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I am a 20 year urban planning student from New York. I go to school, and work, way too much.

I'm a level II mod on this site, so if you have questions regarding the site I could be of good help.

As for my crappy advice: it is crappy. If you listen to anything I suggest you will most probably find yourself running through town naked, or something equally hilarious, because I am a sadist.

And of course, I will hit you with my guitar, and then steal all of your intelligence for my own personal stash.

(My avatar, that is just above, was made by Draak, it is Thor's Hammer, or Mjolner.)

P.S.: Storageanddisposal is actually 12, and Fern sucks.

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heyy.. ok so im a 16f and im more interested in older guys like 18-22 and I was wondering, since your somewhere in between that age and cuz i need a male perspective.. if you would date someone who is 16 and a junior in high school ?

I wouldn't, because it's illegal. But if you're asking me if MOST men would do something that stupid -- yeah, probably.

So this one's on you. Don't get involved with men that old, you're going to get them arrested.


i have a friend who is moving to NYC in a week and im planning on visiting her soon after. i was wondering what stores offer really great deals on clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. we both really love the store forever 21 and hate expensive brand name clothes. i live just outside new york, and i know the city fairly well. i know about canal street, but anything else like that would be fun.
also, any other fun things we can do (nothing tourist-y like the central park zoo, or times square, which we will probably do anyways) would be great! thanks!

If she's coming to NYC to shop, good deals probably aren't going to be found everywhere, outside of chain stores that can afford to slash prices (your Forever 21's, Old Navy's, Urban Outfitters sales section, etc.).

You might want to try the boutiques on Court Street in Brooklyn, as well as those scattered down in SoHo and Alphabet City, but overall, you're not going to have much luck. NYC is very expensive to shop in.


I've been looking around online for a chihuahua, and the lowest I've seen one priced was $250. But on average, they cost about $650-$1000.

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me a place where they sell chihuahua's cheaper then average prices. I'm not really interested in any special type, so I don't really want to spend a whole lot. Thanks!

Generally, at regular pet stores (not fancy breeders), you can get animals cheaper.

But I'll tell you something my mother told me, and it's one of the few things I think she might be right about. You don't want to go cheap when you're buying a pet. You probably shouldn't trust pets from stores like those much at all. They are often not from the best batch, and I can say that personally, my friends and family who have gotten pets from them did not have pets that lived as long, or with few health problems.

You want to do your research about where you're getting it from first. Unfortunately, the cheaper deal is not necessarily a wise decision when it comes to this.

Oddly though, places like craigslist (can't believe I'm saying it) or classifieds in the newspaper or posters in the streets about getting a puppy fresh from a litter is good place to pick one up. They're often coming from healthy animals in nice homes, that just can't handle 8 or so puppies running around. You just need to ask in what health the mother is, and if she had her own vaccinations, etc., first.


Can anyone tell me in their own words what they think the song Run-Around by Blues Traveler is about? I've looked up the song meanings, but I just wanted to see what other people thought it was about. Thanks, this is my favorite song!

I had the same question about three years ago.

The explanation I found at (the first one) was good enough for me when I looked at the lyrics and it made sense.

"And I'll lie too and say I don't mind
And as we seek so shall we find
And when you're feeling open I'll still be here
But not without a certain degree of fear
Of what will be with you and me
I still can see things hopefully"

He "lie[s]" and says he "[doesn't] mind" that she doesn't want to be with him. He'll still be her friend, and "be [t]here" for her, but he fears he still can't hold back his true feelings.

"Hey baby let's keep in touch
But I want more than a touch I want you to reach me
And show me all the things no one else can see
So what you feel becomes mine as well"

Once again, he wants more than he can have -- she's just out of reach. He's so close to her as a friend but, of course, it's so close but so far away from what he really wants.

"I still got this dream that you just can't shake
I love you to the point you can no longer take"

At the end of the song, time has elapsed, and he still is mad with love for her, he's can't "shake" his dream.

The "run-around" is just the roller coaster of emotions she's taken him on.


14/f (very developed and overly mature)

so i've had some abnormal things about my personality for my whole life and sometimes i wonder if it means that I have OCD or social anxiety or something else like that... I'll tell all here:

1. I'm so inhibited and self-conscious that I can't do ANYTHING around anyone else, especially eating (unless it's a meal where every single person is eating and i'm not around any adults of people who i don't feel 100% comfortable around) and if i'm having a snack at a rehearsal (aspiring stage actress) i'll usually feel so uncomfortable trying to eat it in the open that i'll have to go and run into a bathroom stall.

