Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


ok what is the age to start baby- sitting? and how much should i ask for them to give me and hour?

I figure once you're 13 it's okay to start babysitting for family friends and neighbors .. anywhere walking distance (because you can't drive, so you'd have to depend on rides if it's far away).

In If you're under 16, then $5-$7 is appropriate to ask. If it's just one kid, then you really don't need more than $5/hour because it's not remotely difficult. If you're at least 16 and/or there's more than one child, it's find to ask for $7 (it's just under minimum wage, but since you're being paid cash without taxes, it's actually more than what most kids in fast food restaurants and other places are making).

I've never specifically asked for an hourly wage. It was always assumed that $5/hour was the minimum, but that was 5-6 years ago years ago when I was in high school and was babysitting. I had one neighbor who always paid $10/hour whether I was babysitting one of her kids or all 3.


So I'm taking a babysitters course, and the last lesson is tomorrow. I basically am good at everything, the price, how to babysit, etc. But the problem, is . . . How do I babysit little kids? In my house? Their house? My parents are pretty strict about going to peoples houses, same with our house. It can't be too far either. I really wanna make money because I'm pretty low on cash. Where do I babysit them? and if it helps, I live in BC.

Normally, you babysit in the home of the children you're watching. It's much easier because all of their toys and things are there, plus, if you're babysitting at night, it's where you put them to bed.

I'm sure that if you're babysitting people they know [I'd stick with babysitting for neighbors, friends, etc.] then it won't be a problem doing it at their homes.

So, babysit at their house. They'll have toys, movies, tv, computers, their own rooms & their own things to do.
Because of how young you are, I don't think that you're ready to take the kids anywhere yet. I would stay at their house. Being outside in their yard is fine, but I would wait until you're more experienced before taking them to a neighborhood park or anything. I'm 17 and I still don't do that very often.


Okay, well, this July, I'm babysitting a 10-11 year old girl named Maggie. She's a cute kid, but there is one problem. She's completely hyper all the time. She gets nervous alot and really easily.
I just wanted to know if ya'll had any ideas for fun, quiet, easy-clean up games that will keep her situated for a while.
This is a FULL day job, twice a week, $50 a day. I know that seems a lot, but trust me, she's worth it.

ANYTHING that would help me with this will help me because I really need the money.

Thanks a ton in advance.

Are there any parks or pools nearby that you could take her to? Or any basketball courts or baseball fields. On the baseball fields you could play just about any game, kickball, baseball, spud, and more. Most of these things would be a lot more fun with more kids which is why I asked if there are any kids around her age nearby. Start off the day doing the outside activities so you can tire her out, then you can go inside and play some board games or watch a movie or tv. When I babysit my mothers best friend's kids, she has two out of control boys, they listen to me. What they like to do with me is cook. It's really weird but they promise me they will behave if I let them help me cook something crazy. Of course I am the only one allowed to use the oven, but they like to help me mix stuff and, of course, be the taste testers. Or you can do arts and crafts, outside if you're afraid it will be messy.

If she has chalk then you can play hopscotch or snail. Or you could just draw. IF she has clay or play dough then you can play with that. Those are some fun, simple things.

I hope this helps some. If you want any more babysitting ideas I could probably think up some stuff that I do when I babysit. I've been doing it for years, so it must work somehow.


Hey my name is Rachel and iam a 17 year old female and iam babysitting this 15 year old kid with autisim from 10:00pm to 2:30 am in the morning How can I keep this kid occupied for that long since I have no exsperince with babysitting autistic kids?

My neighbor is autistic and he's in like 6th or 7th grade I think. He's not much different than a normal kid. At least not that I've noticed. He loves playing baseball and just playing with all the kids in our neighborhood. Besides, between those hours, he should most likely be sleeping. You'd only have to keep him entertained for like 2 hours. Tv or movies are good for short periods of time like that. Or maybe just kick around a soccer ball or something. Nothing too big, he'll be to sleep in no time.


Im thirteen and I have babysat my younger sister and some kids down the street once, also my cousin who is four but i dont see her much. Anyways, I have given out flyers and stuff about a hundred times and noone will respond and noone will let me babysit. It s not like im a bad sitter or anything because ive only babysat those kids down the street and they had alot of fun and nothing went wrong. I dont get allowance and I cant get a job for a couple more years. I petsit but very rarely, and I dont have any money at all except for whats in the bank and Im saving that for college. Does anyone have ideas for jobs I could do or ways I can advertise my babysitting more?

