Hello! I am studying esthetics at an Aveda Institute after spending years in retail. I am proof that nothing turns out how you think it will, and that's a good thing. When you think you've got it figured out, you don't. Life would be boring otherwise, right?
Makeup, skincare, and psychology are my passions and I'm also happy to give advice on relationships, particularly for teenagers (so many things I wish I could have told myself a decade ago!) I'm happy to help fellow abuse survivors as well.
I'm a diehard SF Giants fan and also enjoy watching the Sharks and Niners. Addicted to music, especially The Gaslight Anthem. Oh, and my name is Krista. :)


Every morning, when I wake up, my eyes are very swollen. When I spend the night with people, they often wonder why, as I do myself. It is not attractive. It literally looks like I got hit by a bus. Do you know if there is anything I can do to prevent this? Thank you for your input! :)

Could be a wide variety of things.
Aging (if you're older, which it doesn't sound like.)

Dehydration and/or consuming too much salt can make your eyes puff up.

Sleeping with eye makeup on could cause that. Or not sleeping enough/crying (even during the day).

And possibly an allergy such as dust. It's hard to narrow it down without knowing much about you but there are some options.


My skin is very temperamental I have used so many acne face washes I'm currently am using proactive and have been for the last 6 months. The main problematic area is my cheeks. The pimples I get there and so aggressive and stubbourn. They are very red and Are big They stay there for a week and they leave scars on my face that I cannot get rid of. I eat quite healthy and I wash my face every night with proactive. The pimples are really embarrassing they really let my self etsteem down. I'm 16 years old and a female

I also suffered from really bad acne on my cheeks for about a year. It was so bad that people would stare and I never wanted to go anywhere. Now my skin is relatively clear and I am studying skincare. Here's some tips based on what worked for me and what I've learned in school:

- Don't use anything overly harsh on your face. Anything too harsh will just dry out your skin, causing it to produce more sebum (oil) to compensate, which will cause more breakouts. Since you've been using Proactive for six months, I think it's fair to say that it's not working for you and you should stop using it. When trying new skincare, give it about a month before you decide if it works or not- a "purge" phase can be common;

Do you wear face makeup? (Concealer, foundation, etc) If so, try switching it up and see if it helps. My acne was causing by using a cheap, greasy drugstore foundation. Try switching to a more natural mineral powder foundation (L'oreal and Bare Minerals make good ones) for a while. I know it can be tempting to cake on makeup to try to cover everything but it will only make the problem worse. If your face gets oily during the day, blot with a blotting paper rather than put more powder on top.

Do you drink lots of water and get enough sleep? Simple thing that can make a huge difference in your skin. You can also try cutting out dairy, especially milk. It causes many people to breakout.

Try switching to more natural products- if your skin is sensitive, it'll help a lot. Ingredients like tea tree, kaolin clay, and witch hazel can be beneficial. Another ingredient to look for is meadowsweet. It's a natural source of salicylic acid, an effective acne fighting ingredient, that won't irritate the skin the way the synthetic version can.
This soap has been an absolute miracle worker for my face and back acne:
(Check out the reviews.) It's not cheap but it lasts me at least a year- it's huuuge. It's the only thing that worked to clear up my super painful cystic acne.

You also want to make sure you're using a good moisturizer- again, to make sure your skin doesn't produce excess oil and break out more. The right moisturizer will not make your acne worse. I absolutely love the All Sensitive Moisturizer by Aveda. A similar drugstore option is Cetaphil moisturizer.

Sun damage can actually make acne and acne scarring a lot worse, so you need to make sure to wear sunscreen every day. I love the Neutrogena Clear Face SPF 45. Not greasy, doesn't break me out.

At night, you need to make absolutely sure you are removing alllll of your makeup if you wear it. For makeup removal, I recommend a foaming cleanser. I love the Aveda Outer Peace cleanser. (Cetaphil makes a nice gentle cleanser as well, but I prefer the Aveda if you can get it because of the acne fighting ingredients). If you don't wear makeup, the Clearly Complexion soap I linked earlier is fine. Thoroughly wash your face, then spot treat and moisturize. You can use acne pads (Aveda Outer Peace ones are good, moisturize afterwards) or a salicylic acid spot treatment or diluted tea tree oil (my favorite).