2.I never think about anything that's going on in the room that I'm in- for example if i'm sitting in a rehearsal and no scenes that i'm in are currently being rehearsed(but even if they ARE, i still do this a lot and i can't focus on it) i'll just zone out and think about something irrelevant (it's always a musical) and become so lost in it that someone has to startle me to get me out of it. And I do this very frequently.

3. I can't carry on a conversation. It gets too awkward and I'm so consumed in wondering about what the other person might be thinking about me that I can't say anything else.

4. i'm always upset/worried about something. even if there isn't a huge reason to be upset. my face naturally looks really sad, and when i look in the mirror when i'm off-guard i look liek i'm angry/depressed/bored. and i can't help it.

5. i'm always bored. very few things hold my attention.

so please just tell me what you think is up with my brain.

What you have doesn't seem like OCD, because you don't have much quirky, repetitive, behavior.

It sounds like a bad case of anxiety to me.

Go to your doctor.


how do you find a vertex(turning point) from a parabola equation?

If a parabola is in the form ax^2 + bx + c, the vertex occurs at x= -b/2a. To find the y-coordinate, plug in that answer into your equation.

So if our equation is y = 3x^2 + 6x + 10

-b/2a = -(6)/(2*3) = -1

Plug in x = -1 into the equation to get the y-coordinate

3*(-1)^2 + 6 (-1) + 10 = 7

The turning point is (-1, 7)


Does anyone know if there will be a season 4 for the TV show house?

Also does anyone know if foreman, chase, and cameron are coming back? I tried looking for any new contracts they signed with fox(which would mean they would come back) but i couldn't find them.

House was renewed for a 4th season back in February.

Chances are everyone is sticking on the cast because at the moment they're just b-rated TV stars, they don't have anywhere better to go.


Are there any programs similar to photoshop that I can use to make gif icons (or icons that have animation)?

I'm pretty familiar with photoshop, but I can't afford to buy it and for some reason the tutorial doesn't work on my computer. Right now, I'm using GIMP to edit pictures and make icons but, as far as I know, you can't use GIMP to make moving icons.

I would like to find a program that I can use to make animated icons as well as turn videos into icons (if that makes sense). I'm a beginner at making gifs but if someone could recommend a program other than photoshop, I would really appreciate it.


GIMP is able to make animated gifs.

Here's a good tutorial:

As for the video to icons, I don't know what programs are good for that.

You could take a sucession of screenshots while the movie is playing, save them all as images and then compile them into a gif like like above.

If you plan to do that, make sure you change your video acceleration settings first or else you can't take a screenshot in your video player.

In Windows Media Player:
"To decrease the video acceleration rate

1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
2. Click the Performance tab, and then drag the Video acceleration slider to the left one setting (toward None)."

If you're using a different player, search for how to change that setting on Google.


Will only a psychiatrist prescribe you anti depressants? Can your regular doctor prescribe them? Thanks.

Generally speaking every doctor will refer you to a specialist psychiatrist. That may be because they're not allowed to write a prescription for the drugs themslves, but it's more so likely because no doctor feels comfortable doing so without an expert opinion on the patient's emotional and mental state.


okay for english were now starting our research paper and i was on vacation the day they choose the topics, so i was obviously last pick and i didn't get the best topic, well i got "view of sanity/insanity in one flew over the cuckoo's nest" i have brainstormed for hours and i can't seem to get anything done, someone please help

It's a really big thing in the book.

Ken Kesey believes in anti-psychiatry.


"Michel Foucault, Erving Goffman, Deleuze and Guatarri, and others criticized the power and role of psychiatry in society, including the use of "total institutions", "labeling" and stigmatizing. Foucault argued that the concepts of sanity and insanity were social constructs that did not reflect quantifiable patterns of human behavior, and which, rather, were indicative only of the power of the "sane" over the "insane". The novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest became a bestseller, resonating with public concern about involuntary medication, lobotomy and electroshock procedures used to control patients."

Here's the most important part of that:
"Foucault argued that the concepts of sanity and insanity were social constructs that did not reflect quantifiable patterns of human behavior, and which, rather, were indicative only of the power of the "sane" over the "insane"."

