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I have gone from younggrandma to just yg. Now,
I am using my real name.
I don't think anyone who knows me will have trouble figuring out who that is!

I have been gone a while dealing with things in my own life. I am back now to help once again. Do not expect answers from me that just tell you what you want to hear. Life is to short for nonsense. :)
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Right now I am learning about Magna Carter or I am supposed to be but I can't find much about her on the internet that makes any sense. So confused! Can you help? (link)
First of all The Magna Carta is not a she. It is an it. :) Try here and see if it helps.

So me and a few friends plan to drink for my friend's birthday; just at her house. I've never really drank before, but I wanted to know if there are any possible bad effect that might happen since I'm anemic. Lately my anemia has been a bit worse, and I'm worried drinking might cause me to pass out or something. I don't plan on drinking alot, just enough to go into a tipsy happy state. (link)
Being anemic may make the alcohol go to work on you faster than your friends. Be aware of that. While drinking a small amount will probably not cause harm, alcohol abuse can itself be a cause of anemia.
Drinking is probably not a great idea, but if you are going to do it be responsible about it.

If you take medication for your anemia you need to look up that medication & see what the consequences of mixing alcohol with your particular medication are.

If you are underage then you shouldn't drink at all,
Of course. :)

ive been using nuristrate for 4 years and now is been one year not into nuristrate cause i want to get pregnant so i cant get pregnant but i was not using nuristrate for a year and not using protection so i wanna know what cause not to get pregnant but im not using any contraception. i am 26 years old and im from south africa (link)
Nobody here is a doctor. There are so many reasons a woman may not get pregnant. I would advise you to see your doctor and tell him or her all about your problems conceiving. Your doctor can work with you & help find a solution.

Best of luck. :)

i am scared whether im pregnant or not..i gave my bf a blowjob and then he fingered me.. i dont remember whether he washed his hands or not..but he is very sure that hes hands were dry. that time i was scared whether im pregnant or not! i gave him a blowjob on 24th dec.. my periods were supposed to come on 28th dec but they came on 1st jan as i was taking pills to delay my periods cause i had a function to visit. i got my next periods on 6th of feb.. i dont have any pregnancy symptoms the only thing is that i have pain in upper stomach and i get a quick pain during passing stools..i have this pain while eating anything.. or it comes suddenly. im having this from past few days. it started with a problem in passing stools. what could be the reason. i cant take a pregnancy test.. i am very scared! please help me. i want a sure answer.. because im scared to death.. im 17! and if im pregnant then give me some solutions. i did google on this topic and they said that it is possible to be pregnant without missing periods or even without having any symptoms of pregnancy.. please help and reply.. i need help (link)
You don't sound pregnant to me. Problems passing stools in no way indicate pregnancy. If you have pain passing stools you may have a hemorrhoid. It doesn't look like you have missed a period.

I know it is not impossible to be pregnant with no symptoms at all but being pregnant & still having a period is not at all common.I would advise you to stop worrying about it unless you develop symptoms like a missed period.

I know you don't want to hear it but, I will say it anyway. If you fear pregnancy, it may be a good idea to abstain from having sex. If you must, then make sure your boyfriend uses a condemn & to be really safe, you might check into your local health clinic for birth control pills. Many places will give it to you for free or for a very low fee.

There's this kid that I've definitely been friend crushing on lately, I just think he's cool and think he'd be a great friend, a cool person to hang out with. The other day, my friend needed him to do something for her but he was at home for the weekend. His roommate is one of my best friends so I got his number from my best friend (his roommate) and texted him what my friend needed.

Since texting him, we've been talking more in person and I definitely think I might have reeled him in. The other day, a group of us was going to Applebees, I texted him and asked if he wanted to go, he told me he's been spending way too much money on food lately and thinks he should stay that night in. I said okay, no problem. My friends and I got to Applebees, and he was there with three other people. The girl I was sitting next to at Applebees told me about 15 minutes into us being there that he was waving his hands trying to get my attention so I didn't look because I was upset that he told me he wasn't going just for me to go and see him there. A few minutes after that, he texted me "I really wasn't planning on coming tonight. They wouldn't shut up until I agreed to come. It's nothing against you, I promise." I went to Applebees with his roommate and showed him the text and asked if he texted him and he checked his phone and he didn't, he didn't text my roommate either.

