"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother." A lot has changed since I was in High-school and first created my column - almost 8 years ago!!!! I now have two gorgeous Boys who mean the World to me; Brody, who is 3 and a half years old, and Brayden, who will be a year in November. I live my life for these two Boys. They make every second worth it. xxoo ♥ ♥


I'm a 13, almost 14 yearold girl, going into the 8th grade and I haven't had my first kiss yet. I have a lot of friends, girls and guys. But I rarely hangout with guys, girls more. One if m best friends has kissed a bunch of guys and she won't be 14 for another 6 months. I feel stupid cause I haven't had my first kiss yet. how can I get it? I want it, but I'm very nervous. What if I'm not good? But the question is, how do i get it? Please helpp! All advice and tips are goood! Thanks. :)

Just because your friends are doing it, doesn't mean you have to, too. Please, don't feel pressured to kiss some random guy just because your best friend had her first kiss already. Your first kiss should be special, not just something you need to do because someone else did it. Don't feel stupid because you haven't had your first kiss, either. There are MANY of people well into their 20's that still didn't have their first kiss. It'll come when you're ready, and it'll make that kiss that much more special, because you waited for the right guy.


My brother and father have a problem with my boyfriend.I'm 13 and my boyfriend is 18, I don't see the problem here.My boyfriend is best friends with my brother, but my brother doesn't like the fact were dating.My dad doesn't think that i'm old enough for him.Me and my boyfriend aren't into anything sexual.What's the problem with us dating?

Your Father probably doesn't like the fact that his little girl is dating a much older man, someone who is friends with his Son. While your Brother is also in a bad spot, because his little sister is dating his best friend. How would you feel if you were put into that situation? You probably wouldn't feel too great about yourself.

18 year old boy's have no business being with a 13 year old. Both of you are in different points of your life. He's looking for random fun, while I'm sure, you aren't. Sorry, but when an 18 year old is with a 13 year old, it's usually only for one thing and one thing only...I'd just dump this guy and find someone your own age - someone you have something in common with and doesn't want just a one night fling.


BB cat has started killing animals every day starting this March. His owner got him from the SPCA when he was a kitten. He was a closet cat. He is now 6 or 7 yrs old. He cleaned the hair from his nipples and he wants to eat all the time. Yesterday he didn't just kill the mouse he dismembered it but he didn't eat it. We tried to keep him in at night but he starts breaking things until we let him out. He has killed bats, birds, mices, rats, goffers and yesterday he killed a humming bird? What's going on, what made him change?

"He cleaned the hair from his nipples and he wants to eat all the time." Now really, tell me this...How does that have ANYTHING to do with your question? ;o)


Hello everyone! My birthday is tomorrow (yay) I'll be 19! I was wondering what everyone knows about "Zumba" I was thinking of trying it, I understand that one dvd training is about 20 dollars and I am willing to pay that, if I hear that it actually works.
How many calories does it burn?
Is it worth looking into? I'm interested in losing a lot of weight, I don't have a timeline but I want to get healthier. I think zumba would help, but i'm not about to waste 20-30 dollars if it doesnt! thanks for all your input.

My friend actually goes to Zumba classes once a week and she really enjoys it. She lots a lot of weight going to the classes, as well as eating right, too. I myself am going to join come September.

I don't know about the Zumba Training DVD's, as I haven't tried it and I don't know anyone that has. You could always do some research on line about it, to see what everyone else options are. You could also look for some Zumba video's on youtube.com, just to make sure it's something you're interested in. If you like what you're seeing, just give it a shot and buy the DVD. No harm in trying it!


hey i'm the 12 year old girl with the 16 year old bf. alot my friends have really older boy friends.and they've had sex before. i'm really not sure what i should do? my friends are always talking abuot how they had sex. sometimes they would ask me if i've had sex with my bf and they know i'll say no. should i have sex with my bf?

You shouldn't feel like you should have sex with your boyfriend, just because your friends are doing it with theirs. You shouldn't have to feel pressured into something, especially having sex. That is a big decision and it should be for someone you love and care about. When you're ready for it, you'll know. But I don't think now is that time...

Your friends don't sound like they are being very nice friends, either. If they ask you every time (even though they know you haven't had sex), just to hear you say no, that's not being very friend like. A friend doesn't do that to someone. You should be very proud of yourself and the decisions you made, never let anyone tell you different. Follow what you think is right.


Hi I'm 10 Years old and I started my period...
How do I tell my mom?

There is nothing to be embarrassed or shy about. Just simply tell your Mom that you started your period. She'll probably be proud of you! You're turning into a young Women now.


