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Well, I really love helping people with stuff, it makes me feel good, and I am going to school to be a psychologist and fashion designer(kind of, haven't decided). I'm 18 and my favorite movie right now is The Wedding Date, because the lines are really cute. Oh and I think the hottest guy ever is Spike(James Marsters) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he isn't the only hott guy I like but he is on top of the list.

I have a knack for understanding guys and girls I've been told, and thats good because I don't think I would have made it through school if I didn't.

Well hope to hear from you soon, and by the way just because I'm 18 doesn't mean I'm not mature, I may be young but I know about the world. So questions from all ages are welcome.
Gender: Female
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Occupation: Actually I justy recently changed my job, I am working at a florsit now designing arrangements, whic
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I bloat a lot to where my stomach sticks out so far! It is embarassing. What are some ways to prevent bloating? Thank you. (link)
water pills, idol thats it

I have a problem that doesn't sound like a problem to anyone, which makes it hard to seek advice from anyone I know.

I have really big penis, thickness more than length, and this causes me a lot of problems in my love life. I have hurt some of my partners without meaning to, buying condoms is nigh impossible as they are far too constricting being designed for a slimmer girth, with more 'dainty' partners oral is difficult and other things are simply out of the question.

Some women find it intimidating enough that they won't even sleep with me or we get to that stage and then they back away or don't want to see me any more.

Talking to friends is impossible, most guys think there can't be a problem and talking to female friends about it hasn't gone well with fits of giggles or accusations that I'm boasting somehow.

I've tried lubricant, I've ordered larger size condoms online but they tend to be longer as well as thicker and don't fit right. Is surgery an option?

I'm entering into a much longer term relationship and I want to make sure I'm not imposing on or hurting my partner as much as possible.

Please help, I'm at my wit's end. (link)
email me at, it will be easier for me to explain things and you can answer questions easier than on her with the feedback stuff. If you don't wanna e-mail me then, I guees we can talk on here but it will be a pain in the but. However I think I can help you with this problem, seriously.

Right now i feel so miserable all i want to do is disapear under the bedcovers and never come out!i really dont know what to do. Ive tried talking to my family but they wont listen, they never seem to have the time for me- tv programs are more interesting than i am.
i just feel so angry and miserable all the time.i hate myself and pretty much always have. people tell me u shud just learn to love yourself, no-ones perfect etc but i cant no matter how hard i try.
i also seem to repel men, everytime one seems interested it seems great for a few weeks then they just dump me like a hot coal and disapear. i just dont know what i do wrong.
theres also the fact that i never seem to be able to get on with my family. every now and again we get on and everythings brilliant...then things go pear-shaped and they have no patience with me.i dont have the best health and i think as a result they have just got fed up with me having something wrong and cant be bothered doesnt help that i dont get to see or speak to most of my really close friends very often because they are off doing their own things so i end up having to deal with all this crap by myself.And i think the thing is ive got so used to having to keep my problems to myself over the years i now find it impossible to open up if someone does offer me an ear. i have been doin a lot of thinking tho and if im honest ive always felt like the poor relation of the family i have an older sibling and they always seemed to get on better with my parents than i did. i guess ive always been jealous of was always the 3 of them and then me. they have now moved out and i have more time with my parents but most of the time they dont seem interested in me.
i know i have a lot of problems but i just dont know how to deal with all the stuff that is flying around my head. people keep saying they will help me, like my mum did, but they never do. we lost a member of the family i was very close to several years ago and i dont think i have ever gotten over it, my parents mentioned getting help for me a few times but nothing came of it......i just wonder if anyone hear can help me... (link)
I think you should e-mail me
If not you don't thats ok, but I can lend an ear to someone that sounds kind like me a couple years ago.

i think that this boy likes me but im not to sure how could i get it out of him to tell me so i finally know as his brother had told me this. (link)
What is your question exactly? How to get this boy to tell you he likes you. Hang out with hime somewhere, and just start chatting, he will either flirt a little, or maybe go in for a kiss. Or you could just ask him. However if he really likes you it will probably be hard for him to tell you, guys can get shy around girls they actually like. My only advice is to flirt with him, or to just ask him if he likes you. Good luck hun.

hey my name is chel and well i used to cut but then i stopped for like a year now i started again and i really want to stop but i can't what should i do?? It's because like my best friends always gets the guys i like to like her and i get stuck with no one liking me and thinking i'm hot. But then i have this kid that like LOVES me he has for 2 years but i just don't like him that way plus he's WAY to young for me..and the only reason why i started cutting was b/c i wanted to experimenting with other things to cut with..and it's way easier with a razor but for some reason it doesn't hurt me at all but it bleeds like CRAZY...HELP ME!?!?

