The short description is: I am a 38 year old guy, I run my own marketing and translation company, and I have an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration. This basically means that I work as a project manager within internet marketing and translation, and also as a freelance translator (Danish & Romanian into English).

I am also very much into sports and fitness. I used to be an ISSA certified personal trainer and now I have recently become a certified IBNFC nutrition coach (both of which I took just for my own personal use).


I mean is it all like "unholy"? I know that black magic is like witchcraft but whats white magic? Will it get you sent to hell? I have been thinking about this since I read "Jays Journal". Also are spells considered witchcraft?

If there is one question to bring me back after a year\'s absence, this would be it.

There is no such thing as magic. Before you slap me with my mandatory 1, please consider the real situation. The James Randi Educational Foundation has had a 1 million dollar prize available to ANYONE who can demonstrate ANY kind of supernatural ability under controlled circumstances. This means when there are experts there to make sure that there is no trickery, no psychological manipulation, no playing the odds in your favour, etc.

This prize has been available for decades and despite numerous attempts no one has even come close. You know why? It is all just a bunch of lies, myths, and trickery. Ever wonder why magicians (stage magicians I mean) have a long tradition since Houdini to expose these frauds? Its because they can instantly see where the trick is. To us it may look genuine, but a trained magician can spot the trick instantly.

Anyway, there is no such thing as magic. There is also absolutely not one shred of evidence for any religion we ever invented. I am not going to go into that, but a bit of research there (from impartial non-religious sources) and you will see all the holes, the inconsistencies, and outright nonsense in any of the holy books.

Sorry to be so blunt, but this is just the way things are. It is extremely important to always approach a subject critically before you accept it. Even something you may have been brought up with. When you look beyond the sources and the people who WANT it to be true, you often find that its all one giant house of cards.


Female, 20
Hi, so I've been talking to this guy for a long time now. I first added him on facebook because I thought he was cute, he's a couple years younger than me. We've never hung out in person but we've texted and talked on and off for years now. Sometimes he calls late like 2 or 3 in the morning and I don't answer cuz I don't want to send the wrong message, and I haven't really made an effort to hang out during the day I really don't know why. I'm shy. But I wanna know why he continues to pursue me it's been years! We don't have very intimate conversations either its just chit chat. Is he just looking for sex? I'm a single mom so I am super careful with men. Oh and a side note, if I get into a relationship we stop talking but I've noticed he hadn't had a girlfriend the whole time. Well not from what I know. Please help! Thanks!!

I think there is no question that he is into you. The fact that you dont talk when you are in a relationship should be a big hint.

There could be many reasons he does not have a girlfriend. It's not really something to judge him by, since he could be perfectly normal or a a total screw-up either way.

There is also no way to tell if he is just looking for sex or for something more. My instinct would be that he likes you beyond just the physical since most guys interested only in the latter do not pursue idle chit chat over several years. That being said, this is just pure speculation on my part.

In the end you can't find out more without actually meeting him and taking it to a deeper level. That of course depends on whether you are interested in doing that, so I would begin there if I were you.


Ever since I've tried to get closer to god I've been hearing evil voices & seeing scary spirits. This has been happening for a few years but now it has gotten worse & No one believes me. When I started praying to god & decided to live a better life something evil came around. I heard it & I saw it. I believe something evil is trying to get me & I hear voices that sound like they're inside of me or their moving around me. It scares me so much that I shake & everyone thinks I'm crazy & the doctors won't listen to me. They just tried to give me medicine & that didn't even work. I think there's demons or something evil trying to get me.

I saw an evil spirit in my house in my living room. It was a scary girl with stitched up lips & a pale face, it looked straight up evil.
hen I was at my grandma's house I heard something evil whispering to me & I go scared and shook for days

I can't sleep either, sometimes I have freeze up in my sleep & start hearing deep evil voices. I'll be awake in my room & freeze up, then start hearing voices. I can't talk or move either. I hear voices all day.

I don't understand why nobody believes me or thinks that evil spirits are real. The doctors I went to told me I have psychosis. They just want to tell me it's all made up & I'm being delusional. These voices & spirits scare me. I see shadows that are not human moving around in my house and I stay up all night scared.

I hear voices from as little as feint mumbled words´╗┐, raging screams, hearing my name being called, growling & conversations. A voice even told me I was going to hell.

The best advice anyone can give you is to please listen to the doctors. They should be able to treat this.

