Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


(Rating: 5) Thank you!
(Rating: 5) Thanks a lot!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much!
(Rating: 4) i am in my last year of college and i have enough money coming in with 2 jobs i have alot of money saved so i thank you for the advice, i do act like an adult they just wont let me be independant, but thank you.
(Rating: 5) thank you, I feel less stupid now! :-)
(Rating: 5) thank you..i just feel trapped. im just not comfortable with myself. i hate who i am.
(Rating: 4) thanks. law favors him i wasn't particularly asking about that. I was more asking if it was wrong to feel that he owed me the money. When you drive off a dealership with a car, ITS YOURS. thats how i felt when i drove off with the car he sold to me.
(Rating: 5) Thank you. You're right about the period, but it's actually my sister, I just carry her pads with me. Luckily I didn't start, lol. And no, I'm too afraid of dying, so I never raise my arms.
(Rating: 5) hahah Well Thank you! I read something similar, I just wanted to make sure it was accurate information.
(Rating: 5) I have never thought of teaching art but I love the idea! Thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks, if it will hurt for another few days, I will call up my dentist.
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 5) thanks this was really helpful! =)
(Rating: 5) thanx for the links
(Rating: 5) The funny thing is, I don't have cable, and I'm too broke to buy a cookbook, but thanks for the site.
(Rating: 5) thanks so much!(:
(Rating: 4) i am a jr in high school and i jus dont think u understood my ? Rating changed by L2 mod.
(Rating: 5) thank you :)
(Rating: 5) thankyou so much! its good to talk to someone who knows what im going through. and it has helped a lot. my mum just doesnt understand she thinks if i talk to her about it she can help me through it but i know she cant and i find it hard to talk to her about this stuff because she doesnt listen to what i have to say. she just doesnt want to fork out money for me to get prefessional help! i know i need help... i want help, i hate it running my life. im just so scared to get help because each time it has ripped my family apart... everyone begins to fight and its all because of me. i just get so stressed because i get stuck with all the house work and no one helps, that along with trying to keep up with school work as im in my last year of school i need to be studying. i told my mum to help me with the house work and she said she would but never does and that makes me feel unapriciated. i just dont know who to turn to for help, who i can trust because it always turns into a mess with everyone fighting and blaming it on each other. wat should i do? how should i get help? iv been to my councillor when it happened last year and the fighting in the family just got out of control. =s thankyou so much... you have given me the confidence that i can get over this i just dnt know wat to do first.xx
(Rating: 5) I didn't even put this much thought into it. I really appreciate your advice, Thank you.
(Rating: 4) Rating changed by L2 mod
(Rating: 5) Thanks :-) I just feel like there should be active L2 moderators, I am on this site litterally multiple times everyday checking and answering questions.
(Rating: 5) Thank you. Yeah, I think I am going to move on.. I cant continue to let him hurt me.. I deserve way better then this. Thank you
(Rating: 5) ya stomach fat sucks! and ya i just want to be more toned? i mean i think i have good thighs and arms its just my stomach i dont understand why its flabby! and especially with the holidays doesnt help its hard to get time to workout, and im eating horribly :(
(Rating: 5) Thanks :) Yeah I find it quite weird, my boyfriend was so happy to tell everyone we were going out :S Lyn at first was bitchy towards me for pissing him off, but yeah now she sees what I see. Meh, her problem not mine.
(Rating: 5) thanks, I never looked at it that way until now, now I can put it to rest; thanks.
(Rating: 5) Oki doke, thanks so much! :)
(Rating: 5) that's the one! thanks!
(Rating: 5) thank you!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Oh goodness, thank you so much. You have answered so many questions for me. I'm really glad I found your site. Your bookmarked for everr. : )
(Rating: 5) Great! Thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much. I agree with everything. : )
(Rating: 5) thanks:)
(Rating: 5) That was pretty good advice. And I dont know anyone who dosent like candy!
(Rating: 5) thxs,. but he knows everything about me, i cant think of one thing he doesnt know about me
(Rating: 5) thank you so much! seriously! you gave me a better understanding of the whole thing!
(Rating: 4) mmk....
(Rating: 5) Thank you ill keep you in mind =]
(Rating: 5) Thanks :] this is the second time you helped me -exquisitechick :]
(Rating: 4) thanks for the advice (try to be nicer next time)thnx anyways *Rating changed by L2 mod.
(Rating: 5) Oh my god, thank you so much! That was the book. I remember loving the book, and I remembered the cover..and details..but not the title of the book. You saved me from going insane :D Thank you!!!!
(Rating: 5) That helped so much, thank you!!<333
(Rating: 5) Thanks :D
(Rating: 5) thank you, it's at least something!
(Rating: 3) thanks. but i dont think im gonna be him. im a girl lol
(Rating: 5) thanksss !
