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well i love my friends, i love boys
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my boyfriend is a super sweetie. but, there's one problem.his grades r kinda sucky. he most the time dosn't have his book report, homework, and things like that. he's really sweet. i mean, he's super cute, nice, funny, polite, and he likes me a lot. i also like him A LOT. i mean like, "crush on him since fourth grade" a lot.i DO NOT want to dump him. i want this relationship to last a loooong time. (link)
dont dump he, he hasnt done anything to you, you should tell him that what he is doing will hurt him in the long run, but dont like it come between you twoo*

ok well i started going out with this guy in like oct. 06 and on halloween night he dumped me cause he wanted to go out with someone else and then in dec. he called me and was like "your the only girl i can think about i really love you" (BLA BLA BLA) so i gave hom another chance. then i dumped him cause his best friends told me he was cheating on me. now i think he over me. i see him everyday and he has a girlfriend even thogh he flirts with almost every one. but for some reason i cant stop thinkin bout him i know he did me wrong and that he probably over me but i still like him alot and i dont know how to get over him
HELP ME PLZ (link)
well that same thing pretty much happened to me, talk to him about it, tell him how u feel, and ask him if he really did cheat on you, you can confront him in person, on instant message,or myspace, just talk to him, and to get over him, try to look for new boys, like go to the mall, and just look to get your mind off of him, or do something that destracts you from thinking of him all the time like a sport or something. i hope i helped =]

ok sorry...weird question...but if you have sex while youre on ur period, like the last few days or w/e...what are the chances that you'll get pregnant? sorry if thats kinda weird/gross (link)
pretty much slim to none.. cuz i no thats like the only time you really cant get pregnant.. but i suppose u can but its like a 2% chance

k guys, i'm more like a romantic kinda gal, and i really wannna boyfriend, my ex was super mean and doesnt talk to me anymore, so now im kinda afraid if i get another boyfriend it will end up like it did with my any of you guys out there know what i should do????

~Stef (link)
oh i no what your saying.. i had an ex like that.. and it took me a while to put myself out there again.. but just try it.. maybe be wicked good friends with the guy b4 u start dating so you know wut hes like, hope i helped.. xox jiLl

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