The other day, we had an exam in class. He messaged me when he was done taking it, before I went in to take mine and told me specific things to look over and remember for it. The next day, our grades went out and he texted me what he got, he didn't even tell his friends first, he texted me when he found out what he got.

I know it isn't enough to go off of but I'd just appreciate if you would tell me what you think about the situation. I don't want to pester him all the time if he's just being nice or whatever. Do you think he wants to be friends, too? Maybe more?

Thanks. (link)
Well, he could have gotten up and walked to your table & at least said hi in Applebee's. BUT, lets give him the benefit of the doubt. Forget about this incident & move on.

It seems he is now anxious to get to know you. I wouldn't worry about pestering him. If he sends a text then he expects a response. Thats not pestering. I don't know the situation but perhaps he didn't really know who you were when you asked him to applebees. He went, he got a look at you & liked what he saw. Start fresh & make friends. :)

I have acne and ive tried a couple of products but the only thing that makes a change is benzoyl peroxide.ive been using it for 2 months.the problem is that my face gets red and sometimes itchy,there are times when its just a little red and then other times its suoer red and it looks aqful like im sunburnt.but it helps me with my acne so i keep using it.i put it on every morning and night.should i stop? and i know that youd say that if my face turns red and itches it means its not for me but its been doing wonders for my acne,its much less.i really dont know what to do :/ (link)
I think you need to stop using it. You face is trying to tell you that it is bothering you. I know it may be helping but continued use may lead to something even worse. What you are having is allergic reaction. Continued use may lead to skin damage which could scar your face.

See if your mom can get you an appointment with a doctor or better yet a dermatologist. They can get you hooked up with something that will work for your skin type.

Hello. I have had sex with my blyfriend before and i thought that i was pregnant. So i looked up symptoms of pregnancy and theni started feeling them. Could stress cause this to happen . (link)
Yes it can. Many people can read about all sorts of medical problems on the internet or in books and then feel that they have those symptoms.

The best way to avoid worry about pregnancy is to abstain from having sex. If that isn't possible then always have safe sex. Don't let him anywhere near you without protection. Get on the pill if at all possible for the best birth control.

Why do people say there is no perfect ten person. I know a lot of guys who say that Im a perfect ten behind my back. And these guys are not at all alike. Its really weird because I don't that much effort in my appearance. So is their a perfect ten guy or girl society holds to that status? (link)
I suppose there could be people who are a perfect 10 at some things. I doubt that any person is a perfect 10 if that perfect 10 pertained to everything. If that makes sense.

A person can be beautiful and be a 10 as far as how they look goes. That same person could be bad at sports. So they wouldn't be a 10 if all things were taken into account. Just one example but I'm thinking nobody could be a PERFECT 10. :)

What do these words mean;
schatzi (link)
There are many online dictionaries that can help you. Just go to google & punch in your word.

Can an hepatisi c patient get pregnant without a doctor's supervision and not transmit the virus to the baby. (link)
The best way to guarantee that you have a healthy pregnancy would be to see a doctor before you get pregnant. Pregnancy is hard on your liver when you have hep C and so being pregnant without a doctors supervision wouldn't be a good idea. It is possible to transmit the hep c to your infant, but its not a sure thing.

If i had unprotected sex 6 days after my menses will i b pregnant? (link)
Any time you have unprotected sex the risk for pregnancy is there. Don't panic yet. Stress has been known to delay a girls period.

If you miss your next period take a home pregnancy test. You can buy one at any department or drug store. You can even find them in some grocery stores these days.

im 18 and a girl. i hate feeling horny almost everyday. if i do this will the feelings go away? i hope so cause i dont need to feel horny as i cant see myself in a relationship for years. at least 5-10 years. so theres no reason for me to be horny. i feel so dissapointed with myself every time i cave into the urge.. like once every 1-2 days. but if going cold turkey for a month will solve it i'll commit to it (link)
Probably not. Stop worrying about it though. You are a perfectly normal & healthy 18 year old.