Can anyone give me advice on my hair coz I was wondering if I can go swimming tomorrow in the local swimming pool. But ive bleached my hair blonde yesterday night. I what to know if it will turn green or if anything will happen?? please help me!!

It depends on what kind of chlorine is used in the pool. But, I wouldn't chance it for AT LEAST a week.



I asked a few questions a while back about dealing with my overly shy boyfriend. Recap: He's super shy and he's a couple years younger, but he acts even older than I do sometimes. He knows when to be a kid and when to be an adult. Problem is, he doesn't seem to know how to act around me. He turns red and squirms when he has to kiss me or if he's sitting next to me on the couch.
And this is how I tried to solve it. I myself am shy, but I forced myself to overcome it today and invited him to a double date in town. I tried so hard to get him to talk and to order something to eat, but he wouldn't. He just smiled some of the time or laughs quietly as if he was stuck. I tried to urge a conversation about his job and about how life is, but he wouldn't go into it. I know guys draw the line at talking about certain things, so I avoided deep questions. Just normal questions. I really hate to say this, but I don't think this relationship is working out. And it's hurting me to even think about breaking up with him, but he won't discuss it. Should I just break up with him and ask to be friends or maybe keep trying? (He does seem to like me, but he's just too shy to do ANYTHING.)

If his shyness is holding him back from doing anything, I really don't see the point in trying with this relationship. You're trying way too hard to get him to open up and talk more. You both seem like two totally different people. If you tried to discuss things with him and he doesn't want to, how do you know he's even taking the relationship seriously?

I suggest having a serious talk with him. Explain to him that you really do have feelings for him, but with him being so shy and not even talk to your friends, that's a problem. You DO have to communicate in a relationship. If you can't talk to one another, what really do you have?

Hopefully he takes what you're saying seriously and tries to change. If not, just explain to him that you both really need some time by yourself and it would be best if you guys could just be friends.


21/F/Australia. I'm looking for a pair of denim short shorts in maroon. Can't seem to find any in Australia or even online. Maybe I'm not looking in the right places. Can anyone help me I am desperate! Thanks so much x

Do you happened to have Kijiji where you are? It's selling/sharing site. They have one here in Canada, and every province has a page. You can usually always find what you're looking for on there. Also, have you checked-out E-Bay? E-Bay has EVERYTHING you could think of (probably even some stuff you didn't want to think of...)


I want to download the sony vegas FREE trial. But I don't know what I'm doing. Every time i click Free trial it like has something with money. So can someone give me a link to the website. so when click the link all I have to do is click the button donload free trial. Cuz i don't know what page the free trial is on.

I can't link you to the site, but I can tell you what to google. Look up "Sony Vegas FREE Trail Torrent" You should be able to find what you're looking for. If not, in-box me. :o)


I recently had a one night stand with an acquaintance. We have a lot of mutual friends and I have met him before but I wouldn't say we are friends. During all this the condom broke and I took plan B, unfortunately I was on some medication that the Dr. thinks might have interfered with it working. And as it turns out I'm pregnant. I really don't know what I am going to do about the baby. I am not sure I am ready in life to have a child etc. But my biggest dilemma right now is whether or not to tell the guy. He is moving in less than 2 weeks and I am just not sure it is worth telling him. Advice?

You're going to have to tell the guy, as much as you don't want to, he has to know this. He is the Father and he has every right to know. That would be a kick in the throat if he found out you were pregnant from some other person.

I got pregnant when I was 19. I was scared. I didn't know what to do or what I was going to do about the baby. I ended up keeping my baby and it was the best decision I have ever made. I really couldn't imagine my life without him...now I have two.

How old are you, anyways? And what is your life like at home? Would you have lots of support/help from your Family?


My hair is sometimes curly but it sometimes is just frizzy and lacks definition. I sometimes want that classic movie star soft curl look. I've tried doing it with a curling iron but it just turns out frizzy, even if I blow dry it first. If I straighten it first, then my hair won't hold the curls. Would big rollers give me soft curls or would it just be a frizzy mess like with a curling iron?

I have really curly hair also, and my hair won't curl if I straighten it first. What I do is, I put mousse though-out my hair then I spray it with hair-spray and it usually keeps the curls and hold. If you wanted to try the big rollers in your hair, give it a shot. As long as you put product in your hair before doing so (mousse and/or hair-spray) your hair shouldn't get all frizzy.


my bf want s sex i'm12 year old girl and he's 16 i'm not ready he would touch me and kiss my kneck. I would say stop but would say babe relax. i say stop he says ok but he always bugs me about sex and once he tried to take off my shirt. i love him but not sexually. what should i do?

