"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother." A lot has changed since I was in High-school and first created my column - almost 8 years ago!!!! I now have two gorgeous Boys who mean the World to me; Brody, who is 3 and a half years old, and Brayden, who will be a year in November. I live my life for these two Boys. They make every second worth it. xxoo ♥ ♥


(Rating: 5) YOU SAVED ME! no really i forgot about coming here and telling you wut happned but you made me think again b4 i went and did it wit him he was alreayd cheating on me with three other girls he had sex with liek fbuddies! he got HERPES i found out later from one girl he gave it to when we were supposed to still dating and he dumped me cuz i wudnt have no sex at all wit him! THANK YOU!
(Rating: 4) Ive already tried eBay and we don't have that in Australia. Thanks anyway
(Rating: 4) my first friend didnt know that i liked him, and i told my second one to do it to see if he would flirt back. But thanks! (:
(Rating: 5) thank you very much. ive had so many talks with him about our situations, and he knows he shouldn't even be friends with those two girls because of other situations we've had in the past. this was supposed to be his last chance, and he knew it, but i've never seen him look so sorry and upset before. im just not sure if sticking with him was the right choice. but thank you i really do appreciate it <3 oh and also, im 17 and he's 18. like i said, really young. but we're still very serious.
(Rating: 5) That is what I was thinking.
(Rating: 5) This is amazing :O
(Rating: 5) Thank you! Never listen to your first Dr. or your second one. If you know anybody who has cancer do anything you can to get them to call the Cancer treatment centers of America! I am alive and taking my life back up. I could've very easily been dead. I thank God every day that I am still alive. Thanks again! :)
(Rating: 5) I can hardly believe this really happened. I was so sad I stopped coming to the site for a while. :-( Maybe when we have kids we can show them his videos and keep them alive that way.
(Rating: 5) I am kind of proud of the fact that I dumped her. She was seeing somebody else and she had some kind of mommy complex because the other guy was even younger than I was at the time.
(Rating: 4) Haa, exactly. She's kindaa.. haha nevermind. And ohkay thanks(: i'll talk to my grandmother about it.
(Rating: 5) thanks :) but for the last one, the back is wide open i still have no idea and the dance is tomarrow
(Rating: 5) yeah i guess i just worry for people too much :/ thanks for the advice
(Rating: 5) yea i tried talking to him about it but he seems apathetic. he says hes just worn from it and has no energy to work on it anymore. he didnt want the break at first.. when i was finally ready to let him go (let him complete the break up talk) he said something along the lines of "idk, do you think it would work? or would things still be the same?"
(Rating: 2) Rating changed from a 1 by L2 mod
(Rating: 5) thank u alot i know i need to take a pt but im scared of what the results could be im only 15 and my mom would kill me well thanks for ur storie
(Rating: 5) Haha, yeah.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thx thts prob it.
(Rating: 5) thankss
(Rating: 5) thanks so so so much!
(Rating: 5) thanks :)
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks ha tonights that night.
(Rating: 5) thanks =]
(Rating: 5) thankss<33
(Rating: 5) thakns i'll try =)
(Rating: 5) thx
(Rating: 5) Thanks friend that makes me feel alot better :D
(Rating: 4) there are a lot of answers...and urs wasnt unique..
(Rating: 5) agreed
(Rating: 5) thankss. im gonna try that. i was just wondering, how did you come up with this? please answer me back im really curious. thanks again!
(Rating: 5) ohhh, alright! Thanks!
(Rating: 5) good point. thank you<3
(Rating: 5) thnakss
(Rating: 5) Thanx
(Rating: 5) No, not on the West Coast :(
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thank you so muchh, you helped(o:
(Rating: 5) thanks :)
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) awesomeness, thankyou!
(Rating: 5) thanks! :)
(Rating: 5) thanks! :)
(Rating: 5) THANKS!
(Rating: 5) Thanks, I feel alot better knowing I'm not overreacting
(Rating: 5) thanks =]
(Rating: 5) Alright, thanks. ;]
(Rating: 5) Thanks :)
(Rating: 5) Thanks!=]
(Rating: 5) Thanks.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) OMG, thank you soo much!! i cant thank you enough & asked him to the dance & he said yes. We had the best time ever & are going out now. Its all because of all you guys helpful advice!! you rox!!<33EAS
(Rating: 5) no he didnt say it as a friend =[
(Rating: 5) Thanks. I'm going to tell her today about the news.
(Rating: 5) Thankyou so much. This is the best advice yet.
(Rating: 5) Thanks muchos!
(Rating: 5) thx =)
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) omg thank you so much! ^-^
(Rating: 4) the url is too long to fit. but thank you anyways
(Rating: 5) i never would have thought of that! brilliant idea thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) actually, i'm very glad you said that. because i found a picture of hair i liked, and it's exactly what you explained. THANKS!
(Rating: 5) thanks <333 so much :] you totally get where im comoing form!!
(Rating: 5) ha ha meto thnx
(Rating: 4) **Rating changed by Level II mod**
(Rating: 5) thanx
(Rating: 5) ahha thanks!
(Rating: 4) i'm 13...
(Rating: 5) yeahh my luck sucks! thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks :)
(Rating: 5) Thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks, your advice is awesome!
(Rating: 5) aww
(Rating: 5) thanx so much.... it really helped with my decsion..
(Rating: 5) THANKS
(Rating: 5) thanks, that'll work!
(Rating: 4) thanks, but I have around 35 friends....
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks!!
(Rating: 5) Wow. Thanks for putting thought into this answer, I really appreciate it. This is gonna sound stupid but I'd give you like a rating of ten if I could.
(Rating: 5) Thanks for answering:)
(Rating: 5) aw thanks [:
(Rating: 5) Awesome thanks a bunch!!
(Rating: 5) yea we did oral but it still hurt..idk maybe i was just really nervus but thank u so much!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your answer. I want to know if you have been able to put in a tampon in the past?
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the advice!! :)
(Rating: 5) thanks so much &hearts;
(Rating: 5) Thanks. But can you edit your answer and tell me how to do it one by one? Thanks! =]
(Rating: 5) Thnaks
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks a bunch <3
(Rating: 4) A lot of information is what I need. Thanks
(Rating: 5) thanx, that helped....lol dont ask me why i didnt just say this, but....thats not true...i just wondered if oral sex still makes you a virgin? so why i had to make up a story? idk. but thanx!!
(Rating: 5) Thankyou. :]
(Rating: 5) thankss
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks sweetz.

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