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I am a mojor sports freak, even the ones that most girls arent alowd to play because people, mostly guys think that we are to weak. The movies that I like are adveture-action-thriller movies. I also know a lot of things about the world around me and what to do in real life situations.
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lovebug26 13 and tody i think i might have started my period but im not sure if its like blood or a stain because it happened twice so what i want to know is does it look like red like actual blood or kinda brownish? (link)
Ok...I am 18 and I started my period at around the same age as you are now. When you start your period, it is red like blood, because that's exactly what it is, blood. The reason why we have periods and it is blood is so that we can clean ourselves out once a month. When it stains, it is a brownish color. That's what all blood stains do. What I would do if I were you is just go to your mother or someone in your family that is a female and tell them what is going on. After that they should take you to get some pads or tampons(they should tell you how to put them in if they let you use them) so that you can protcet yourself from getting any blood stains on yours clothes, and also from embarrassing stains that can come onto your clothes if bleed bad enough. I hope that helped.

-Shorty :)

my name is EJ and i have a friend that i have know for almost a year now and i have liked since the first time i saw her and i was wondering if yall could give me some advice on how to ask her out so if she says no we can still be friends (link)
Well...all i can say is that you shouldn't beat around the bush and go for it. The worst that she can say is no...but you will never know if you don't at least ask. She will appreciate that you just came out and asked and telling her how you felt...but don't out to strong with it...and no matter all should still be good friends whether you all go out or not because the friendship that you all have built over the past year should be strong enough that it will last. Just don't break her heart if you all do end up going out. One of my best friends did the same thing with me and we are going out now because we felt the same about each other...but we have known that about each other for a little while now...but he would have never known that i would have gone out with him if he had never taken the chance and asked me out. So...just give it a try and see what happens. Hope I helped and get back to me and let me know how everything goes if you can.

In Him,

ok im 15 yrs old and weigh 190 lbs im fatter then fat.and i nmeed to loose about 70 pounds before august can i do it plz give me anything but nuthin at a gym cuz i cant go so peaselz help i rate hgh (link)
Well, what I think that I would do is that I would start watching the 700 Club. Pat has a great weight loss program that has helped out a lot of people. It's a great way to lose weight I think. His program pretty much gets you to eat healthy and it fills u up on food. Healthy food that is, and it deals with exercise, but you have to stick with it. The 700 Club is a Christian Show/Station and it talks about God too. So that would the best solution in this case. His weight loss program is on Wednesday and his shows are on numerous times during the day. The ones that I watch come on at 10 and 11. Well, I hope that I helped. Get back to me and let me know how everything goes if you can and God Bless!


Hey so thairs this guy i really like (i mean alot)and some times he flerts with me at lunch and i flert back and today one of his friends came up to me and said he liked me right in front of him but he said he didint, and my sister was makeing up stupid jokes like you two are gunna make out and stuff and all he did was smile and i not 100% sher he likes me plzzzzz answer me i'll rate 5's plz plz plz!!!!!!! and if he dose wut should i do? (link)
Well, he may really like you. i mean, he may just dont want to say anything right now because he may be embarrased about it in front of his friedns or anybody else. but since he smiled and eveything when your sister did that, he may just like you. so just go for it and try to ask him out or try to get him to ask you out and go from there. and dont let anything bother you about you going out with him because nothing should get in the way of you and the guy that you like, except for maybe your friends, depending on the situation. Hope I helped! Get back to me as soon as you can and tell me how everything goes if you can!


Well, there's this girl at school named Garrison. I can't keep her out of MY FREAKING HEAD! I was sleepless for two fucking nights just thinking about her face, and I can't stand it. I want to ask her out, but I'm too nervous. Please help. (link)
Have you ever talked to her. If you havent, just talk to her and get to know her. I know nervousness is a hard thing to get over and i know b/c i have the same problem at times when talkin to guys that i really like. But its something that you need to get over so that you will be able to ask her out. But just talk to her and maybe flirt with her to get her attention if shes that kind of girl. Then after awhile, ask her out. But dont wait to long b/c she just might get caught by another guy and/or she just might get to close to you and feel that you all too close of friends to go. So, just go for it and see what happens. Hope i helped. Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.

