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You know on Xanga, how you can make a blog private? Can you do that on Myspace?

I have a blog on Myspace with thousands on posts. My problem is, how do I make them all private, where only I can read them, without deleting them?

Is there a way to them all at one time? Instead of one by one?

Thanks! :D

You can make your MySpace blogs private, but you have to do them one by one. I don't think there's a way to do them all at the same time.

However, you can set your whole profile to private and only your friends and the people you have added will be able to read your blog.

EDIT: When you go to write a blog, there will be a section that will say 'Privacy.' It's where current mood, comments and such are. It has four things you can check off; Public, Diary, Friends, and Preferred List. If you want ONLY your friends on your list to be able to view it click on 'Friends.' ♥


(Rating: 5) Thanks. But can you edit your answer and tell me how to do it one by one? Thanks! =]

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