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Q: What is the best kind of eye liner to use and won't smudge in the corner of your eyes or run...liquid or pencil? Also how can I get the Olivia Wilde look (Alex from the OC) I like the eye liner on the top lid but I'm not sure how to do it.
I have had that problem for the longest time until I got liquid waterproof eye liner. Its great! tell me what you think

Q: what are some good colleges for good photography classes?
I went to the Art Institute of Boston(AIB), and they have a great program, as well as RISD, College of visual arts,and Pratt those are the top art schools. AIB was a great experience and you live in Boston. If you want more info let me know..good luck!

Q: k, i recently had sex with my ex bf.. and it was for 2 mins and nothing happened. i haven't gotten my period yet - it was suppsoed to come on tuesday, but i haven't gotten it yet. although, i have been very stressed lately (breakup with my boyfriend, dad lost a job, friend almost commited suicide, etc) and i am also very underweight for being my height. could those be reasons for missing my period or could i be pg? please write back!
I highly doubt you are pregnant. This happens to a lot of girls. After having sex and before you get your period there is that stess period. Honeslty the more stressed out you are the longer your period is going to take to come. If you are really concerned I would take a pregnancy test and if its negatvie (which it will be) then you will calm down a little more and your period will finally come. About being under long as you have gotten your period reguraly and don't have an eating disorder or a record f irregular periods, then the reason its taking so long is because of stress...don't worry your fine!!
let me know what you do and when you get your period!

Q: I'm a freshman, and was planning on doing tennis this year, but am far too busy for it. I was just wondering if I could still be the captian by senior year if I start as a sophomore?
Absolutely! Captian is about leadership, being supportive, and friendliness.. not about when you joined the team. As long as you are open and supportive to your team when you join I don't see why you shouldn't be. Tennis is a great sport. I played in high School and my freshman year in college. Good luck!!

Q: omg is it normal to have yellow discharge? i'm kinda freaked out because its kinda like.. sticky or it cums out in peices.. i'm not sexually active and it feels normal down there.. whats wrong with me??? I NEED TO NO PLEASE HELP ME
It's normal but if you are really concerned definitely take a visit to your GYNO. It could be a yeast infection which is easily treatable, if you feel comfortable ask your mom and she can help you out. If not then I would take a trip to the GYNO. Good luck!

Q: how do get rumors to go away....i just had a huge ass rumor started about me...but the thing is its true...just not ne more...i don't want my entire scool to think shitty about me over a mistake a made a while back...wat do i do??i rate high
The thing about rumors is that they seem really big at the time but they will become old news and no one will remember or care. The next big thing that happens will consume the rumor about you and you won't have to worry anymore. I would honeslty try to ignore it. I know thats easier said then done, but the more you get involved or defensive about it the longer its going to last and stay as gossip. I hope I helped, good luck!

Q: As a seventeen year old female who is oober tired of stupid highschool guys and would like to move on to more mature ones... how old is too old for me?
Well when I was 17 I was dating a 22 yr old. I have always like older men because the maturity level is finally there lol. If your parents are okay with it then thats fine. I think no one older than 22 because they are still in college. Once guys are out of college its like buisness, carrer mode...definitely alot different. good luck!

Q: Lets assume you are seventeen, and youve been going out with your boyfriend for a while, who has been your best friend for 4 years. And you know you are ready and its the right thing to lose your virginity to him. You are completely prepared and use protection (both condom and birth control.) Do you think although you're ready, seventeen is still too young to have sex?
I lost my virginity on my 17th birthday. If you are ready go for it. Another year isn't going to change much...

Q: I just want to know what are some things you can say to a girl to charm her and make her like you. Such what are some things i could say to the girl i like to just slowly make her like me. Are there anythings that girls like to hear that charms them. Thanks any help is pretty much appreciated
You can't really make someone like you but there are a few things I would do. Be a gentleman, girls love that...hold doors, wait for her...little things like that. Also Most girls like talking on the phone especially when a guy says they are going to call and then call at that time. You could also just comment on her outfit, hair, makeup. Guys don't realize it but the reason we spend all that extra time in the bathroom is to look good for them. When a guy notices something we have done it always puts a smile on our face. Good luck...I hope I helped a little bit.

Q: What is a fast way to get my mom said i she would get me a membership at a tanning bed but im scared ill get skin cancer...
To be honest, everything now a days causes cancer and if you tan a few times its not going to hurt you. If just like every other thing, a few cigs, few drinks, its not going to hurt you but an overload or obsession will. You'll be fine. You will look beautiful once your tan I promise. From experience, tanning is one of the most relaxing things enjoy it and get tan!

Q: Is a disco party a good party for a 12-year-old turning 13? My little sister is thinking of doing that for her birthday, and I was wondering what everyone thought.
I think it's a really cute idea. Are people going to dress up? Thats what will make the party a hit.

Q: Jd, my best friend, is 18 almost 19, hid brother, Vince, is 15 almost 16, and I am 17 almost 18. JD is the one who is getting married. So, JD and I have no feelings for each other except as brother and sister, or so what he says whenever I ask him about it. But to me, age doesnt matter, love is what counts. But we are not at that stage obviously becaue we havent even started to date yet. But from what JD tells me, his brother hates my guts. But right now I am having my friend Faye's boyfriend, Tommy, to ask Vince about me and see what he says because they are really good friends. But I dont know what else to do to get him to like me and/or go out with me. Any suggestions?
You can't really make/or force someone to like you. Maybe your friends boyfriend and a couple of your friends should get together (Vince included) and see how things go. Like maybe a double date or just ahng out in a group so things are a little more comfortable. Just don't have your best friend around because then his brother is going to feel like a tag along. Also, he probably is either intimidated by you or he likes you. Guys act realy funny around girls they like, I know it makes no sense. Good luck tell me what happens.

