I'm a sixteen year old female guitarist. I enjoy playing acoustic guitar most. I play a lot, but my bar chords don't really ring and have a lot of dead strings, especially in the first few frets. I think this is because I don't have a lot of hand strength. Are there any exercises suited to small hands that will both help me with finger strength and not give me any more calluses and "man-hands" than I have?

If you don't want to buy hand grips you can always wrap rubber bands around your fingers and try and spread your fingers out as much as you can against the resistance. Or you can fill a jar with a little bit of weight and get your fingers inside and try to lift the jar and hold it as long as you can using the backs of your extended fingers (Bruce Lee did this a lot to build up his grip strength).

Another idea is my personal favorite- just get a newspaper and start in one corner of a page and hold you arm stretched all the way out, palm down and roll the newspaper up into a ball using only your fingers (no palm) That one burns ;-)


I want one of those human hamster balls right.. but they are all reeeeally expesive for just some plastic the cheapest i found was 500!!! geeeeezz... Can any one help me on where to find cheaper ones??
that would really help THANKS!!!

Why? lol

The street to run on is free. Not to mention better for you.


If your good at high jump, what does that mean about you physically? Just wondering, 16/f.

Technically, it means that you have a quick transition in the Amortization phase from eccentric to concentric in a Plyometric sense.

In laymen's terms- you have good quickness and are strong enough on the way down and the way up to get good height.


I'm 19, 5'8, and I weigh close to 180 pounds. I used to weigh around 200, so I've lost quite a bit. But I also used to weigh 150-- I had an eating disorder. I'm like up and down with weight and I hate it. How do I stay at a healthy weight, once and for all? Help!

Mental attitude is a big part of it. You have to be realistic with where you are at and where you want to go. Setting smaller, reasonable goals is a better strategy than setting one huge Do or Die goal.

Understanding that being healthy and fit is a lifestyle and not a passing fad or a hobby is another critical point. It's a 24/7 thing that you and you alone are responsible for maintaining.


Hey Mike. I wanted to get your opinion on something. I have been working along in my ISSA book (btw, I will take the exam as soon as I get my CPR certification next month), and I was a little surprised by Hatfield's notion that you can gain muscle and lose weight at the same time.

I dont know if he had the same diet plan published in your edition of the book. Anyways he recommends cycling calories during the week, so that some days you eat less and others more. Than supposedly if you do more days with less calories, you will lose fat while gaining muscle.

I have not seen anyone make that claim before. It confused me to the point where i have no idea what the heck to advise people. I mean, it goes totally against the traditional cutting vs bulking phases.

Anyways, I dont know if you have given this much consideration but I would appreciate any input you might have on it.


Good for you for taking the test, Al.

I don't really buy into Dr. Squat's theory very much except for the cycling calories part...but for different reasons. I am sure you have noticed that he has a lot of great theories, but he also has some that are sorta off the beaten path lol.

How I've always worked out and learned is that your body isn't a hybrid and cutting and bulking require 2 different kinds of training/calorie distributions. Where I believe in cycling calories is the high and low days because of keeping the body tricked and eating less calories on off days simply because of the lack of activity.

It's just one of many many theories lol. I say just continue to do what works for you and don't try to re-write the basics.


i wanted to know if running in place or jump roping makes me lose weight more? or just inches off my stomach if i did it 30-45 minutes. which one is better?

Jumping rope is better.

Stop worrying about your stomach so much.


I have a local GNC near my school and i was wondering what one would recomend for a highschool football player in the sense of protien shakes. I was thinking cell-tech but after some research and seeing the price i decided to forget that idea. I don't want any creatine or drugs, i want something with protien, vitamins, and that works. any ideas?

Good advice on the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey. That's the protein I've used for 4 years now and I love it. Vanilla Ice Cream and Double Rich Chocolate are my personal favorite flavors.

Remember, shakes are only for when you need quick protein/can't eat a real meal so don't get too caught up on drinking them and thinking they can replace regular food.