Make sure that your hair is clean and out of your face (the oil can make acne a lot worse), especially when you're sleeping. Change your pillowcase often, and make sure to wipe down your phone and clean your makeup brushes regularly.

If you can afford to, I would definitely recommend getting a facial. It's amazing the difference it can make in your skin, especially for scarring. I get Aveda facials and have found that the BSR (exfoliating) and Perfecting Plant Peel work really well for fading scars. The Outer Peace facial is also amazing for clearing up acne. (Btw, I'm not a salesperson for them or anything haha. I just love their products and am at an Aveda beauty school so I'm pretty familiar with their stuff.) An esthetician (facialist) can also give you ozone steam treatments, which can be very beneficial. Once your skin is clear, there are a lot of amazing face products that are very effective at fading scars.

If you can't afford facials, try to give yourself treatments at home. You should be exfoliating once a week and doing a mask every week or two. (Not on the same day- space it out).
Exfoliating will help remove dead skin cell buildup to fade scars, clear up skin, and just make it look smoother and nicer. Look for a scrub with rounded scrubbing beads (avoid St Ives at all costs). I like this one a lot:
Gently scrub your face (don't do too much on top of breakouts), then moisturize.
As far as masks go, something that helps draw impurities out will help you a lot. I love the Aveda Outer Peace cooling mask and Aveda Deep Cleansing Herbal mask. I've also heard that Origins Clear Improvement and Origins Out of Trouble are good. Queen Helene Mint Julep mask is a cheap option. If your skin tends to be drier, using a hydrating mask can actually help prevent breakouts. The Aveda Intense Hydrating mask is amazing and has aloe, which is good for acne. You can even customize it by added a few drops of tea tree oil.
For extremely bad breakouts, you can buy a product called Aztec Secret at Whole Foods or online. It's a clay powder that you mix with organic apple cider vinegar (yes, it smells funny) that is incredible for drying up acne and giving really fast results. I recommend only applying it on pimples, leaving it on for 15 minutes, and making sure you moisturize afterwards. Don't use it more than every 2 weeks or so.

Vitamins/supplements that may help: fish or flax oil, sea buckthorn extract, biotin. (Consult a doctor first.)

If after trying these things for around a month you see no improvement, it may be time to see a dermatologist. Sometimes acne is caused by hormones in the body and can only be cleared up with medication. This is definitely a last resort but something to consider if your skin is really, really bad (google Grade 4 acne and compare your skin to the pictures if in doubt.)

Hope I helped! Sorry if that was too long, skincare is something I'm really passionate about, that's why I'm studying to become an esthetician. If you have any more questions feel free to drop one in my inbox. :)

- Krista, 23/f



I have personally been very unlucky in the love department. But I feel that I'm not the only one. All around me I see people falling out of love,pretending to be in love,cheating,marrying out of interest,only going after sex and what not. Seeing all these things done by both men and women (although being a woman I often feel men are the emotionless ones) I wonder if love has become a thing of the past. It's like,if you're a guy,you only get the girl if you're rich. If you're a girl,you only get a guy if you look like a model. Personally I don't care what a guy owns because I'm a woman who is taking care of herself very well and I need no man to support me. But I don't look like a model,really. I'm good looking but not that much. And it seems like no one is willing to overlook physical flaws or a lesser financial status and love is non-existent in that case. I would really love to meet a guy who appreciates me for who I am-not for superficial things that can change any day. Are there no more men or women who can love? Has it only become a matter of some sort of interest?

Yes, love still exists. I had very similar thoughts before I met my current boyfriend. He is what I thought didn't exist anymore and loves me unconditionally (and I'm no model either- I have bad acne scarring and am not the nicest thing to look at in the morning). He doesn't care about my physical flaws (couldn't care less about the weight I've put on since we've been together) or money and I am the same about him. We truly appreciate even the littlest things about each other and are happy despite how little money we have.
Part of it is your age. I have a theory that guys don't really mature until about age 25. (My guy is 26) Before then, a lot of them are all about looks and getting with as many girls as they possibly can.
So wait it out, be patient. If you're looking in the right places (i.e. NOT a club, bar, dating site, etc) the right guy may just show up when you least expect it. In the meantime, do you and be happy- that always attracts the best kind of people.