Think about it rationally, if it is indeed in your mind, you would not be able to tell the difference. It would feel 100% real as it does now. Also, what you describe is not unique. People with certain mental problems experience things like this. Everything from common sense to the doctors' evaluations would indicate that this is just happening in your mind.

So please, get treatment.


i recently found a website called M8 Ball . com and i asked a few questions on there but somebody got on there and started calling my questions stupid which of course they werent but i looked upo the expiration date on it it said may the 5th 2014 and any imformation on what happens after it expires

Well, what will most likely happen is that the site owners will renew it before that date. So what will happen is they will get a bill from their host some time before the expiration date, and then they will renew it for a few more years.

Now, in the unlikely event that they do not renew it, they will get a grace period, whereupon the site will be taken down and the URL will be made available to the public.

Most likely though it will be renewed before that.


My boyfriend and I wanna move in with our friend Bob. Only problem is, bob has four dogs. This makes things complicated for moving because not a lot of places will accept that many dogs.

Also, we don't really wanna live with that many dogs. They're not the most potty trained and even if they were, someone would still have to clean up after them, and our friend bob is disabled so he'd probably ask one of us to do it, which we don't wanna do/don't think we should have too. Also obviously, 4 dougs=a lot of noise.

he's VERY attached to his dogs and doesn't wanna get rid of any of them. We don't want to give ultimatums but we feel like something needs to be said/done. We just don't know how to approach the problem without tons of drama or something worse.

Any advice on how to deal with this would be much appreciated...thanks! :)

To most (good) dog owners, the dog is a member of the family. I mean this quite literally.

That being said, I fully agree that it is not your responsibility to take care of them, any more than it would be your responsibility to take care of someone's child.

What you need to do is to talk about this with Bob well before you jump into anything. Lay your cards on the table so that he knows that, for the most part at least, he has to figure out a solution for his dogs. I don't think there is anything else you can do, but I do think drama can be avoided if you approach this openly and with understanding for his relationship with the dogs. Emotions usually flare up when non-dog owners approach the matter without understanding this bond and treating the dog as though it was unimportant (or even worse, as though it was a "thing").

Try also to think in terms of possible solutions. E.g. Could some of the dogs stay with another family member that they are comfortable with? Could someone else be brought in to take some of the workload (e.g. walking them or what not)? If you are moving into a house, is there some way to set something up so the dogs have access to the garden? Could you perhaps make some areas (i.e. your areas) off limits to the dogs?

Hopefully more options might present themselves when you consider your specific situation.

Good luck.


If I eat healthy, drink water and work out an hour everyday can I lose 80 pounds by December/January?

I agree, 80 pounds is too much. The problem with doing too much too soon is that you can cause your body harm. You can even damage your metabolism leading to the yo-yo effect, where you regain lost weight. For most overweight people it is unadvisable to exceed 2 pounds of weight loss per week.

Regarding your eating habits, I agree with most of what was written below. I would add that you should eat small balanced meals ever 3-4 hours. This will keep your blood sugar stable. You do not need a water target, how much you need to drink depends on who you are, what you do, and where you live. Our body's thirst mechanism regulates this well in healthy people. But, to be safe, just keep in mind to stay hydrated.

Finally, do not work out every single day. The body needs rest days, so take at least one per week. Best exercise is a combination of cardio, and weight training - at your own level and within your own limitations.

Good luck.


[ /!\ sorry for my mistakes, english is not my mothertongue]

So... I'm a girl and I'm 20. Recently, during a "literary event" I ran into a guy I had first met a few years ago. He is twice my age. I have always liked him because he was nice and interesting, but I have never been attracted by him in any ways. He asked me to have a drink with him and he insisted a bit. At first I was worried because I felt it was going to be weird (I mean come on, he is forty !) but my best friends were like "no, it's totally ok to go, don't be paranoid". So I went. And the simple innocent drink transformed into a 6 hours "almost date" with lots of ambiguous moments. He invited me to dinner in a restaurant, we talked a lot, he wanted to offer me a rose (which I refused), etc.

I was wondering if he was really interested by "me", or by the fact that I'm younger, or even worse the fact that I am simply a woman ? (in other words, is he desperate ?) I lack self-confidence, which is also probably the reason why I accepted to have a drink with him. Even though I gave him lots of negative signs (i kept "escaping" when he touched my shoulders or when he took my hand), I wasn't brave enough to simply go and he asked me again two days after that (I refused).

