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well here's a lil about me!...
-I'm 15 *about* to be 16
-I;m about 4'8 or 4'9
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Last night.. i was with my boyfriend... and we were in the moment. I let him finger me and then we had sex. I am only 14 and it was my first time. I wasn't really ready, but I was just so much into the moment. What should I do?

He didn't pressure me into it. I just let him do it. He has asked me in the past if it would be alright for him to finger me. I told him I would let him when the time was right.

Do I talk to him about last night.. or should I just let it be and not let it happen again? (link)
If he pressured you into anything it's not right.. you should talk to him about last night and tell him how you really felt and how you feel now..

I always wanna hang out with people. But when we come over to my house I dont know what to do. Do you have any suggestions for ideas of stuff to do. We always end up really bored!! I have cable but thats not a very fun thing to do when you have ppl over. any ideas would help!!! thnx (link)
I always go to the park or walk around. Even if you have nothing to do just MAKE IT FUN!!

me n my boyfriend talk on the phone...a lot! It's not like he doesn't want to talk to me because he is the one who calls me (most of the time) but i mean we are talking 24/7!! He has even passed up going to the movies to talk to me cause he said he would be bored without me and without someone to hold on to. My problem is, I think we talk a little bit to much on the phone! i mean i stay up til around 3:00am talking to him then he has to go to work, and sometimes on his way to work we talk on his cell phone. I think i am not getting enough sleep, but i really love talking to him and he does too! what should i do???? (if it helps in 14/f n hes 15 august 10th (link)
hey don't worry I went through the same thing! Tell him how you feel about it and that your not gettin enough sleep. You all should both take a break and spend some quality time together. maybe go to the movies or out to eat. It's good to talk on the phone but sometimes you need that little break and try talking at an earlier time and not so late.. well hope I helped a lil!

idk what to do anymore. theres this guy that i met last summer, we hooked up n stuff..then stopped keeping in touch for the longest time bcuz he lost his cell phone...when he finally saw me one day in april, we kept back in touch n everything..we started to hang out agian.. we began doing more things together..but i feel like hes using me. when we're alone together..hes different.. he seems so into he really likes me. hes not one you can trust tho. some of my friends think hes bad news and dont want me hanging out with him n his friends anymore. for some reason i cant do that. hes coming back to my school next year. im going to see him n his friends everyday. i still sorta have feelings for him..i know im going to get hurt. last night i had fun with them..but as the night went on, he started acting diff. idk if i want to deal with him anymore. im starting to like his friends more than him. i told him how i felt..he denies that hes only using me..but i just cant seem to believe him. should i keep hanging out with them..knowing someday i might get hurt..or just end it never knowing what would've happend? please help me im so confused. (link)
Well sweety I've been through that too don't worry! it's okay to be confused.. I'm not sayin it's totally normal for a guy to act like that. but remember he's a GUY and boys will be boys. you should be his friend for now and since he's goin to your school next year be his friend and see where this leads you. This doesn't mean you have to stop hangin out with him. but your friends MIGHT be right on this one. Try talkin to him again and tell him how you TRUELY feel. tell him whatta jerk he's bein to you and how different he's acting towards you when he's with his friends. Sweety even tell him that your startin to like his friends more then him. I HOPE I HELPED A LIL!!

I feel really alone and wish i could find Mr Right,my mom says if i have one good boyfriend then Im good, But how will I know where Mr Right is
(Im 15/Female)
PLz If u know whats best answer this Question
Jenipher HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! (link)
Well Jenipher you shouldn't really go LOOKING for Mr. Right. He'll just come to you.. Don't stress over it or anything. When the right time comes. You'll know and He'll always be there for you. Sometimes he's right in front of your face and you might not know it yet. And sometimes a little waiting might do the trick. hope I helped a lil!

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