- Krista, 23/f


Here's a picture of me: http://i.imgur.com/e2uF7w6.jpg

I have a stupid haircut and i don't look good.

I have no idea what hairstyle would look good for me, but could someone tell me what hairstyle would look best with my face? Every time I've asked this, people have just made fun for how I look; I know I'm ugly, but I just want legitimate advice as to what would look good for me.

First of all, you're not ugly, you have really nice eyes. Your hair just doesn't suit your face shape, but that's ok, it's easily fixable.
I would recommend something shorter that at least partially covers your forehead.
Here's a more casual, messy looking option:

And at least to me, the guy in the picture looks a lot like you, so I think this would work too:

When you get your hair cut, make it clear that you don't want the "sticky-up" hair that's popular right now. Good luck!

-Krista, 23/f


How do you get a job as a mac makeup artist? where do you go and who should I talk with to make my dream happen? Thank you!

I'll be honest, MAC is one of the harder makeup jobs to get. They want someone certified (either a cosmetologist or esthetician, which means going to school and passing a state board test) and experienced with a really nice portfolio. This would mean going to beauty school (or if there's a makeup school like MUD in your area, that might work too) and then doing freelance makeup for a while to build up your portfolio and resume. They're also looking for outgoing people with extremely strong sales skills, so that's something to work on.
Keep in mind that in the world of beauty, there are a ton of different opportunities and things could totally change for you. I started beauty school with a passion for makeup and now really love doing facials. Sometimes you're better at something else, yaknow? good luck!

- Krista, 23/f, studying estiology


I'm a 14 year old girl. Whenever I stand up I get very dizzy and my vision blacks out for about give seconds. The other day, I blacked out for five whole minutes when I first got out of bed in the morning. I told my mom and she says make sure you're eating enough food (I get 1,200-1,400 calories a day and drink a lot of water. I have a pretty healthy diet). My mom also said that looking at my phone screen for extended periods of time could cause it too. I also black out a little when I stretch up. Like when you first wake up and you stretch a little to crack your joints, I blackout for a few seconds. Should I see a doctor or can this be easily fixed?

I had that for years and years and finally got it to go away. Everyone is different, but I found mine was caused by two things. At the time, I had a very inactive lifestyle. I would sleep for up to twelve hours, lay in bed for a long time after I woke up, and spend lots of time watching TV. Once I started exercising and had a physical job, it happened a lot less. (I've been told that I had poor circulation). I also started taking iron supplements recently and that made it completely stop. Of course, talk to a doctor and your parents before you start taking any vitamins.


I'm going on a diet and I only want to eat around 500 calories a day (with one cheat day every two weeks of course ;)). I was wondering if this is safe/ healthy as long as I get all if my vitamins and nutrients. I've been eating avocado, almonds, milk, oranges, apples, bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, oatmeal, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, and of course water. I'm planning on expanding the list if I do this long term. I eat 3-4 small meals per day about 150 calories each. I exercise a little bit as well. So is this safe? I've heard that if I do this my body will start eating my muscle so I've put the diet on hold until I know for sure. If this isn't safe, I'd like some suggestions to improve my diet. Thanks! (Oh and by the way, I'm a woman if that matters.

No, that's definitely not enough calories. That will starve your body, and when your body goes into starvation mode it is really freaking hard to lose weight. Especially if you plan on having a cheat day, your body will just hold onto all those calories. I did that to myself for years, and it wasn't until I started eating around 1500 calories a day and exercising 5 days a week that I dropped around 40 pounds pretty quickly.
What you are missing in your list of what you can eat is protein, which your body really needs. If you're a vegetarian, you can have tofu, tempeh, or another meat free substitute. If not, having lean turkey, chicken, or fish at least once a day is totally fine and will help keep you more full.
Myfitnesspal.com has a really awesome tool where you can pick how many calories a day you want to eat, enter everything you eat each day, and it will tell you if you're staying on track and how much weight you will lose.
The best thing for losing weight quickly is exercise, a little bit isn't gonna do it. When I got into running, my legs and abs toned up very quickly and I had way more energy. You can start with walking and build up (and it's good to do strength exercises before or after) or find another form of cardio you enjoy. This is what will make you lose weight fast and keep it off.

