"There's no other love like the love for a brother. There's no other love like the love from a brother." A lot has changed since I was in High-school and first created my column - almost 8 years ago!!!! I now have two gorgeous Boys who mean the World to me; Brody, who is 3 and a half years old, and Brayden, who will be a year in November. I live my life for these two Boys. They make every second worth it. xxoo ♥ ♥


I'm looking for seasons of Law& order so i can download them. I can't buy the DVD's cause i live ina small place that don't have stores to buy DVD's and such, and i can't go anywhere to find the DVD's and buy them.

So are there any sites besides the pirate bay i can use?

www.torrent-finder.info is a really good site!



I thought I put one in today but when I went to take it out, there was nothing there. I was in a rush this morning so I could have just not put one in, figuring I was done with my period. I layed in the bathtub for a half hour and then pushed for a bit. Then I put my index finger in as far as I could go and I'm pretty sure I felt my cervix. It was a little painful because I'm really tight and dry, but I'm pretty convinced that I just didn't put a tampon in. I could not feel anything at all and I sort of moved my finger around and still felt nothing. I'm just a little nervous and need a second opinion. Thanks!

If you still had a tampon in you, believe me, you would know! If you checked (did everything you could) and you couldn't feel anything or even a string, I think you're safe.


My question is we had a Kawasaki Dirt Bike. (is what we were told it was when we bought it) Well we sold it on craigslist. I advertised it as a Kawasaki Dirt Bike and someone bought it. They came to our home. Looked at the bike even road it and then paid for it. Well they are saying they ran the vin number and its no a Kawasaki Which we bought it off a used car lot and took it to a store that sells them and were told differently. They say they are taking us to civil court because they want there money back now. We still believe its a kawasaki bike and that they had every chance to say differently to us its not like we shipped it to them. So what am I asking is are we in the wrong? or what?

I really don't think some one can take you to court for that (however, it might be different in the States?)

We have something like Craigslist, but it is called Kijiji; it is very similar. When you buy something it is your responsibly to make sure it is something you want to buy, isn't broken, stolen, etc. The person came to your house, they looked at the bike and even road on it! I honestly don't think the courts are going to do much, even if he'll make it to court in the first place. They'll probably just tell him that it was up to him to do his research before buying a product off of someone. Courts aren't babysitters, they're there for serious stuff.


Hey everybody, I'm trying to find out who had the first known mullet (for my mullet-crazy brother). I've looked all over the Internet, and presently it seems like it's David Bowie (mah hero) but I've heard word of earlier mullets. Can anybody tell me?
-Who had the earliest known mullet?
-Who invented the mullet?
-When the mullet was created?
Any answers will be much appreciated!

"Mullet pre-history extends back thousands of years earlier to the hairstyles of Hittite warriors, circa 1500 B.C. The Moabites, a biblical tribe, sported self-imposed skullets during this time period. Paintings and statues in tombs dated to approximately 700 B.C. have revealed that 800 years after the Hittites and Moabites, the cradle of civilization still nourished mullet fashion. Relics depict Ancient Egyptian officials sporting fashionable mullet-wigs."

The following site might help you out a bit: http://www.michigandaily.com/content/deconstructing-timeless-mullet


I have been sexually active for a couple of years now. I have never used any kind of protection, because I was always very careful about who I was with, and was never with someone I even suspected of having something. The last time I had a sexual incounter was about three weeks ago, and while masturbating this morning I found a dry spot on my penis. It is on the part of my penis that is a different color from being circumcised (I have heard it reffered to as the neck before I believe). I remember that spot though because when I was younger, before I had been sexually active at all (just self masturbation and kissing a couple of guys), I found what was like a black head that you get on your face on that spot. I popped it, the same type of thing that comes out of a black head came out, and it was fine since then. I am very concerned. I have just found this, and I am going to ask the two guys I have been active with if they have been tested. Anything at all will help me. I know this is not a medical website, and I assure you I WILL be getting tested ASAP. But I would like to know if anyone has any inclination as to what it might be.

I really don't think you have anything to worry about. It sounds like you just had a black-head where you didn't want a black-head. You said you had popped it and it went away and it hasn't came back, correct? I think you're fine and can stop worrying. However, if you're THAT worried, you can always go to your Doctor or a Health Clinic to get checked out, just to be 100% sure. But in all honestly, it just sounds like a black-head to me.


