My name is Devin Lindsey or Vinny as my sister calls me! I am 17 years old and go to Bethel Park High school. I loooove swimming along with dancing, singing, and playing softball. I also run varsity track with is alright i supose too.

My favorite colors are orange, pink, and blue. I love to be crazy and have a good time

I've had a job working for 15+ monthes so I can answer alot about that

and I know alot about relationships in general so I can be helpful with that sometimes

especially with parent child relationships

I am a very observant person and tend to know more and care about more than most my age

and I really believe in volunteering to help animals especially at shelters. Usually its not their fault that they have to live their and its usually horrible cercimstances that bring them there and I feel terrible that they can't speak for themselves and people are too caught up in spending like $500 on this cute little pure breed puppy from a breeder just into getting rich instead of giving one of these dogs another chance at life (there are usually a handful of dogs under a year old so the i want a puppy excuse doesn't work with me)

My baby is named Lainey Mae... we got her from a shelter about 2 hours away from us when she was 7 weeks old. she is now 2 years old and the center of our family. unfortunately someone was cruel enough to go down and drug up and shoot (but luckly not kill) most of the dogs plus rob the owner (just like someone did at the shelter where I volunteer) and its now shut down


so i will be in mexico at the barcelo maya palace resort which looks GORGEOUS! just wondering? has anyone traveled to mexico/have any tips on must sees? i will be near tulum and chichen itza (ancient mayan ruins) which i will definitely be touring.

but any tips on how the mexican citizens are? anyone think i could hire a taxi driver for the day to take us around for like $60?

-dealing with customs at cancun airport. are they friendly?mean? i hear stories of them charging people for "overweight bags" when they really arent

any other tips/advice/experiences/ is appreciated?

taxis are cheap.. they are like $3 ride but you have to negociate before you get in the car! if you dont say anything they will charge you whatever they want

and dont rent your own car.. the driving down there is insane

customs are kinda scary.. just stay calm and don't fool around

there are tons of online books to read

i went to alcopulco but it should still be a similar expirience


My dog is very old, around 17, and I recently noticed that the white of his eyes has red veins (beyond the norm), it seems pretty red.

He has cataracts (sp?), but otherwise is in good health and has a good appetite. His muscles are weak, he's deteriorating (we're thinking of when to put him to sleep :( :(

But I was wondering if the red eyes/veiny eyes is a real cause of concern, or just a sign of old age?

it can all depend. He could have dry eyes and need drops.. or possibly an infection like pink eye.. or he could just be fine

I would get him checked out

better safe than sorry


so say i needed to borrow my boyfriends car. he has state farm car insurance that is under both his parents name. say i borrowed his car and i got pulled over.. would i get in trouble because my name is not on the insurance? or does it not matter because the car is still insured?

As long as you have your own insurance in your name just for having your licience you should be okay. I know for state farm you are suppose to have every driver of that cars name on the insurance... but the only think the cop might do is hold you over until they can contact the owner to make sure that you have permission to use that car... just don't get in an accident.. or your screwed


which plans is better for my future?

A.) I'll go to college here and take veterinary but if i dodnt make it then ill go to UK and study something else and work there for a while. And come back here and do something else

B.) I'll go college in UK and work there save money for university in US and get a degree and go to university here in US.

C.)NONE or give me your idea

im choose to go to U.K so i could send the money to help out my cousins and uncles

what do you think about this? im sophomore and im stressing a lot already because my GPA is 2.67 range and stuff.

Well to be a vet you def need to get those grades up...

and if you are just taking classes here and there your chances of getting into any kind of vet school without going to class full time is very slim.

also I know in the US they have very specific laws about transfering money in and out of the country.. so to be on the safe side.. I wouldn't do that

I would recommend going to a community college for like 2 years to take your basic classes and save money

after that transfer to a state school (which tend to be cheaper) and go into a pre-vet program

and if you do well enough there you can get scholarships for vet programs


I am applying to grad school, and have already received the necessary letters of recommendation for the programs..

I looked through one of them (from a prof. I TA'd for), and he mentioned some good things, eg., I was professional, dependable, good writer, etc.,
BUT, he also mentioned something that sounded a little lukeward to me, something along the lines of

"she was very quiet...didn't see her form much friendships., but the students always sought her out and she responded correctly."

Sounds semi-okay, but the part about me being very quiet, I don't know if that appears to be a good thing. That was his interpretation...another professor (different one) said that I had good interaction with her and the students. SO....

Do you think that I'm over-thinking it, or does that description really sound a bit on the negative side, (which could potentially put off the admissions committee)?

Please ONLY answer if you have experience and/or knowledge of university applications and admissions. Thank you!

