My name is Melissa :]. I live in California.I seriously do. Fresno,CA. Look it up. I didn`t know what or where Fresno was until my dad came home & told us we were moving there.. I live in like the friggen richiest part of Fresno called Clovis[it`s another city that`s in Fresno.]Nothing ever happens in Clovis.No robberies,killings,etc. Things always happen in Fresno. This city is so effing small that you find out about everyone`s problems. It`s like Gossipville. My highschool is even worse. People talk smack like it`s their hobbie, so i`ve had my share of gossip about me. Doesn`t really bug me, unless you continue to do it. Then I get pissed. Who wouldn`t?! Fresno is okkaayyy, if you meet the right people. But Clovis will always be the most boringest place ever.

I've been through alot. Anything really. I don`t really trust people that easily, but if I do, then congrats, you`re awesome. Don`t straight up ask me what i`ve been through. If I really really really really really really really really know you, then I might tell you. But you know, it`s hard telling people what you`ve been through because it brings back so much horrible memories. I got over some shit, but it still leaves marks..Welcome to a world where being yourself isn`t good enough..

My closet is full of clothes from Hollister,Abercrombie,Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, and all those preppie stores that you hate. I can`t live without my cell phone or a purse. Don`t judge me. If you do, I friggen hate you with a passion.I have alot of confidence, and you might think that i`m cocky, but i`m not. I actually think low about myself, but what girl doesn`t? I sometimes think that i`m better than a few people, but i only compare to those who are pretty shallow & fucking dumb. Like gossip starters, stalkers,backstabbers, & anything like that.I'm probably the coolest 15 year old that you`ll ever meet :]. I love going to the beach, even though i HARDLEY ever get to go. I was born in San Francisco. I move alot. I stayed in new york for 4 years because of my daddy's job. But now i'm back here in california.I love my friends. I'm a really nice girl. I`m full of sarcastic remarks.Anything acustic(sp) realllyy turns me on. I love it when a guy can sing & play something hot, aww so adorable, don`tcha think?! ;]

I have a boyfriend & his name is Junior. He's gorgeous.HE PLAYS THE ACUSTIC GUITAR & SINGS FOR MEEE!! Oh man, I just feel like grabbing him. He makes me really happy && he surprises me alot. He makes me feel all like..warm and soft inside.Shut up. Your jealous. I know. Our love is anything but average. We have the weirdest relationship, but I wouldn`t trade it for the world..I love it when we watch re-runs of the O.C. I love how he can watch romantic movies with me. I love it when he lets me win in video games.I love when he kisses my nose or forhead. I love it when he trips me lol. I love it when he gives me piggy back rides & won`t let me fall when i`m standing on fire hydrants.I love it when we eat chicken nuggets together & share only one drink. I love it when he squeezes my face cheeks together & kisses me. I love the way he runs up to me at school & jumps on me. I love the way we skip together holding hands. I love it when I take out the crust of my bread && he eats it. I love it when I turn out to be hecka sick & he comes to my door with soup & his blanket. I love it when he sends me like .. friggen 2 page love letters & he sends them through the mail & i get them. I love it how he believes in me & teaches me to make better choices and incourages me. I love the way he can easily cheer me up with the simpliest things like smiling. I love it when i start crying and he cheers me up by doing the "balony dance". Lol. I love the way he pokes my cheeks with his finger. That`s love, baby.

I say tre-cool & dunzo alot.


hey...did anyone notice...that the new "in" thing is acting ghetto? last year,it wasnemo rock whatever....now its ghetto...what the heck? why cant people be original and now follow the crowd? how can i not follow ANY crowd? everyone in my school follows the trends...and im just there,i want to stick out ina good way...any way i could do that? thanks...also...are you with me on this?

Really? At my school the trend is still "vintage". I like that trend. You get to see what people put together with the simpilest things. Very cute.

I guess people only follow the trends because they want to be accepted. You can start your own trend, but make it very cute. Ignore the ghetto trend. If whatever your style/fashion is, wear it. And if people say something dumb & rude, insult them. :] ♥


Can people see the list of questions you asked? like on the side when your logged on it says My questions can they get to that and know who wrote it?

Basically what Karen said is right, but the only people who can see the person who wrote the questions are Level 2 mods & higher.


