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Question Posted Friday August 3 2007, 10:50 pm

I got my new pair of Converse Chucks shoes yesterday, but on the box it says size 4 mens, and size 6 womens. But on the receipt it says MENS! Is this a good/bad thing for a *girl* to have MENS shoes? Are Converse Chucks men's and women's shoes kinda made/are the same way? I don't know if it's me, but they really DO look like men's shoes and it's kinda embarrassing if anyone knew! On the website, if you look at a shoe and roll over sizes in US womens then size 6, it would say "your converse size is 4" So I was wondering if I could still buy them online. (I don't think size 4 men's//6 women's and size 4 women's//6 women's are the same so I'm really worried I can't buy them online.)

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itsTAYLERR answered Monday August 6 2007, 3:18 am:
its called unisex hun .
men and women can wear them .

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uisforukelele answered Sunday August 5 2007, 2:23 am:
i was confused the first time i bought cons too! well, basically, cons are not in mens or womens specifically. it's not a man shoe, and it's not a girl shoe. it's unisex, if you will. so don't be embarrassed about wearing man shoes... converse shoes are made for girls and boys. and of course you know about how women's sizes are different from men's sizes, so that's why they print both on the box. because men and women buy the shoes. i didn't figure this out for a really long time. you can buy them online, but they aren't going to be any different from the shoes you're wearing. the thing online is just letting you know what size you are, in relation to what size the box says. i actually have two pairs of cons. but you have to get used to the way they look... when you first get them, you put them on and look down and you're like, "gee, that's weird looking." but my favorite pair, i've had for three years, and my other i've had for only a few months so i'm just now getting used to the newest pair. don't worry at all! they're not really men's shoes per se.

[ uisforukelele's advice column | Ask uisforukelele A Question

beckss answered Saturday August 4 2007, 3:32 am:
I have 6 pairs of converse!
5 low tops, and 1 high top.
Almost every single person I know, male and female have converse. It's a unisex brand, just like nike, reebok, ect. If you're a size 6 in women, you're a 4 in men. It's the same thing but not the other way around. That's actually my size. The sizes go by mens though, doesnt mean its a men's shoe! If you go to the mall or anywhere and you look at peoples shoes, you are bound to see someone in converse... male or female. Converse is my favorite type of shoe, I'm a girl and I dont think it looks like its for men. I think the shoes are adorable.

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TEENAGExHEARTS answered Saturday August 4 2007, 2:45 am:
everybody else that has answered below is correct. a lot of shoes are unisex [meaning they are made for men AND women]. i own 3 pairs of vans slip on sneakers and they come in mens sizes.

nobody is going to think that you are wearing mens shoes, because they are made for men and women, and millions of girls wear converse's everyday.

[ TEENAGExHEARTS's advice column | Ask TEENAGExHEARTS A Question

LaceyIsPrettyBomb answered Saturday August 4 2007, 12:10 am:
All Converse are made in mens sizes, but they are womens shoes lol. I have like 7 pairs, and on the boxes of all of them, it said mens. Its just the sizes they use, because mens sizes are different than womens sizes. Mens sizes for Converse are two sizes smaller. So for me, I'm normally a size seven in womens, but i have to get a size 5 in Converse. Dont worry about it=]

[ LaceyIsPrettyBomb's advice column | Ask LaceyIsPrettyBomb A Question

LM answered Saturday August 4 2007, 12:04 am:
They're the same shoes. If you go to a store like Journeys where they have exclusive pattners and stuff, a purple plaid might have just womens sizes. But the mens sizes don't make it a guy's shoe, girls can wear them too. They put both sizes on the styles that men AND women both wear [like black and white as opposed to the hot pink ones] A lot of work shoes are sizes like that, boots and such, not just Converse.

Don't worry about it, wear whatever shoes you want to! Any random person who grabs your foot and attempts to read your shoe size is weird anyways. Kick them away if they try to, hahaha. :)


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