I'm a sophmore in highschool and I don't really know what to do or how to react to my family's recent situation. My father just lost his job and is currently being paid a severence for the next 12 weeks. We are immigrant citizens and neither of my parents have college degrees. My mom isn't working and probably will never because she speaks very little English. When my dad told me he was fired I was in shock and i still am. I haven't really talked to him about it nor have I done anything about it. I don't know what to do I looked up online and got people saying how I should get a job to help support my family but Im too young and the jobs fit for my age group are filled I can't even drive by myself yet and my parents wouldn't allow it anyway because I'm a girl and they want me to stay sheltered and let them do the work but I can't do nothing I'm really worried about how my life's going to change and I know how selfish it sounds but this is the first time this is happening to me and it's weird. I see these things on tv and on the news all the time but I didn't ever think it would happen to me. Please, what do I do? I don't know anything. (link)
Talk to your parents about it. Don't just sit around and be worried. Chances are he will find work. It may not be as good as his last job but he will find something to keep you all going until he can find something better.

You don't need to get a job. Your job is going to school. Don't panic, talk to your parents about your fears.

This guy keeps texting me and we have a pretty good relationship going. He always calls me beautiful,tells me I'mdifferent from other girls and invites me over but whenever I can follow through he always either cancels or makes excuses. Is it because he's shy? Then he asks me to be his cuddle buddy. I said Ok, but he still doesnt initiate hanging out. I really like him now but am afraid that he doesn't feel the same way. What is your intake on this? Does he like me, is he playing me or just flat out wants sex? Thank you for your answers!
PS Im an 18 yr old girl (link)
Do you really know him? I guess what I mean is have you met him before or know him from school?

If not then I would have to guess that he has been making stuff up about himself and just doesn't want the charade to end. Making stuff up is really easy over the internet. You can send pictures that aren't yours, you can say I am skinny & really be obese...etc.

If you do know him then I think I would still be suspicious. He may have a girlfriend already, or he may just be shy.

He must like you or he wouldn't bother texting you at all. However proceed with caution because something isn't right.

I love my boyfriend dearly but after a few years of dating it's become apparent that he is not what i need in a partner. The relationship has gotten too "comfortable" and he does not make me feel special. I have cried to him about how i need him to be more outwardly loving towards me but it has not had any effect. Ive realized he's just not that kind of guy. I think i need to end it now (we will be apart for a few months), but how do i break up with someone i love? Yes, my life has revolved around him for years, but i am not happy and nothing seems to be changing. The question is not "do i end it", but how do i mourn the loss of my best friend? There are many things i will miss but i cant stay with someone who makes me unhappy. Please help me find some peace of mind (link)
Just because you don't want an intimate relationship with the guy doesn't mean you can't still be friends. You just simply tell him you don't like being boyfriend/girlfriend & would rather just go back to being friends.

It may take a while for you to be just friends again. You may have to keep away from each other until broken hearts mend. Just talk to him. He may be feeling the same way.

Firstly is xasten for gaining weight and I urinate often at mid nite (link)
Xasten is used for treating arthritis & things like that. Weight gain may be one of the many side effects of this drug. It has many.

If you are using this drug, I would advise you to contact your doctor about your symptoms.

I made beef gravy, and added too much salt. Is there a way to cut the saltiness in the gravy? (link)
There are actually a couple of ways. Hope this link is helpful to you.