It does sound kind of akward. I would go back and ask him what he ment. He could have ment too that you seemed to be more of a teach to the students than a friend. If you have other letters I would recommend just not using that one!


i have to do an "interaction journal" where i choose a controversial topic, and discuss the side for, and the side against my topic. my topic is "female presidents" and whether or not women should be able to run for president. i have to have media sources like a magazine, CNN news report, reg. news report, newspaper, or radio broadcast. does anyone know and sources for the argument against female presidents?


try the other canidates runnings sites... or even search hilary cliton yourself.. there are tons of male politics out there that have something to say about her, and women in general


and i'd like to make my own t shirts and sell them somwhere [internet maybe? ebay?] like with fabric paint and stuff. i think it'd be fun and i could make some money. i've been trying to get a job for soooo long and since i'm 14 [i am a freshamn] most places won't hire me yet. do you think it's a good idea? how could i start? any advice would be great!

you won't make tons of money... you'll be lucky at first if you can break even.. but yeah it soulds like alot of fun.

i would recomend buying shirts in bulk (like those 3 packs of white undershirts they have at gabes for like $3)

if you can check out your local community college and see if you can take an evening class on screen printing or air brushing

have fun!


I'm looking for a new camera since my old one broke :(

Out of these cameras, which one would you say is the best?:
Canon PowerShot A450
Canon PowerShot A460
Canon PowerShot A430

Also, what camera (any brand) do you think is a great camera?

cannons are awesome

I have an canon powershot A560 I just got it about 2 monthes ago and its wayyy better than the camera I used to have

Any canon I have seen is nice

the higher the number usually the new it is

and the new it is usually (but not always) the less glitches and stuff it has


i use the crest white strpis (the 5 minute kind). and after i take them off, i still have the gel stuff on my teeth and it tastes really bad. should i keep it on or wipe it off my teeth?
also, i use a retainer after, so would it turn my retainer white?


I always brush my teeth afterwards.. I would say thats better than simply just wiping them off but i wouldn't leave the stuff on


So school is about to start for me and i'm about to quit my current job because it's too much work for during the school year,
but the thing is, I have become accustomed to having
a pretty decent cash flow, and so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to a simple school year job.

Just something where I could go in a few days during the week, and rarely the weekends. Pay really isn't an issue.

I live in the DFW area of Texas if that helps anyone.

Try a cashier at a local store... I got a job at the end of my sophmore year working about 10 hours a week at sears at my local mall and it was great.. with that i was working like 2-3 nights a week and the pay wasn't bad either. It was nice too because there were alot of people who worked there so if something came up with school and i couldn't work there were plenty of people to call to cover my shift. Also my managers were extremely flexible with me


I'm usually really good with cravings but willpower is a b*tch sometimes and it's hard.

What's the best way to avoid cravings coming? And if they're inevitable, what's the best way to not give into them?

I know what you mean.. what i have been doing if you feel hungry and you must eat something and you are dying for that bowl of ice cream just eat something else... like a 99% fat free french vinilla yogurt.. I think doing this is best because you are getting something much better in you and that craving goes away usually because you are no longer hungry.

if you have problems with fast food don't carry money on you and you can't buy it.

just avoiding food all together when you get cravings is really hard and i've found it easier if i slowly work my way away from eating instead of trying to avoid everything all together..


If i'm a size medium in tops and 6/medium in bottoms at american eagle, what size would i be at abercrombie&fitch? because they got rid of the store that was in my area so i'm ordering online now, and i never trust the size charts.
thanks :]

if your a six at AE you are most likely a 6 at abercrombie and a 7 or 9 at hollister (there sizes sometimes run small). If it helps I am a 4 at AE sometimes a 2 but usually a 4 at Abercrombie then a 3 or a 5 at hollister


Can you be born with herpes, or just have it somehow? My boyfriend and I have never had sex, but we have done oral sex which I know transmits the herpes virus. But since both of us are virgins is it even possible for us to have the std? He had three cold sores in his mouth and complained of a headache for the past several days. These may just be a coincidence, but I'm worried. We two healthy teens, am I just overreacting?

I believe you can be.. most stds can be past during childbirth if the baby is born vaginally but if you had it you would know prob way before now or he would.


I have a 2 1/2 year old wire fox terrier.
Lately he's been scratching his face a lot, especially around his eyes and snout, until the skin turns red and sometimes starts to bleed. I have no idea why he does this or what to do to make him stop. He doesn't have fleas and it's not allergies because hes received allergy shots, and also takes allergy pills once a week. My mom thought it could be that his hair was getting too long, but we took him for a haircut and he still does it. Does anyone have an idea why he does this?

is his skin dry? dogs skin gets try from the sun just likes ours does.. they sell dog moisturizers try either that or a baby moisturizer

if its not that check for things like misquito bites and stuff


I was fingered a couple of days ago. It wasnt the first time, and the first time it happened, I didnt bleed. My period is not soposed to come for a few more weeks, and Im wondering why im bleeding so late after this insadince?