Good luck!
-Krista, 23/f


I want to know if I have mono. My glands are swollen with many white patches, I took a strep test and it came back negative but I do not feel to tired but I do have a stuffed up nose

Only a doctor can tell you if you have mono by giving you a blood test. But you're not tired, I'm willing to bet that you don't have mono. When I had it, my main symptom was being absolutely exhausted- even taking a shower felt like having to run several miles. I also had throat and ear problems and no appetite, which is pretty common, but everyone's different.


I'm going to try and keep this simple because I know how boring it is reading through a long question.
I want to break up with my boyfriend. He's the sweetest most lovely guy, just I don't fancy him, he's already talking about marriage (we've been together 6 months) he's a bit immature-and I think I can do better.
Idk how to break up with him know because saying all this will break his heart and will come so unexpected. Also his parents love me which makes it harder.
I just want to have fun-you know?! Any advice would be appreciated :)

Just keep it simple and honest and make sure you talk to him in person. Tell him he\'s a great guy and hasn\'t done anything wrong, but you don\'t feel you guys are right for each other and you aren\'t ready for a serious relationship right now.
Then break off all contact- long-term it\'ll make it easier for both of you. He will be upset, but don\'t let it make you feel guilty- you are doing the right thing.

- Krista, 23/f


So I overplucked and used to shave my eyebrows before and my eyebrows still aren't in a good place. They've grown a bit and I have done a bit of plucking just to keep their shape, but i want to know if there's any way to boost eyebrow growth (preferably fast). My other question is: I have prom next week. If I go to a place that does eyebrows will they makeup your eyebrows for you? By that I mean use an eyebrow pencil and such to make them pretty because I want to look nice and I don't use makeup so I have no idea what I'm doing.

You can try taking biotin, it\'s a natural supplement meant to help your hair grow but I\'ve found that it makes my eyebrows grow too. Drugstores have it. I take 3 every day and the ones I take are 1000 MG each.

Yes, there are places that will do your eyebrows for you. If you have a Sephora, Ulta, Benefit brow bar counter or Mac store near you they\'ll do it. Just make sure you watch and learn.
For prom, make sure they do something long lasting. A brow pencil with a gel to set it on top is your best bet. I love the Anastacia Brow Wiz and there\'s lots of how-to videos on YouTube if you ever want to learn to do it yourself.


My boyfriend and I are in our mid-twenties. We have been together for about a year and a half and I've never had a reason to feel like I can't trust him. Yesterday evening, he went to bed and left his phone laying out on the counter. Now, looking into each other's phones is something we promised we'd never do. Neither of us get jealous easily and we've always gotten along SO well because we're both laid back.

Well, what I found hurt me a lot. There were two different girls that he had been texting from time to time over the course of the past few months. With one girl, he would text her randomly and tell her that she looked beautiful in her new Facebook photo, and then a few weeks later he would say that he wished he could come see her. The other girl, he'd call her sweet names and he said he'd be off work for a few days and thought that they should meet up. From what I could tell, he never met up with either of them. But seeing him flirt and sweet talk other girls hurts so bad and I don't accept that. Plus, if he's willing to say those things, what else has he done that I wouldn't find in his phone?

I don't know what to do. I don't put up with cheating but if it IS just words in a message, it is different from physical cheating but still is a betrayal of my trust. What I don't understand is that our whole relationship has felt like it's in that "honeymoon" stage. I've never felt like he's been unhappy at any point. We constantly have so much fun together and have rarely had even the smallest of arguments. He brags about me to all of his friends, his family loves me, we've made plans for our future... and then I discover he texts random girls every once in a while. They're never ongoing conversations but still very inappropriate.