Are you in high school yet? No, probably not. But once you get into high school, if your school offers parenting and child development as a class, sign up for it. Once some of my neighbors found out that I took that course they liked the idea of hiring me better. I've been babysitting since I was about 13 and I'm 15 now. But if you take classes like that, or if you go to a local YMCA and take CPR and babysitting certification classes, parents REALLY like that. Also get to know the children in the neighborhood, or at least their parents. The reason I started getting calls to babysit is probably because when all the neighbors were outside I played with their little kids rather than the children close to my age. Parents just like stuff like that.

Uhh, pretty much you just have to get to know the parents and kids in the area and then when they get comfortable around you, and the kids are comfortable around you, suggest they go do something nice together and you'll watch the kids for a few hours. Ya know, something like that.
It may take a while, but it's worth it. And since summer is coming up, you'll get more and more babysitting offer. Though if other people in the area babysit too it may be hard to get these jobs. Especially because parents tend to go for the older teens to babysit instead of the younger ones.

Ask if you need anything else :)


can someone help me get ideas to get more money for babysitting...thanks

Charging more is a sure fire way to make more money while babysitting. If it's only 1 kid, then $5 an hour is the perfect amount. If it's 2-3 kids then $7 an hour is decent, if it's more than 3 kids you should be getting about $10 an hour. I should really learn to follow what I'm saying, I just let people pay what they want. I get $10 an hour from people with one kid, and $5 an hour from people with 3 kids... messed up.

Anyway, you can also put up fliers saying that you babysit. If you aren't already certified, then go through the classes to get you certified. Become certified for CPR and important precautions like that. Also, if you take parenting classes the clients (parent) think a whole lot better of you and may pay you more. This one lady used to pay me $5 an hour until she found out that I took a parenting class in school (and plan on taking some others next year)

Befriend the children of the neighborhood and stuff like that, parents really like a babysitter that their kids adore! Remember that, and don't be afraid to ask for a few extra dollars if the kids were just horrible or something of the such. Be assertive, but friendly at the same time. Good luck.


I want to walk into my babysitting job with the kds running up to me saying yay _____ here! How any tips? I'll rate you high for trying

Don't be too strict, but don't be too loose. When you are there, play with them, don't just sit there and watch movies or television. Do puzzles, play board games, and no matter how much you hate the particular board game, PLAY IT! If they want to play hide and seek then say yes, BUT set some boundaries. Stuff like that. Be friends with the kids, don't be their parents, they already have some of those. Have fun, if they have a fenced in yard then let them play outside, watch them of course, but let them have some fun. You are there to make sure no harm comes to them when their parents aren't home and if they do get hurt then you are there to make sure everything is okay in the end. So play, have fun, it's another chance for you to be a kid, and doesn't every teenager just want to go back to those days again?!


My older sister is 15 and she started babysitting when she was my age but my mom won't let me do it evan though I am very responsible. can you give some hint on getting my mom to let me babysit thanks I only ask you because I seen you collom and you gave other good advise to others so thanks.

Well thanks for the compliment. I had answered this when you asked but my internet stopped working so I guess it didn't go through, and I don't check my inbox until it says (1) so I'm sorry about that. My answer was super long, so instead of retyping it I'm going to simplify it.

Ask it an un-annoying way why you're not allowed to
Or see if she'll let you watch a child at your house, in the afternoon, with her there to see how responsible you are
Or if you live in an area where a lot of kids are around and playing outside and stuff like that, then play with them, show that you're good with kids.

My original answer was like 3 paragraphs long, not like 5 sentence paragrapgs eaither. I went into detail on all three of those topics. But anyway, if there's something you would like me to elaborate on, please feel free to drop me another line!

Oh yes, maybe you can ask your sister how she got your mom to let her start babysitting, or if she did anything to make your mom not want you babysitting, such as bringing a guy over or something.


is that a good age to babysit? Because I have had like 2 years of experiance with my 2year old nephew!

Of course it is, I started babysitting when I was in 6th grade, and I was 11 turning 12. Just as long as the people you habysit trust you, and you are responsible enough!! Also as long as you're allowed to and you know what you're doing, and you're good with kids and stuff. But yeah, I think 13 is a fine age to start babysitting, it's also an age where you'll start to really want money, so what better way to earn it, than babysitting.