(Rating: 5) thanks you saved me.more than you'll ever know.thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much!
(Rating: 5) omg. thank you so much! i couldn't ask for a better answer!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much for the help! That's crazy that you may have had a family member in the mafia--but so neat too!
(Rating: 5) WOW! That is SO awesome that you're related to her! NEAT!!! Thank you for also adding in how her last name was pronounced :) That was a great touch.
(Rating: 3) And just wondering: How do you know who I am? I thought paid users could just look at past questions, not who asked them. I know you're a Level 2, but...? I feel wicked embarrassed now. When I look at my column, I can't even see my picture. It just has my profile and that's it. I just assumed that it didn't work after all since there's no picture there. I don't know much about this and I couldn't see my picture. Now you made me feel wicked stupid and I'm sorry I'm an idiot. I know this site is for advice and that's what I like to do. I didn't have any intention whatsoever of coming on to post a huge picture. I give advice, so please don't think that I'm just here for no good reason. But I did look at my column and once again, there was no picture there. I'm sorry I'm so stupid.
(Rating: 5) thank you SO much i reallyyy appreciate it! you're a genius!!
(Rating: 3) *Rating changed by L2 moderator*
(Rating: 5) thank you [=
(Rating: 5) no i didn't have an answer yet. thank you
(Rating: 5) thank you. I Didn't know. I Will delete it and reword it.
(Rating: 5) thanks soo much it ended up going away before anything came of it looks like im gonna have to make him do it below the collar haha but thanks!
(Rating: 5) Thank You!!
(Rating: 5) Thanks S_C, both of those websites really helped me a lot. I liked the one that you included about junior year, too. Thanks again! =]
(Rating: 3) good advice but i believe sexual intercourse is on a different level than oral sex....think about what sexual intercourse can lead to and the difference
(Rating: 5) thanks =]
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much!
(Rating: 5) thanks!! :)
(Rating: 5) Aha :) Well it was in a public park, with a lot of people around, so I don't think that he was spying on us or anything :) And I'm quite friendly with the teacher, so I know that he didn't mean it in a bitchy way, I just had a weird feeling after he said that to me. Thanks so much for the good answer! :)
(Rating: 5) Wow Thank you!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much! (:
(Rating: 5) Thank You :)
(Rating: 5) thanks!!! :)
(Rating: 5) ty =]]]]]
(Rating: 4) You are right! i know what to do now. thank you so much!
(Rating: 3) Thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thank you so much, if theres anyway to reply back to me, please do it. i started my period saturday, after a long night of praying. but im not bleeding like i use to, i use to bleed a lot more. would taking the extra pill cause that? or stress. and if i am pregnant, would i have started bleeding?
(Rating: 5) oo thanks!
(Rating: 5) what if he doesn't have anything? and is it very easy to catch this or not likely? odds of getting something?
(Rating: 5) yes, i have already done that but i need help in things to include like how to talk about my accomplishments. ideas like that. but that's my fault for not making the question clear. thank you though.
(Rating: 5) yes, i was thinking that. I email friends but half of them don't even check their emails. I'm still trying to get a facebook if my parents will allow it. thank :)
(Rating: 5) thanks so muchb! you helped alot!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much :D
(Rating: 5) thank you SO MUCH!
(Rating: 5) thank you
(Rating: 5) Thanks a bunch!!
(Rating: 5) thanx, visit it sometimes, (Ainne1992)
(Rating: 4) i didnt ask for a speech, ive already got that from everyone else. i asked for help. but thanks anyways i guess. oh though, btw, my principal asked me if i smoked bc he smelled it & i said yes, he just smiled at me. they cant do jack if you smoke outside of school. Rating changed by L2 mod
(Rating: 5) thanks :)the only serious answer
(Rating: 5) thanks for your help. &, yeah im from NJ :]
(Rating: 5) Thanks, you really helped!
(Rating: 5) thanks, but gatorade actually isn't that great for you. unless your an athelete, gatorade is just full of sugar and sodium.
(Rating: 5) whoa. creepy. but thanks. how did u do that?
(Rating: 5) Thank you! If not for answering the question, for your sympathy. Have a wonderful valentinesday!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much
(Rating: 5) lol omg thxs u thxs u! lol my bf say its slow coach, ^^
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your advice, even though I have already arrived at this same conclusion, sometimes you just need to hear it from someone else. Ema
(Rating: 5) thank you- i have an odd feeling it may be matt...but i cant be sure
(Rating: 5) thank you, that saves me a lot of trouble!! I hope you got in to the schools of your choice :)
(Rating: 5) thank you so much, you helped me tons & thanks to you i might win =)
(Rating: 2) Okay...i did menchon that i didnt think my ipod could hold videos, and my ipod says music videos on it...but its blank...you make me think you are not reading all of my text!

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