I left him while he was sleeping and went back to my own house. Since then we've briefly discussed the situation but I really don't want to talk to him because there's nothing he can say to justify what he's done. He keeps apologizing and saying how bad he feels, and that he'd never actually cheat on me, the texts are just an ego boost for him and he only sends them when he's drunk, that's why he quits replying. It makes sense, but at the same time, I will not tolerate cheating and I'm just hurt so bad that I feel like I will always have doubts in the back of my mind.. but beside this situation, we are SOOOO good together and I don't want to throw that away.

A couple of years ago, I was in a very similar situation... Two years with a guy that I was crazy about and I found texts and Facebook messages that were inappropriate but didn\'t prove he had cheated. He said something similar about just wanting the attention. I gave him another chance.
It ended up being a five year disaster. Things escalated to him pretending to be tired so he could drop me at home and go see other girls. When we eventually broke up, he used me to cheat on three girlfriends, and years later I found out he had cheated on me too. This was a guy who seemed like the \'nice guy\' that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I thought I\'d never have a relationship that amazing ever again.

My point? Any kind of straying or disloyalty is a problem. With him, not you. Someone loyal will care about you so much that they will be strong and not want to send that text. In life, there is bound to be temptation and an opportunity to cheat sometime. Do you want someone weak who might not be able to resist that?

The right guy finally came along for me, and though we completely trust each other, we can go through each other\'s phones anytime we want. And when I have, there has been nothing bad or upsetting to see. This guy is not the last good relationship you\'ll ever have, and I think it\'s worth leaving him behind for someone you can trust and be truly happy with.


there is this tutor I work with in the tutoring lab in this community college I went to. She's great and a wonderful person to be around with. She is about 27 and I am 22 and she is engaged, One thing I noticed about her is that she was very touchy feely. , like patting me on the back or shoulder.

I worked with her for about a year and my class ended in June 2013. In fall of 2013 I attended a university but I saw her around campus ( I already knew she attended there too) when I was going to meet up with a friend recently and chatted with her. I might see her again on April 11th but I am scared when I talk to her it might across that I am flirting or trying to get with her but I really am not since I respect she is taken

the last time I saw her was on December 13th. I haven't seen her in a while clearly but I may see her again on April 11th.
I am trying to prepare for the conversation I might have with her. One thing I want to do is make sure she doesn't think I am trying to flirt with her or get with her. How do I make sure not to come across that way in any way? One theory I have is to maybe I have my phone out while talking and glance at it occasionally because surely someone who was flirting would be 100% invested. I have a lot of anxiety and nervousness so that is why I feel I must prepare. The fact that a girl talked to me at all is significant since no way I can talk to girls my self, so if I never see her again, I can likely never have any sort of female companion for a long time

Please see a counselor or therapist. We cannot help you here when your repeated questions have constantly changing detail and we have no way of knowing what the truth is. Frankly it feels like a waste of my time to spend time trying to help someone who is not telling the truth. How do I know that the situations you describe have actually happened? How do I know your actual age or gender, since it seems to change so often? There is simply no point. Honesty is the only way to get real help and advice.

Please seek the help you need.


Hi, I'm currently a guy (16 Years Old) that wants to know what kind of fun things could two lovable teenagers do for like a special romantic date. I really want to surprise my girlfriend but it's really hard of doing so just because I have no idea what to do sometimes... It stresses me out because she talks about me not making the decisions of what we'll do a certain day that we'd want to see each other. When we're together we have fun but it just really bothers me.

I'm agreeing with the person below me, taking turns deciding is usually the best thing. When I was your age (eyes, i feel old) I had the same problem.
If you have transportation and money, there's always a concert or, depending on her interests, a musical or play or sport event.
You could go on a hike or go to the park and bring lunch. Making dinner together can be unexpectedly fun if you do something easy. My boyfriend and I like to make our own pizza. You can buy either pizza dough or pizza crust at the store then pick out sauce and toppings...something like Alfredo and/or pesto sauce with chicken or chicken meatballs and cheese is always good. If you know how to cook, making her dinner is awesome, I love when guys do that for me. You could bake some kind of dessert together.
Is there anything like Six Flags or a zoo in your area? Anywhere that would be fun for a day trip (beach, woods, big city, etc.)?