Okay, a week ago, this guy who I barely even know (I don't even know his last name) sent me an e-mail declaring that he loves me and wants to be with me. I sent him a very polite decline, because I just do not feel that way about him at all, and now he keeps on e-mailing me with guilt trips about how he thinks he's going to be alone for the rest of his life, and he keeps telling me that he loves me. I suspect that he thinks that if he keeps doing this that I'll change my mind...I don't quite know how to deal with this. So far, I've treated him like I would want to be treated were I in his position, but he's starting to make me feel really uncomforatble. What can I do??


You should block his email address, or just send him an email telling him that you don`t like the way he writes to you & he makes you feel uncomfortable & if he doesn`t stop, then your going to take serious drastic action...or measure..which one sounds more cooler. :] ♥

If i were you i would just ignore him.


is houston considered southern texas?
and are there and are there any good party places there?


I think it is.

And I have no idea if there are any good party places there..I don`t live in Texas. :] ♥


I have a chance to be on the Oprah Winfrey show. She is looking to interview people with a mental illness and I have schizophrenia. I have been published in other magazines before for how I have managed to live with my condition; but have never been on television.
Some of my friends are telling me to go for it; but I don't know if I want this much exposure. Does anyone have any reasons why I shouldnt go on the show? And Pros or Cons? I havent made up my mind yet!

Aw omg I love Oprah. :]

You should really go. People might look up to you in the ways you`ve handled this if they have schizophrenia or not. They might find you as a role-model. It`ll be great. It`ll give people a chance to know what it is[since I`ve never heard of it..]how you`ve dealt with it, and how it`s impacted your life.

I still have yet to find a Con for this.

Go for it :] ♥


why are you lying YOU dumb ugly fake YOU got the picture from my COUSins myspace YOU better be ashamed and earase YOUR fucking collum ! FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE FAKE !!! thats enough proof thaT YOU ARE A TOTALL FAKE AND I LOOKED AT UR HIGH SCHOOL AND UR NOT LISTED THERE FRESNO MY ASS!!! FAKE WHORE !! YOU LIAR!!

Your so retarded. Give up already & get a life. I didn`t even POST my SCHOOL NAME on here for you to search it. Next time, when your going to try & prove something, you better do it right because you just embarrassed yourself. And I do live in Fresno & since i supposibly stole "your cousin`s picture" from her myspace, what`s her name? What`s her link? Do you have it? I don`t care if you don`t believe me or not..Next time i`m rejecting your question. Got it?


What does wishing on 11:11 mean?

If you wish on any double numbers in time,like 2:22,3:33,4:44, etc, etc, your wish will SUPPOSIBLY come true. 11:11 is just the greater wishing number. They say that if you wish on 11:11 your wish will have a greater chance of becoming true. But i don`t kinda believe it, oh well. It`s always fun. ♥


okay, here's the deal. i wanna watch this dvd in spanish, but in the main menu i have to choose the language thingy, but since i don't have a remote, i dn't know how to do that. the only buttons on the player are play, pause, rewind, stop, fast forward, and rewind. how the hell can i choose the language thingy without the remote? is there any way? (PS: watching it on the computer is NOT an option) oh yeah and i lost the manual.

Do you HAVE to watch the dvd in spanish?

I don`t know what to say besides..

Your pretty much screwed. ♥


Can anyone tell me the price range of a hamster?

Hehe, thanks. =]

Hm. About $10-15 dollars.

I bought mine for like 10. Her name was Rosy & we didn`t know she was pregnant so she had like fucking 12 little hamsters & it smelled like rotten spaghetti and it was just gross. But they are so adorable! It`s just sad when they die though. :[ ♥


AMY ?! IS THAT YOU?! lol. I LOVE YOUUUUUUU! Omg that is so cute that your buying a hamster! :]


i'm going back out with my boyfriend after he cheated on me. but i know he won't do it again! a lot of people tell me that i'm stupid.... "once a cheater always a cheater!" but i love him so much and know he won't do it again! WHAT DO I DO?!

I went out with this one guy who cheated on me AGAIN. It lasted for about.. a month.

The reason why we broke up is because I found out that he cheated on me throughout the whole entire time we were actually together.

Now we don`t even talk. I don`t even acknowledge at school anymore. Such a jerk.

Anyways, I would say take a chance, but if he cheats on you again, just realize that he wasn`t good enough for you & it`s not your fault.

