Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


Alright, I really can't figure this out. And I searched the questions first too and couldn't find the answer...

How do you put up a full-size picture on your advice column here? Whenever I try, the picture is too big. Other columnists have these full-size pictures and I want to know how they did it...

Thanks =]

EDIT (again)
I know you haven't seen my first edit, but I visited your column again to see the smaller picture. It looks great :).
//End 2nd edit

I'm not calling you stupid, please don't feel that way.
I can see your account because I am an L2 and we have that ability to moniter abuse and suspend the accounts of rule-breakers. (We have to go through a few links to see it, but we're able to). We don't look at the account of every user who asks a question. We're only supposed to do that if the user is abusing the site. Occasionally we'll do that if the question is site-related (especially if they're asking a question about why they're in trouble, why something on their column doesn't work, etc.)

I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed at all! I'm sorry you feel that way.
I was able to see your picture just fine, and what I saw was an extremely large image that stretched out your page in a very eye splintering manner.

You have already been given the answer you need (and used it, I see), but I have something to add to this.
As a site admin, I'd like to let you know that we don't like a lot of users to have full size pictures because 1. this site is for advice, not hosting tons of large pictures and 2. many of them, like you, don't take into consideration what large pictures do to their column, and they don't pay attention to how large their pictures actually are.

Go look at your column if you haven't already done so.

Your picture is SO large that nobody can see your column without having to scroll down & side to side. We can barely read your bio info because it's so scrunches together & then, once underneath your picture, extremely stretched out!

I like the picture you have, it's a beautiful nature shot, but if you were to go to your computer's paint program and shrink it a little, you can re-upload it to one of the aforementioned picture sites & put it on your column again. This time it would be smaller, but it would not be as small as the upload feature makes it.

Your picture is extremely large & there is no reason you can't edit it to make it the size of the pictures of some of these users:


I'm not saying your picture has to be as small as mine (which was uploaded, not hosted by a website), but it doesn't have to be so large that you have to scroll all over your page to see it & the rest of your column.

Think about it...

People are lazy. It's human nature. You're going to find very few people who feel like continuously scrolling around your page to look at your picture & advice.

I'm sorry if this came across rudely. That's not my intention at all. I just wanted you to know that your picture is overwhelmingly large & give you some examples of decent sized photos.


(Rating: 3) And just wondering: How do you know who I am? I thought paid users could just look at past questions, not who asked them. I know you're a Level 2, but...?

I feel wicked embarrassed now. When I look at my column, I can't even see my picture. It just has my profile and that's it. I just assumed that it didn't work after all since there's no picture there. I don't know much about this and I couldn't see my picture. Now you made me feel wicked stupid and I'm sorry I'm an idiot.
I know this site is for advice and that's what I like to do. I didn't have any intention whatsoever of coming on to post a huge picture. I give advice, so please don't think that I'm just here for no good reason.
But I did look at my column and once again, there was no picture there. I'm sorry I'm so stupid.

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