Is it heavy? if it is your period is just early or your are bleeding between periods.. if its just spotting chances are maybe you just got cut and you are bleeding lightly from that


I just started birth control 2 weeks ago and I'm actually on the pill Loestrin 24. Since I started, I've been getting cramps and bleeding, like a normal period. But this is everyday, before and after taking the pill. My doc says it's actually normal. Has anyone dealt with the same problems? And how long will this last?

I had spotting between periods for the first few monthes.. its totally normal... until it goes away just wear those mini pads/regular pads and you should be fine... I want to say it went away within 3 monthes. Ive been on the pill or atleast 6 monthes now i believe and i no longer then spotting


I made my high school's jv cheers team this year.
We've been practicing quite a bit on tumbling and we go to a tumbling class once a week. Every girl on my team except a few can do a super great round off. My cartwheel is pretty much perfect, but my round off sucks. The thing is I can't seem to get my other leg around quick enough to land on both feet, it usually ends up turning into a retarded cartwheel lol. I just need some advice on how to get my round off down, and to get my leg over fast enough before I land. I practice a lot, and I'm not scared of trying something new to make it work, so any tips would be great thanks! Also, don't tell me to use a lot of power, because I do that and it doesn't help. :]

try it bouncing on a trampoline... like do it pushing off on two feet there.. its a little akward at first but it improved my roundoff alot (I had a good roundoff before but it game more more air) also try tying your legs together so you are forced to land together... it may be harder to get the inial push off but if will help you get the idea but

(and doing running is easier than doing it standing)


Okay so my state (TN) has decided to mandate that every student K-12 get 90 minutes of excersize a week. Well they are using our homeroom time at my school to do just that. I think it is incredibly stupid because its not the school's responsibility to tell us what to do as far as excersizing goes. It is so damn retarded I can hardly stand it. I HATE coming to school now. OMG as if it wasnt bad enough LETS THROW IN SOME EXCERSIZE!!! Plus my homeroom teacher is strict with the rules, so if we dont do these excersizes every morning, she will write us up. I dont feel like I can talk to her because she wont understand. And I cant sit there and object while everyone else is doing it because that will draw negative attention to me. I get enough attention as it is for being fat. And thats not the reason I dont want to do the excersizes. It's just that 15 minutes is a long time for someone who is as heavy as I am and its embarassing to have my fat jiggle around for the whole freaking class to watch and laugh at. I would much prefer to excersize in PRIVACY where I dont have to worry about what I look like. High school is bad enough as it is. I think this is pure torture and I really want to refuse to do it. But I dont want to bring negative attention to myself. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? and what is your opinion on our new state law??

well in my school you have 45 mins of exercising everyday.. so its worse. I don't want to sound rude but you are one of the reasons they have exercise.. If everyone was at a healthy weight this would not be an issue... but if you are saying you are "fat" then you aren't getting the exercise you need in "privacy" like you want and therefore you have to do it in school. Its for your health because without daily excersizing you face many many health risks. I work out and I am in decent shape so I like it because I know of many people who aren't. If you don't like to be made fun of for being fat... excersize and diet and with time you will lose weight


where can i get extensions that i can put in myself with glue. that aren't necessarily permanent.

& do i have to dye my hair to get them all the same color ?

the top half of my hair is dark dark brown and the bottom is blond.

thanks ! =]

you can buy them at sallys

I would really recommend having someone do them for you not yourself (and if you can find someone get someone that goes to tech or cosmo or something and knows how to do them) because if you screw them up they are glued there pretty well for about 3 weeks

usually you have to dye your hair.. if your hair is dyed already just buy a box of the color you used and just do the extensions before hand or if you don't want to color your hair just try to find the best match hair dye and just dye the extensions


I'm moving across the country (from New Jersey to California...Orange County) for college. I'm going to get my own apartment because if I'm that far from home, I don't want just a little dorm to be my only place to have to go to. I want to be an A&R (artist and representative). An A&R works for a record label and is sent to concerts and stuff to listen to bands and if they're good, offer them a spot on the record label. I would probably intern for a record label while I'm in college. I'm into rock, punk, etc. and I love concerts and Ip lay guitar, etc..

Here's the thing...

I'm really into people who lare like that, too. Who like the same music and are that style and like going to concerts, tatoos, piercings, etc..

I'm scared that when I move across the country, I'm not going to find people like that to be friends with....when I move to Orange County, I'm not moving back here...that's my new home forever...and it's important for me to find new friends...but I'm scared I won't find people like that and yes...it is important for me to find people like that cause that's who I like and that's who I get along with.


how can you not find friends in college especially in California! don't worry about it... have you ever thought about having room mates.. that might be your first place to start. most flyers are your school and see if you get anyone to call. you will be fine.. also there are tons of clubs and stuff to join. I am sure you will find people. Also just with the kind of work you will be doing you will be meeting tons of people alone


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