Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


Hi I'm a 13 year old girl, and I kinda have an imaginary friend... Is this ok? I don't really have any real friends, so I made up an imaginary friend when I was about eleven. It's not like I 'talk' to her in public, just when I'm at home, but is it wrong to have an imaginary friend when you're 13? Am I crazy or something? Please help me. :/

As long as you know the friend is imaginary, you aren't crazy. I do, however, suggest putting yourself out there and meeting people. Humans are social beings and we need relationships - not necessarily romantic relationships, just people to talk to and communicate with!

Talk to people at school, in classes, etc. If you are feeling self conscious about this imaginary friend or if you struggle making friends,, talk to your school counselor. Join a club or sport to help you get out there and meet people!


What do YOU like off the JJ menu? They just put one in down the road and I want to try it, but I know if I get something really bad the first time I will never go back. So what do you like, or think is excellent, and maybe I will try your favorite first? :)

Vito :) I alwayssss order "the number 5, no onions, add hot peppers" yummmmm!


I am 6'3" tall, and tired of my feet hanging off the bed. I know there are longer beds, but when I go to the store there are NO sheets for a longer twin bed! :( Is there a special place to buy them, I mean the best place? I don't want poor quality eBay sheets like I bought for my old bed, and it would be nice if they were pretty since I am a girl.

Thank you!

I remember looking at Target and Kohls when I was searching for sheets for my dorm bed in college, which was an xl twin bed.


fuck it all this bull shit about "oh just dont let death be the answer" or dont commit suicide You have belonging, DUDE IS WORLD, YOU FAGGETS CAN FIND ANOTHER ONE OF ME TO TELL YOUR BULLSHIT TOO, IM DOING THE WORLD A FAVOUR, LESS TAX FOR EACH MAN.. FUCK ALL U

Suicide is the cowards way out. I'm not going to sit here and talk to out of it, nor should you expect me to tell you to do it. I lost my boyfriend of 4 years to suicide and I would never encourage anyone to do something so irreversible. He left a lot of people hurt and with a lot of unanswered questions. Whether or not you think your life is worth it is one thing, but the pain you'd be inflicting on others is terrible. Take a look at your life and find one thing worth living for and live for it. If you don't have friends/family, move far away, start over fresh, and find adventure in the world. There's always another option or a better way out. If you think your life is so horrible now, don't exit in a cowards fashion. Do something cool. Twenty six people just lost their lives because of a coward. Twenty of those people were innocent little children. I bet any one of them would be willing to trade with you for another day here on earth. Don't take for granted what so many should still have. You have a life to live, so live it freely and have fun. Don't end it because of whatever it is making you feel this way. Get help.


My gauges are stuck in my ears. Like...the back won't unscrew...its scaring me that ill never be able to get them off. I've tried pliers but it didnt work. I'm so scared. Can someone please help me?

I've gotten an earring stuck in my ear before. Honestly, I'm not sure if it makes a difference when it's a guaged piercing vs a regular one, but I went to see a doctor who removed it for me.

I'm sure you could go to the place where you had it done, but if not, definitely just go to your doctors office.


What if u took a test and it said no. Then u still miss it.

Home tests aren't always accurate. Take another. If it's still negative and you're still missing your period, go see a doctor. There are plenty of reasons you could be missing your period, such as stress or anxiety; however, you could be pregnant.

It may just be easier to see a doctor ASAP so you know for sure.


Would my doctor notice if im taking birth control pills while examining me.... its urgent plzzzz

Your doctor legally cannot give that information to anybody, so you're fine.

Honestly, though, you should probably tell your husband. It would crush him if he found out otherwise (goes to pick up his prescription from the pharmacy, your BC is there, he gets it... orrr he finds it in the house, your purse, etc).

If you have a good marriage, you can be open and honest with your husband.

But back to your question, your doctor won't be able to just look at you and know. He/she should have access or you should tell them what medication you're on, though. And again, laws state that your doctor cannot tell ANYONE what you're taking, family included.


I've been so sad, I want to die recently. I don't find any solace in the " Jesus saved me" category. What is a person like me supposed to do? I've felt this way for 15 of my 29 years. With few breaks. Your god don't love me. Or he has a fucked up way of showing it.

I think that is a horrible way for a person to feel.

Ever wonder where God is when times are the toughest? Remember that the teacher is always quiet during the test.

Life is rough and God has a few answers for all of your questions and prayers: Yes, not yet, or I have something better in mind.

I highly suggest that you speak to someone, more specifically a religious therapist/counselor, or being - such as a priest or pastor depending on the denomination you once felt part of.

Every life matters. I hope you can get the help you need and find peace!


Hi um well for the past two days I've had bloody stool it isn't thick and it doesn't hurt me but should I be worried

You should really go see a doctor for that. Only a doctor can correctly diagnose whatever is going on. But any time you're bleeding in an area you shouldn't normally be bleeding is a good time to see the doctor.


