I was just wondering were dragons ever real? Ha I was just thinking about that and I just wondered because I've never heard of scientists digging up dragon bones or something ha.

Yes they were....unfortunately though, all the leprechauns, hobbits and elves made the dragons and unicorns go the way of the dinosaurs after a group trip to the North Pole.

I'll have to check my facts, but I think I saw it on a Dateline NBC special interview with the Easter Bunny.


I'm a sixteen year old female guitarist. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar most. I play a lot, but my bar chords don't really ring and have a lot of dead strings, especially in the first few frets. I think this is because I don't have a lot of hand strength. Are there any exercises suited to small hands that will both help me with finger strength and not give me any more calluses and "man-hands" than I have?

If you don't want to buy hand grips you can always wrap rubber bands around your fingers and try and spread your fingers out as much as you can against the resistance. Or you can fill a jar with a little bit of weight and get your fingers inside and try to lift the jar and hold it as long as you can using the backs of your extended fingers (Bruce Lee did this a lot to build up his grip strength).

Another idea is my personal favorite- just get a newspaper and start in one corner of a page and hold you arm stretched all the way out, palm down and roll the newspaper up into a ball using only your fingers (no palm) That one burns ;-)


hey there....
thanks for the good advices there..
so here is the situation.. i have been going to gym for around for years but i havent gained the amount of muscle mass as i should have with respect of my ongoing training. its not that i havn't gaind a speck but uts not in the musclesome category yet.
so somebody suggested me to add creatine with protein powder to my diet. but some other guy told me that i creatine has severe side effects on body.
what should i do ? and if i should take creatine then of which particular brand coz in my country two main brands are available - herculees and nutrition.
i have been uder weingt control trainin for last few months but i am still in the lean categoy as i had gained quite a lot of weight last winter but with current rate , i will be fine in 2 weeks. so i am foreplanning. please help and please suggest something which increases my weingh because i am very prone to weight gain (genetically)
p.s. i am male of 20.

Creatine gets a bad rep from a lot of people. Mainly because when not used properly, it can be a bit harsh on the kidneys. Usually that's due to not drinking enough water during supplementing it and taking way too much for the body to digest. It's safe and great to use, but don't listen to what the bottle says with that loading with 20 grams a day for a week crap. Just take 5g once a day in your pre or post workout protein shake and it should be plenty enough. Make sure to drink a lot of water above all else. Remember, the body can only digest a certain amount of creatine at a time and it's not very much and the rest is just wasted through urination.


At first I asked YG this question and she recommended that I should ask you. I am truly serious about this diet because I've never accomplished my goal of being the ideal weight that I should be and I need advice so I know I am doing the right thing!

Anyway, I am 5'1 and I'm about 156 pounds. I wouldn't say that I look as short and fat as I would seem to be. Most girls my age are about 110 pounds and most of them are even taller than me! They all look so cute in their bikini's and I just am so jealous. I refuse to go to the beach with them and pool parties just because of the fear for being in a bathing suit. I know that there isn't anything wrong about wearing a one piece or a tankini, but most of the other 16 and 17 year old girls wear bikini's. I'm sick of being so afraid of my body. This summer I want to wear a bikini and I'm determined.

I went to Whole Foods today and talked to the guy in the section with all the nutrition shakes and pills. I told him that I wanted something to loose weight, that was good for me. He let me buy two samples of this shake that I replace with two meals a day with. Here are the facts:

Garden of Life- "Perfect Meal"
Low glycemic index. Effective and healthy weight management with a healthy diet and exercise.

Calories from Fat..............0
Total Fat...............2g
-Saturated Fat..........1g
Total Carbohydrate.............22g
-Dietary Fiber...............5g
Vitamin C.................50mg

He said the mix half of the powdered substance with vanilla soymilk for breakfast, and then the other half for lunch. Then eat a meal for dinner of all the food groups.

I was thinking for my dinner I would eat (all small small small portions)....

Meat- half a link of turkey green onion sassuge chopped into rounds and cooked on a hot pan on the stove.

Vegetables- Half a cucumber

Fruit- Half a banana

Fats Oils and Sweets- NONE (since thats what I need to get rid of)

Grain- None...