I know that the guy I went out with & your guy aren`t the same, but just watch out. ♥


Ok, well i have two birds, and im not compleatly sure, but i think that one is a boy and one is a girl, they are parakeets and the reason i think one is a boy is because they have different colors above their beeks, but how do i tell if they are going to have chicks (er.. lay eggs)

thank y ou for your help!

I have like tons of friggen birds it`s ridonkulous..

Anyways, you just don`t really know. Usually I don`t even know when they laid the eggs until someone looks inside their cage`s nest. There is no sign.

Well actually, if the girl bird is ALWAYS on her nest & if you try & budge her & she won`t move, then either she is laying an egg or is just sick. That`s how we tell sometimes. ♥


does anyone know if there's a new AIM coming out other than the AIM Trition??


Not that I`ve heard of. ♥


okay i know how to get the different color fonts for aim with that apple sauce program but how do people get different font styles on aim like impact and that stuff please help i rate high

Impact is an original font on aim. I don`t think you can get anymore fonts then what you already have. If you still don`t know how to use your fonts, then go to Setup; Preferences; then go to the left side that says Font. Then it`ll lead you with examples of what to do.


In your opinion, how old should a girl at least be before she has her first kiss? 4th graders dog-drooling all over each other's chins don't count.

I agree with everyone else. 12 & no younger. But if you get your first kiss older than 12, it`s okay. ♥


caution: this is extremely long =\
ok well im 14/f in 8th grade.
ok so the summer before 7th grade like changed everything. theres this boy, chris that i never really talked to until that summer. i dont kno how it started but one day we just started talking online and he told me how he used to like me and everything. after that we just kept talking throughout the whole summer, and that's when i started to like him.
we continued to talk online, but we never actually hung out. then one day, i told him i liked him. he said he liked me too but i kinda just shrugged it off and we didn't go out or anything.
so then 7th grade started. we hardly talked for the first couple months. then i remember in october, there was a halloween dance, and my one friend, who was really good friends with him at the time, was like oh you guys should dance together.. we didn't. i was stupid and just like stood there. i'm also REALLY REALLY shy, so talking to him online for me was easy, but to his face, i got like speechless. i know that after a while though, i'd become more outgoing around him. but that never happened..
so during november, he asked me out again. except it was online and through my friend. i, for the second time, was stupid, and said no. i regret it to this day. like the time before that, he didnt actually ask me out. but this time, he was, and it was soo weird for me cause he would've been my first boyfriend, so i just like freaked out and said no. i regret it soo much. i just wonder how things would've been =[
anyway, i think after that, he had this thing with like kicking me in the hall. lol not like to hurt me.. but yeah soo that was like our thing for a week or two, but then one day i went over to him to kick him and he was like "im not kicking you anymore" i dont know what exactly he meant by that. i dunno if he meant this is stupid, i dont want to get in trouble [cause one time a teacher yelled at us lol] or that he didnt like me anymore. but i duno
after that we continued to talk online still. but it was becoming more me iming him first and he didnt talk as much, it was usually me talking the most .
the rest of 7th grade was just a blur. towards the end he went out with different girls, and rarely talked to me. i still imed him online, but he acted like he didnt care.
i know this sounds weird, but i became kinda like stalkerish online. i like imed him everyday. i regret it alott .i guess i was just desperate for him to like me or something.
the summer was like that too..so then 8th grade started and i dunno what happened. we rarely talk except if he asks to borrow a pen or something. he's only in one of my classes. one time in like september i kinda just like let out my feelings when i was iming him. he told me that im shy, which i know i am..i think thats why he doesnt like me.. he liked me in 6th grade because he didnt know me, and now he thinks he does, but he doesnt b/c im not always shy.
anyway, i havent spoken to him online since september or october. i talk to him in school rarely, but its not even talking its like, him asking me for a pencil and me being like "here" ughh. i just wish things were back to the way they used to be. like the day before 7th grade he was like i cant wait to go to school tomorrow cause ill see you..=[ i miss that.
now we never talk. AND he has a girlfriend..they were going out since october but broke up in february like, twice, but not they're back together. i doubt it will last..
i mean like sometimes i'll catch him looking at me. iduno. i still like him so muchh. he probably doesnt even remember or care, about what happened between us. i just wish he would realize what it means to me. i dunno wut to do. how should i talk to him? i want us to atleast talk more again. i know i should get over him but ive tried and i cant. should i say something to him in class, and what should i say? should i try iming him again? or would that be weird since i havent imed him since september? im desperateee=[ thank you so much