HELP! I Know this is Weird im 13 and my period started when i was 10 , 11 . Its been going naturally. Then One Morning I Feel a pain in My _______ But i dont tell anyone because i am ashamed im scared to go to the doctors and tell my mom or anything then after all that my period skipped a monts but im not pregnaet i dont understand is it becas=use of the Pain

It might be because you're so young and your body is going through so many chances. If you didn't have your period yet, I highly suggest going to see your Doctor or talking to your Mother about the problem.


i found a website back in 2006 called topix and it has trolling trash talk and spam and i want it shut down anything i can dowenload to get it shut down

Did you end up finding anything?


I've skipped my period 3 times in a row now and ive been vomiting almost every morning, and the rest of the day im constantly gagging...
does this mean im pregnant?! or could there be other reasons?!

Have you had sex?


Okay im 12 turning 13 and im Freaking out because i missed my period. its late by 2 weeks and its been 36 days. i didnt do anything i wasnt suppose to advice please, could it be that late.?

Yes, your period can be that late. You're young, so your body is going through a lot of changes. It can make your period late, it can even make you not have a period for that month. If you didn't do anything, you have nothing to worry about.


did mausterbaut a good thing to guys.?
reply me..

Masturbating is good for everyone - nothing wrong with it at all.


I have sex with my gf I had a condom and I didn't c... At all and her period is 8 days late is she pregnant

Considering this question is so old, her 8 days are obviously up. Is she pregnant?


i have my winter formal dance this saturday and my boyfriend and i were elected the king and queen for the court. i never dress up but this time i have to alot and actually look good. can anyone help me with a few simple things? its on my 16th bday :)
1.) my friends wont let me wear my gauges but my ears are stretched so i need something to cover so there making me wear regular size crystal earrings, would they fall out or like droop down since their alot tinyer?
2.) i dont want to walk the whole ways because i am so unstable in heels id fall. so would it be ok if i wore flats instead? it is a very fancy dance.
3.) my boyfriend and i have to do a slowdance on stage and im scared we usually just bullshit slowdances and kiss alot or lay against him as we go, but how could we properly slow dance on stage since people will actually be watching? im so nervous.
4.) i have a tiarra i need to wear so how can i do my hair so it looks good? and curled.
5.) i also have a concussion(just like at my homecoming) and bruises on my feet and knee, how can i fix it by then other than makeup?
6.) i don't know what bra to wear since the back is very different it doesnt cover where a normal one should go, and i jump around alot i dont want sticky or none..?
-sorry im bad at dressing up, very worried and im not quite the girliest girl.. but i'm going to wear a fitted short black dress with a very fancy back, low and crossed. with red shoes, red roses, sparkley tiarra and jewlery. thank you soooo much!

1. How come your Friends won't let your wear your gauges? If it's something you like and you want in while you attend your Winter Formal Dance, then wear them. I don't think you'll be getting any normal earrings in your ears anyways, depending on the size of your gauges.

2. I don't see a problem with wearing flats, even if it is a fancy dance. If you're most comfortable in flats, then defiantly wear them. I know I'd be going in flats - heals kill my feet!

3. Just take the kissing out and you should do fine. It doesn't matter if you cuddle up against him while dancing, it'll just show how much both of you care for one another.

4. You could always put your tiara on and do your hair up around it, using bobby-pins.

5. You could always wear tights with your dress, spice it up and buy different color tights or styles of them.

6. You can order Strapless Bras online and at any store; Wal-Mart. A strapless would be perfect.


I think I love my best friend his name is alex he has a girlfriend they have been together for two years but I can't help it I don't know what to do

If you're Best Friends and you guys are really meant to be, it will happen. Until then, is he happy with his current girlfriend? If they've been together for two years, I'm guessing so. There's really not much that can be done besides either wait for him (and you really don't know how long that will be) or move on and have fun.


Uhh.. i dont really pay attention, iff it starts from my back. But my back was hurting the other day, just not with the pains in my ribs.
Andd no not really.. i mean, i eat some deep fried food every once in awhile, but not alot. I dont really eat that much to begin with (I'm not anorexic) ii, just dont get hungry as often as i do, im pretty active too.

And my mom knows about this, but she doesnt really seem to care =/

:O How can she not care when her Daughter is in pain?
Do you have any Family members or Friends that could help you out? I really suggest going to your Doctor, a local Doctor or a Clinic to get check out. It's better to be safe than sorry. :)


I'm thinking of going on birth control, and I'm just wondering what works best. I've heard you can gain up to 15 pounds, and I really can't afford that (I'm an actress and a dancer). Also, I don't have a ton of money and I can't have my mom find out. Any cheap pills that don't have a million side effects?