I'm only hesitating about this because I have some curiosity towards him... he seems to epitomize the average man in his forties that hasn't been married, that is a bit desperate, that dislikes his job, etc. I have so many questions I want to ask because I want to find out who he really is, what he thinks (not only about me, but about his life, his achievements, etc.) It's almost a sociological interest.

Even if I'm dying to discover all these things and to investigate (it's also because i'm in holidays and i'm bored, let's face it haha), I know that I can't have these information without letting him come closer... I'm not afraid of him, I don't think I would be putting myself in "danger", but I'm afraid this might raise his hopes / expectations... Is it immoral to accept to see him again ? is it cruel to led him into thinking I might be interested in a relationship when I'm not ?

Well of course it would be wrong. He is person with feelings not an experiment in a laboratory. The only way to let him get closer is to lead him on. There is no way to do this honestly, since no guy is going to like to hear that someone wants to spend time with him due to the reasons you described.

Any time a person leads another person on when they know full well that person is interested in them, it is cruel and selfish. Not to mention that if he really is "desperate", for whatever reason, he may take this even worse because he would be more vulnerable.

If you aren't interested in him, just let it go.


Do men come back to you faster if you ignore them?

Well, from a guy's perspective I can tell you that there is no formula. Some guys do in fact respond to being ignored (for whatever reason) and some guys do not. I guarantee you that it would not work on me, but that being said I know some guys it might just work on.

Anyway, you have to base your decision on the guy you are dealing with.


i was wondering when people buy cds why do they only intend to listen to the songs that were played on the radio instead of giving the ones that were not a chance as for me when i buy cds i listen to the ones on the radio and the give the ones that were not a chance

This is common for people who listen to stuff like pop (etc.). These people have a herd mentality when it comes to music and listen to what is "in". Songs that that are popular are played for the few months that they remain in the limelight and then they move on. I call it the kleenex approach to music.

You won't see this with people who are into music because they love it and not because the rest of the herd is listening to it. What you describe is uncommon for genres like metal, classical, jazz, blues, etc.


f15 5'5&1/2 and 162pounds
at first i wanted to loose all my fat but whats the point of just being skinny, i wanna be strong and curvy!! right now my bmi is in the over weight range and i asume it will go up if i get ripped. but id like to have a low fat percentage and a high mass of muscle.
i need help in these areas:
-diet, and sticking to it.
- motivation
-best cardio (i hate the elliptical)
- best machine to use at the gym to build
-workouts that will help with multiple areas
-what to bring to the gym?

also my main points of interest in building are my butt, thighs, abbs, back and shoulders in that order, then all the other stuff. but those are the most important to me! :)

any type of help you can give me is very appreciated! thank you so much!

OK, you have come to the right place :)

First, let me define bodybuilding:

Bodybuilding: This is a discipline that focuses on size, symmetry, and a ridiculously low body fat percentage. You cannot be curvy while being a bodybuilder, which is why most women look, well, not that great :P You will also not be particularly strong (relative to size), since bodybuilders use a higher rep range to get those big puffy muscles (i.e. they train usually 8-15 rep ranges to be in the glycolitic pathway where glucose is stored in the muscles making them look huge).

Strength athletes are powerlifters and olympic lifters who are much smaller but also much stronger than bodybuilders. They focus on lower rep ranges with higher weights. You can be curvy (and sexy) and be either of these.

That being said, here are the answers to your questions:

1. Diet: Books have been written on this, so all I can do is give you a quick overview.

Alternate between bulking and cutting phases. I.e. take a couple of months where you bulk (eat 500 calories MORE than what you need daily) to put on mass. Then take a couple of months where you cut (eat 500 calories below what you need) so as to try to trim the excess fat. If you eat clean, the most of your gains during the bulk phase will be muscle and the most of your loss in the cut phase will be fat (but in both cases, not exclusively).

Eat 5 or 6 meals a day spaced evenly every 3-4 hours. This control blood sugar and reduces unhealthy cravings. Eat balanced but with a good portion of protein (20-40 grams per meal - overall daily target is about 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body weight).

2. Motivation: This is all about what makes you tick. For me, training is about strength and nothing else. That is my main driving factor, and the notion of being weak (mentally & physically) I find both terrifying and disgusting. That is what keeps me going back to the gym every week. Find your goals and the image of what you want to be. That is your best long term motivator.

