Hey Everyone :) I'm Kate and a level 2 mod on here. I've had this account since July 2004, so I've been on here since I was 13! Wow ... crazy for me to think how long ago that was. I will admit I don't check in as often as I once did, but being away at college, being in a sorority, and having a job when I'm not at school is very time consuming. I still try to help out as much as possible, and if you send me a question I WILL answer it. This site helped me a LOT when I was in high school and had a lot of questions, and I'm here to help anyone who needs it :) Feel free to write in my forum or send me a question any time!


Is the saying "Slow poke" or "Slow coach"? cause my friends usually say slowpoke but my boyfriend says it's slow coach,..so which is it? Slow coach makes sense but slow poke sounds much cuter and betetr ^^

I've always heard it as slow poke...

Actually, I've never heard the term slow coach, that sounds funny to me.


(Rating: 5) lol omg thxs u thxs u! lol my bf say its slow coach, ^^

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