite are the british forms of the words favorite and color

[ caden's advice column | Ask caden A Question

Alin75 answered Sunday February 26 2006, 3:38 pm:
yeah what everyone else said... just wanted to give you this:

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

Its a link to a site that discribes the ways the two languages can differ. Just in case you get weird results from your spell checker another time.

[ Alin75's advice column | Ask Alin75 A Question

xoMarisox answered Sunday February 26 2006, 3:08 pm:
the british way is colour in english it's color. and the british is favourite and in english it's favorite. hope i helped!! xoxo <33

[ xoMarisox's advice column | Ask xoMarisox A Question

tasuki answered Sunday February 26 2006, 2:58 pm:
Colour is the British way, Color is American. Same with Favourite and Favorite. Both are correct. But you are much, much smarter than your spell check.

Read 'Ode to the Spell Checker' ([Link](Mouse over link to see full location)). Every word in that poem got past a spell check, but very few of them are used correctly (it may take you some time to read it--don't concentrate on what the words are, just read the sounds). So don't rely only on a spell check--mine tells me my last name should be Breezeway.

If you want to make sure it never does this again, you can add 'favourite' and 'colour' to the list of accepted words.

[ tasuki's advice column | Ask tasuki A Question

afro_timmy answered Sunday February 26 2006, 2:44 pm:
its because you set word or whatever you are using to the American way of spelling rather than the English. I'm not so sure on how to change it though sorry :( x

[ afro_timmy's advice column | Ask afro_timmy A Question

deathwillcome answered Sunday February 26 2006, 2:26 pm:
It is the spell check on your comp. My computer says that they are right. All computers don't have the same words in their dictionary. When it does that, just put "at word" or "ignore all" if you can't add it, and it will stop. I hope that I helped, and remember that my inbox is always open. You don't have to rate, but it would be nice. Thanks!

[ deathwillcome's advice column | Ask deathwillcome A Question

DancinCutie08 answered Sunday February 26 2006, 2:19 pm:
favorite and color are the american ways of speeling it. whatever you are typing with is prob. an american formated program. both words can be spelled either way

[ DancinCutie08's advice column | Ask DancinCutie08 A Question

TimmyTM answered Sunday February 26 2006, 2:14 pm:
Difference between traditional british spelling, and americanized spellings. Both are technically correct, as long as you're consistent about it in a piece of prose. (That is, doesn't matter in casual speech, but if you're using favorite and favourite interchangably in an essay, it's probably not a good thing.)

[ TimmyTM's advice column | Ask TimmyTM A Question

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