Across the street from me, an elderly couple sold their house and the people that bought it have two young boys, ages 4 and 7 I believe. They have asked me if I'd like to babysit for them and that's fine with me. I've babysat before but normally I'd do it free of charge. It's come the time where I'm getting older and I need to get money. I'll be driving in a year and my parents aren't going to be paying for my gas and car insurance. What would be a good amout of money to ask for? I don't want to be asking for too much. I'm 15/ female.

I think $6 per hour, if it's after your curfew, or after midnight or something, make it $6 per hour until midnight, then $7 per hour. Or $8 per hour after midnight.
So $6 per hour until midnight, then $7-$8 per hour after midnight.


How much would you charge if you were 15 and you were babysitting 2 kids for 4 hours, one kid will already be in bed, the other kid will go to bed about an hour after you get there, and the ages are 3 and 8?

It seems like you won't have to hard of a time so maybe $25-$30 or maybe $20 since you really technically will only be babysitting for one hour, and one kid. I usually get anywhere from $5-$7 per hour with 2 kids, and since one will be in bed, and the other you're only watching for an hour, and just making sure they're safe in bed for the other 3 (four for the 3yr old) it won't be hard. So I guess as confusing as my advice is, $20 dollars sounds like a good price.


do you think it'll be hard to babysit 2 kids(grl-3)(the boy-6)on the first time ever havin to babysit?

I no it's not any help to agree with someone and not give you my own advice, but I didn't want to copy Harold. I mean it really does depend on your age, how well you know the children... I don't even remember the 1st time I babysat, I think the very 1st time though was with my sister, we both went over so I could have some experience. I mean if you know the kids well, and if you're pretty sure they'll listen to you and not give you a hard time, then it should be fine. Do you have to give them a bath, or put them to bed, if so, that'll make it a little harder, but not much. By the way you type, you seem kind of young, but seriously, two kids is like perfect, it's easy, and they have someone to keep them company. Make sure you have movies/DVD's/games that they can play with. I was just babysitting a girl (4) and a boy (7) and the boy played his x-box, and me and the girl colored. I had to make them dinner (their mom premade it, but I had to actually cook it in the oven) and me and the girl watched a Dr. Seuss movie, it was some 3 in 1 thing. Just watch some movies or tv, play some games, and do some art work that isn't too messy. Have fun, it shouldn't be too hard.


is it just plain wrong for a 15 year old straight male to babysit?

No, a lot of guys in my neighborhood that need money will help a girl babysit, or if all the girls are busy then they will babysit. During football games when all our neighbors go out to one persons house, all the older kids in the cul-de-sad (like 4 of us) Will watch all the younger kids (like 20 something) and 2 of them are guys, the other 2 are me and my sister. So no, it might be weird, but a lot of guys babysit... I don't know about 15 year old guys, but 12-14 year old guys do.


I have to babysit tomorrow and the next day and i get really bored i have to watch my lil bro 4 lyk 6 hours and i wanted to no if u have n e ideas about how to keep me not so bored?

ahhhh, he's young. Well, pop in a veggy tales movie, or some barny, that'll keep you occupied. hahaha. Well, lets see, 17 months is around a year and a half. Can't he walk, and isn't he starting to talk, if not talking?

Does he know how to play the popping game... thats what my neighbors call it. I mean Trouble.

well, if you put him down for a nap, and if it's your lil bro, and your at home, then get on the comp like you were at 11 something yesterday.

Pop in some movie sing-alongs, and sing with him. Dance with him, I know it doesn't sound like much fun, but it could be.


Hi!!! I need your help, Im baby sitting this boy for almost a year now before her mom paying a fare salary but now I kinda don't like the way she pays me, I let her do that twice but now I don't think it's fare for me her mom paying me $5.00 for at least 4 hours, and I think that is so unfair. The boy is fine but he kinda eat a a lot so I need to fed him, because I dont want him to starve you know.
Im afraid at talkiing to people, because maybe she will get mad.
What should I say to her.
Help me!!

well, i'd get $20 for that amount, and i don't think it's fair (but I do 3 kids) maybe tell her you've changed your cost, to $2 per kid, and $4 per hour, that way for four hours, you'd get $18, that isn't bad, or maybe like $3 per hour per kid that'd be $15 an hour, and maybe to her more reasonable, i'd ask her to atleast make it $3 an hour. Be like mrs so n so, I'm sorry, you're a nice lady, and your son is wonderful, but I feel like I'm getting underpaid. Just remember, be polite, and she'll atleast budge a little bit