..... does that sound good? I'm really picky. I just want to make sure that I am doing this right.

ALSO, I know I have to exercise, and I have exercise videos that I will do DAILY. I will do a cardio one and a yoga one everyday.

How long do you think that it would take for me to get this flat tummy?

and Thank You!

Thank you for the question, I apologize for my response being so untimely.

My first thing I would tell you to do is, you really have to stop comparing yourself to girls your age or of different or similar body types/weights. Who cares what they look like? You're the only one whos gonna get YOU where YOU need to be, so forget the rest and never compare yourself to anybody. Also, I'd really prefer to see that your main motivation is to improve your health and wellness and self image instead of just being determined to wear a bikini, because then nothing will ever bee good enough in your own mind and it's a constant struggle with the scale and mirror; don't fall for that trap.

Your proposed diet is way way too light in calories and provides such little nutrition which in the grand scheme of things is actually going to act as counter-productive. Don't waste your money on that food supplement, You need to eat enough whole food to fill your body's needs- you need meat and carbs and fats, you just have to know how to moderate them all into a sensible way. Half a cucumber and a banana? Come on- think about that seriously in your mind a second. Nobody wants to eat that lttle! :-P and nobody has to...

You don't have to exercise every single day of your life, you also need to rest so the body can recuperate and build new muscle fiber that exercise tears down. 4 days a week would be a nice amount.

I can't tell you when you're going to lose your tummy because everyone is different, but I can tell you that you better not let that be your main motivator or you will just find yourself in a never ending battle with yourself. Do it for the nice tummy and all, but don't let that be the be-all end-all reason. Look at the bigger picture, be sensible and not extreme and everything will fall in place.


I want one of those human hamster balls right.. but they are all reeeeally expesive for just some plastic the cheapest i found was 500!!! geeeeezz... Can any one help me on where to find cheaper ones??
that would really help THANKS!!!

Why? lol

The street to run on is free. Not to mention better for you.


Well my question is about calories.

I've been working out at the gym for quite some time now but I don't really see much progress so I want to try a diet.

Now could somebody advice me how many calories I can consume if I work out for about 2 hours a day(including sauna in those 2 hours,if that matters)

And also : when I drank some coke today I saw this displayed on the can : 0.5 kcal

Now I'm in a science education and I know k stands for calories.

So that means there are 500 calories in that coke?(not diet or anything,just a regular coke)

I mean,isn't that really really much? :|

I've heard of diets where you can only consume about 1000 calories a day,so that's equal to 2 sodas,and that's equal to MADNESS!!

No, that doesn't have 500 calories in it.

K is KiloCalories ;-)

Multiply your bodyweight by 15 and subtract about 500-700 calories to get your desired weight loss daily caloric intake.


what is a western new yorker's accent? exaples please?

A what? Theres the city accent and the upstate one.


to work at dunkin donuts part time, how many hours a day would you work? and how many days a week woul you work? and what would you do at dunkins?

I don't know. but man the doughnuts have gotta be worth it.


how do you resist a craving? like for food.

Don't eat it.


Hi I really want to go to new york... BUT it is super expensive to go. I want to stay at a hotel that is close to attractions like the empire state building and madam tussauds wax museum and the central park zoo and all teh great things. I am planning on going with 3 other people for a week. What hotel do you reccomend. I don't want to spend more than $3000 for all 4 of us...any good ideas???

You're going to learn fast that everything is expensive in Manhattan. If you wanna stay in the city, be prepared to pay the city rate.


I was just curious to know, who you want to win the election '08?

My mom and i want obama, but literally the rest of my family wants mccain. I just would like to see how many people want obama, and how many want mccain.

All answers will help :]


All these dumbass young people in my own generation feed into Obama's "Time for Change" bullshit because they're naive and quixotic.

Pinko commie bastard. Talks a great game, but thats the extent of it, just talk.

Doesn't he have an anti-war rally to go to where he has to go burn some American flags with his hippie buddies?


McCain gets my vote, but I am from NY so it doesnt matter anyway because "NO-Bama" is gonna get this state anyway.

Besides...Sarah Palin is HOT! :-P


How tall is Tessa James off home and away?

14 ft. 8 inches.


