i mean not like a video i mean like you can make that and have the song snd how do u do all of that stuff

well they probably already had the movie the notebook on their computer, or they found clips of it online.

then using windows movie maker you can insert the movie clips and add any song you want to it.

windows movie maker is a really cool program and it comes already installed on most computers. but if your computer doesn't have it then i'm sure you can download it for free on a website.




hi i was just wondering if i should gey long layered hair or short layered hair!

well i guess it depends on your face shape.

i personally like long layered hair and think it works on most people. so i would go with keeping your hair long and getting a lot of layers put in. maybe get the shortest layer around ear length.

good luck :]


Ok so im redoing my room. I want to get a new bed set. So i went online and picked out 3. Which one should i get?

#1- http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/ensemble.asp?ensemble_id=127#viewer

#2- http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/ensemble.asp?ensemble_id=168#viewer

Or #3- http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/ensemble.asp?ensemble_id=66#viewer

Please just give me your opinion. I really like all three. Thanks ;)

definitely #3!!
its so adorable and i love the green and the polka dots. plus i love the little bows.


Do you think i have a singing talent?


well i'm no professional singer but i'll give you the best advice that i can :]

to me your pretty good. you're not amazing, but you're not horrible either. honestly you're better than me lol.

but i think that at times you are trying too hard. you are pushing yourself too much and losing control of your voice.

also i think that sometimes you can also be flat. but this can all be changed with some practice :]
try taking singing courses at your school and that could help you get better and get more control over your voice.

but now onto the positive! overall you're a good singer and YES you have talent.

i'm sorry if this wasn't what you wanted to hear, but i was just being honest with you :]


i know i know this may be the craziest weirdest question on this site..... lol.... bare with me.... i really need an answer:

ok i am not sure what ethnic group i am resemble when it comes to my looks. i should be dark because i am from the middle east but i am not. i am rather fair (not very like Scandinavians!) but i have a straight defined nose with a high rounded nose ( just a bittttt piggish) when you look at my profile but its rounded at the front (kind of like how a a toddler's nose would look like) from the front... i don't know how to explain it... but shape-width-size its a cross between a african-korean-latin nose if that makes any sense.... my face is between oval and rectangular . my eyes are almond-shaped (black) not too big not to0 small (though they lean towards small a bit... which makes people ask me if i have asian blood... i don't :S).
i've got a long neck... and last but most noticeable, i have extremely curly hair (when short looks like a cool afro) which gets people all confused about my background. when i say am middle eastern or Mediterranean they ask if my mum or dad is something else (i am supposed to be a stereotype dark pointy nosed arabian beauty or something... or a t least dark with dark straight hair) or the ask if my ancestors are of different races (nope, all of them are arabs my dad has a great grandparent from iraq and the rest are from this area in the west of what is now saudi arabia) my ancestors then moved to the shores of the med.sea (spain) and now i am here all confused.... so you see why blood, heritage, and place of birth don't matter??? :(

i really want to at least know who i resemble most. i mean it's really hard trying to find things that suits your looks when everything has to do with complexion figure features...etc

for the most part i just say i am half Korean half African... :S

any clue to what ethnic group i may resemble?

thanx a mil!


could you maybe include a picture to help us out?
that was extremely comfusing to follow lol.



anyone know how to do this??? please give thorough instructions! Pictures would be wonderful. If not, that's ok

do you mean the hairstyle?

if you do then i think all she did was put it up in a ponytail and curl the ends of the ponytail. then she left her bangs out in the front.

it looks pretty simple, but since i can't see the back of her hair i can't really tell for sure how she has it.

sorry if this isn't what you were looking for, i did my best with what you provided :]


13/f. so i know the fashion for most girls, is kinda tight jeans around the thighs and then lose ins done on the knee down. well im really skinny, i wanted to know if any stores sold pants like custom made, or for skinnier girls, because i want to wear my pants like that. the only way is if i wear very very shot capri's which end up looking like tight shorts. please help me.

-a skinny teen

i'm tiny too so i buy my jeans from delias. they're jeans go down to a 00 :]

you can also order american eagle jeans online where they also have size 00 jeans.

i've also heard that abercrombie has small sizes, but i haven't personally shopped there before.



Ok my hard drive is all of a sudden like buzzing on random moments like a bee. I don't if i should do soemthing about it or what?

well i'm not a computer genius or anything but i've had this problem before.

all i had to fix was my fan. my fan was being blocked against the wall and it was full of dust. so all i had to do was move my fan away from the wall and clean out all the dust and it was fixed :]

oh and incase you didn't know the fan is on your CPU on the side :]

good luck and i hope that solves your problem!


