"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother." A lot has changed since I was in High-school and first created my column - almost 8 years ago!!!! I now have two gorgeous Boys who mean the World to me; Brody, who is 3 and a half years old, and Brayden, who will be a year in November. I live my life for these two Boys. They make every second worth it. xxoo ♥ ♥


do you have a good relationship with your mom. what are some things you guys do together. how does she treat you? explain.

I think I have a very good relationship with my Mother! I think we've became closer once I became a Mother, myself. We do a lot of things together with my Boys. We go out for suppers and shopping. Sometimes we just have a hangout day at my house or hers. :o)


hey people, what is the legal age to move out of your parents house?

It depends on where you live, since every place is different it'll be a different age everywhere. I do believe where I live it's 16-18.


ok so my dads birthday is on wensday and i still have no clue what to get him i have decided to make him something and make it really personal and sweet any ideas?

You could write him a poem, (if you're good at writting poems.) You could also make him a scrap book. Put pictures of you and him in it, along with memories and funny moments you guys shared with one another. Or, you could always do something really cute a different. Take a sheet of paper and make it all pretty. Then, write down 50 reasons why he is the best day in the world (or how many reasons you want.) Then, at the end explain how much you love him and how great of a dad he is.


My mom has this best friend and we go to his house all the time. My mom says we'll be livng there soon. Well anyway... he has to sons one is 19 and one will be 18. When I am there I feel wierd like my face gets like hot and red. Is that normal for a 13 year old girl??

This is perfectly normal. You only get like this because you're shy and uncomfortable around guys that are much older then you. It is normal to be shy around these boys, though. Once you start living with them, you'll get to know them more. That way, you won't be as shy as you were when you first met them because you'll be used to them. Just give it some time and pretty soon you won't be shy around them anymore, you'll be your normal self. ♥


hi i think my uncle is depressed he lives with my nan and he hasnt worked for about 5 years. Ever since my great nan died he gone kinda strange. Hes always in his room .No1 is aloud in there .Hes gotten really skinny coz he doesnt eat. He looks white all the time. hes always borrowing nans money and stuff. we used to play all the time but now he doesnt know when to let a joke go . how can i help him

I suggest that you try to get him to see a doctor for this depression. Loosing someone that he was so close to is very hard on a person. And since this person is dead, he doesn't know how to deal with anything so he just decides to do nothing at all. I really think you should talk to some of your family members and try to get him to go to counseling. It should help him. You should always be there for him, too. If he ever wants to talk about something, be there to listen. ♥


Does any one know any songs that like i could take a phrase and put it in my AIM profile. My dad died and i want to put a song like I WIll remember you- by sarahM. in it but i dont know anymore. Thanks

P.Diddy - I'll Be Missin' You.
Coolio - I'll See You When You Get There.
Alter Bridge - In Loving Memory.
Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me.

Those are just a few REALLY good songs. If you need anymore, just let me know. ♥


My mom will NOT let me go out anywhere. Im 14 years old and i still have yet to go out to the mall with my friends. Shes way too over protective. Im not even aloud to walk down my street to mcdonalds which is not even two minutes away. I have tried numerous times to talk to her about this situation and she still sticks with the same awnser of "no your too young!" She bearly lets me go to school events, and mi grandmother pushes her into the no awnser even farther.
Thanks Rebecca ♥

Well hun, I really don't know what you can do about this, especially since you already tried to talk to her about this problem. I mean you're 14, you should be out there having fun with your friends and not having parents' tag along. Why is she so over-protective of you? Did you give her a reason to? Did you do something to lose her trust? If you didn't, she should be able to trust you and know you won't do anything wrong while you're out with your friends. If she TRUST you, you'd be able to do things.

Why not try and talk to her again, take baby steps. Maybe she could let you walk to McDonalds, for starters. Tell her if she trust you, she'd like you do it. Make her trust you. Give her reasons why you'd never betray her trust. Suck up to her a little, do things around the house, make her happy, cook her cookies, etc.

Usually when parents are THIS over-protective, when the kids get out on their own, they just go crazy and they do whatever they want; good or bad. Tell her this. Explain to her that her keeping you so close to her isn't getting you or her anywhere. This isn't a life for a girl, especially a 14-year-old girl. You should be out there, going out with your friends, having sleepovers, going shopping, etc. It's not right to not be able to do things with your friends.