I like my brother's friend. I'm gonna be in the 8th grade next year. He's 2 years older than me, in my country he's gonna graduate next school year. So, around August last year we first met. I'm gonna try and make this so dramatic. So, he was very sweet and kind,he waves to me at school, says my first name and says hi everytime we met, until around the mid-week of March.There was this one time when he was still talking to me when we were passing by their classroom that had transparent glass doors. He saw me walk by the glass window, and ran to the door and gave me an enthusiastic wave and I gave him a what-seemed a "cute" wide, exagerrated, smile to me. And there was this one time where he saw me arrive to school, hesaw me, my face was sour, he notiiced me then walked with me and said "Good morning (my name)" Then there was this one incident where I was almost late I passed by their classroom and he greeted me good morning and waved, again, I gave him the "cute" smile. That's the last time I remember he interacted with me. Then, he started to avoid me like seriously, why? Maybe he's just busier with school now. Then there was this festival in our school, I sat somewhere where his friends and he himself were messing around. Everytime he laughs or does something funny he tries to take a glimpse of me, and I catch him doing so because I also look at him secretly. Then I went somewhere higher and my friend wanted to stand beside me she wanted me to lift her I was like " Awe, you want me to lift you here?" while doing the puty face, I noticed with my peripheral vision he was looking at me and my friend. After that he said "Awe, you're so sweet (my name)" and he moved somewhere further where I was sitting. But he keeps laughing with his friends and he secretly looks at me. A few minutes later he passed by me and stared at me then gave me a smile and nod, I smiled and nodded back. Then after that, I sat somewhere he and his friend were but I didn't notice until he decided to sit near me but my friend sat beside me. But before he decided to sit near me, he thought 'where he was sitting was too crowded' then glared at me and decided to sit near my friends and me. After that he kept staring at me for a little while. I just don't get it, we've met several times before this incident, why talk to me now when he could've just proceeded in avoiding me?

He could be interested but he also might just be friendly. Guys that age are so hard to read, and it's hard to try to get in his head without knowing him. Why not just start a conversation with him yourself the next time you're near him? Might give you a better idea of how he's feeling. Good luck!

-Krista, 23/f


my boyfriend whi broke up with me for about 3 months. Then we got back together in january and for 3 months we were fine. Almost everytime we got to see each other in person, we always did something sexual together not reaching the point to sex though. We had teo times where we hung out and actually talked and had fun just talking. I made him laugh multiple times and he did the same towards me. But last tuesday he broke up with me. Ir started with a fight on sunday about how i was so depressed and hurt from the rejection to my favorte colleges and he did not comfort me through it. Then i ifnored him for two days when he told me that i should get over it aince im the one making myself feel this pain. Then on tuesday he told me that he couldnt handle it anymore. That we havent been working out if i havent noticed and that he feels like hes falling out if love with me everyday but he still convinces himself that he still is in love with me. He talked to his friends baout the things we do and his friends told him that we wouldnt work out since the reason he got back with me wasnt strong enough. Then he told me that he feels like hes with me for my happiness not his. I believe that he made this decision under his friends influences and that he shoul have talked to be about this problem of not bonding. I talked to him on te phone however and when i ask him aboit if he had fun the two times we actually hung out he never answers and when i ask him for his reason to get back with me he says that it was because he thought we could work out. And recently yesterday i messaged him if we could talk things out a bit in person so i can see his true emotions. Then he said that hes a pushover when he sees desperate people in front of him. And then he told me "How about no. You already have begun to "clear off all the bs on the walls" so i'm beginning to clear off the bs in my life. Leave me alone with that shit. Theres no chance anymore so get over it. " and his quotes are from a snapchat that i added onto my story so i know that he is still looking at my things because i didnt send that snapchat to him specificallly. Well i dont know what I should ddo. Please help tell me ahat i should di and confirm my theories also.