When is the best time to do sit ups?

-before breakfast (when I wake up)
-after breakfast
-before lunch
-after lunch
-before dinner
-after dinner
-between lunch and dinner
-before bed time

And how many should you do in a day just to be fit?

it really doesn't matter when you do them. so i guess whenever you have the most time. maybe switch it up every now and then?

i do about 150 crunches everyday plus some other ab exercises and i always do mine before bed. but thats just me and when i have the time. i do them during the commercials of my favorite tv shows :]

just do whatever feels right for you :]
oh and on how many, i would start out small. maybe 50 a day. if that is too hard to do all at once then split it up into 25 times twice a day. then after you feel you can do more try 100. but don't push yourself too hard. i wouldn't exceed doing more than 200 a day. you don't want to hurt your stomach muscles.



I know I'm being paranoid, but the only thing that mortifies me about starting high school this year is what to wear...
I have some stuff from last year.. and some stuff that I got the summer before...
After how long should you stop wearing a shirt to school?

I gave away a lot of my shirts because they were over a year old, and I thought it was too long to keep a shirt and wear it regularly to school, so I am short on shirts now. I went shopping yesterday and got 2 Tshirts (HCO) and a few BF tanks. I have about 5 shirts besides that from last year.

I'm just stressed about wearing the same shirt/outfit too often.

How often do you think it's acceptable to repeat an outfit/shirt (I basically pair everything with some sort of denim something)?

Can someone just please tell me something or give me advice on how to stop being so mortified and nervous?

I'm a wreck!

14/f... freshie.

think about it this way...do you remember everything that other people wear? i think the answer is no. so really nobody will remember the last time you wore a certain shirt/outfit.

but i agree with the people below me, that you shouldn't wear the same thing twice in one week.

i'm a sophmore and i still wear things that i wore in 9th grade. so don't let it freak you out about what you should wear.


I'm going to be a junior this year, and i'm taking Algebra 2. My question is what kind of calculator will I need for this course? A scientific or a graphing?

just a scientific calculator will be fine.

i didn't use a graphing calculator until i started geomatry & trigonomatry.


Mkay. So, I'm having some love problems..
There's this guy that I'm practically in love with, but he likes another girl.. I've tried to either get closer to him or forget about him, but neither is working out.. So I'm hoping if I find someone else, I'll get over him.
Well, about three weeks ago me, one of my best friends, her boyfriend, & two of our other friends all went to the movies. I was supposed to 'hook up' with her boyfriend's best friend, but he ended up not being able to come because of his parents.. So I just hung out with my friends. Well my best friend's boyfriend used to like me a little before he went out with my friend. She's known him longer & they were friends.. He liked my best friend more though, & I had no problem with it. I was really happy for her & everything. But after the movies I went to her house & she said that I was flirting with her boyfriend, & that he was flirting with me, but she wasn't angry, since she knew I wouldn't steal him from her. When she told me though, I was kind of surprised, I didn't know I was flirting with him, I just acted like I normally do around guys. I guess that might've been a bit too much :[ I was glad she told me, so I backed off more. After than night, I started talking with her boyfriend's friend.. but I couldn't build a relationship with him like that. I just wanted to be his friend.. but I felt bad because he was seriously starting to like me, & he hasn't dated for two years because his old girlfriend died in an accident while they were going out. I didn't want to make him feel worse though, so I told him I was sorry. He was kind of mad at first but he's okay with it now.. kinda. & now around a week-ish ago, my friend & her boyfriend broke up (the ones from the movies) She wasn't a bit upset at first, but then she was fine again. She still talks to her ex & his friend (the one I was ONLY friends with) & she told me her ex liked me.. She says she didn't care if they went out because she's over him.. I don't want to hurt her, so I'm not sure if I can do anything; & I don't want the his friend to be mad at me for not choosing him. :( I don't want it to seem like I'm using him to get over someone, either. I really do like him.. My problem is should I not go for it, wait, or find someone else?
I know this is long, sorry =[ Any help is appreaciated.. Thank you. :)

i'll try my best to help you :]

well i definitely DON'T think that you should go out with your best friend's ex. that is never a good thing. even if she says that she is over him & fine with it, she's lying and is just trying to be a good friend.

also i don't think that you should feel bad at all for not liking that guy that you were suppose to hook up with at the movies. you never really met him, so why should you like him? just do what you said, and be friends with him. and once you get to know him, you never know, you could start to like him.

sorry if this isn't what you were looking for but i definitely don't think it would be a good idea to go out with your best friends ex.

good luck :]


what does s4s and w4w mean

i guess that s4s can have two meanings.

i've never heard of it used at "sign for sign" before, but i know that MOST sites use it as "support for support"

support for support means that each sites make themselves a code that when posted in a bulletin it advertises their site. support codes normally include the sites name, picture, and a link so you can add the site. this is just a way for sites to get more friends. so support for support means that each site will post the bulletin for each other to help get friends for each other.