If you aren't comfortable with what he is doing to you, tell him to stop. If he continues to bug you about this, I suggest leaving him. When you're telling him to stop and he "trying" to take your shirt off, that's pretty much rape. If YOU don't want to do something, you shouldn't do it. You're 12 and he is 16, that's a big different in age when you're that age. 16 year old boys only have one thing on their mind, and it isn't what 12 year old girls have on their mind.

I would kick this guy to the curb if I were you, and try to find someone more around your age. That way, you guys will both be on the same level in the relationship. A relationship shouldn't be all about sex...You deserve much more than this!


does best buy give a discount when buying a laptop with a student id? if so how much?

I know they don't up here. However, it could be different depending where you are. I would just call the store to double check, no harm in asking.


So my boyfriend is trying to sell his imobsters account on his itouch. he's been playing for a while and it could probably easily be worth a couple hundred dollars. how would he sell it? are there any good websites to sell on? thanks!

Do you happen to have a Kijiji where you are? It's an on-line selling site. I know they have one for Canada, and every province has a page.


Im in middle school and theres this guy im in love life with,the one day this stupid girl starts chatting with him for 2 days then i chatted with him and he seemed to love me more!Now theres a rumor going around that my crush loves this stupid girl!How can i deal with this? :/

I suggest moving on. If your crush isn't into you, there's no point in wasting your days wishing you were with him. Just move on and try to find someone else to crush on. You're only young once - Enjoy it!


I made out with a guy at a party. He was fairly drunk and I was sober. He seemed fairly into me and asked for my number. I know how this usually goes and he didn't text or call and it's been two days....but he added me on facebook. What's the deal? Also, how long should someone wait to hear back from a guy before moving on from it?

Since he has you on Facebook, just wait a couple of days and see if he messages you. But if he doesn't say anything to you now, he probably won't be saying anything to you soon. I'd suggest just moving on. A guy like that isn't worth your time! You're much better than that!!


I'm 17 year old female from london, england. I had sex with this guy once and then missed my period so I took a pregnancy test and it was a faint positive so I took another one a few days later and I got another positive. I told the guy and he said get rid of it he can't deal with a child and he won't come to any appointments or help me. But then a few weeks later I got two light periods that lasted 4-5 days in the space of 4 weeks. Iv recently gone to the doctors and she was very unhelpful, she's said about me having a possible miscarriage so she's sending me for a scan but I haven't received an appointment yet and this was a week ago!
iv been threw a lot the last couple of years, diagnosed with bipolar, self harm, family problems and since iv found out I was pregnant iv been happier and I think this baby is going to get me threw life. I'm really scared because I want this baby an will be destroyed if iv had a miscarriage.
How likely is it that my baby is okay? And why is my doctor not giving me answers and treating this as serious?

Since I am not a Doctor, I can't give you an answer to weather your baby will be okay or not. However, you should seriously call your Doctor up and let him/her know that you haven't received anything in the mail/gotten a call for a scan, and you were wondering when you were going to receive it? This is something that is very important, and you must know about it, you have every right too. I would call her, if I were you. You have to get in touch with someone! Even if you went to your nearest Clinic I'm sure they would help you out!!


hi im 14 and female.so i have 2 boyfriends now and please dont call me a slut or a whore cause i have 2 boys at the same time.i explain the story.i had a boyfriend (we will call him bf 1)and then on the last day of school after school my ex texted me and asked me out.i still liked him so i said yes.then i was trying to figure out how to get ahold of bf 1.i didnt know where he lived,his phone number,email,facebook,NOTHING.i had told him my facebook name and i didnt get a friend request from him.so now its getting close for school to start and i dont know what to say to him.i was thinking of saying we are over or avoiding him.Life is too difcult.Any Advice for Me?

I defiantly don't think you should avoid him. You should talk to him about this. Explain to him that you just don't have feelings anymore for him, and if he would like to, you guys could still be friends. There's not too much you can do besides that. If you like boyfriend2 as much as you say you do, be with him. But you HAVE to call it off with boyfriend1 as soon as possible. You should never mess around with someones feelings. :o)


do you have a good relationship with your mom. what are some things you guys do together. how does she treat you? explain.

I think I have a very good relationship with my Mother! I think we've became closer once I became a Mother, myself. We do a lot of things together with my Boys. We go out for suppers and shopping. Sometimes we just have a hangout day at my house or hers. :o)


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