I suggest talking to your Doctor or a Local Doctor about what pills would be best for you. They would know the best ones on the market and the ones suitable for your age and body-type. Not all pills have side-effects. However, the ones that don't have any side-effect are more likely to get your pregnant. And, not all Women gain weight either. It's just because of the Sugar Pills that are given, which aren't even needed.


I'm fourteen. My boyfriend is sixteen. We've been dating for about three and a half months.

He has mono...

Mono can last like five months or longer... Am I really supposed to not kiss my boyfriend for five months???? :( please help.

I hate to break it to you sweetie, but yes, you do in-fact have to STOP kissing him. He has Mono. It's highly contagious. If you don't want the change of catching it, I suggest not kissing him...it's though, but it's a must.


my boyfriend and i have been dating for a little over four months. i thought we were happy, but recently i found out he doesn't know what he wants anymore or whether he's even happy. in the beginning, we used to talk for hours on end. gradually things changed. he's never had a serious relationship before and i think that maybe he's afraid to be a part of one. when we're together, things are really good... but it seems like the closer we get, the farther he wants to push me away. i really care about him and his happiness. i suggested a break so he would have time to sort his thoughts and feelings. if you have questions, so you can get a better understanding, let me know. otherwise, what is your take on this? he's really sweet and he's a good guy.

You defiantly need to talk to him more about the relationship. You obviously care about him and want this to work and he needs to know that. You said you suggested a break to him, what was his responds to that?

EDIT: Do you think a break is what you both really need? Do you think it will solve the problems with your relationship or just make things worse? If he's not happy in the relationship, there's no point in being in it; you're only hurting yourself by keeping him. Sometimes people drift apart for reasons. Just because something ends, doesn't mean it IS the end. When one door closes, another opens, and that's very true. Maybe you should just move on and try your luck with different guys? You have all the time in the world to settle down - have fun first!


Im the guy who asked this


Well i told her finnaly... i didnt have the balls to do it in person which im really kicking my self over so dont give me no stick for it.

she didnt take it well :(
i think she got attached too quickly, she came over today for the last time to collect her dvd's that she left over here. not that i didnt feel terrible before but now i feel even worse because it was a quick smile not even a hi. then a see ya and she turned and left. I wanted to talk to her but once again i was too much of a damn coward to even ask that... she seems really upset over this and i feel terrible. i cant go back on what i said because i just dont feel it for her but i still want to be good freinds because shes a great person to be around. I hate that iv made her unhappy and theres not alot i can do about it.

what do i do? i cant just forget it can i? People say i care too much for others, is this one of those things i shouldnt be involved in any more?

if you havent seen my first question plz give it a quick look over :) thanks for all your help so far guys you'v not done me wrong ever

Personalty, I think you should just forget about it. Sometimes people care too much. You shouldn't care about others who aren't willing to care for you in return. If she wants out of your life, let her be and move on. You're only young once and have all the time in the world for relationships and girls, trust me! Go out and have fun with the guys. Live life first, then settle down.


Ohkay, so would anybody know about rib pains?
I get really random sharp pains right wherr my ribs are and below, they come pretty randomly anytime of hour, day, week, month, whatever. And it lasts about 30 seconds, then stops then like a minute later happen again. ANdd it hurts really bad =/ it makes me wnaa stop breathing until it goes away.

Does anybody know whyy?


Do these pains ever start from your back and work it's way to your side, or do you even notice?
Do you eat a lot of greasy, salty and spicy foods?
It sounds to me like you're having gall-bladder problems. After I had my son, my gall-bladder started acting up and I had to get it removed. I couldn't keep anything greasy, salty, spicy or fried down...I would always barf it up and would have killer pains on my side, that would make my way to my back. Even when I was pregnant, I didn't have pains like these. I suggest watching your diet for a bit and see if that helps. If not, go see your Doctor or a local Doctor. They just do a simple ultrasound on your stomach and side.


I've been with my boyfriend for about a year and a half and we're kind of in a rut when it comes to hanging out and running out of things to do. What are some (not super expensive) date ideas?

We've done the usual hanging at houses, renting/going to movies, eating out, mall, etc to death.

Do you guys have any games you enjoy playing together?
Maybe even go out bowling one night?
You could try hanging out with groups of friends, or even make a double date night, if any of your friends have partners.
Do crafts, scrapbooking, picture frames of every memory you both have with one another.


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