Other then that, I don't really know what you can do about this, sweetie. Maybe you could get some family members that agree with you and get them to talk to your mom about this. I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope things get better. ♥


i have never made out before, and i am going out with a guy and i dont know how? what should i do, and how do you make out!! PLEASE HELP..will rate you 5!!

I know you're going to think you can't make out with anyone and your going to be a bad kisser, but really, that's all in your head. Everyone thinks that when it comes to making out and kissing. They all think they're going to suck at it.

I know this is probably not much help, but kissing really does come naturally. Just go with the flow, it'll come naturally, I promise.

Here's a site that you might want to look at, if you feel like you need a little more information: http://teenadvice.about.com/od/kissing ♥


my parents are gay and my friends are not my friends any more because of it what do i do?

Just because your parents are gay, doesn't give your friends the right to stop talking to you. Your friends should be friends with you because they like you. They shouldn't just ditch you because of your parents.

If they were your true friends, they'd still be by your side. But this shows, that they aren't good friends, at all. I suggest finding better friends, sweetie. Ones that will like you for who you are, not for who your parents are. ♥


My parents have been telling me Santa Claus is real..I mean I am trying to believe but my parents have given off to MANY clues. I asked my mom the other day and she gave me the whole pep talk. Is Santa Claus real or is it his "helpers" who live w/ me?

Santa isn't really real. But no matter how old you are, Santa will always be a part of Christmas. ♥


My gramma passed away a week ago. As a grandkid, i recieve 2000 dollars. I hafta put most of it in the bank, cus my parents are making me. The rest of it, which is probly about 300 dollars, in mine to have. Any ideas on how to spend it? Im a girl, but it doesnt make a difference cus i dont like makeup and brand name clothes and stuff. Any ideas are helpful

I'm sorry about your grandmother, but it looks like you're doing a lot better, god bless. :)

It's up to you how you want to spend the money. Depending on what you like best, that's what you're probably going to spend your money on. You could buy some cute things for yourself. If you're into any sports, you could spend some money on that. You could buy some movies that you enjoy, C.D.'s that you love, even video/computer games - if you're into those things. You could buy some new clothes and shoes, anything you like. Whatever you catches your eye, get it.

You could also save a little bit of money and get some of your friends and family really nice gifts from Christmas, since that holiday is coming up, very soon. ♥


My Brother Is Acting Werd What Do I Do

How is he acting weird, hun? I think you just need to talk to him about this. Explain to him that you think he's acting weird. Tell him why you think he's acting weird and what he's doing that is bugging you. Just try talking to him. Talking does solve a lot of problems. Maybe he's just having a bad couple of days, you never know. The best thing to do though, is to talk about it.
♥ Krissy


me and my best friend (amy) were wondering
if was to marry her cousin (jack) would me and amy be related? like sister in law or what ever?
its kinda weird lol

She wouldn't be your sister-in-law, she'd be your cousin-in-law and you guys would only be related by marriage.
♥ Krissy


tuesday i turn 15. and i have lived with my mom since i was born. her and my dad got a divorce when i was realy little. i go to my dads every other weekend. my dad hasnt really been the kind of dad he is suppost to be. but i still love him. Well my dad lives in newnan and i love it down there all my friends are there and i have so much fun down there. My mom lives 2 hours away in lawenceville and i hate it here. We moved here a couple months ago and i have been in this new high school for 1 month now. I have no friends, everyone is stuck up and annoying there. I want to move in with my dad. Not because i love him more, but because i like it better there. my mom is always complaining that we dont have any money and i spend too much. Well i love her verrrrry much but if i tell her i want to live with my dad, she will get very upset adn like cry and all. What are some good ways i can tell her without her getting so upset? any help is wanted.