Cell-Tech isn't a protein supplement, it's a creatine supplement. MuscleTech's main protein supplement is Nitro-Tech. However, there is a saying in bodybuilding of "Friends don't let friends use MuscleTech" All their stuff is garbage.


do products such as the bender ball and the ab lounge actually work as well as the commercials say they do?

are there any products for abs that actually work?

Just a floor to do crunches on is all you really need. Maybe a stability ball or ab wheel. That's it. Don't buy into those infomercials.


why is running in the cold better than running in hot weather?

The cold air is more dense and it helps expand your lungs- enabling you to hold more air.


I have a strange problem in approaching women,i always have a negative thought that i would get rejected so i avoid most of the time.Can anybody help me out in refering some ebooks(free download)

Effective ways to flirt with women
How to impress women?

Tell them that you're me :-D

Actually that won't attract even the old ladies who play bingo. Possibly not even the blind....

Just be yourself man and let it come natural, being a good flirt comes with practice and just certain inherent personality traits. Even if you're rejected, you're a step ahead because if you didn't do anything then you would never know. Play it cool and just be you and don't give the old chivalrous, sensitive, "Trading Spaces" loving song and dance.


I play football for my high school, im one of the better freshman lineman, my probleam is i weigh to little. im about 175 but alot of the kids are over 200. im mostly muscle and id like to keep it that way, how can i increase weight to around 200 but not put on fat

Not going to happen that way, man. Bulking, especially 25 lbs means you also are going to gain some fat, but this isn't a bad thing.

I am sure your coaches make you do heavy compound movements for weightlifting, stick to that and keep eating a lot of calories...really stress your carbs and not just protein. It takes time.


Does smoking make you slimmer?
Why does it make you slimmer?

1. Some yes, Some no

2. Cigarettes are stimulants, so they also speed up the metabolism. This is not permanent.


im 14, and overweight, andc thinkikng of joining lucille roberts, my mom friends goes there and loves it, im gonna go with one of my friends, has anyone gone there before? can you tell me more about it? does it work well?

I feel this is a good place to go for a beginner female, especially one that is overweight. You will feel more comfortable being in the all female environment and skip over the intimidation of a regular gym and they'll teach you a good bit about your body composition and nutrition...especially portion control which is very essential.


Anyone know how to get a flat stomach adn can you please tell me what i should be eating to get a flat stomach links would be helpful.

Cardio, diet, and good training (Hard work). That's all there is to it.


Anyone know how to get skinner/thinner thighs ?

Eat right and exercise.


ok I posted a question before on how to gain weight and muscles but at the same time to not grow too much fat and ppl told me to eat more protein/do bodybuilding exercises and lay off the fat

i have been consumed lots of pasta/bread/fish/cereal/water/chicken/beef/pizza over the last one month or so.The reason of me doing this is that I'm now skinny,and I want to grow more 'meat' so to be bigger.

1)The only place that seems to be growing bigger is my stomach,how do I get the meat or the food to go to my arms and body(I want to grow my whole body,as in bigger like sideways as well,and not just my stomach)

2)Once I get the meat to my entire body,I obviously exercise to get muscles,the problem now is that I'm skinny and need the meat,so if I exercise I'm going to lose the meat that structures my body.How do I build muscles through exercising while not losing the meat I have gained over my food consumption cause I want to have a bigger mass bod as well.

thanks for answering

This plan is all out of whack. It's not really shocking that your stomach is getting bigger.

So you're saying that you're just going to eat and all of the bodyfat accumulated is going to go to the right spots and then magically it will all convert to muscle because you're going to start lifting weights? That's not how it works.

You're either bulking or you're cutting. Simply- In order to gain muscle size- you need to be having an adequate amount of calories to facilitate hypertrophy. When cutting- the body is not getting quite as many calories; causing less size. This is why you can't gain muscle and lose fat at the same time no matter what the guy at the gym tells you :-P

There is no greater example of input = output than bodybuilding. Crap in = Crap out.