ok.. i have this best friend.. he means like the world to me.. i love him soo much.. but as a friend.. not as a stocker obsessed way.. and i always talk to him.. and my friend.. like LOVES him.. like she wants to go out with him.. and whenever im with him.. she always gets mad.. so what do i do.. shes my best friend.. do i leave him alone.. or do i stay friends with him.. just never talk to him?? do i stay friends with him.. and risk loosing my best friend?

signed congused GIRL (link)
well, this hard to deal with. I go through with it all of the time. Well, anyways, a guy is never worth it to get in the way a great friendship. But on the other hand, you are best friends with the guy too. So its like a win lose situation. What i would try and do is talk to your girlfriend and explain it to her what is between you and the guy. If she doesnt want to listen, then she obviously isnt a true friend. It also comes down to how long you have known them each. If they ty and make you decide between them, dont get into the middle of it, but if you have to choose, choose the one that youve either known longer or you are closer to. But i would personally stay away from that because a lot of hurt will go around and maybe other things such as rumors and everything else. If they make you choose, then obviously both of them arent good friends at all. Trust me, i have been in the same situation too. But hopefully things will get better and you all can go back to your alls normal and daily lives soon enough. Hope i helped! Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.


I have AIM downloaded to my computer. It has aways worked fine. Now whenever I click on the icon to launch aim nothing happens...? No matter how much I try restarting. Then once in a blue moon the window where you type your username and such comes up, I fell it out, and it says "connecting" and then "Aim service cannot be reached, check internet connection". The internet is working fine, only Aim isnt working. What should I do?! (link)
Well, the same thing happened to me with my yahoo! It wouldnt want to work for several months. Then one day i just decided to redownload it. When i did, and everything was downloaded, it started working fine again. That was about a couple of months ago and it still works fine for to this day. So what i would suggest you do is just to redownload it again and see what happens and go from there. Hope i helped! Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.

okay...theres this boy that i wanna ask to our end of school dance, but i already asked him whose hes goin with and he said no one and i didnt ask him to the dance. i have no idea how to do it. any suggestions? or any ways to get him to ask me? (link)
Well, just go up to him and talk to him. Once you have worked up your nerve, then ask him. but don't wait too long, it just might end up that you dont get to ask him because he either is going with someone else, or u waited too long for you to ask him, or both. So just go and do that, and he'll appreciate for you doing that, if he doesnt, then he's not worth your time.

This morning my boyfriend is being a major jerk. I don't know why, but it's like he doesn't even care how I feel today. I wish he would just talk to me. I am trying to send him hints, but it's not working! How can I get his attention? (link)
Just go up and start talking to him. Ask him why hes treating u like this, etcetera. If u feel like he's not being truthful, then tell him that and ask him carefully why. Also, if he keeps on acting like this, he probably doesnt really care about you and hes probably not the right person for you and you need to move and find someone else that can treat you better and that will actually cares about you. Hope I helped. Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.

Hey I was wondetringg if maybe someone can copy and paste the store directory (list of all the stores) that are in Joliet Mall.s My internet explorer won't load it. =( Thanks everyone! (link)
Well, going straight from the homepage of the enternet didnt work for me either, but when I went to ask jeeves and did it, it went straight to it. All you have to do is go to and then to and it will take you a vairety of results for just that one little website that you wanted to go to. When you add www. it just gives you the same results pretty much. Hope that everything works out for you and good luck! Get back to me and let me know how everthing goes if you can!

Is there anyway to get bigger boobs besides breast implants? I'm 14, and have no boobs what-so-ever. Please don't tell me to wait. Im desperate here. (link)
Well, to tell you the truth, not everyone has big boobs, but not eveyone has small boobs either. Youve just got to accept that youre not very big amd if people dont like you because of youre boobs, then forget them and make other, new friends. How I know is that Im in the same exact situation as you are, only Im a little bit older. Im 17 and I am a size 32-34 A. So dont feel bad. But my friends dont judge me because of my breasts and I have been lucky because all the guys that Ive met and run into and dated, mojority of them time they pay attention to things other than the breats and,or like small breasted girls because they know that all the other guys arent going to be looking at them, or at least because of their breasts. What you could try to do is try to waer a bigger OR smaller bra and see which one makes you look bigger. But the better bras are the ones with the wire at the bottom(which takes some time to get used to, which happened to me) and the gel bras. They actually really work. Hope I helped and good luck. Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can. Love, shorty8706