My boyfriend has been using meth since he was 14 we are now 21, I am 5weeks pregnant he said the last time he consumed was a week ago can my baby have birth deffects or be un healthy because of that even though I don't use drugs?

Yes, your baby CAN still have issues because he was using meth at the time he impregnated you.


Hello im 19 i am finding it hard to live with my parents all i want to do is move out! they are making it imposable for me to be independant and to talk to them about things, a mate has offered me to live with them for as long as i want as long as i pull my weight around the house and pay money towards the bills and i am more then happy to do that but its driving me insane that my parents wont let me do a thing. What can i do?

You're 19. Just take whatever YOU own (anything you've purchased yourself.. clothes, whatever) and GO. You can legally just leave and not come back. But you better hope if that's your choice that you've got a job/money/car ... so you can help pay bills and be independent with your friend.

Just know that if you pick up and leave, your parents don't have to be happy with you and don't have to welcome you back into their home if things go wrong. Talk to your parents, tell them you want to and are planning to leave and would like their support so things can stay good between you, but you're going to eventually move out and be on your own whether they agree or don't.

YOU ARE AN ADULT. Act like one. Move out. Just make sure you're financially stable first. If you're not, get a job and save up - maybe 6months to a year. If you're not in college, you really should be doing something with your life anyway.


Whats the difference between leggings and jeggings?

Whats the difference between jeggings and skinny jeans?

They look the same to me

Jeggins are leggings that look like jeans.

Jeggings have the comfort of leggings/sweatpants but LOOK like skinny jeans/designer jeans.

The only difference is the appearance & fabric they're made out of.


I'm getting a six letter tattoo in cursive on my lower side area. Can I get a range of how much it will cost? and how bad does it hurt? Thanks!

Cost and pain all depend on certain factors:

I have a tattoo of a lion cub on my back (more specifically, lower left) and it's slightly larger than the circle made when putting together my thumb & middle finger. It cost me roughly $70, including the tattoo goo I purchased (unnecessary, you only need unscented soap)

Pain wise, it hurt me when they did the outline of it, but once they began shading it in, it felt light slight scratches. the pain wasn't unbearable, though. and I have a LOW tolerance for pain.

A friend of mine got a quote on her foot and said it didn't hurt her at all.. she also has a very high tolerance for pain.

My sister has a tattoo on her foot, color, covers the top of her foot, paid under $200, I believe, and said it was pretty painful.

The pain depends on your tolerance. The price depends on where you go, color, size, quality, difficulty, etc.


Ever found out something about someone you love and it crushes you but you can't confront them bec you were snooping and had no right to be in there business in the first place... What would you do? Note... My husband says that be had nothing to hide and that I'm allowed to look... I just never did it bec something about going thru another persons stuff seemed wrong... Then few stated acting different.... So I looked... Its not that he's cheated yet.... At least as far as I can tell but its like he's standing in the door way... Telling other women that he loves them... That he's tired of Missing them.. And that if their near by to call so they can "make out" because they are so sexy... Or they have a nice ass. That he is "so serious." Should I confront him? Or am I thinking too much into this...? Would he actually do the things that he's typing to people and messaging to women or is he just joking.... Help me please... :'( (We've been together for 3 years and married for one. Recently had a baby girl but this has been going on for a long time... according to the time stamps. Everyday he his super attentive and affectionate... I would have never guessed that this is what he sends to women and what is really thinking. Ive tried hinting at situations that are similar but he just says that he would never do that to me. So confused!)

What he's doing isn't physically cheating because he hasn't come into contact with them, but he's flirting and telling girls things he'd like to do with them ... I'd consider that some sort of emotional cheating or even cyber cheating. What he's doing is wrong. It's not okay to make his wife feel like crap. If he said you could look at things, assuming you never would, that's his own stupid fault. I understand not wanting to confront someone with information you found snooping, but if this effects you that greatly, you need to speak up for yourself.
If you don't want him to know you were snooping, you'd have to catch him in the act of doing something wrong, and I don't know about you .. but I wouldn't want to wait that long and make it get to the point where my husband actually physically cheats.
If you confront him now, you might have a chance to salvage your relationship. I'm not saying you should leave him, but you guys should work on whatever is causing him to be such a pig right now.


can you get pregnant if your mate comes in your mouth

No you cannot get pregnant from a guy ejaculating in your mouth. You can only become pregnant if sperm comes into contact with your vagina.



I'm about 8 weeks pregnant, and my baby's father, as well as my boyfriend whom I am having unprotected sex with, has just quit using meth. I know meth stays in your system for up to 6 months. I'm just wondering if he is ejaculating inside me, if this can effect the fetus? He has been clean for a few days now, and is staying quit. I just need to know if we should use a condom for a while?

Btw, I don't need anyone to tell me that I shouldn't be with him, because he was using drugs. I've heard it before & you don't know our situation. I just need advice on this, please and thanks :o)

I don't know a lot about this subject, however I do have something I want to share:

I was watching one of those drug documentary type shows on tv a few months ago and I'm not sure how similar meth and cocaine are, but the show said that if a man who uses cocaine ejaculates inside a woman it harms HER. It's only my assumption that it would be the same with any hardcore drug.