From, CHell

**********I'LL RATE HIGH PLEASE ANSWER!!!!***** (link)
I know at the current moment you feel like everything is rushing in on you, and nothing will be great ever again, and you will never have a guy and no one will even find you hott, but thats not true. I'm guessing you are a teenager, so you have a lot of time ahead for dating, kissing, marriage, looking hott all kinds of stuff. I haven't even been on a date yet and I am 18, but I am fine with that I know I have a awhile left, and its not that guys don't find me attractive, its just I'm not ready and the guys are kind dumb. I'm sure there is more that the one guy that likes you, guys tend to have abigger problem telling girls they like them than most people think. And if your friend is purposely stealing guys away from you then you should probably not hang out with her anymore, because she has attention issues if she is taking guys away that you told her you like. And why did you want to experiment with new ways to cut yourself? Were you bored or something? Understand this, cutting is bad yes, but I get it, you can't take the pain away emotionally and mentally so you turn to physically and you don't want to actually hurt anyone else so you take it out on yourself. Don't take it out on yourself, write, paint, draw do something that gets out your frustration, maybe even talk to the people that you are mad at calm and rationally( that works for me). I hope I helped. Dang I wrote a lot, sorry.

I have this pimple like bump on my vagina. But it's not a pimple it's hard. And I have never had sex, so I have no idea what it could be. It just showed up like five minutes ago. Anyone know what it could be? (link)
If it is one bump then yeah it could be a pimple(sort of). Even if it is hard it could still be a pimple. It could also be a boil, in which case you should see a doctor. However, i think it is just a bump and it will go away in a couple days. Don't worry.

ok here s my questoin , i come from an arab society and its not like we dont have girls in my college . . .its that i dont know what happens to me when i m with a girl i wanna get
when i am with anybody else i keep on talkin and talkin i mean that i m not shy and i have lots of casuall friends
what can i do , whats your advice for me 19/m (link)
Thats a really cute question. I would suggest just trying to hang out with girls more often, the more you are around girls the more you will get used to them and their presence. I'm guessing you can talk to girls you don't have a crush on, its just that one girl you have a crush on that you can't talk to. Maybe just build up enough courage one day and go for it! I'm pretty sure she won't blow you off, you sound really cool. Hope I helped and good luck with the women.

this is kinda gross i gues but w.e.....okay so i have had discharge for like 2 years now and it goes on and off and i dont know like am i ganna get my period soon or w.e. and like i guess im pretty active ( i dont even know if that means anything really) but like how long do people ussally have it fore before they get there that even natural to have discharge for like a year and half? (link)
What kind of discharge are we talking about here? White or yeloow discharge is normal for all girls. If it is brown coored then that would usually mean you are goona be getting your period soon. However if it is brown and you have had it for two years, then I recommend you see a doctor because there could be something wrong with the way you are ovulating. Sometimes doing to many sports at a young age can cause a girl to get her period later in life, but how old are you? Anyways if this continues you should tell your Mom or maybe just go to the nurse at your school, if they can't help then I recommend a doctor, just to be safe. I have PCOS which caused me to not have my period till I was 16 or so, and I had weird period like discharge but no period. I'm not saying you have PCOS but it's a possibility. Hope I helped and sorry this was so bloody long.

I just got a dwarf rabbit which is 2 years old. Me and my boyfriend do not know if its a boy or a girl but we want to know what the best way is to nurture him/her. How to call it? How to get him to like us? How to be friendly with him and basically the best way to care for it. Please answer my question the best you can I really like him and I want to be the best owner I can :) (link)
Rabbits like carrots and lettuce so... if you give him/her a treat everytime it does something you like then it will come to like you. FOr instance, get it used to tis name then when it comes to you after calling it give it a carrot. Rabbits are very docile creatures no need to worry about it liking you, it just naturally will. There are websites on the internet about what to feed them things they especially like and things like that, so maybe just go to google and search for Rabbit Information. Hope I helped, and good luck.

I know this is STUPID but i could ask my friends..