Ok well i like this boy who i have gone out w/ before and we were like Brother and sister before we went out!! i still like him !! but now hes going out w/ some other girl and he is barly talkn to me online!! how do i get him to talk to me and how do i get him to no i still like him?? (link)
Just ask him why you guys arent as good of friends like you guys used to be. Also, just tell him how you feel. Ive been through almost the same exact thing, or you could say that Ive been through it too, if you knew the story. But it wont help any if you dont go up and try to talk to him. The guy that I used to date, we were such good friends, like bother and sister and it was like that after we dated. Then we started acting like we were dating again, but after he found out that his best friend liked me, it was over before we even got started again. Now we barely even talk anymore, but I havent talked to him yet, heart to heart, and I dont know if it will work or not, but hey, its worth a shot. So give it a try and see how everything goes. Get back and tell me how everything goes if you can. Love, shorty8706

ok im 14 1/2 ok and theres this awesome guy at my school and i mean i like him and i think he likes me i mean he goes to church and everything job but the thing is he's 17 and ive heard rumors saying that guys make bets and crap on the freshmen to see how fast they can get into there pants i mean im not going to do anything like that but i don't want to be apart of a cruel joke so should i take the chance and go out with him or no.................. (link)
Well, if hes a true christian, then he wont do something like that. He will want to save sex until marriage. If he acts like he wants to get into your pants, then hes obviously not the right person for you if thats all he wants to do and probably a true christian. But about the age, theres a possibility that it may cause trouble from his parents, but age is just a number, just as long as you really like/love the person, you know. Hope I helped! Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can. Love, shorty8706

i have the worst time getting up in the morning. I fall asleep around ten and TRY to wake up at 6:30. my alarm will go off, ill wake up, but then i go back to sleep till 7:15 and miss the bus. Can anybody help me wake up better in the morning? (link)
Well, Ive come to find out that when people get less sleep, theyre not as tired in the morning when they get up. So the can get up easier. Although its not all tha healthy, it has worked for me and a few friends that Ive talked to about it. But sometimes, for some people, getting more sleep helps a lot of people too. But to much sleep and not enough sleep isnt healthy. So try both ways and see how it works out for you and get back to me and tell me how everything goes, if you can.

how do you ask a guy to be your boyfirned? i mean im old fashioned and i dont think me, being a girl, should ask him, because hes a guy. i mean i dont wanna screw it up because i like him ALOT, i think about him all the time, but my friend, whos like his best friend, he just said that i should either ask him out or not like him at all, which is making alot of sense, but im too scared. how should i do it? (link)
Im the same way, so dont feel bad. I have actually asked worked my nerve up though and asked guys out though. I used to get my friends to do it for me, but I have actually gotten better at it. Just try to work up the nerve to go up and talk to him first and then when you get used to talkin to him, ask him out. But dont wait to long because he just might get another girlfriend or start feelin like you guys are gettin to close to each other, or both. Trust me, thats happened to me before. Just try it and see how everything goes. Get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can. Peace and Good Luck!

I am in my fifties and have been married for 25 years. My husband's family, who all live within 20 miles of us, are very close, except for the relationship between our family and the others. We are frequently excluded, especially by the one brother's wife from get-togethers, celebrations, etc. The other three sisters-in-law go shopping, take short trips together, etc.; in 25 years I've been asked one time. Our children are also basically ignored, but not as badly. My husband does get asked for the guy things, but I am totally left out of the group my mother-in-law calls "the girls." About 15 years ago my husband and I separated for a short time and I was estanged from the family for about a year after that, since it was the separation was at my prompting.