Just think about how Kesey presents the mental institution as a body with no legitimacy or proper right to rule. Think about how certain people are branded "insane" even though nothing seems to be that wrong with them; they just had a bad experience in life. Many were probably fine until they were actually told they were insane and put in a mental ward, and then they began deteriorating. You'll come up with plenty to write about.


i'm 5'6" about 140 pounds. is it possible for me to lose about 20 pounds by june? not going extreme or anything. just cutting out ice cream, chocolate, cookies, etc. i'm eating a bowl of special k for breakfast and dinner, a lot of fruit, and a sandwich for lunch.

You didn't really ask a question but I guess you just want to know if we think that's okay.

If that's all you plan to do, then I'm telling you now there's no way you'll lose 20 pounds.

But that's GOOD, because 20 pounds in 2 weeks is a ridiculously unhealthy amount to try to lose. Especially if you only weigh 140 pounds to begin with.

If you want to lose it, keep the diet going longer. You can lose it over the summer, probably by mid-July.


where can i find the sheet music for stay (just a little bit longer) by jackson browne?

A fine selection.

There isn't anywhere that you can get the piano score for free, which is what I assume you want. You'll have to buy some type of book, for example,


When I get into iTunes it says i need to update. When I click yes, it doesnt do anything. When I go to help then check for itunes updates it says the same thing as when i come on, "A new version of iTunes(7.1.1) is available. Would you like to download it now?" and when i click yes, it does nothing. What can I do to update it

Just go to and click "Download iTunes." That's all the update button in iTunes does anyway, take you to their website.


is their a program that amplifies a singan in your computer like something that takes a program and then boosts the signal in your computer to your computer speekers?

Do you just mean you want it louder?

Most music and video playing programs have equalizers. the first setting in each setting is something called "pre-amp" that ranges from -12 dB to +12 dB. The higher you make it the louder it will be.

If you use iTunes...
"To open the iTunes equalizer, click the equalizer button in the bottom right corner of the iTunes window."

If you use a different player you can search Google to find out where the equalizer is.


I have one.
I gained ten pounds, over the past couple of months. And being only 5'2. Most of that weight has found itself hanging around in my middle.
Don't get me wrong I kinda like it.
It's very doughy. Makes me look a lot rounder and softer.

But do some like a little extra jiggle?
(I know not all do, of course.)

just to give you an idea-

It's nothing, really. I don't think guys really care about a little belly like that, unless they're only into super-skinny girls. Other girls will probably be meaner about it than any guy could.


I want to do law in the future. Right now...I have a few years before I apply for university.
I am doing mixed studies including, Business, Literature, Social Studies and Geography. I was wondering what prep work I can do if any?

Law schools look practically exclusively at your LSAT scores these days. Where you come from and what you take is so much less important than it is for applying to college after high school.

The classes you take in college now will basically just be to interest you, or to give you inspirtation into a sub-field of law during/after law school (business law, zoning law, copyright law, First Amendment law, etc.)

So if you want to do prep work, all you really can/have to do is LSAT prep. But I'd wait a little if you still have a few years left before you start doing that.


I have a dell inspiron 8500 and i just recently bought a power cord and all. The thing is i was using it for a while maybe 3 months then all of a sudden whenever i plugged the power supply cord/ac adapter in to the wall socket the LED light that shows it's on just blinks a dim green light over and over. And my laptop won't turn on when i plug it in?? Any help would be appreciated greatly...thankyou

You should have the cord replaced or the laptop repaired immediately if that proves to be the problem.

AC adaptors on laptops can be pretty dangerous when they're not working right... trust me, I know from experience -- I've had one laptop literally shoot fire out of the AC input when there was a problem.


I remember the fantasy that the first one comes from, but I don't know the episode.

The second one is the episode where Elliot and J.D. get together, just before Elliot's boyfriend Sean comes back for a surprise visit from New Zealand:

The third one is the episode where Turk has a sex dream with Elliot in it:


have they ever been a couple? i love their characters in the show Scrubs and i think they'd be a cute couple in real life too!

As far as I know, they've never been a couple. Right now, Chalke is engaged.


Can someone tell me what gas law equation I'd use for any type of gas law problem? (ex. if the pressure and temperature is given, you'd use _____ law.)

ex. Boyle's law, Charles' law, ideal gas law, etc.

Pressure and volume use Boyle's Law.

Volume and temperature use Charles's Law.

Pressure and temperature use Gay-Lussac's Law.

The ideal gas equation questions aren't as easy to pinpoint. If you're given the amount of the gas in mol, you probably have to use the ideal gas equation for that question. Or, if you're given two of the three -- pressure, volume, temperature -- and you're asked to find the third, you might have to first figure out how many mol there are based on other parts of the question, and then you'll use the ideal gas equation.


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