Okay you know how people say [Go Hard or Go home]
Well whats it mean exactly..
I think it means the girl is like a freak or something sexual i`m sure cuz guys always have nagative things to say about us females! Thanks alot (link)
The meaning depends on the person who is using it and the intent they have in using it. If it was a scumy guy then yes it could mean literally go hard or go home. If said like that then its not really demeaning to females, well i guess it could be if you too it that way, but i think it is rather funny when a guy says it. The other meaning is just to give it all you got, if you aren't gonna give it all you got, then go home. Get it? Hope I helped.

ok well i have like soo many pimples and i have cream but does toothpaste really help them go away? please ii need help. this guy said he likes but i have too many pimples&ihate them too so please help. ill rate high. (link)
DOn;t date that guy if he said that, cuz that was rude even if you don't like pimples either, that was rude.
For the pimple problem however, you can use a 1/4 teaspoon of applecider vinegar and 2 drops of tee trea oil, dab it on with a cotton swab and put a band aid over it for the night and they should be gone in the morning. Now that remedy is for really bad pimples and only one a time, If you want full coverage then use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque, that stuff works great for everyone that uses it. DO NOT USE TOOTHPASTE, it just dry out your skin and it itches, its not good for your skin in general. Hope I helped, good luck with all.

I have really thin hair that basically does NOTHING. I try to curl it with a curling iron and the curls fall out after two hours, even with hairspraying and all that jazz. I straighten in and that is the best hairstyle I can get, but I get bored of everything my hair does. I want to get a really unique haircut that is straight and would work with thin hair. If you would like to see a picture of me to look at my headshape or anything, heres urls to two pics:

on the right curlier hair

I will take ANY photo examples or ANY suggestions, any anything because I am desperate. I've had the same hairstyle for YEARS and I'm sick of it!! Thanks for any any any help!! (link)
Stick with what looks best, if you find one hairstyle that works then keep it, you don't see a lot of the actresees changing their hair all the time, if they have then its a wig or extensions. So I suggest a medium length coif with small layers. Maybe something like Ashlees Simpson had a year ago. I went to school for make up and hairstyling (cosmetology). Hope I helped. Good luck.

ok so i was looking online for hair straightners..
and i was thinking about getting a chi.
im black and i have coarse hair and i was wondering if you guys think it would work on my hair? also if you have any other straightner suggestions.. nothing over $110 would help?
thanks much/rate 5's (link)
Yeah it will work, but you should get a thermal hair spray for it, so it won't ruin your hair, or make it more coarse.Hope I helped.

I have really bad acne sometimes. I can't even get rid of it most of the time. Does any one have a cheap really good successful cure (or almost cure) for complex acne? (link)
Use this face masque, called Queen Helene's Mint Julep masque, I tell this to everyone, and it does work. Also if you hyave really bad spots, use 1/4 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 drops of tea tree oil, dot it on the area with a cotton swab, then cover it with a band aid overnight and then in the morning it should gone or faded a lot. Hope this helps.
Tea tree oil- $6
Apple cider vinegar- $4
Masque- $3
so all in all its no to expensive.

I am living in a happy family. My father has a very nice personality, he is very loving, caring, calm & cool man. He never gets angry. I like him very very much. He also loves me a lot and take care of mine. I am very much attached with him. During the day many times I kiss & hug him. Since long when I was a child he pats my back and hips in a very gentle and lovely way, when I hug him or come closer. I feel I am addicted to his hand. He never tried to crossed the limit. To be honest I have seen (I know its very bad) him making love with mom and I cant tell you how they enjoy the every moment and how nicely he treats mom in private.
The problem is that I always want to see the same personality attributes in my boy friend, but I never find, break out with the guy. The boys have no such traits. I should realized this fact but I cant. What should I do? I am very upset.
Please advise.