I eat sandwiches and salad wraps for school but I still end up feeling horrible and bloated and fat no matter what bread I eat.
What else can I take to school for lunch thats easy to eat at school?
I am vegetarian by the way

Veggie stir fry.


hey guys! well im 18 years old and female.
i thought i should start taking vitaming just because i feel it would be better all around for me. i use to take the kids flinstone gummy ones just for the heck of it and maybe thought something would help but that got old so today my mom bought me these vitamins called centrum, "from a to zinc" i was just wondering if you know how good these are? and also by taking these what is this going to help, i mean i know vitamins are suppose to be good for you but what do they actually do? thanks!

Good idea and your mom picked a good multivitamin. Just follow the dosage instructions and you should be fine. Vitamins aid in different processes of the body, such as C for the immune system or A for the eyes.


Does anyone know why inmates at the Sarasota County Jail in Florida can only stay there for 11 months and 29 days and then they have to be transferred to the prison in Tallahassee? Please give any info. you have. Thanks in advance! =]

Because jails are set up to hold someone up to a year and prisons are for those with sentences longer than a year.


In NY (specifficaly long island) do you need a licence to drive a moped? how do you get it? how old do you have to be because i am only 14 but i really want one :P
also where would i get one
and how much do they usually cost?

Yes you do. 18 for a driver's license in NYS, 17 with Driver's Ed. You still got a while.


for the past month or two i've been eating pretty healthy and lost around 7-8 pounds. (along with a ton of exercise and whatnot)

obviously nothings perfect and i ate junk food here and there. but usually try to eat 1200 calories a day if i'm working out.

this friday for work we're having a party at ihop and im trying to plan out what im going to eat there.

id rather not eat more than 300 calories, and id prefer that theyd be at least something with nutritional value

the only thing i can think of that they have would be like a fruit cup.

does anyone have any suggestions? and around how many calories itd be?

thank you (:

Just have pancakes and smother them with strawberry syrup. It's IHOP for Christ's sake.

A trainer is telling you to do it, so it's ok ;-)


1) Do they go on your record?
2) Do they clear up when you're 18? Can you get them cleared?
3) What is likely to happen in court/likely reprocussions?
4) Will a first citation affect the college application process?
5) Should one get a lawyer?
6) What are the best and worst possible outcomes of a first UAD citation?

Get a lawyer if you're that concerned, not internet advicers.

May be expunged from a court record, but if a future employer wants to find out about you, it will always be available and they will find out anyway.

Might not want to be a MIP again. Huge deal? No, but it's something on your record nonetheless, and you're going to be competing with other people who have totally clean records in the job world someday.

Welcome to the real world, where today's decisions affect tomorrow's outcome. Can't hide behind youth.


I've got a bad knee. I guess I've hyper-extended it and now it's like the ligaments have been stretched. I did see an ER doctor when it first happened but I never was really diagnosed. I actually tore it showing out for my friends. I picked the back end up of a Ford Focus when I got hurt. Yeah, LOL I actually got it up about 4 inches before my left knee gave out. Now, the problem is, if I walk to much or even put all of my weight on it, it just pops right out of socket! Oh gees, what excruciating pain! I'm pretty scared of causing too much stress on it. I don't have $$$ for a knee operation either. I occasionally wear a hinged knee brace on it. My question is, what type of work out can I do to strengthen my knee up and what type of brace can I wear to prevent my knee from dislocating? Thanks a bunch!


This is something sorta medical and I am not really qualified to give you good advice on it. Basic exercises such as lunges and airsquats will help strength the Patella, but as far as what kind of special brace to wear or fixing the dislocated knee- I can't really say I know much.


So I stole from my job and was terminated a couple days ago. the cop wrote me a ticket for $600 as bail and a court date.

I went to pay my bail today and the lady said I had to show up at court. And that my bail wasnt even in the computer yet. So she told me to come to court.

Does that seem right, is that what usually happens?

Well I still have to pay and what should I be expecting when I go. Ive never been in trouble like this and Im only 18 so Im pretty worried.

Please help me! Thank you!

Get a lawyer if you're that worried. Sounds crass, but those are the people to see in these situations, not internet advice people.


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