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I like cleaning and heavy metal.
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I have had a problem for 8 years now with self harm. It started out with a small case of bullemia...when i had to get 2 teethe pulled from the issue, i began anorexia. I would starve and pass out. When I turned 15 i began cutting myself. I have slowed the cutting down to once a week...but am replacing it with other problems. (picking at myself, damaging my personal belongings, socially withdrawing myself,etc.) but of all these years the 7 other people in my family have not noticed. i do not want to tell them cause they are all jerks, and i have no friends or anyone else in my life i can talk too. I ust turned 18 and chest pain, crying, sadness, emotional distress, self harm. It just needs to go away. what can i do its hopless. (link)
I have suffered from depression for nearly ten years. I completely understand what you're feeling. I felt completely hollow and without purpose. I also felt that nobody was aware or willing to help me with my depression (especially my family).

My self-arming included: Cutting/scratching, strangulation, prescription drug abuse, anorexia/bulimia, punching (my own body), etc. Like you, I would ween off of one form of self-harming and fixate on another.

Due to the fact that I did not feel like my family would be understanding about my depression, I eventually became "desperate" enough and made an appointment with a university counselor. From there, I went on to see a doctor, psychologist, mental health nurse, and psychiatrist.

I suggest that you seek out counseling of some form. May it be a high school counselor, teacher, etc. There are also available outlets like Kids Help Phone (1-800-668-6868). Kids Help Phone volunteers can be very helpful in directing you to the path you wish to take to get help and in finding resources near you.

Best of luck and strength.

What are 3 things you wanted as a kid but never got? (link)
1. An above-ground pool.
2. A horse.
3. A drum kit.

well i started cutting myself my 8th grade year [im now a senior] and ive been clean of cuts for about a year. inever did deep cuts right across my wrist, ionly did slight ones throughout my arms. lately ihave had alot going on and im trying my hardest not to but icant help but to think about starting back cutting. HELP? any substitutions for cutting? (link)
I was also a "cutter." I first started cutting during my first year of university. I was able to stop on my own, but it was extremely difficult. I began cutting again during my third year of university. I was having a very difficult time, indulging in other forms of self-harm, and finally sought help.

A substitution that worked well for me was sticking my hand in a bucket of ice water. It hurts, but leaves no scars, and is much safer. If you feel like cutting, do this until your urge to cut has passed

Although, with that said, I encourage you to seek help. I wish you the best.

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