Just to make things clear you don't have a crush on your Dad right?
Anyways, just keep looking for the right guy, I want to find a guy like my Dad as well, not exactly the same but similar. If a guy likes you and you like him, go out with him, certain traits in a guy might not come out until you are dating for a while. Hope I helped gotta go.

im doing research on hypochondriacs for my psychology class. i found everything i needed from symptoms, to diagnosis, to treatment, but one thing i didnt find is how some of them make themselves sick by taking certain pills or something else like that. That also might be kind of like another illness. When i tried researching that, it just told me what the symptoms were for someone making themself sick. Does anyone know what they do? Like, what pills they take or what other things they do? (link)
In general hypochondriacs make themselves sick by just thinking about it all the time. Usually they " know " they are gonna get the flu or something like that, so they develop the symptoms. You can make yourself sick just by thinking it, its not hard if you keep telling yourself you are going to throw up you probly will. It's all in the brain.

ok i am an athiest i have read many things supportin the exsitence nad nonexstence of god. I was just curious as to why people believe so strongly in a religion or a single god. (link)
People have to believe in something right? I imagine you believe in something. Why do you belive in something? It makes you hope for a better day ahead, a brighter future, who wants to know the next day has no hope and we might die toorrow and just be left in a grave to rot, I wanna believe I will go to heaven, and be happy. Even if there is not a heaven I still want to belive in it because if I don't everyday will just be misery. Don't get me wrong I like my life, but things are crappy everywhere you turn in this world, and in the end I don't want to think about being rotting somewhere in the ground. Just my opinion though.

okay so ive liked this guy for a loooong time, and well his friends always joke and say "stop flirting with your girlfriend" and "okay we're here to play basketball not flirt with brittany!" and i want to know if they are just teasing or theres some truth beneath all that.. how can i get him to honestly tell me if he likes me without throwing myself out there and seeming all desperate? please help (link)
I'm pretty sure if his buddies are teasing him, that he likes you. Especially if he blushes when they tease him around you, thats always a sure sign of liking. Hope you got the answer you were looking for.

i just want to know what this might be...(sorry if this is long) at night or in the dark generally i see things moving like shadows... no one else can see them. i hear them talking... i hear people talking all the time. even if im alone. i talk to myself alot. when i try to sleep at night i hear it and i feel it crawl on my skin. the only way to make the noise go away is to listen to music really loud. its getting hard to be in the dark because the shadows that move scare me alot. wouldnt it scare you if you could see things move and stuff that you know cant really be there. so im getting less and less sleep and its effecting my ability to concentrate on my school work so im falling behind. i just stopped taking my ritlan. ive been getting horrible head aches where sometimes my vision will blur and then re focus. i have a twitch. but only when i get cold ill twitch to the left. always the left. and its just one big jerk of a twitch. ive been crying alot. i never used to cry about anything now im crying everyday. im way stressed out because of all of this. so im not sleeping, seeing, hearing and feeling things that arnt there and did i mention hearing things call my name? yeah i hear things call my name all the time. so what might this be? im really worried... it was like this when i was 7 or 8 but it went away... now its coming back... im not going to a psychologist. so thats out of the question and i talked to my mom about it and she just said that its probably nothing and to pray about it. which i am doing. but i just want some information on what it might be? so any help?

I think you should e-mail so we can talk privately, I have the same problem. My e-mail is
You don't have to e-mail me but it might help you.


You really helped me with my question before so I was just wondering if you know any good beauty products for eyebrows and the cost of them? And also is there anyway that you can show me how to get the right color? (link)
Walgreens has pretty good, almost anything will work, just don't buy the really cheap like Wet n' Wild stuff, it's not of good quality even though I still use it sometimes, but this isn't the case for Wet n' Wild. All the mahor brand pencils will work, Revlon, COvergirl, Loreal, any of them can work, and they aren't outrageously priced, from 2.99 - 6.99, so not crazy expensive, just look for the one that glides on the smoothest without a lot of smearing.. Choosing a color is kinda hard, it depends if you want it your haircolor or darker or lighter. If you want to match your hair color go to whereever you go to buy make up, look at all the pecils and if you can open them ( which you usually can) just put it on your skin on your hand then up to your brow, let me explain that. Ok, since your eyebrow is kind of gone, the skin on your hand is the closest to your face( this is a good test for foundation as well)so the skin under where your eyebrow hair used to be should be the same, maybe a little lighter, put your hand up to your face and see what looks the best, or just what matches your hair. Now if you want to choose the shade for your eyebrow, you can just do what i said and pick whatever you like, normally going lighter isn't a good look, darker is usually fine. Remember I said lightly put on the pencil. and then sweep shadow on, it looks nautral like that. If the pencil just goes on to dark or more than you would like, you can smudge it with your finger or a make up spong, and as long as you have an eyebrow stencil it shouldn't go anywhere but your brow. Hope I helped, and sorry this was so bloody long. If you have anhymmore questions, my e-mail is on my advice column.

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