3. Best cardio is one that incorporates many muscles and also uses gravity. At the gym, the best cario is the stair machine. Because of the way it uses gravity it will strengthen your lower body muscles, bones, and tendons in a way nothing else can (not even a treadmill at the highest incline). Otherwise, a treadmill at the highest incline is a good option, as is jogging (particularly in sand - if you have a beach nearby - since it uses more muscles).

All that being said, one great writer on fitness once said: the best cardio is the one you can stick to day in a day out. This is one reason why I use outdoor biking. Its not the best, but I enjoy it so I dont have to worry about missed workouts and such.

4. There is not such thing as a "best machine". Machines are the least effective thing you can do at the gym. They really should only be used by advanced lifters who need to work on a specific area (and even then, very sparsely) or if you have some sort of injury/condition that prevents you from using what works best.

So what works best? Free weights. Always free weights and mainly multiple joint exercises (i.e. presses and pulls). Barbells and dumbbells form the core equipment for either size or strength. And among them, the key exercises are squats and deadlifts. They recruit most muscle groups and boost the body's natural testosterone (this is a good thing) giving you better gains in EVERYTHING else you do.

5. This leads nicely to no 5. If you focus on big, multiple joint lifts, you will hit multiple areas and their supporting muscles and you will do so better than with any isolation exercise. So, things like: squats, deadlifts, bench presses (barbell and dumbbell), pull downs /pull ups, dips, barbell or dumbbell rows, shoulder presses, etc. should form the basic building blocks of your routine. Then, you can always supplement with some isolation (e.g. biceps curls, triceps extensions, etc.).

Also, do not forget your core. Normally it is recommended that the first few weeks you focus a lot on that to create the foundation for lifting heavy later (and avoid injury). You can google core workouts for bodybuilders, there are millions.

6. Training clothes, protein shake for after (some gyms sell them there), towel, change of clothes, and thats about it.

Regarding the order of things, I would really advise that you focus on general lifting to begin with. That way you can also see what your body responds best to (we all have strengths and weaknesses). Then, later, you can tailor your routine to emphasise specific areas.

Good luck.


my name is Rachel. I just got saved November 25th 2012 about 8 months ago if that helps you to answer my question. my problem is i am having trouble reading and understanding the bible but I was raised with the old fashioned church of God beliefs some of them are crazy I know but here is the main one I want to know about whether if it's true or a bunch of nonsense is that it is a sin to read any other version besides the King James because I have been trying to read the King James version but I just don't understand it at all it's confusing to me but my Granny who died at the age of 92 years old always told me that I would go to hell if I read any other version besides the King James . I mean I don't think I will was it her just being old fashioned or is it actually a sin ? my other questions are about not wearing makeup and Jewelry and pants this is just what my Granny taught try to take in consideration of that . I just want to know for sure .my cousin who is a preacher tells me that was just her being religious and old fashioned that it doesn't say that anywhere in the bible but I am just double checking . Thanks .

First off let me just put the disclaimer here that all religions are utter nonsense. None of them have one shred of evidence to back up their claims and all face mounds of conflicting facts.

Now that this is out of the way, you are correct, nowhere in the bible does it say that you have to read the King James version or any other version. It would be impossible, since the King James version was written in the 1600s. In fact, for quite a long time bibles were only written in Latin and it was forbidden for them to be written in other languages... it's only in the middle ages that they even began making English versions (and other languages).

So, it is indeed nonsense that you may only read the King James version in the sense that there is no logical/reasonable reason to make that claim. Of course, since there is no logical or reasonable reason for the religion as a whole, your grandmother's claim is as "good" as any other.

Edit: Just to clarify, I put that disclaimer because I cannot in good faith encourage (or seem to be encouraging) someone to pursue a life void of reason. What you choose to do is none of my business, but I wanted to wipe my hands clean. Please do note that I answered your question, and I did so quite well.

Second, the person above who claimed its all about "beliefs" is missing a few screws. Religion is about beliefs, atheism is about the lack of belief- i.e. it is the EXACT opposite. It is the rejection of a position that has no merit, nothing more. It would be wise if more people bothered to open a few books (other than the bible) and learn the difference.


how do u get abbs?

Two stages:

1. You lower your body fat percentage to a point where your abs are visible. This is done through proper nutrition and general exercise. Unfortunately, most people think its all about stage 2, but in reality for most people the body far percentage is the most important by far.

2. You work out your abs. How much and how intensively depends a lot on what else you do. E.g. people who engage in other sports will require less work than a couch potato.