Omfg, I haven`t even read it yet & i`m scared. This has got to be the longest thing i`ve ever gotten..Thank you. Seriously..Lol. Jk. I`ll still answer it. :]
Ok so anyways.. !
At first I was thinking maybe you should get over it, but that just wasn`t my thing to say.
Don`t IM him. You HAVE to talk to him in person. IMing him is just going to be so akward, and if two people who haven`t talked in a while, suddenly gets this IM from them, I would be like uhhh...
You just need the confidence in talking to him, & having enough confidence can take so much work. I wouldn`t blame you if you were shy. I`m still shy even know I have alot of confidence. I know thinking of things you should say is hard, but if you start off small, you can make him talk to you, or you can get the courage to talk to him. He probably does remember the things that you guys went through, he just isn`t showing it. Guys like to hide their emotions. Look at him, smile, and then turn away. Not even a big step. But start small. Then make eye contact. When he isn`t looking, drop your pen near him && ask him to pick it up. Then from then on, you might get a little courage to talk to him. Just say ANYTHING. But not anything weird. Just talk about anything that`s around you guys. My friend was sitting in front of the guy she liked & he asked her for gum & she was so nervous that she just said No and turned back around. She came to me so then I told her to start talking to him before I punch her, and so the next day he asked if she had gum again & she`s like oh yea I do & she asked what his favorite type of gum was & they just kept on talking ever since. And he finally asked her out after like..4 months or something. They`ve been talking between those months,too.And now they are going out. So see how something SO little & dumb can lead into something even like..great? :] You`ll be fine. Just get yourself together & talk to this guy that you admire. It`ll work. ♥


There's a guy I REALLY like. Let's call him "Shirt".

Shirt has called me hot on a few occasions, sometimes to my face, and sometimes not.

Today, one of my friends was hounding me about who I like, and when she said to tell her, Shirt looked over.

The thing that confuses me is that sometimes he doesn't even acknowledge me.

I don't really know him that well. We have a Sadie Hawkins dance coming up, and I was wondering if I should ask him. I rate!

I'm 14/f, and he's 17/m

Shirt? Lol..

Anyways, I think you need to start talking to him more. Get to know him. Yes, we all know he thinks your hot, but he doesn`t even "acknowledge" you. Start talking to him on Monday & if you guys get close enough, then ask him. ♥


does anyone know any sites where i can find realy good icons, not like those smiley things.

www.iconator.com is my fav. :] ♥


is it odd to date somebody a year younger then you, and he's a little bit shorter then you?
Im a female.

Not at all. Don`t worry about it. It won`t seem weird. :] ♥


I love to watch scary movies. My question is, how do you go to sleep after watching one? I just finished watching a REALLY scary movie and I'm really scared! How do I go to sleep without thoughts of the movie?

I love to watch scary movies also.

Which one did you watch by the way?

Anyways, you just have to know that that movie isn`t real. They are just made to entertain you. You can watch a funny movie now to get your mind off of it.

What I also do is since I have like a closet in front of my bed, I get really creeped out & think that someone is inside there[sorry if i just creeped you out more..], so I just leave it all the way open & sometimes sleep with a night light. I know it sounds dumb & childish, but psh oh well. The nightlight works. ♥


Lol i love that movie. Anyways, you might already know that OBVIOUSLY the old guy won`t come & get you since he`s dead [hahahaha] & the girl, we`ll, I think you can beat her up. :]


how can i get my eyes to look like this: http://static.flickr.com/29/40095827_1e4d6f8f06.jpg AND LIKE THIS http://i.timeinc.net/instyle/read/bestbeautybuys/2004/images/bb_hs_02_260304.jpg (NOT the mascara -- the eyeliner) also, anytips?

thanks ♥ ♥ ♥

Simple. You need liquid eyeliner to do this. Or just regular eyeliner, but the point needs to be sharp not dull.

If you never used liquid eyeliner in your whole life then :

only search advicenators.com

You have to put a VERY thin line on your top eyelid close to your eyelashes. Then at the bottom, you apply the eye line[where you put eyeliner almost all the time], but then you put a THIN line UNDER your bottom eyelashes.


Notice in that picture that the eyeliner is UNDER the bottom lashes. That's what you have to do. ♥


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