But that was a long time ago and the problems really existed prior to that. I'm at the point now of feeling really, really tired of feeling hurt by it and want to just see my husband's parents occasionally by ourselves, and forget the rest of the family. Is this out of line or should I just keep swallowing my pride and acting like all of this doesn't hurt. One sister-in-law that I'm closer to than the others asked the other two one time if they'd call me for one shopping trip and got as far as, "Well, we'll see if we ever ask her." (link)
Well, ok. That would be something that anybody would be hurt about. My family goes through pretty much the same thing. My moms side of the family is very open and welcoming and involves as many people as they can. On the other hand, my stepfathers side of the family is just like your hubands, in a way. The adults dont like my mother or me very much, but with the exception of a few. Then there are the kids, they barely, if at all, include my two little brothers. They are 4 almost 5, and 6 almost 7. It doesnt seem fair or anything, but we dont worry about it. There are the ones in that family who care about us and those are the only that we worry about. But my stepfathers parents have passed away, but when they were alive, we tried visist them as much as we could, and they lived with us for awhile. But we did prfer to be alone with a lot of the time and my grandmother had alsimers. But what I would do is just try and sit down and talk to the family and talk about how you feel. If they still dont listen, youll still have your family, like me. If you want to spend time with the parent-in-laws alone, there is no problem with that. Everyone wants to be alone with their parents/in-laws at some point or another. Thats what my parents did too. But my grandfather on my moms side of the family has passed on, so my stepfather doesnt get to spend anymore time with him, but thats OK. But see how that works and get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.

okay my best friend is going out with my recent ex and we went to the movies with a grroup of people but his girl friend could not go and we ended up sitting next to each other and in the middle of the show we started holding hands and yesterday his girlfriend found out and wont talk to me or him what should i do? cause he likes me and i like him...

signed CONFUSED (link)
Well, there is still going to be something there between you and your recent ex. If your friend is going to go out with him right after you two break up and not ask you about going out with him and is now mad at you for that happening at the movies, then she is not a true and good friend. What you need to do is sit down and talk to her about the whole situation, maybe even all three of you, and also talk about you feel. If she doesnt listen or anything, then you should find a new friend to hang out with. You should also suggest the same to your ex as well. And if they end up breaking and you two end up going back out, dont feel guilty, just be happy that you two are back together and that she deserved what she got. But dont be mean and rude to her about that stuff, OK. Get back to me and let me know how everything goes if you can.

(14/f) Everyone thinks I make all my boyfriends up because they don't go to our school.. I don't understand why they'd talk such crap about me behind my back or why one of my 'friends' doesn't even believe me.. it makes me feel like they think I'm not pretty or nice enough to get one and so I have to make one up! Someone please help me.. what should I say? (link)
Well, if they arent believing you as a friend, then they probably arent your real and true friends. Just sit down and talk them about it and if they dont listen, then just forget them. You know if you are lieing or not. Plus, you could have your boyfriend call them up and prove it to them, but if they are acting the way that they are, then they might think that you are just having one of your guy friends talk to them and say that he is your boyfriend. But just becuase your friends arent believing doesnt mean that you have to get caught up in it. Just do what you feel is right and try to find new friends that respect you and that are true friends to you so that you dont have through all of this drama. Well, get back to me and tell me how everything goes if you can.

i use soft and dri gel and 1. it doesn't seem to work very much cuz i still have these sweat circles under my arms on my shirt 2. it doesn't really dry quickly so whenever i put my shirt on theres stains on it cuz it touched my armpits.. kinda embaressed to ask this buh does anybudy have any recommendations on like really strong deoderent and if not, wut i can do about the gel stains?? (link)
Well, Im a girl, but I tend to sweat a lot too. So I use the Old Spice deoderant gel. When I put it on, I still sweatsome, but only if I have a sweatshirt on and its really hot in the room that Im in. But it does work and when I put it on, I usually pat a towel or something on it and it isnt as wet and it doesnt leave any marks on my that I notice. So I try that and see if it works for you too. Get back and tell me how everything goes if you can.

On St. Patrick's Day it is my birthday. My family was planning to go to New York (I live in the Tri-state area so it's pretty close) to see the St. Patrick's Day parade (my brother is marching in it). The only problem is in my science class we will be disecting a heart. Even though it's kinda gross I really wanted to be there for it. So now I have to chose to either go to a parade tomorrow or on my birthday. What should I do? I honestly have no idea. (link)
Well, what time does your science class start and what time does the parade start?

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