Use a variety of exercises targeting the upper and lower abs as well as the obliques. Treat it like any other muscle and give it time to recuperate, i.e. do not train it every day (2-3 times a week is good). If your reps get very high, add weight (e.g. weighted crunches).

You can find exercises here:


Good luck.


ok so my boyfriend is bisexual. which is alright with me, the other day he confessed that he and my best guy friend were curious. my boyfriend gave the guy a blowjob. he said he doesn't consider it to be cheating, and he says he would never cheat on me because he loves me. I consider it to be cheating, I mean what if he gets curious again? what should I do? I'm so confused, please help.

Of course it's cheating. To claim otherwise is the worst load of nonsense I have ever heard in my life.

The gender of the partner is not important, what is important is that he engaged in sexual activity - and pretty hardcore sexual activity too.

I would treat this situation exactly the same way as you would treat it if he had been cheating on you with a girl.


I'm 5'4" and I want to lose some weight. How many calories should I eat to lose weight? I dont think I burn much cause I dont really exersise a lot but also dont really have time for it because of school. should I eat below 1000 calories?

Here is a calorie calculator where you can input your details and it will give you an estimate:


It wants an age range from 15 and up, but that should be close enough.

A few notes however:

- Treat this as an estimate and monitor the effect. Then adjust your calories to match your desired results.

- Do not try to do this too quickly. Particularly when you are young (though also for older people) weight loss should be slow, gradual, and sustainable. Do not aim for more than a pound a week.

- Make small changes to your diet that you believe you can sustain. Learn good eating practices, such as eating small balanced meals, not eating empty calories, and avoiding excessive saturated fats.

- Lastly, do try to get some exercise. Not just for the weight but for your general health. I wont push this point, but I truly do believe that anyone has the time to do 4 x 30 minutes of cardio per week... and that will literally do miracles for your well-being.

Good luck :)


I'm unmarried 24 year old I'm getting breath problem like I'm not getting properly breath and sometime I'm bleeding if I run or if I lift heavy wait plz someone can me why all these happen

Just to add a couple of things to the very good answers you got below... Even if we were doctors, which we are not, I am pretty sure there is no way we could diagnose what you have based on a written question. Something like this would usually give a doctor an idea of the possibilities, but he would only be able to make a diagnosis after examining you and carrying out some tests.

Let me also please urge you to seek immediate medical attention. There is no way around it and you could literally be in life threatening danger.


For the last few months, I have been reading various articles on etiquettes. Obviously, I have tried to employ them in my life. I have tried to make my family adopt them too. I would like to ask, are those etiquettes to be followed in my own house too. For example, it is mannerless to sit in an awkward position with one leg on the sofa and other one on the floor. But, should I overlook the etiquette at home because I would like to relax. Will I be cheating myself ?

I would say the exact opposite. You are at home, its time to relax and not worry about whether or not you are acting in a way that conforms to obscure social rules that have no real practical purpose.

I have no idea why you would be cheating yourself. I think you would be cheating yourself of a decent life if you spend it worrying so much about appearance rather than substance.


i want to really work on my legs.. other than squats what can i do every night and for how long? my thighs have become a bit chubby and i want to lose the fat for summer!


20 f


First off, I can give you a leg exercise, but it wont help you lose the fat off your thighs. We cannot target fat loss from a specific area of the body. Dont get me wrong, training your legs is great, and it will help tighten things up, but it will not get rid of the fat - we can only do that generally, through proper nutrition and exercise, and it is our genetics which determine if one area is emphasised over another.

Anyway, a great leg exercise is the lunge. Here is a video that explains how it is done:


If you need more exercises, check out this site:


Many of them require weights, but there are also a good number of exercises that you can do without. Just click on the muscle you are interested in.

Anyhow, keep in mind what I wrote above, and also that no exercise should be done every night. Muscles need time to repair, so every second day would be better.

Good luck.


Me and my girlfriend are still virgins but we have done stuff like she has blown me and gave me a handjob and i have fingured her but she wants me two eat her out and to be honest i dont know how. Or what it even is. Plzz help and dont judge. We are both 17

Hey there. Basically, it is oral sex performed on the woman. The graphic details are not suitable for this site, but this is a case where there is a TONNE of info on Google.

Just Google: oral sex for women

... and all your questions will be answered.

