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Hello im 19 i am finding it hard to live with my parents all i want to do is move out! they are making it imposable for me to be independant and to talk to them about things, a mate has offered me to live with them for as long as i want as long as i pull my weight around the house and pay money towards the bills and i am more then happy to do that but its driving me insane that my parents wont let me do a thing. What can i do?

You're 19. Just take whatever YOU own (anything you've purchased yourself.. clothes, whatever) and GO. You can legally just leave and not come back. But you better hope if that's your choice that you've got a job/money/car ... so you can help pay bills and be independent with your friend.

Just know that if you pick up and leave, your parents don't have to be happy with you and don't have to welcome you back into their home if things go wrong. Talk to your parents, tell them you want to and are planning to leave and would like their support so things can stay good between you, but you're going to eventually move out and be on your own whether they agree or don't.

YOU ARE AN ADULT. Act like one. Move out. Just make sure you're financially stable first. If you're not, get a job and save up - maybe 6months to a year. If you're not in college, you really should be doing something with your life anyway.


(Rating: 4) i am in my last year of college and i have enough money coming in with 2 jobs i have alot of money saved so i thank you for the advice, i do act like an adult they just wont let me be independant, but thank you.

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