I am gonna be complete honest here and you might not like what I have to say but... I think you should try to get over him. He's made it clear there's no chance anymore, so why waste time and energy on someone that doesn't want you? I know it hurts right now, but that won't last forever. I've been there before, felt desperate and hopeless and fought to get someone back for literally years and you know what? It was such a waste of time. When I finally gave up, the most amazing guy came along and now I've never been happier. There is someone out there who will care about you so much more than your ex, treat you so much better, and it'll make sense why it never worked out with anyone else.
Let him go. Give yourself some time to be sad and angry and whatnot, then get to work on making him a distant memory. Delete his number, block him on Facebook, get rid of any possible method of communication. Distract yourself with friends and hobbies and it will get better a little bit at a time until one day you're totally fine :)

-Krista, 23/f


I think I've hallucinated a couple times before, but I wasn't scared or anything. This one time I thought I saw dirt on my friends leg, so she spent some time trying to find it. Eventually, she found nothing, and when I looked again I found nothing.

I didn't really put that incident in mind though. But today I thought I saw this guy go behind a counter, and then I saw another of him outside the shop. I realised the guy outside the shop was the real one.

I get around 6 hours of sleep each day, and I'm usually a little tired. Does lack of sleep or stress make you hallucinate? I have no idea why this is happening, but it hasn't really been that much of a problem. Can someone please help?

Yes, hallucinations can be caused by chronic sleep deprivation, which is dangerous (particularly if you drive) and really bad for your body. Often you won't feel tired after a long period of lack of sleep, because your body adjusts, but it doesn't mean your brain and body aren't suffering. Try getting some more sleep for a couple of weeks and if you're still having problems, see a professional.


What are some popular books I should read? I like to read, but I am bad at picking good books. LOL! Can you tell me titles you loved, or what you have been dying to read next? Thank you.

Depends on your age, gender, and interests, but some general recommendations:
The fault in our stars- john green
Warm bodies- issac marion
the good luck of right now- matthew quick
Gone girl- gillian flynn
american gods- neil gaiman
Divergent- veronica roth
beautiful disaster-jaime mcguire


I am not developping an eating disorder just to get rid of my acne. But i just wanted to know does loosing weight get rid of acne? Its just that on some websites when you see people that have lost weight or that are skinny not a single one of those people has acne so that just made me wonder. I do know that a lot of underweight people have very dry skin but im not trying to be underweight and develop an eating disorder i just want to loose some weight :)

It's not so much about losing weight as it is how the person lost weight. (And keep in mind that pictures probably involve makeup and/or photoshop.) Eating healthier and drinking lots of water often makes a dramatic improbement to skin, and working out can give people a healthy glow.


I just went natural and I normally go to a salon to get my hair flat ironed. It's not really helping much because my hair still ends up in a ponytail. So instead I thought of using a product that will let meme west my hair out and curly without being really poofy. If you can name some product names that would be a great help! Thanks!

First of all, make sure your hair is well moisturized to avoid frizz. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner can make a big difference, as well as deep conditioning twice a week.
I swear by It's A 10- it's a spray in product that makes hair smoother, softer, shinier, and protects against heat. However, it is qiite expensive. Aussie Hair Insurance is a cheaper option.
Aussie Sprunch conditioning mousse is the best curly/wavy hair product I've ever used. It defines without making hair too big or crazy. (If you have extremely kinky curly hair, you may want to use a serum like John Frieda Frizz Ease instead.) For tight curls, Tresemme Curl Defining heat activating spray is great. If you want wavea, L'oreal Txt It is amazing.i also like to sleep with my hair in two loose braids to create waves. Whatever product you use, make sure you start with a small amount and build up.


What are the best places you have found to shop for clothes online? I don't really know which sites to trust. I mean, do you only buy from places that you have near you so you can go in if your order is messed up, or can you buy from stores that aren't in your area and still do ok?

Oftrn it is easier to buy from stores that have a location near you, but if that's not possible, it's not a big deal. It just takes them a bit to process the return sometimes.
I don't recommend buying from places like Forever 21 or Love culture online. Often the sizing is totally weird or inconsistent and things will look totally different in person. I've had the best luck with Banana Republic (they do 40% off sales pretty often) and American Eagle (they also do the 40% sometimes if you sign up for text alerts and have a really good clearance section), as wellnas American Giant and Sevenly.org. I recommend buying in larger quantities rather than individual items, because many sites do free shipping if you spend over 50 bucks.


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