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hey i am 13 my name is ashley and i have a dog. I have always wanted to help ppl in some way now i found a way to help my friends family or ppl i don't know. If i give u advice i hope it works
Gender: Female
Location: Wisconsin
Occupation: helping at the humain society
Age: 13
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Has anyone in here ever tried smoking pot and their not a complete pt head? I want to try it cause it looks and sounds fun.. but I don't want to become a pot-head. I just want to know what its like ur first time.

I want to be able to smoke with my boyfriend.. and not like caugh and stuff.. but not like have to rely on pot to have fun.

Can anyone tell me what its like to try it for the first time?? (link)
I have always wanted to try to smoke but i know that if i try for the first time i will get addicted it is that easy any kind of drug will make u addicted just b/c ur boyfriend smokes doesn't mean u have to do that with him mayb u could do something else u both like such as skating or go to the movies just think of how ur parents would react. hope i helped!

is it weird that i don't like anyone? i mean all my friends obsess over who they like, but i seriously can't think of anyone that i like. and im 14! (link)
it is perfectly normal that u don't like anyone my aunt is 36 and she hasn't liked anyone her whole life so maybe it is just a little thing some people have i am sure u will get a boyfriend hope i helped

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