Again, I do not KNOW for a fact if it's the same for meth, I just assume so.

However, from the parenting classes I've taken in high school and college, I can also safely assume that his ejaculating inside you DOES hurt the fetus. I definitely suggest using condom until the baby is born.

Also, one other thing, if he was using during the sex that got you pregnant, that could also effect the baby, causing issues such as addiction or birth defects. That's just another thing I learned in a parenting class. I'm no expert on the matter, nor would I claim to be.

I hope all ends up well. Congratulations on your pregnancy :)


I'm 18, and I started dating this guy about 2 months ago, I was a virgin until we had sex for the first time about 2 weeks ago. The first time was with a condom; we had quick sex about 3 more times that night, but without a condom--he didn't cum inside of me, but when we stopped I saw pre-cum. Then a few days after that (same week) we had sex again (with condom) but then we had sex one more time a few hours later, without a condom, I know that, again, he didn't cum inside of me. This past week we had sex twice in the same day, both times without a condom, and he pulled out each time. The last time was only about 2 days ago, we had sex once, without a condom, he pulled out though. My main worry now is becoming pregnant. I hear all of these rumors about "pulling out" and how its as safe as wearing a condom: Is that true? I haven't gotten my period and I always get it in the beginning of the month, I just don't remember the exact date. My friend made me take a pregnancy test the other day and it came back negative, but I know its still early, and I am really worried even though it came back negative. I know what we're doing is stupid and it will stop. But, do you think there's a slight chance I may be pregnant? It's always on my mind now even though he pulls out each time...

Oh there's definitely a good chance of pregnancy. I'm not trying to scare you or tell you that you're pregnant because I am clearly not a doctor and do not know. However, pulling out is NOT a method of birth control. You CAN get pregnant from pre-cum. It's ENTIRELY possible to get pregnant from the "pull out" method.

Be smart. As my mother always told my siblings and I, "no glove, no love". Wrap it before ya tap it ... if it's gonna rain, use an umbrella...

whatever stupid saying you need to hear to tell you to use a condom every time you have sex.

Now, it's only been two weeks. There's no way to actually know if you're pregnant yet. High stress levels can cause a delay in your period. Being sick can cause a delay in your period. Plenty of things can delay it. Wait another two weeks then go out and buy multiple tests. Wait one-three days between taking each test. There are plenty of false negatives, not often are there false positives.

If you still don't get your period that much and your home tests are coming out negative, get a doctor to perform a test. If you turn out pregnant, make a plan for what you're gonna do - keep, abort, adopt. If you're not pregnant, count your blessings and be smarter about your sexual behavior.


He is married with 3kids and he is having problem with his wife but wants me and i love him what should i do?

If he'll do it to her, he'll do it to you.

Also, you can't just make someone love you more. They love you or they don't. He's married. If he's also your boyfriend, there's sign one that it's an issue. Back out now, or be okay with the fact that he'll probably never love you the way you want him to.


For our final project in our computer class, we are asked to create an interactive but also learning site using our knowledge on HTML, CSS, PHP and MySQL. Our group was quite confused on what project to make because we have ideas, but we realize that these ideas for the project is difficult to do. I would like to ask for possible interactive website ideas that may be simple but worth it. Please do include a website wherein we could read more about making a simple website. Thanks...
P.S. I need an answer as soon as possible. The proposal deadline is fast approaching. Thank you.

Try www.wix.com
The website is fairly simple and gives good, basic instructions for use.

I had to use that site to create a portfolio for my computer class. It's pretty simple. Mine has personal information on it, such as my full name and the school I attend, so I'm not comfortable sharing the link. However, if you need any help using the website, feel free to email me at maniac_munchkin@yahoo.com :)


(female) hey anyone please answer i keep here as soon as this happened i may be over reacting but omg ok so, i got on this website were you can chat with people because i was bored and I said hey and then a warning popped up and it said Warning: we have to warn you from federal law that this person is a registered sex offender! and then he said heyy and i freaked and exit out! I am really scared I hope i am just over reacting and everything is fine but im just scared they can get my information and were i live in stuff please help do u think he could -ThANks

I wouldn't be too worried about it. Exing out and not speaking to that person was definitely the right decision. Since you did not give them any kind of information about you, they would have no reason to even consider pursuing you.

As I'm sure you already know, be VERY careful when going on any kind of online chatting sights, especially those like teen chat or chatroulette ... it's just a sketchy scene in general. Never give out any kind of person information - not your state, school, grade, sports teams youre involved in, etc. It's so easy these days to take an IP address and track down information about a person. It's just not smart to chat with people you don't know.

But like I said, you did the right thing by ending the conversation immediately. Most people who try to do the creepy things you hear about first try to make the person they're chatting with comfortable with them before trying to find them and stuff... you didn't even speak to him - he'll have no interest in pursuing you because he knows nothing about you - he was unable to break into your comfort zone.


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