Here's a picture of me: http://a315.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/88/m_44aea35bd4d6651369d25f4366f364aa.jpg

What kind of make-up should I use? I'm not a big fan of eyeliner, but I will wear it if necessary...

What kind of mascara, lip stick/gloss, eye shadow, concealer, .etc should I use?

Thanks! :D

well since my skintone, eyes & hair are kinda the same as yours i'll tell you what i love to use :]

for foundation i really like the maybelline dream matte mousse. i think that you would be in the light shades.

the other day i got this really great mascara by maybelline. you should try it in black. what i do is i curl my lashes first and then apply this, it really defines your eyes (especially if you don't apply eyeliner).

then i use this bronzer:

now i don't usually wear eyeshadow, but if you want to you should try using a brown eyeshadow. brown really makes blue eyes stand out.

as for lip gloss i LOVE all of the victorias secrets lip glosses. they last long, smell AMAZING, and aren't sticky :]

good luck & have fun with it :]


if i have unlimited texting
and i send pictures from my phone
to my email
does it cost still
or is it including in the unlimited?

i do this all the time :]

the actual text itself that you are sending is included in the unlimited, but you will be charged extra for connecting to the internet. your phone has to connect to the internet in order to access your email.

hope i helped :]


How do you take pictures where the sun/light is glaring in your face. Like your picture.

well there are two ways you can do this.

way #1 is just taking a picture normally and you get lucky and there is a glare lol. you can try to do this by positioning yourself in front of a light and hope that it catches.

way #2, the way i did it, is that i used adobe photoshop. and using photoshop you can edit your picture and add a lighting glare.


Ok...my friend is being a jerk to me online when we talk on AIM or on the phone she talks to me very little and she is the one who IMs me and calls me!!! She has come over to my house and we went to the mall and she was all over me...all the people in our group thinks she has a thing for me, but the way she acts online tells me otherwise...I like her a lot, but she acts like she doesn't like me online when I tlak to her but when we get together she is al over me and saying how pretty I am and how cozy I am to lay on or with...she acts like my lover not my friend in person, but online she acts like I am her worst enemy...do you have any idea whats going on...or why she could be doing this...?...I am very cunfused and I am almost done dealing with it and I don't want to lose my friend, but I am sick of the wwawy she treats me!!!!!!! Thanks in advance =]]

just talk to her about it. not on AIM where she doesn't talk to you a lot, but in person. just bring up how she doesn't talk much online and she is giving off the vibe that she doesn't like you.

or just don't talk to her online as much, then when she realizes that she is losing you she will want to talk to you more online and most likely be nicer.

she obviously likes you by the way she acts when she's with you, so she should be willing to understand your problems and change her ways a little.


I want to "super layer" my hair!!! Almost like the razor look, but a little less intense!!! But shoulder legnth and parted to the side....Do you know the term for "super layered" and can you give me a picture I mean I can't find anything I like....Thanks in advanced!!! =]]

what i would tell the hair dresser is that I want a lot of layers. but you still want your hair to be shoulder length. then tell her that you are also planning to side part your hair so that she will cut it like that.

kind of like this?


her hair is curly but you can tell that she has a lot of layers

or like this:


I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for what I can do with my myspace? I want something "new" like a new layout stylesheet & any other ideas like that. I also like default layouts but I'm kinda getting tired of those. I found this cute pattern:


I could use but I dont know how to decorate my page.I really like captions that say cute stuff something vintage.Any help?
thanks for anything you can think of. Btw, can you send me a link or anything like that?

well this site has really cute layouts :]


but if you're good with myspace then i can try to help you make yours cute by yourself.

you could make that design your background. then use the colors black & hot pink (or if you don't like hot pink you can use any other bright color). you can make your text black, links hot pink, myspace name hot pink. then you could get a cute comment box that matches and hide your friends & comments.

go to this side for codes & comment boxes :]

have fun with it and i hope it turns out cool


hey do you have a myspace, you seem really cool
i would like to add you as a friend :]
-- nicole

yeah i do :]


friend request me!


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