Good luck.


her mother is going to jail for one year for forgery related charges. I am wondering if I should take me 14 year old daughter to visit her but I am not sure if I want her to be inside a jail

it has nothing really to do with the mother. She made some bad decisions but it was out of character so I think she just got herself into a bad situation and make some poor decisions, She also never did anything bad at all before this. Also, her mother is showing regret and no defense at what she did and has admitted to being a bad influence to her daughter so that is why I am still willing to stick by her. And I am not defending her or saying she should not serve her punishment or anything either, it is really only the type of environment. I hear also it is a hassle to get in and you don't even get much time to speak. My daughter seems to be OK with visiting though she said it is kind of cool that her mother is locked up and is now the one being ordered around by others. I asked what she meant and she said she was just joking. Nothing wrong with that I would say. If I decide to bring her what should I say to her beforehand?

Oh, I am so sorry but of all the things to ask me I am really not the right man for the job on this one :)

I have no kids nor any kind of experience with kids and/or parenting. The only impression I had from reading your question is that if her mother is remorseful then I would think it is good to not distance her from her daughter.

Again, I apologise but I truly have no clue as to the rest and I would rather admit that than give you a bs reply.

Good luck.


Is it possible for me to lose about 10kgs of extra chubbiness by eating healthy, no fast food or sugary drinks, going jogging and doing Wii Fit exercises?

I can't afford a gym membership until August or so but I want to get back into shape so this is my best shot.
Will it work? Any tips? :)


You are very much on the right track... start by removing all the junk and empty calories. Then, aim to eat 5 or 6 times per day; this will help stabilise your blood sugar and help reduce unhealthy cravings. You should never be very full and never be very hungry. Basically after 3-4 hours you should be ready to eat again.

Most diets talk in terms of meals and snacks. This is not ideal. Snacks represent incomplete nutrition. Instead of snacking, eat a small balanced meal every 3 hours, which contains all the macronutrients. With this model you should not snack since it disrupts the digestive process and messes with your blood sugar. You will also find little need to "snack" when you eat often.

So, choose what you eat and how much you eat based on what you are about to do, not what you have just done. So, if you are to be active, eat a bit more, and eat slightly higher on carbs. If you are going to take a nap, eat something light and low on carbs.

Each meal should be balanced and based around a lean protein source.

Make sure you have some daily healthy fats, in particular a small dose of Omega 3, found in things like fish, walnuts, shrimps, flax, etc. You do not need a lot, but a deficiency in it can be harmful.

Another myth is the concept of not eating after a certain hour. This is counterproductive since your body always needs nutrition. If you do not provide this, it will digest your muscles, which is a bad thing. Your last meal should be about 1 hour before bed, but it should be very low on carbs and calories. E.g. 200g low fat cottage cheese and some olives or walnuts, or 100g chicken breast and some vegetables. The key is not to have your blood sugar drop or spike, but to always keep it in the ideal zone.

I can give you a formula for how to calculate quantities, but I think it is almost easier to play it by ear since your requirements will vary with your activity level. Basically, once you have cleaned your diet, adjust your total food intake so that you are losing 1-2 pounds a week. Ideally, weigh yourself once a week in very similar circumstances and at the same time of day (e.g. first thing in the morning).

Regarding exercise, pretty much everyone should do about 5 cardio workouts per week (these are steady pace workouts, preferable of over 30 mins duration, at a pace where you can still carry out a conversation). Jogging is a great cardio. If at all possible, do not jog on concrete since it can be hard on the joints. Jogging on dirt or grass is better if you can.

You can substitute one or two of these with a vigorous workout, like sports or interval training - just be careful if you are a beginner and make sure you do it right. E.g. interval training should not exceed 30 mins.

I am only slightly familiar with Wii Fit exercises, but what I have seen looked decent. Substitute those in as you see fit, but I really would recommend at least 3 regular, steady pace cardios for everyone - for the heart benefits and so on, not just the weight loss.

Lastly, do not try to do too much. Make gradual changes and think of them as lifestyle changes rather than short-term efforts. This will also ensure that the weight stays off and you remain healthy.

Good luck.

Now, this bit here is in anticipation of being contradicted by another columnist that has made a habit of following up my posts (please ignore this part if no such answer exists).

If another columnist contradicts what I said and points you in the direction of a theory of weight loss based on blood types, please keep in mind the following:

1. the blood type theory is not generally accepted. It is promoted by one doctor and faces a good deal of criticism (that columnist always makes a point not to mention this).

2. What I have told you is in line with the recommendations of the International Sports Science Association, the American Heart Association, Venice Nutrition, and many more recognised bodies.


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