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Hey guys
So I was smoking this "Brilliant" cigarette it's some french cheap cigarette pack and the filter tip color was normal at first you know that brownish/ yellowish color? Well suddenly there was this small red color spot on the top of the filter and I was worried I don't know why I was but it is blood color like
So anyone knows what does that indicate?
I know the brownish color is from cork because that's what a filter's made of but any clues on the reddish color? (link)
Hi. I searched for "Brilliant" cigarettes and it seems like they're Polish cigarettes.

I can't say what the red dot was but here are a couple of options:

1. It could have just been an error in printing, sort of a colour leak. It may have been there before you started smoking the cigarette but didn't notice.

2. It could be blood; do you have a chapped lips, etc? You may need to see a doctor or dentist if you're worried.

3. It may be something in the cigarette. I've never heard of this before but they may be rogue cigarettes. Of course, you shouldn't smoke it's bad for your health and so on. But it's particularly risky to smoke brands you don't recognise, or cigarettes you didn't buy from a shop. If something were to happen, it would be difficult to trace them back to the company, especially if they are a foreign brand. They may 'knock-off' cigarettes made in a dark room by people with extra chemicals etc.

I'm not trying to scare you, it's just important to be aware. But if you're worried or it happens again, seek medical advice (if it's blood).

I hope I helped!

read advice get advice make favorite read feedback advicenators

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