Good Luck!!!!! :) :) :) :)


for a 7 year-old kid who's nice and who would listen to me (easy babysitting) how much shopuld i charge?

ok, well what a lot of people do is charge around $5 an hour

I do it like this

1-2 kids, $5
3-4 kids $7
and more then that, $2 per kid $3 per hour

if they ask, then tell them how you charge, thats the best way, because as the previous answer, people do talk

oh, and for children that are like 1 or 2, where all you have to do is change a diaper and put them to bed, and there is pretty much no watching necissary, then like $2 an hour

This is the 20th century, most people get more the 1.50 an hour

Most of my naybers won't pay under $5 an hour even if i offer, so I say $5 per hour at the least


what should i start charging per hour when i babysit?

1-2 kids, $5 and hour
3-5 kids, $7 and hour
more then that $2 per kid, $3 per hour, cuz thats a lot of kids

Or you can do more then 1 kid, then about 6-7 an hour

just one kid could be 5 an hour

I still do $5 an hour, because I've been babysitting for more then 2 years, so the people are so used to charging me that, but like if new people come then I'm going to start charging like $7 per hour, unless there's one 1 or 2 kids


Im babysitting a 4 yr old boy from 7:30am to 4:30pm and i need some ideas of things to do. I dont have a liscense so i cant drive anywhere and i live in maine.

well u can play with games that he has (my 4 yr old nayber LOVES the game trouble) and if theres sumthin like a twister moves...these are things my 4yr old naybers like, idk if they're just mature for their age or wut

but any toys they have that they like, or any movies

make him a fun or cool lookin breakfast, promise him that if he's good, then next tyme he'll get a treat, and next tyme, give him a lil treat!!

if they have a playset in their backyard, or a pet let him play!!

Hope this helps
and hope it's not too late



I have gone through a 14 hour babysitting course at Baylor Hospital, I am certified at the heimlech maneuver and CPR. I think that I am fully qualified to babysit, and my parents say thatt i can. The problem is, I have only had one real job! No one asks me because I am short for my age, therefore I look young but I am very mature. How do I get babysitting jobs?

after i read the addition info, im gunna answer

well instead of flyers all around, put flyers in mailboxes of people u kno who have kids, if there are kids around u, like if u live on a street full of them, or a cul-de-sac, then hang wit the lil kids (if they're not to annoyin)
the parents will be like, o shes so good wit the kids, thats how me n my sis got r jobs

GL, hope there isn't a sicko out there tryin to get you hehe sry HAD to say that lol im just messin around

How old are you? you sound so mature thats y i made that lil joke up there

and ur question on how much ads cost, like sum abount of cents per word, either a nickel or a dime i think, i had to put an article in the paper b4 (ad) and it cost me about $20-$30


My dance teacher recently had a baby boy(hes now 5 months) She also has a 2 year old boy. I volunteered to babysit for her once the baby is older. I've babysitted before but I had some help. Actually, I just helped babysit. I entertained them and the actual babysitter fed them, changed them, etc. I've never changed a diaper but I'm pretty sure I know how to fix them something to eat. I just want some tips on what all I should do and remember. Any ideas on activities? Snacks? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

if u have a car, or if ur old enuff, drive them around town or sumthin(if ur allowed to)

if u have a church, and they have nursaerys or sumthin, then volunteer there so u can see how it's dun

i'd never changed a diaper b4 until my 1st tyme workin wit this baby IN 8TH GRADE

it's not too hard, utake ok the diaper, u clean the but area, u put powder there and u put on the other diaper, it it's a boy then watch out, he mite pee on u

and about food, his mom or dad will show u the food, and give u a tyme to feed him, and u make sure he has a bib, and feed him as much as he'll eat, maybe a lil less, then pick him up, make sure u have a burp thing, and pat him on the bak for a bit until he burps

avtivities, movies and t.v
once u watch the movies for a while, they don't annoy u that much

see i've watch a 1yr old u couldn't talk but LOVED sesame street which i watched when i was yunger, after the 1st few tymes babysittin her, i didn't mind all the movies n stuff

if u need anything else on babysittin drop it in my inbox

i've been doin it since i was 11


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