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well...hmmm. im 13,a girl,love playin basketball and im a DaNcER.hip hop is the best! i luv my freinds and i currently do not have a boyfriend and wellthats about all i can say...
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what are some really summer-ey and awesome smelling perfumes or body sprays?? and how much/where do you put on? (link)
i suggest "lilu" from pacsun and spray a little under your neck or just around ur whole body.or i suggest "pink" by victorias secret.

I 14 yrs. old and i am so down lately (like the past year) and i just hate my self so much and i cut myself sometimes... and it doesnt hurt... i dont know what to do to get out of this! i feel like i have no more friends and tht everyone hates me and wants to (litterally) kill me!I've been around some drugs lately but i dont really want to try them but im so tempted. I've been taking a lot of pain killers lately... Hoping tht i might over dose or something.... i've strangled myself to where i pass out before... i dont kno if I just need some one to hear me out and understand me or what? but im hoping i can get somewhat of a reply from this...?
~Kelly~ (link)
hey stop cutting yourself!!maybe this past year just wusnt your year...but cutting yourself? now thats a little too extreme...and u shouldnt be trying to over dose yourself...thats not healty and if u think u have nothing to live for think again...think about how your family would react if u werent there and all ur loved ones...remember..everyone has sumthing or sumone to live for...if u ever need to talk im me on AIM:hurleygurley1022 or post in my column..i wanna hear back frum u ok...hope i helped...o yea and u might wanna try talking to a counselor or a trusted adult.

y does it seem like everytime someone really needs help that fewer ppl reply to them. i mean more ppl answer questions about what kind of damn razor to use to shave ur bikini line. i mean that is stupid shit u can ask ur friends. does anyone ask good questions and only get like 3 replys? (link)
yea i only get a few replies too sumtimes but its ok cuz if the advice is stupid then i dont want to kno wut they have to say

Hi I am a 26 yearold lady and my husband has been beating me eversince we got married he even beats are adopded child and she is only 2 I am always trying to keep me and Shauna (my daughter) away from the house when people call for me he says im not there and hangs up and then throws the phone at me this may sound wierd about me asking a 15 year old for advice but any advice will help thank you (link)
GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE!!! ok im only 13 and may not kno a whole lot but i kno right from wrong and wut ur husband is doing to u is so WRONG!! you are putting yourself at risk by staying there and letting him beat u.PLUS, you are putting your 2 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER at risk of getting severely hurt 2!!! please lady...even tho i dont really kno u just take my advice and get out! u have to b strong and not let "the man" take the police 2 if u have 2 or stay over sumone elses house that he wouldn't suspect u being at! u just havta move!!!

quotes ppl i need quotes anyone have any good ones just answer this advice piece with as many as you got ! .. COM EON YOU GUYS GOTTA HAVE SOMETHING! (link)
*dont waste ur time on sumone who isnt willing to waste their time on u*

love me, hate me...either way im on your mind...

~i tell him everything, i MEAN everything, so why cant i tell him he means everything to me?

**LoViN hIm iS tHe BeSt ThInG yEt .. MiSsIn HiM iS sOmEtHiNg iLl NeVeR rEgReT.. LoSiNg HiM wIlL bE hArD tO aCcEpT.. BuT sEeInG hIm WiTh HeR iS tHe MoSt PaInFuL yEt**

º°x·:He HoLdS Me WheN i StArT 2 cRy ø´¨`»MaKeS Me SmiLe WiTh JuS HiS eYeZ>> ShAreZ My HoPes DrEaMs AnD FeArs«´¨`ø ø´¨`»WiPes AwAy ALL My TeArs

I feel really alone and wish i could find Mr Right,my mom says if i have one good boyfriend then Im good, But how will I know where Mr Right is
(Im 15/Female)
PLz If u know whats best answer this Question
Jenipher HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
well i dont think u should be in such a rush to find MR RIGHT...hes out there sumwhere and t will all happen and fall in its place when the time is right but dont force a relationship to happen..u gotta build it up..hope this helps

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