OK this just a huge mess and I need help ASAP!!! So i went to this fundraiser for a school group. (BTW I'm a freshman) and I have been talking to this guy a lot over summer (I met him and the guy I'm about to mention in a bit a year ago. They are both Juniors) So i was surprised the second guy was there (I'll call him 'Z' and the first guy 'J' for random so you don't get confused.) and that 'J' was there. So this other guy 'E' and I where walking around doing a raffle when J walked up to me and hugged me. But 'E' in a mean way told him he wasn't needed, J left but i saw him later. E told me that he told J to leave because he was a jerk to him (J isn't a jerk at all) There was one thing i was confused about (at another fundraiser two weeks before this We were doing the raffle and a friend of mine from another high school joined us and 'E' didn't complain at all!! But didn't want J with us... Btw 'E' is a Senior). So 'J' and I sat down so he could show me a video and he sat RIGHT next to me, so there was NO space between us. Then we started talking (this was before the video) he just took my hand and held it (he is a shy guy so this was surprising. Also I kind of like J but I feel like he's too old for me sometimes)and he leaned very close to me. I got up with him to go help and mid-walk he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and hugged me closer. He kind of followed me around but it didn't annoy me. And when we where helping i was leaning against the counter and he wrapped his arm around my arm. Our leader shot me a "What's going on with you two" look including mouthing the words. Later i was talking to 'Z's older brother about the activity I'm in and that i got hurt and 'J' who was behind me wrapped his arms around me from behind and held me close again. Sometime in the night he hugged me and kissed my head! He held my hand twice. 'Z' is a little hard to read so i asked him straight out if he and I are friends he said yes to my surprise. I want to get to know him better:) A thing i noticed was that 'E' was a little.. mean/hostile to 'J' tonight and they are friends... like he was being mean in front of me to 'J' but before 'J' had to leave (he left before me) he hugged me again and said thanks for a being a good friend to him (he's not the most popular guy)so... What the heck?? SO THIS IS WHAT I NEED HELP/ADVICE ON!: 1) How do i become better friends with 'Z' i will see him a lot (I will see all of the guys a lot) And I want to be friends with him. (I kind of like him A LITTLE) 2)I'm not sure what to do about 'J' i kind of like him but i feel weird about it I'm very confused... and 3) What the heck is wrong with 'E' he's usually nice... MY GUY FRIENDS ARE SO CONFUSING I NEED HELP!! Thank you!! (link)
Seems a little weird to me that they were all were putting the moves on you, so to speak on the same day. I'm wondering if they don't have a little contest going concerning you? I would hope not but keep it in mind. "E" may not be going along but keeping his mouth shut.

Before you consider any of them for a relationship, I think you need to sit down with "E" and see what he knows.

15/f almost 16 I cant see myself waiting another year or so to lose my virginity and I don't even have a boyfriend soon on one hand I thought that would be kind of silly to take bc everyday for something that might just happen once or now and then, but then again im like paranoid of getting pregnant and I know they can help with cramps,mood,and breakouts which is good. I have asked my mom if I could and shes just like no you don't need it its not good for you. she hates prescription drugs and just thinks they are bad overall and she is really stubborn. and we don't have a lot of money so she needs to know that its necessary because in the past I said I wanted it for my horrible cramps and she said no. im very open and mature with her so I don't know if I should just lie and say im already having sex or im going to soon becasuse I don't really see any other way becasuse she doesn't understand and thinks im too young when im very mature and responsible that's why im trying to sit down and talk to her about getting me on bc. so how can I convince her to get me on it? also do not tell me that I can ask my gynecologist for pills im not doing that and im not going to planned parenthood either im broke and have no way of getting there.i don't want to go behind her back we already have trust issues (link)
Since you seem to have a good relationship with your mom, I think you should just sit down & talk to her about it like you did here. Tell her you aren't having sex yet, but you want to be prepared.
You want to be responsible. Which is very mature thinking :)

If you live in a location where you could get a small part time job to help pay for them...that may be in your favor. Cost seems to be a big excuse for parents sometimes. A gentle reminder of the costs of raising a child should you get pregnant (living with her) might not hurt, only if needed.

Good luck

Hi I was being a domass and shuved somthing up my ass, it does not hurt there is barely blood and I am scared as shit help me please
Sorry for the late answer. I have been moving and only just internet service back on.

Regardless of weather or not you have pain, the foreign object will need to be removed so you can avoid infection or tearing your rectum.

Make an appointment with a doctor or visit your local ER. With luck it can be removed without surgery. Be prepared though because if it is still there you need it removed. Good luck.

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