If you're not exercising, then how are you metabolizing this influx of calories? All you're doing is hindering your progress for when you do start to lift weights.

Screw this "building meat" phase and cut out that pizza and focus on eating and training like a bodybuilder. Remember- If you want to look like a bodybuilder; you have to eat and train like one. Building muscles isn't easy and it's going to require all of your heart and soul if you want to make any legitimate gains. Eat well, lift heavy, get good amounts of rest. That's really all there is to it.


Okay right now I'm doing 60 minutes of cardio (elliptical) a day. I know this sounds like alot but I started out with 15 minutes a day about 3 months ago and I've been working my way up gradually.

I haven't seen any changes in my weight since I started doing 60 minutes cause I only started a few days ago but right now I'm doing the 60 minutes all in one go, which is fine with me, I'm not getting worn out or feeling weak or anything

But I'm wondering, would it be better to do the 60 minutes all in one go or do 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon?

I'm talking in terms of WEIGHT LOSS here. Not in health, I don't care which is healthier because I already lead a pretty healthy lifestyle. But I'm not far off my goal weight and I've reached a plateu and I'd really like to lose my last 7lbs in about a month. So in terms of weight loss, which is better and why?

Split it up. 60 mins at a time is wayy too much and you're not doing anything beneficial after that much time anyway. 30 and 30 is ok, but 20 mins of interval training in the morning and 20 minutes of interval training in the evening is ideal.

By the way- never think that you're in top physical shape all the time; there is always something you can do (like this example of interval training) to improve your health.


there is a lift i learned in football called a Clean this is what it looks like


what muscles does this work (this page confused me) and i cant really find any information on it due to its name.

Cleans are a great lift- one of my personal favorites. It's a systemic compound movment- with the legs and virtually all of the muscles of the upper body getting worked- combine this with a press (Otherwise known as the Clean and Jerk) and you have an excellent workout that builds shoulder strength and size. Become proficient at the actual Clean first though as it is quite technical and takes some practice. Learn it well and you'll get big and strong.


i want to gain muscle=eat more calories
i want to lose fat=eat less calories

i want to gain muscle=exercise
i want to gain muscle while not losing my bulk and not going skinny=???

bottomline,how do i gain muscle,while losing fat and exercising but not too much till i lose my bulk at the same time?

You don't. You're either bulking or cutting, unfortunatelty the body is not a hybrid so you can't do both at once.


Chest Bicep Day-
• 15 min stationary bike
• 5 sets of ten on bench press
• 5 sets of ten for bicep curls
• 5 sets of ten Russian twist (slip in abs)
• 5 sets of ten six inches
• 15 min on stationary bike
• jog

Triceps and back day-
• 15 min stationary bike
• 5 sets of ten of triceps extension
• 5 sets of ten of shrugs
• 5 sets of ten of tricep dips
• 5 set of ten of military press
• 5 sets of ten on barbell rows
• 5 sets of ten stiff legged barbell dead lifts
• 15 min stationary bike
• jog

Legs Day-
• 15 min of stationary bike
• 5 sets of ten Barbell Full Squat
• 5 sets of ten leg extensions
• 5 sets of ten Russian twist
• 5 set of ten six inches
• 15 min stationary bike
• jog

Off day-
• Jog
• Jump ropes

im 15 male. 6'0 and about 175 pounds i have done weight training before. any suggestions are welcome

Wayyy too much for a 15 year old kid, not enough compound movements, there's not much rhyme or reason to the routine- it's too mish mash. Plus....you're not even including shoulders, which baffles me. In plain- your routine is quite bad for a strength cycle.

You've asked about this before and you seem like you have the enthusiasm and energy required but the response is still basically the same- If you want to look like and be strong like a bodybuilder; you have to train and eat like one. If you're playing football, I would imagine that your coach would explain to you that something like a deadlift, a chin up or a clean and press is a compound movement.

Check out Bodybuilding.com for some good references on how to arrange your splits. DON'T neglect compound movements. Good luck.


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