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well i met this cool ass girl and i want hang out wit her alot. but she wants to have sexual intercourse with my body! i mean yea we are only in the 7th grade! arent we a little young for this! should i do it or not! plz tell me as soon as u can.......thanks babe! i love u!

yeah if u really like her and you know her...i think you should...but i cant really decide for you. if u are having douts dont do it!!


Well... I'm a boy in your school... and we're friends but I'm going to stay anonymous. There is another guy in the group we hang out with that I just can't stop thinking about. I find myself staring at him all the time and I don't know why. I think I could be gay. It's not THAT big of a deal but I just want this guy to break up with his gf and be my boyfriend. I mean sure we would get made fun of at school but then again who doesn't? Please tell me what I should do Sarah... thanks.

O wow...umm I dont think you should tell him cause he's probably not gay...soo uh..maybe keep this to yourself!!


i am getting a new car....wat do u think it should be?
~~~~paris hilton's cousin~~~

If ypu are Paris Hilton's cousin u must be rich so get a nice car like a BMW or a mercedes or a NAVIGATOR! lol...or get a motorcycle! -Sarah


i am lk in love with this girls bf....and everyone thnks we should go out but idk hes lk afreaid to hurt her feelings what do i do?

Well, this isn't your problem...its the guy you like's problem. If he really liked you alot he would break out with his girlfriend to go out with you. He needs to get over his problem that he doesn't want to break up with her...tell him that he needs to break up with her!


I have this really annoying friend who sits with me at lunch and everyone wants her not to sit with us but we dont no how to tell her...SHould i tell her or let her not no she is ANNOYING! AHH

Well...you might think it will be easy to say "Hey we dont like you; Dont sit with us at lunch" but if you did that you would hurt their feelings..MAJOR! Soo maybe you could not talk to her or when shes being annoying tell her! Give little hints like, say why dont you go sit with them or dont talk to them as much!! They will get the hint!! Dont be too HARSH!!!
I dunno if that helped any..


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