Q: i have always been the girl to get her period REALLY heavy, like changing a super tampon every 2 hours and ive always been on schedual to the day! but this time i was 2 WEEKS late AND i cant even fill the littlest tampon. is this normal? please dont reply by saying its disgusting b/c i really need help! i rate good advice!
Well your period can change, even when its been regular forever. It can change from heavy to light by what your diet is (too much junk or really healthy), how much physical activity your doing either too much or too little, and how much stress you are under. It's probably one of those things. I wouldn't worry, just re-analyze the situation with one of the things I told you and let me know whats up.

Q: monday-friday i have to take my OGT test for school. but the thing is, when i get in a room full of people i dont know i get really nervous and stuff. im really dreading next week cause im homeschooled and i wont know anyone there. what can i do. thnx
Aw, I know going into a room of strangers is overwhelming. Instead of thinking about all the people think about why you are there, to take the test. Once you get started on your first test you will be fine. Your not really meeting people your supposed to be taking a test, so don't expect everyone to be super friendly. To be honest you might think everyone is staring at you but they really don't care. It's just that feeling everyone gets oh my gosh everyone is staring at me. Good luck on those test sweetie!! Let me know how it goes..

Q: I don't know if this would make sense to anybody, even if they do play tennis. Ok, well I just started playing in the ZAT tournaments with USTA. There's three divisions: ZAT, Champs, and Super Champs. And there's age groups in each of them. You need to get like 64 points to go to the next level. Well, I have only played in two tournaments and only have three points. Is there anyone who knows what I'm talking about. And any tips to help me win some more games?? And how long has it taken you to get to Champs?? Thanks and if you play tennis just make a few comments to help. Thanks and I rate.
Holla at USTA!!!

Q: What do you guys think of a 18-year-old(f) dating a 24-year-old(m). And don't give any of that "age doesn't matter crap" bcasue it does. What do yall think of the maturity levels?

The biggest problem I see... The 18-year-old is still a freshman in college and the 24-year-old graduated 2 years ago.
Considering I have been in that situation I think it's okay. To be honest nothing ever happens at the right time. There is nosuch thing as right timing. So if these two really like one another than I think thats great. Yes beacuse they are in two different parts of their life its going to be difficult but who said anything is easy. I think the maturity level is equal. We all know women are more mature then men. If you like this guy go for it. Let me know what happens...

Q: ok i have this friend and well he rlly wants to loose his virginity cause he feels weird at his age...(peer presure) and so he asked me if i would do it with scared of wht ppl wouldthink (ive alraeady lost mine)...but i dnt wanna sound like a slut or anything
pleasee help me!! thnks!!
Wow, you’re pretty young to have already lost your virginity. Anyway, I wouldn’t have sex with your friend just to please his needs of “losing his virginity.” All he is getting out of sleeping with you is to make himself look better, he doesn’t care about you. You should sleep with someone that you care about, that’s what makes sex good. If you’re going to sleep around please use protection, that’s my best advice for you. You really shouldn’t be having sex this young, but then again do what you want. Let me know what you end up doing. Good luck!

Q: (14/f)
The problem is I have this boyfriend, who i care about a lot.. but.. i think he im starting to not like him like that anymore.. there are some problems.. like he wont talk to me or anything!! hes like the shyest person in the world when hes around me and i hate it!! cause when hes with other people hes like crazy.. how can i make a break up... so we can still be friends or at least talk to eachother..??
You should talk to him about what is going on nd why he doesn't act so goofy around you. Tell him that if it continues you don't want to date anymore. If he doesn't change anything than get rid of him. You need someone whos going to compliment you as a person, and not ignore you and not talk to you. See what he says if you tell him you want things to change or else...maybe we could be just friends....

Q: Well, I like me best friend's brother. Before he ever knew that I did, he would tell me about all of the things that he would say about me. He would tell me that his brother would call me a dumbass and that I disturbed because of the fact that he was trying to sleep. When he found out, he just asked why I liked his brother. He isn't putting me down or anything and I don't care what he thinks about me liking his brother. I just want to know how I can try to win his brother over or at least try to be my friend first. (His brother also says that he doesn't like who is friends with the first guy that I mentioned.)
how old are you, your best friend and his brother...and whos getting married?

Q: My boyfriend says that I ignore him! And I don't think I am! I talk to him whenever I see him and between almost every class and everything! I dunno if because usually my friends are around he doesn't want to talk or what. I've tried talking to him more and talking to him when no one else is around. Is he just like really shy or what? Cause it's like really annoying when he says that I don't talk to him or else I ignore him! Help!
Have you asked him what you do to ignore him? Be like when I'm with my friends, does that bother you, you need to see what is bothering him. He might just be jealous that you always have people around you and then there he is your boyfriend and doesn't know how to socialize with the queen(you). You should try and plan a certain part of everyday where you too can catch up and what not so then there is no pointing fingers for ignoring. Good luck. Let me know what he does.

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