I'm sure your mom is going to be upset at frist, what mother wouldn't be? You know how close mothers are with their daughters. You should have a nice long talk with her at home one night, or maybe even over dinner. Don't bring this up out of the blue, kind of inch your way towards this subject. Tell her how much she means to you, how much you love her and how much you care about her. Explain to her that you aren't doing this to hurt her feelings but you really want to live with your dad because you feel it'll be best for you. Tell her that you don't have any friends at this school you're going to and all the people going to this school annoy you. Explain to her that you life isn't too good down here. If you moved in with your father you'd be so much happyer. You have friends down there, people you know and are close to. You'll have things to do on the weekends and people to hangout with and have fun with at school. Things you have if you move in with your dad, you don't have while living with your mother. If you explain to her just how much you really don't fit in here and how well you will fit in if you'd move in with your dad. Maybe she'll realize it'll be better after you tell her all this. Just explain everything to her and also remind her that you love her. Tell her you'll call her everyday, you'll always be close to her and you will always love her, no matter the distance.
♥ Krissy


If your spouse passes away, when is it appropriate to take off the wedding ring? I realize that this is dependant on the specific individual, so if I may rephrase this:

How do you know when it's TIME to take off the wedding ring.. if there IS a such a "time"?

I think you should take it off when you're ready to take the ring off. I'd probably take it off if I found someone that I enjoy spending my time with, someone whom I've been dating for awhile. You should take it off when you realize you're ready for another relationship, or ready to be with someone else. When you feel it's the right time, then it probably is.
♥ Krissy


why are parents so retarded!
i hate mine and they need to get a life.
do you think that i should get in trouble for staying out until 1 a.m. with my parents knowing who i was with and what i was doing?

It really depends on how old you are. Leave your age in my inbox, then I'll help you out with this problem.
♥ Krissy


ok so today my dad invoted me and my bro to go the the batting cages. I went for fun and plus i love baseball. SO i was doing awesome on hitting the baseball and everything but my dad never even payed attention to me. Then he was like why dont you try the softball. and i didnt want to but he made me anyways. But it serioucly screwed up my baseball hitting and i sucked at softball and he was encouraging me there. But like i said he never watched my hitting the baseballs... he was totally ignoreing it. Is he one of those dads that thinks girls cant do sertain sports? i mean i hate softball... but its like he doesnt give me a chance and theres no way im a girly girl... plz help!! sorry that its so long..

I think you should talk to him and tell him how you're feeling about this. Explain to him that by the way he acts you feel like he doesn't think you can do certain things, just because you're a girl. Tell him you were doing great at batting baseballs but he didn't get to see, since he wasn't paying attention. Then when it came to softball, he watched, but you sucked at it. I think you should go back to that baseball batting cage with your father, and show him just how good you are at baseball. Or you could always do a little baseball batting around your yard with your father.
♥ Krissy


I just got in a huge fight with my sister. It started out as me being jealous of how she looked in her bathing suit. (really good! which I do not look) But then she started being really mean to me anyways. What should I do? And please don't tell me to tell ym sister I am soooo sorry and that I love her because she is not the mushy type at all. Thanks! -twistedsister17

Well, since she's really not the "mushy" type, just leave her alone for now. I'm sure after awhile she'll come around. Sometimes sisters know eachother are sorry just by looking at one another. Maybe you could make it up to her by asking her to hangout with you someday. Kind of like a sister-sister day. Go to the mall, out to eat, movies, ice cream, etc. Either way, you guys won't be mad at eachother too long.
♥ Krissy


I wrecked my dad's car this morning, and he's out of town until tomorrow morning. I haven't got the guts to call him and tell him about it, cause there's a huge dent in it and the garage door is messed up. I also pulled the bike racks off the walls. I know that I'll be in big trouble if I wait til he finds out, but I really don't know what to tell him on the phone. I feel so bad. HELP ME!

~stupid driver

I'd call him and tell him, because he does need to know about this. The sooner the better. And since you're doing this over the phone and he's only coming back tomorrow morning, he'll have time to cool off and think about it. You're his daughter/son and no matter how much damage you did, he'll still love you.
♥ Krissy


i told my parents to f**k off and i got grounded for 2 weeks. do you think this is fair? because i was really pissed off.. i coulndt help it. lol.

Since it's probably your parents rules, I think it is fair. Even if you were pissed, you could have just ignored them, went to your room and could try to calm down a bit. Maybe next time that is what you should do :) But 2 weeks? Man. That is harsh for just saying that! Oh well, parents are parents I guess.
♥ Krissy


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